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Comment 16 Apr 2014

Umm, O'brien also had to field a team that had 15 less scholarship players than everyone else. What he did while there was nothing less than remarkable. He's a GREAT coach...plain and simple.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

I think he's receiving dv's because of the way he is defending his poor behavior/handling of this incident.


And while we're on that, am I the only one who finds this a little hard to believe? Or that we aren't getting the full version here?



Comment 09 Apr 2014

This is quickly turning into another "BUCKSFAN changing icon" type of threads...

Comment 24 Dec 2013

Sigh...some still can't see the difference between "defending" something and getting irritated with the hive mind mentality of blaming ESPN for everything that is wrong with the world. 

Ive been on record MANY times saying I don't care for ESPN either...I just don't think every time they say some negative it's an attack on OSU or that the network is actively trying to cripple the program, which many on here think is the case. 

Either way, I don't wish to start another's Christmas so let's just enjoy the time with our friends and family.  January 3rd can't come fast enough. 

Comment 16 Dec 2013

For those interested in reading some of the severe butthurt from the great state of Alabama. Some of these comments are world class stupid.

Comment 18 Nov 2013

Dude, take off your tin foil hat and grow up. We looked "stellar" against Buffalo, Iowa, and NW...what's your point, other than hypocrisy? It's not "hating" to have the opinion that Bama and FSU should be 1 and 2. It's called watching the games and formulating an unbiased opinion, you should try it sometime.


Comment 06 Nov 2013

No. What happened is a documented fact.

No, the only documented fact is Herbstreit dropped OSU to 9th. His reason for doing so is unknown, but plenty of people on here want to draw their own conclusions and point to this as proof.



What you just described is exactly what you accuse those that you disagree with of doing. It's observational selection.

...I provide a counterpoint(s) when others spout off with their assumptions that Herbie hates OSU. It's not observational bias. Observational bias is pointing a few isolated incidents while ignoring the overall pattern...which myself and others have outlined numerous times on this subject and others.



Comment 06 Nov 2013

Seeing as you are one of the "the media is out to get us" crowd, I expect you to feel that way. But you are simply deflecting away from my point. The poster implied that his link was proof that Herbstreit has some sort of OSU bias and that he "has been bought by ESPN". I simply pointed out that the article does NOT prove anything of the sort. It's one man's opinion on what he thinks happened. It does not show any pattern, if you want to see a pattern, look at the various images of Herbstreit showing his OSU pride, his "homerism" when he is not working his day job(which is how it should be), or the fact his kids have been on Gameday multiple times wearing OSU gear. That is a pattern. The Sugar Bowl ballot is an isolated incident.


Comment 06 Nov 2013

I did read you article. But the point remains, it PROVES nothing. You have no idea why Herbie voted the way he did. Saying he has turned on the program he played for based on ONE ballot is a massive assumption that conveniently ignores everything else Herbie says that is positive about OSU. When people want to be angry, it's easy to find things to be angry about.

Comment 05 Nov 2013

Really? You want to play that game? That's beyond hilarious.

What does Herbstreit dropping OSU prove? It certainly does not PROVE he has bias against OSU. Isn't it possible that he felt the teams above OSU were better? Or maybe that OSU shouldn't have been ranked that high given the circumstances(the beginning of Tatgate)? While dropping OSU may have been unnecessary, it doesn't PROVE anything...unless you are part of the anti Herbie crowd, then it is a concrete fact.

I don't know how many negative Herbstreit/"ESPN hates us" articles get thrown around on here as fact, yet anything positive, or to the contrary, is conveniently ignored. That, my friend, is a good sign of a lack of objectivity.

Comment 05 Nov 2013

as ESPN continues to troll tOSU in the rankings, BCS human polls, perception games and Nat'l Cship picture... can we get to a playoff soon enough?

ESPN also had OSU #3 last year and #6 the year before. Were they trolling then? Maybe wait until the final rankings come out before getting yourself so worked up. Worrying about recruiting rankings right now is like UM fans bragging about Denard's September Heismans.

I am kind of surprised I must admit with soooo many Buckeye alum on their front desks.  Do none of them notice the perception of ESPN bias?

Maybe, just maybe, they understand the ESPN is not "out to get OSU". The only bias ESPN has is to protect their SEC investment. That does not mean hurting OSU or the B1G, whom they have a billion dollar contract with.


Comment 04 Nov 2013

Exactly, the FAMU game was scheduled BEFORE the SDSU game. Whether Vandy dropped out or not, we were going to play FAMU.

Comment 23 Oct 2013

Never in a million years would that happen. It does nothing for your career to take a step back.

Think of it this way....where do most mid level schools get their coaches? They pluck coordinators from elite programs or head coaches from MAC level schools. Why would a coach like Briles reverse the process?

Comment 14 Oct 2013

Each computer uses different calculations to come up with their rankings. That's why they throw out the highest and lowest ranking for the BCS standings.

I looked at a few, not all, of the sites and how they come up with their rankings and it appears they main criteria is wins/losses and the records of those it would be kind of hard to predict a future SOS.

Again, anyone with more time/knowledge of the process please fill me in.