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Comment 14 hours ago

361 UV to 11 DV...97%...So close....

Comment 20 hours ago

AGREE!!  I'm a pessimist by nature but, as I've said before, we really have nothing to lose.  We're up big in house $$$... Nobody outside of C'bus thinks we can win. Buckeye Nation knows how good this team is.  It's time everybody else finds out, too.  This will be a fun game and I really think we're gonna open a lot of eyes... GO BUCKS!!

Comment 23 Dec 2014

How do you even compare all the greats?  You can compare the greats to the one hit wonders but to compare the greats is completely subjective IMO based on individual taste, mood, etc.  Music is art.  You may love a song one day and hate it the next.  I prefer to say I love the medium and leave it at that....

Comment 23 Dec 2014

Make her watch a replay in its entirety of the Ohio St. vs MSU game from November 7, 1998.  That should take away any empathy, good will, etc for Nick Saban and his hell-spawned minions. 

Comment 22 Dec 2014

I don't think anybody has any preconceived notions that we are going into a cakewalk on New Year's Day.  To the contrary, the vast majority of people on this site already know this is going to be a monumental challenge.  Just like that game back in '03.  All the experts, pundits, and talking heads told us back then that the Buckeyes had no business being on the field with Miami.  They were proven wrong.  All I'm saying is the OP is dead wrong to think that A) we're over confident going into the game and that B) the Buckeyes will need something amounting to a miracle to win.  '03 has no relevance to this game?  Maybe not.  But lightning can most definitely strike twice...

Comment 11 Dec 2014

I stayed at the holiday inn near the superdome  for the sugar bowl against Arkansas. It was fine and reasonably priced. 15-20 minute walk to the stadium, if that...

edit: just re-read your post. I'm sure you already looked into the holiday inn. Well, if you keep checking back and any rooms open up there, I highly recommend it...

Comment 09 Dec 2014

Somebody, QUICK, get me some aluminum foil!!  I'm in desperate need of aluminum foil!!!

Comment 08 Dec 2014

When we win on New Years Day, it will be payback for his upset victory over the Buckeyes when he was MSU head coach back in '98.  That will be sweet revenge....

Comment 08 Dec 2014

We're playing with house money here. Nobody expected us to even be here. Embrace the challenge. Have faith the coaching staff will have our guys prepared ( this is what we wanted) and let the chips fall where they may!!!  It's a great time to be a Buckeye. Enjoy the ride!!

Comment 07 Dec 2014

I live in Southern California and have to deal with all the usc idiots on a daily basis. Last night I was at a Christmas party hosted by an sc minion who kept droning on and on about how bad the Big 10 is. So, ya, I'd actually like the Big 10 to stuff it down the rest of the country's throats. That's the only way the conference will regain a little respect on the national level. 

Comment 07 Dec 2014

How great is it that we get to root for all the Big Ten teams in Bowl games and not one of them are those "student athletes" from tsun...??!!  It's really the grandest of days, isn't it??!!?!

Comment 06 Dec 2014

Totally agree with you but talking heads with an agenda tend to be a bit subjective.... ;)