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Comment 25 Mar 2015

I like the addition of Maryland. Basketball there is obviously competitive and I think the football team  can become Minnesotta under Kill. 

Lots of B1G doubters out there but what hurt the B1G was Penn State sanctions and TTUN being historically awful. Can't have two of the top 4 historically best teams be terrible and look good as a conference. Now it seems everyone but Illinois, Indiana and Iowa are on the rise. 

Comment 24 Mar 2015

People are leaving out the fact that Love said relationships take time to develop and that the next time LeBron posts a picture of his closest friends, that Love will be in it.

But hey, that doesn't feed the narrative soooo let's ignore it.

Comment 22 Mar 2015

The athletic logo is far too "90s." The block O is classic, understated, powerful, and eye catching. It looks great on the new hospital would look great in the 'show. 

Comment 19 Mar 2015

Basketball team mindset vs football team mindset. In football the Buckeyes are Kentucky. Can you imagine a recruit not going here and saying that he wouldn't get as much media attention if he attended Ohio State? 

Comment 18 Mar 2015

I made the PL at 1,000 way back in the day. Somehow it went up to 10k. My card stopped giving me access. I showed up wit a case of Zima and was let in. Its sorta ad hoc like that now. I am happy that 11W still provides me with the Premium content though. If i had to only read regular 11w I'd be pissed.

Comment 18 Mar 2015

I was going to add "thanks Obama." To the end of my bear arm comment but realized some would take it seriously sarcasm font or not. 

Comment 18 Mar 2015

Yes! Explains American response to proliferation. 

Comment 18 Mar 2015

Well, if we had the genetically modified bear arms attached to our bodies that the constitution promises us, then any of us could take a little twerp bear!  

Comment 18 Mar 2015

If it is hand to claw, I'm going bear. It simply has the airman out gunned. I don't think getting behind it in a choke hold is going to be easy and once there it will be tough to avoid its claws and teeth. 

If if the airman has a knife or a club, I'm going airman. Odds increase depending on the weapon. 

Which leads ads me to something Kagan said about the U.S. and threat assessment. He argues that the U.S. Is so powerful that it precieves threats differently than other nations. He offers a bear fight as a scenario. If a man in the woods knows there is a hungry bear but all he has is a knife, he'll probably lay low and hope he doesn't encounter it. However, if he is armed with a gun, he'll probably go searching for it because doing so is less risky than being surprised by a hungry bear. 

Comment 18 Mar 2015

Guy in basic training was a vegetarian that are Tabasco on everything. He started getting random nosebleeds. Drill Sgt told him not to eat any more hot sauce. When the Drill Sgt found him eating hot sauce again, he made him eat an entire roast chicken, it didn't stay down for long because he immediately was subjected to the most grueling and embarrassing excersizes imaginable. This kept on for hours. For at least a week afterward, every time I saw that kid, he was working. 

Dont know if his nose bled again. Every time I think about hot sauce, his exhausted face pops in my head. 

Comment 17 Mar 2015

Also, I have a question(s). I hope it is appropriate. Do you feel physically better now? Do you get cravings? I guess what I am asking is for you to describe your struggle a bit more. What's it like? How can friends/family help?

Your post made me realize that I am completely ignorant about the subject and only know what I've seen in movies. Apologies if crude.