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Comment 4 hours ago

42-27 Buckeyes. Close for 3 quarters and then the good guys break away. Brax will have a TD or 2. D will force a turnover that will go for 6 or set the offense up very near scoring.

Comment 13 hours ago

I had a different upbringing and thus, I cannot fathom this. This should be his son's decision. Give the kid the information, this is the son's life, not Keyshawn's.

Comment 13 hours ago

A different way to look at this is not comparing the position groups but rather the O group to the corresponding D group.  Ohio State's O line is not matched up against VT's o line.

Make more sense to evaluate Ohio State's o-line vs VT's D line, and so forth.


Comment 14 hours ago

Depth at every one of those positions except TE is advantage Ohio State. This game will be scary close till midway though quarter number 3. Looking at about 42-27 Buckeyes.

Comment 15 hours ago

Again, you are missing the point that he made this mistake FEWER TIMES THAN ANY ONE IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Guys aren't graded on one play.

Comment 30 Aug 2015

Every safety gets beat. Our safeties let up less big plays than anyone in college football. So pointing out one play in which he got beat is a terrible argument.

Comment 30 Aug 2015

I agree. There is all this fear about lack of experience at our x reciever.  Buckeyes have one question mark position with a slew of unproven but highly rated talent at that position. 10 out of 11 offensive positions are filled with NFL players and one question mark is going to lose the game? Most teams have 7ish question marks and don't have the heap of talent at any position that we have at the x. The Buckeyes crazy depth makes any position that a proven NFL player isn't occupying is weak but relative to other teams (VT) that position is strong. 

Comment 29 Aug 2015

The Buckeyes gave up the fewest big plays in the nation. Every safety gets beat from time to time but last year Buckeye safeties were beat less than anyone else. Why change? Eric Smith will be great. But Tyvis Powell is a terrific and underappricated player. His teammates respect him enough to vote him captain. He's had a bunch of iconic plays. He committed during the dark time. He wrote a letter telling the fans how hard he planned to work and then did just that. I don't know what more the guy could do to be liked. Great player/great dude. 

Comment 29 Aug 2015

Our overall depth is causing a preception that there is a problem with wr depth that isn't the case. This year's team has proven talent on top of talent on top of talent. The one position that isn't true is the x receiver. But we still have more talent there than most teams have at the number 1 reciever. I'm sorry but I don't see a reason to worry against VT because we only have one proven NFL reciever. We have one question mark out of 11 positions. Most offenses have 7ish questions. Perspective folks 

Comment 27 Aug 2015

I agree that we should change. When I saw Baltimore Ravens fans doing seven nation army, it made me want to fucking puke. White Stripes are a great band but they're also from TSUN.

i think we should have Ohio's own Black Keys come up with something. 

Comment 27 Aug 2015

I don't think your d is that much better than Alabama's D. And Ohio State's offense vs 'Bama's D was certainly better than a push for the Buckeyes. Even NFL cbs can't cover someone forever and require safety help. Ohio State is capable of making VT pay for loading the box and will be able to run regardless. 

Comment 27 Aug 2015

I was a bit worried about NT but I think Schutt/Munger/Hale is pretty decent depth. Washington is going to be amazing this year. I've long considered him the most underrated defender. Now that he's in more of a playmaking role, I expect to hear his name often. Not sure about the depth after him though. Not really another playmaker type DT on the team. 

Comment 27 Aug 2015

Woooaaahh. White Stripes are an amazing band. Problem is, we aren't known for that. Every team does that. 

Comment 26 Aug 2015

Don't forget about Joel Hale at NT he has significant experience there and can spell Schutt/Munger. Thus we have 3 capable guys at NT. Hill to spell washington at DT (I think washington shines this year at DT he played out of position last year for the team's sake). 

Comment 26 Aug 2015

JT does more things right and if I were a coach, I'd probably like him more because he does things the way he was coached to do them. He doesn't make that many mistakes. And he's a dual threat QB in an offense designed for dual threat qbs.

However, the offense was more potent under Jones. I don't think the fewer QB runs hurt the offense. It's no coincidence that Zeke ran the ball so well vs 3 good defenses with Jones under center. I think Braxton at wr helps Jones' case because he spreads the D horizontally while Jones spreads it vertically. 

I think Jones is the guy but JT is certainly a great QB too. Part of me thinks "if it's even why not Jones play? JT will be back next year."

Comment 25 Aug 2015

I get being secretive about QB but I don't understand doing that for the oline.