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Akron boy who's family moved to Vermont when I was in elementary school. Parents & Grandparents were wise enough to return me to "The Heart Of It All" every year for summer vacation. The Navy took me after high school, around the country & across the Pacific twice. After my hitch and a bit I called it good. Working now on the civilian side just West of Seattle. Been a Buckeye fan my whole life. All the Cleveland teams/sports have come & gone (Strike this, Players Union that...) August 2002 I dropped MLB and went full Buckeye. Holy Buckeye what timing!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Cie Grant slinging Ken Dorsey to the ground on the final play. I turn to my dad and say "Get your shoes & coat. Lets go!". I drove through the start of a blizzard to make it to the pub just in time for "last call". We ordered 2 each to toast those Buckeyes!

    Close second: Joe Germaine to Dimitrious Stanley over & over, then Joe Germaine to David Boston to wipe that smile off Jake's face & keep my buddy Staz from hanging himself.
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Comment 28 Oct 2015

That and the "Rumor Mill" is why I left them 5 years ago when my subscription ran out and never looked back. 

I'm here for the football, the fellowship, and uhhhh the football.

Comment 22 Oct 2015

You have a lovely home Mr. Rickles, incidentally, you're out of scotch. And if you think of it, pick up some pretzels.

Thanks for the flashback, Airbuckeye. Man I love those old roasts!!!

Comment 21 Oct 2015

I think they'll come out just fine. That team will be playing pissed off for the rest of the year and should win out until The Game. If they stay focused & with a little bit of help, they may be able to get on the edge of the top 10 by the time they meet the Buckeyes.

Here's to Urban & Co. dashing their dreams on 11-28-15!!!

Comment 21 Oct 2015

You draw the line at the moment after you inhale, just prior to letting out that "BOOOOOO!".

You can be frustrated, gnash your teeth, rage as loud and profane as you want (internally).

You. Just. Don't. Boo. Your. Team. . . . . Ever.

It paints you in a bad light.

Comment 21 Oct 2015

"I felt like I hadn't proven enough off the field and that I needed more time to show everybody that you could be a better person off the field and to show that that wasn't me -- and that I can go for the rest of my life and be a straight-forward great person, and that I can do that, starting with disciplining myself enough to go down a level and not be ignorant and try and go straight to the NFL."

Hats off to this young man!

Comment 21 Oct 2015

Excellent mix of the highlights from different angles in perfect sync with the beat. Not choppy at all, I really really like this one!! Makes me want to rewatch the whole game but since I've got to be up at 0530 I'll have to just watch this reel a dozen or so more times!! Great Job A/V Gang!!