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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Sitting in the Superdome, awestruck, confetti falling, realizing that 85 Yards Through the Heart of the South happened and that the Buckeyes had done the improbable. Two days before I had posed with the Nick Saban statue in Tuscaloosa holding an Ohio flag. Later on Bourbon street a drunken fan would grab my shoulders and say "THAT happened! And WE were there!"
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Comment 11 hours ago

CFP doesn't want a rematch. No one, outside of Columbus wants to see MSU v Ohio State part 2. Best chance is for Iowa to win. The CFP watched the game. They saw the conditions were tough, and that Ohio State didn't play up to it's abilities. Ohio State will certainly be in over ANY two loss team (Stanford, MSU, Florida).

Comment 12 hours ago

No way a two loss Florida team that lost this week and went to overtime with a 9 loss conference USA team the week before makes it to 4. Just ain't happening.

Comment 12 hours ago

Agreed but he has a good change of direction and if he is going to get pt early, would probably be there. Hard to project this far out of course.

Comment 14 hours ago

Houston would be a no win scenario and a giant disappointment. Beat Houston and its expected, lose and you suck. I've enjoyed watching Houston but would vomit if the Buckeyes missed the Rose Bowl to play a nonpower 5 opponent. Much rather see the Buckeyes play Stanford or USC.

Comment 16 hours ago

 Losses don't matter as much as wins matter. I look at the Texas game and consider it a fluke. Oklahoma is obviously better. I think at the top 4, losing to a good team late is worse than blowing some game early against a clearly inferior team.

Ohio State lost to the worst possible team it could to get into the CFP. Had Ohio State lost to anyone else, its in. Thems just the breaks.

I do think Oklahoma, Clemson, et all would get their heads kicked in by Ohio State and in the BCS era Ohio State may be #2 because more weight was given to defending champs.

Comment 18 hours ago

Largely agree with you but I think little Bosa will move around but play more at DT in the Washington type role in pass rush situations. This is just a matter of depth and body type. We're set on the ends but could use a playmaker in the middle, and Nick is a bit shorter than Joey (though Joey played snaps inside as a frosh as well).

Comment 18 hours ago

He and Marshall have the most to gain from the players departing. They'll see a huge uptick in touches.

Comment 18 hours ago

If I am Marshall, I stay. He'll be a featured part of the offense next year and could really climb the draft boards. I think Apple's draft stock goes up if he stays. Everyone else is likely gone. But, there is almost always a surprise player that comes back unexpectedly.

Comment 19 hours ago

I am skeptical that this is true, but, it would be a good hire for Maryland. Also, there are too many good coaching jobs out there to keep hold of Warnier and Ash. One of those guys is gone.

Comment 19 hours ago

I've seen Florida vs UM in the Citrus, LSU vs. PSU in the Tax Slayer, Wisconsin vs. Utah in the Holiday, and NW vs. Tennessee in the Outback. 

I'd bet the B1G in each of those sans LSU/PSU. Of course the Buckeyes are kicking Stanford's (or whoever else fate mercilessly throws in front of Ohio State) teeth in.

If Ohio State slides into the CFP it would put all B1G teams in favorable match ups. MSU or Iowa probably beats Stanford, and so forth.

Comment 19 hours ago


CB: Apple
CB: Conley
CB: Web
S: Smith
S: Powell
LB: Booker
DE: Lewis
DE: Hubbard/ N. Bosa
DT: Hill/ N. Bosa/ Sprinkle
DT: Munger/ Landers

Comment 20 hours ago


RB: Dunn, Weber
H: Wilson/Samuel, Mack 
WR: Marshall
WR: Brown
WR: Campbell/Samuel/Gibson/Hill/Mack

TE: Baugh
LT: Jarmarco
LG: Meech/Price
C: Price/Meech
RG: Lisle


Comment 20 hours ago

Almost in complete agreement with you but I think NC might not be in over the Buckeyes. They played two FCS schools and Clemson would be its only quality win. Though it could possibly jump. The best thing would be for 'Bama to lose. Oh, the SEC outrage with no teams in the CFP would be amazing. Iowa vs. Ohio State in the Championship haha.

Comment 21 hours ago

I think this poll is pretty fair. If you compare losses, we have the best loss but that SEC thinking. Ohio State has played two good teams and lost to one of them. That's the breaks. CFP looks at wins and I think that's the right thing to do even if it hurts us this year. There is no way Stanford or NC jumps Ohio State. I don't think Ohio State should be in if MSU is in. I think the CFP should be finding the one best team not the four best. MSU already beat us head to head. I think rematches are a bit lame. If I'm a voter, I'd put Ohio State in if Iowa wins and 'Bama, and/or Clemson loses. Interesting to see what would happen if Clemson and Bama lose.

Comment 29 Nov 2015

I do too. The season matters. If you lose, you need help. Yes Ohio State may not make it in this year. Yes if the Buckeyes play like they did yesterday, they can beat anyone. But, that's how the chips fall sometimes. Should've beaten Michigan State. 

Comment 27 Nov 2015

17 points in 40 minutes is damn good. Dline just got tired. 

Comment 27 Nov 2015

Football is entertainment and Newton is an entertainer. Not only is his play fun to watch, so are his celebrations. I get that it isn't for everybody but isn't that part of the fun? 

Comment 26 Nov 2015

And the d put the o in position for 14 points.