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Comment 19 May 2017

are you saying that 247sports is in league with nefarious sources to affect the class ratings of OSU now?

Come on, you know how it works. Recruiting sites drop an OSU recruit = conspiracy. Recruiting sites bump up an OSU recruit = this is the only legit recruiting service.

Meyers dropped because he camped poorly and Grimes dropped because of an injury....unless EVERY site was "in" on the fix, this is/was another non-issue.

Comment 16 May 2017

Fox College Football = CBS College Basketball

They are both trying to put square pegs in a round hole. 

I feel the same way(although CBS BB coverage is pretty good)...its the same thing watching college football(ND) on just feels off.

Comment 16 May 2017

My only issue is the production quality. The HD quality is pretty comparable(maybe a bit better), but most everything else isn't quite as good as ESPN/ABC. Not to mention, FOX tends to make college games feel more like pro broadcasts imo.

I have mixed feelings on Gus. He is one of the best when it comes to CBB, but something just feels off when he calls football games. Don't get me wrong, when it's a legit big moment, he shines. But he also tends to make a routine 3rd down conversion sound like the first time he saw a girl it takes away from the feel of the actual big moments.

Comment 15 May 2017

Did I miss something...did Slender get the boot? Again.

Comment 13 May 2017

Not sure I'm a fan of this. It takes you to the first new comment, but if there are 15 other new comments, how do you find these?

Edit - Nevermind, I see the difference now. 

Comment 12 May 2017

No, he didn't. You implied that from the article. 

From the article he linked. I'm just trying to understand. I like the show as well(Tim Allen is GREAT on that show), but the article does a nice job of twisting logic to insinuate ulterior motives led to the cancellation,

Perhaps you're right though, Slender didn't say anything about politics so I will withdrawal my question.

Comment 12 May 2017

Be careful what you assume, there was a guy last year that was asked this same question and his response was "no, she can watch other cartoons". The delusional hate runs deep with some ppl.

Comment 11 May 2017

1) Let me get this straight, you don't count the win against ND for JT because, "it was all Zeke", but in the same breath give CJ credit for the three game championship know, the same games where Zeke ran for 220, 236, and 246 yards. Please, please explain the mental gymnastics you used to say that with a straight face. You surely must understand how completely twisted that logic is.

2) Oklahoma didn't lose another game all season and finished the year ranked 3rd and 5th in the final polls, but they really sucked ass and clearly don't count as a big win for the team.

3) "The season is only a complete disappointment if you get shut out in your post-season game 31-0." This is such a bad way of looking at an entire season. It's the same logic ppl use to prop up the SEC for their successful bowl seasons or to trash the B1G for their bowl failures. We don't like it being used in those situations, but are perfectly fine applying in this situation. It's a reactionary way of thinking combined with recency bias which is a recipe for illogical thought.

Comment 10 May 2017

I wonder how many fake IDs he has over there. I'm still impressed how he was able to create unique personalities for each user name.

Comment 10 May 2017

Wow, way to point every negative stat you could Google, you snarky lib.

Bringing politics into a non-political discussion = raging moron.

Comment 10 May 2017

True, but the staff also announced what was going on and why - he couldn't transfer as a grad transfer until he graduated so Meyer and Fickell agreed to continue to let him practice with the team. It's possible Norwood chose that same route, but how do we know the coaches knew his plans? If they knew, great. But if they didn't and this was a surprise then how would they know not to count his scholly towards the count to 85?

Like I said before, there are probably instances(most) where everything was done on the up and up and there are just as likely instances where it was the "shady" side of college football in todays world.

Comment 10 May 2017

Norwood is 185lbs. 

And it's fine to sign players knowing guys will probably leave, but they likely don't know EVERY guy that is going to leave. Look at Norwood for example, why would the staff have him go through spring practice if they knew he was leaving? 

There are two sides here. One who thinks this is shady and the staff is just as bad as those from the the SEC and those who think we're squeaky clean and can do no wrong. The reality is it's somewhere in the middle.