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Comment 20 hours ago

The Browns certainly have the most interesting receiver corps in the league. Two damn good ones that are under four feet tall, the enimatic Bowe, surprisingly good hartline, TP and Josh Gordon.

i think the passing game may be much better than expected. Especially considering, The oline should be one of the NFL's best. 

Comment 01 Aug 2015

I notice it didn't say she went to TSUN, that's the only excuse for rooting for that team. Otherwise, she's just one of those "I'll show you dad!" types.

Comment 31 Jul 2015

Let me go all opptomisitc citrus on your am 11w arses. 

Suspensions mean we get more Brax!

Suspensions mean Bosa is one game fresher for the CFP and playing with something to prove in his likely final season. 

Suspensions allow Ohio State to build its depth early for the long season. This particularly true on Dline where we've been clammoring for a rotation. Sam Hubbard is going to do some not nice things to the Hokies! 

Suspensions mean the team is prepping for VT knowing it is in a bit of a bind. This won't be a let down game. 

And it could be worse. No suspension at DT or OL. 

Comment 30 Jul 2015

Pryor can do it at WR. He understands route trees and is a freak athlete. The Browns are counting on him right away. Certainly wirth a roster spot. 

Comment 28 Jul 2015

Too be fair, TCU itself hasn't done much complaining like Baylor did. TCU instead, handled it's business in the bowl game. 

On brand, we shouldn't apologize that Ohio State is expected to be good. That's branding. Past success is a good indicator of future success. Ohio State absolutely benefits from its brand. Nothing to be ashamed of. TCU will probably get more looks next year because of its bowl win but it will take a while of winning at the same level for people (playoff committee) to assume it is one of the best teams in college football. 

Baylor just doesn't do enough to prove it belongs with the big boys. And it never has. That second piece, that "never has" point, is a brand difference. 

History is a big part of a teams brand and the reason why beating Bama was more satisfying for many than beating the Ducks. 

Comment 27 Jul 2015

If I figured out how to do that off my iPhone I would've impulsively made that scum bag move. Saved by ignorance once again! 

Comment 27 Jul 2015

Ok. Rocks glasses, Ohio Moon.

I need something for my new non Ohioan gf that is getting into the Buckeyes out of love for me. Suggestions? (There should be room in the chest but not much at the waist) 

Comment 26 Jul 2015

I was sitting by an SEC fan when that happend. No shit, a guy who claimed to just be a fan of the SEC. He kept saying SEC this. SEC that. I said "how'd you like that Ohio speed!?" To the guys credit, by the second half he was impressed by the Buckeyes and was saying "wow! you guys are fast, big, and nasty!" We had some fun yelling things back and forth and laughing.

Comment 26 Jul 2015

Ohio State's schedule is a cakewalk except for the first game and then the weather turns cold and it get pretty damn brutal the last few weeks.

As for Mississippi State, they lost to GT in their bowl for starters. Last year they played elite teams like: Southern Miss State, UAB (do they still have a football team or not?), Southern Alabama, UT Martin, and of course Kentucky and Vanderbilt.

This year: Southern Miss, Northwestern STATE, Troy, Louisiana Tech, and good old Kentucky.

Ohio State's ooc is lame this year. However, the opener vs VT far exceeds any ooc game that MSU plays and it isn't close.
MSU hasn't played an ooc with any team that even has a pulse since 2009 when it played GT and LOST.

As for the rest of the B1G schedule. Michigan State > Auburn, and the rest of the teams are toss ups. PSU/Minnesota/Michigan is probably about as good as Arkansas. Alabama would beat anyone in the B1G but Ohio State and maybe MSU. If you directly compare the weeks, there are only 3 in which Mississippi State plays tougher teams. So 9 weeks out of 12, Ohio State is playing a tougher opponent than Mississippi State.

Comment 25 Jul 2015

TTUN absolutely has reason to be optimistic. First, why not? As a fan you might as well be an optimist. Second, Harbaugh is at least fun and he's had some success. Third, Durkin is damn good and a name many around here wanted prior to the Ash hire. 

There is no reason that within a few years that team is a tough out wining 9-10 games. That being said, Ohio State is just on a differentl level right now. It's the Buckeyes and 'Bama then everyone else.

And if we're honest, Ohio State needs to haul in some more hardware to be where Bama is (although I'd absolutely take Ohio State's trajectory over 'Bama's right now). 

Not it to be glib but It really isn't fair to compare the two programs right now because there is no comparison. 

Comment 24 Jul 2015

This story is lame. Headline references SEC but 2 B1G schools are pursuing the young man. I get that 4 is more than 2 but c'mon.
I get that creating so much amazing FREE content is difficult, but 11W is better than this headline/story. I love this site, spend tons of time here. Love the writers (especially DJ) but this is some bleacher report/yahoo stuff.

Now that I've reminded myself how awesome 11W is, I'm off to buy stuff via the Amazon link.

Comment 24 Jul 2015

I've been thinking about which QB Brax's move benfits most and I've settled on Dolo.

Jones is the best QB on the roster at stretching things vertically. Jones' arm keeps safeties back in coverage. Brax stretches the field horizontally. Jones ensures there will be more holes to take advantage of in the run game (Eze had three career games with Jones under center). Brax will have far more space to work with than he is used to.

That said, JT makes great option reads. I imagine Brax will draw a ton of attention as a pitch man. We know JT can gut a D in such a scenario. However, JT's game is more of a horizontal distributor. His strength is timely passes that stretch the D horizontally, obviously this was effective but it didn't open rushing lanes or have the big play ability that Jones possessed. Adding Brax to the dynamic run game that Jones opens up will make the Buckeyes even more lethal.