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Comment 19 Sep 2016

VERY well said.

Why do those games get free passes but we penalize the SEC for UT and Auburn?

Because it makes it easier to say the B1G is better if we ignore results we don't like. Like you said, it's too early to pick best at anything right now. The best player, best team, best conference, etc...the sample size is just too small right now.

Comment 18 Sep 2016

MVP = Most VALUABLE Player. 

While JT is indeed MVP worthy, Jackson is far more valuable in terms of where they would be without him.  JT is working with 4 and 5 star players, Jackson is working with mostly 3 star players and looking out of this world doing it. I

If not for Jackson I would agree with the OP, but as of now it's gotta be Jackson at #2 and JT at #2. 

Comment 15 Sep 2016

I think people are a little too high on Herman. He's only been a HC one season. What if Houston implodes and loses 4-5 games this year? People were high on Charlie Strong, Ty Willingham, Brady Hoke, etc and look what happened. IMO, you really can't throw a HC in the "Top 10" arena until they've been on the job more than a few seasons.

Comment 12 Sep 2016

Yes because vandy and Kentucky are such great teams. Lol

And so are Purdue, and Indiana, and Minnesota, and Rutgers, and Maryland.

What's your point?

Comment 12 Sep 2016

Sec had favorable matchups in the bowls last year. Auburn got to play in their backyard. Before the bowls, even the espn hacks including finebaum said the sec were down last year.

I'm so tired of hearing the "favorable matchups" crap. They, the SEC, do NOT determine the bowl match ups. Make all the excuses you want, but more often than not, the SEC backs it up on the field when it matters.

Comment 11 Sep 2016

I still think that's a bit of a stretch too...I think saying they were equal is a bit more realistic. 

Comment 11 Sep 2016

You just described two completely different things. Kentucky fans bragging about finishing last in "the best" conference is not the same as rooting for Wisky if it benefits OSU.

Comment 30 Aug 2016

Awlins? Is this your duplicate account? Or is this ScrewTheBlue?

EIther way, you and your multiple personalities have no clue what your are talking about.

Comment 29 Aug 2016

Jesus people, he gave an opinion...he didn't kick your dog. Disagree and move on. Why does every analyst who offers a contrary opinion have to be an idiot/moron/dickhead/hack etc but when they say something we like, they are full of integrity and must be taken seriously?

Here is my first(and what I thought would be only) post on this subject. What did I say that was so bad? I gave an opinion(that can pretty easily be backed up on this thread alone) that SOME of our fanbase gets all bent out of shape ANY time an analyst says something even remotely negative about OSU. I didn't call anyone out personally, I made an OBSERVATION, which many others agreed with. I only started slinging mud when others started coming after me with worthless strawman arguments about ESPN and the delusion that I am some sort of UM fan(go find proof please).

Comment 29 Aug 2016

Que CincyOSU's defense of MI in 3.2.1...

You wonder why I respond angrily??? YOU are insulting ME!

Here's the beauty of the internet, it's written in pen not pencil. I CHALLENGE you to prove that I "defend" UM. Please, find something. Here's a fun tip for you, and your little brother Awlins, you're allowed to respect you rival, yet still hate them at the same time. Most rationale adults know this.