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Akron boy who's family moved to Vermont when I was in elementary school. Parents & Grandparents were wise enough to return me to "The Heart Of It All" every year for summer vacation. The Navy took me after high school, around the country & across the Pacific twice. After my hitch and a bit I called it good. Working now on the civilian side just West of Seattle. Been a Buckeye fan my whole life. All the Cleveland teams/sports have come & gone (Strike this, Players Union that...) August 2002 I dropped MLB and went full Buckeye. Holy Buckeye what timing!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Cie Grant slinging Ken Dorsey to the ground on the final play. I turn to my dad and say "Get your shoes & coat. Lets go!". I drove through the start of a blizzard to make it to the pub just in time for "last call". We ordered 2 each to toast those Buckeyes!

    Close second: Joe Germaine to Dimitrious Stanley over & over, then Joe Germaine to David Boston to wipe that smile off Jake's face & keep my buddy Staz from hanging himself.
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Comment 11 Dec 2014

2 rounds only because all of Urban's punches keep glancing off the top of little Nicky's head!!!

Comment 27 Nov 2014

If you can dodge a raffle, you can promise a win!

 JK, I always loved Tress, still do. His vanilla Dave pissed me off at times, but I remember hearing the OG JT giving that speech and thinking "it all changes now!" He brought us to the promised land!!!

Comment 26 Nov 2014


I'm not going to strike thru any of this cause I want you to know just how much I admire & enjoy your writing. Your ability to tell a story, to convey the passion and feeling of a time, place, or a group of people is first rate! There is no way that I can fathom how you do it. Every article I read I say is the greatest, and then you top it!!!


Comment 26 Nov 2014

Dear Santa,

if you know what's good for you you'll make sure nothing gets in Ramzy's way!!!

Comment 26 Nov 2014

 '69 just precedes me, however The Game '96 is burned in. I'd gotten out of the Navy 2 weeks earlier, promptly broke my ankle, which is good since being laid out on the couch kept me from throwing myself off my balcony.

Comment 22 Nov 2014

If you're wanting to compare just the QB passing aspect of the game, I think you'd have to change the way the stats are kept. QB gets credit for the yards thrown, receiver gets credit for YAC. QB gets credit for the TD if the rec is deeper than the D / receiver goes untouched. This way 10 bubble screens = 15 yds, not 500 yds & 8 TDs due to poor tackling.

I don't like it, however that's my suggestion to remove the play calling variables.

Comment 21 Nov 2014

Again, Well done Remy & thanks for the quick links. A win tomorrow and again in 2025 and the Buckeyes will have a winning record for the date. ( I'm a little O/C that way, I want the Bucks to have a winning record in ALL things!!)

Comment 21 Nov 2014

Again, I agree the refs are horribly inconsistent. The hand fighting is fine in my mind as long as there is no grabbing / holding. There is no chuck zone in college. The DB can bump the receiver as long as he remains in front of him and the ball is not yet in the air. The bump / chuck has to be just that, no grabbing or holding.

Comment 21 Nov 2014

Ha Ha, I was walking around Kirkland after dinner & later downtown Seattle saying what a nice night it turned out to be & so glad I'm no longer in the Northeast.

Comment 21 Nov 2014

I agree. I think Wisconsin is going to truck Iowa! The Minny - Neb game is going to be a rushers dream. Hundreds of yards on both sides, last possession wins!

Comment 20 Nov 2014

Just as the defender cannot impede the receiver, the receiver cannot take out the defender to prevent the interception. I don't believe it to be two interpretations. By pushing off, the receiver impedes the defender's ability to make a play on the ball.