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Comment 1 hour ago

Speaking of red solo cups. Do you know that foreigners are fascinated with our use of them?

Comment 3 hours ago

Before reading your comment, I thought this was an illustration of a poorly constructed argument in response to a comment. Thus, your comment is effective in two ways.

Comment 6 hours ago

Gibson has had us as his leader longer than any other team. He wants to be a Buckeye. He is just doing his due diligence. First he had a great night game schedule and now he chooses The Game. That's a move of someone that has a good idea where is going to attend. If I were a recruit, I'd think "That VT game is gonna be sick!!! I wanna announce on ____(sentimental reason date)____ and that game is right before it. I can't wait! Oh, damn! I have a freaking Sat night game on that date?? Whatever, I love me some Buckeyes. I'll go to The Game. Might be even more fun."

Comment 01 Sep 2014

I hope it is something as simple as communication. It was bothersome to see Efflein let a guy blow right past him in the first half. I know he is better than that. I realize that the play calling was limited due to O-Line play but the first half play-calling hurt O-Line play too. Navy was selling out often because there was no threat to do anything deep. Hopefully the play-calling and O-Line play will compliment each other vs VT.

Of all the Buckeye coaches, including Urbz, I have the most faith in Warinner. He'll get things fixed.

Comment 01 Sep 2014

We have no idea what Baugh did, none. He made mistakes in the past that hurt no one but himself. I mean, the guy got caught underage drinking. The bothersome part was getting caught doing it the second time. The "crime" itself wasn't terrible. Despite having no idea what Baugh did to get punished, commenters are posting things like "next." As if the kid was a statutory rapist that sucker punched someone on video. Baugh was caught drinking under age twice and his third offense was even less minor than that (as evidenced by the less severe punishment Urbz is dishing out on him). C'mon lets have a bit of perspective. We should be supporting Buckeyes and not crucifying them for "crimes" that 99% of us committed in college.

Comment 01 Sep 2014

As other commenters have mentioned, he was very close to taking a kick back against Navy. I was impressed with him. The constant production greatly expands the Buckeye arsenal and increases the chances Wilson breaks something open. Because he is more consistent, he'll be given the ball in a greater number of situations which improve the odds he'll get a crease and take one all the way.

Comment 01 Sep 2014

Good point on the rushing yards. Barrett accounted for nearly 300 yards. The run game needs to step it up.

Comment 30 Aug 2014

This! Navy was daring OSU to throw it over the top. That was open every time. Navy was selling out against WR screens and runs. Herman was being a bit conservative. Barret showed nice touch. Bonehead play on the int but that's gonna happen every now and then. Overall, pretty much what I expected.

Comment 29 Aug 2014

On the subject of mind controlling parasites, DJ do you know that your cat carries such organisms? They don't affect the cat but the cat passes these parasites to other organisms through feces. It causes rodents to act erratically which makes them easier for the cat to catch. The organisms are the reason pregnant ladies aren't supposed to be around cat boxes. For years it was thought that other than pregnant ladies, the parasites don't affect humans. However recent studies tend to show that is incorrect. These parasites cause personality changes in humans. In sum, you might be crazy because of your cat.

Comment 29 Aug 2014

I have a love/hate relationship with Wisky. To many of us, they've kinda been like our generation's TTUN. The games are typically hard fought with some great surprise endings and some terrible losses that ended championship aspirations. I respect what they've managed to accomplish and their stellar offensive lines. For many years, I wasn't worried about TTUN, I was worried about Wisky. Also, I HATE the SEC. HATE IT. So as much as I dislike Wisky, I dislike Wisky far less than I hate LSU. Thus, go Badgers!

Comment 28 Aug 2014

37-13 The Ohio State University

JT Barret 14-22 187 yds 2 TDs 57 Rushing yards
Cardale 3-7 35 yds 24 Rushing yards
EZE 11 Carries 67 Yards TD
R. Smith 8 Carries 53 Yards

Dontre 2 TDS

Comment 28 Aug 2014

Another thing, I'd love to try some pit-beef. Where should I go for that?

Comment 28 Aug 2014

Hey guys I still have tickets. I really want them to go to true Buckeye fans so I'll let em go to a 11wer for cheapie.

Also, I am going to Magerks Sat morning. I hope to see you there.