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Comment 9 hours ago

I have no issue at all if you want CJ to be the starter, my issue is with how that opinion has been formed and defended. To be fair, you probably aren't forcing it down everyone's throat like BJ has been, but statements like wishing Smith would have had more opportunities during the season is a clear shot at JT and is unnecessary.

Comment 10 hours ago

Brutus - Non sure if you have been following, but most of the people "knocking" CJ are in reality dogging the few posters to constantly pimp out CJ while throwing shade on JT, Zeke, the Oline, and the coaching staff.

Go back and read ANY of the threads started by BuckeyeJack....NO ONE is knocking on CJ at all. They are simply trying to show the OP how awful his logic and reasoning is.

Comment 10 hours ago

JS3308 - People like you and Buckeye Jack get overly defensive about what your PERCEIVE as insults towards CJ, yet you both fail to realize you ARE insulting people like JT, Zeke, the Oline, and the coaching staff with your constant pimping of CJ.

Yes, CJ made a great decision to throw the ball into one on one doesn't change the fact that many of those throws were poorly thrown(to be fair he also made some very good throws on non-deep balls). You can try to gloss over this all you like, but facts are facts...the balls were not on the money and the WR bailed out the QB on more than one occasion.

It's a shame Devin didn't get as many chances throughout the season. 

Hey what do you know, another thinly veiled insult towards JT and the coaching staff.

Comment 13 hours ago

Did you watch the Wisconsin game, or just look at the stat line?  If you watched the game, you would have seen Smith bail out CJ on TWO of his three TD passes....that's a fact no matter what your precious stats or quotes say. 

I await your response where you deflect and distort what I said into a knock on CJ. 

Comment 31 Aug 2015

That was a 5 yard slant that Thomas took to the house, JT had nothing to do with that other than putting the ball on the money 5 yards down the field

Exactly...this just goes to show you how meaningless stats are at times. I wish someone else would understand this(not talking about you, Not Todd).

Comment 31 Aug 2015

For the love of everything holy, get it through your head....NO ONE is dogging Cardale in ANY way. They are dogging YOU and the way you present your arguments. You can keep deflecting and strawmanning all you doesn't change the FACT that Buckeye Nation will be just as happy if CJ wins the job as they would be if JT wins the job.

Comment 30 Aug 2015

Uh oh, the Straw Man is getting angry and starting to incorporate confirmation bias into his bag of tricks. 

The only person who is "clueless" is you my man. No one is dogging CJ and we have all said we would be 100% happy if he wins the job. You still can't see the problem is the terrible logic you use to back up your biased rants.

Don't you find it just a bit odd that you're the ONLY person people are arguing with out of the DOZENS of pro CJ posters?

Comment 30 Aug 2015

Keep reading, genius. Did you see the compliment for CJ? It's like we're talking to Phyliss from Mulga, only she makes more sense. 

Comment 30 Aug 2015

More straw manning I see, but whatever helps you sleep at night. And my dv'ing record has no bearing on the discussion at hand, but since we're looking at voting also appears I've given out 3x more up votes than you. Funny how you leave stats out that don't support your bias. 

Comment 30 Aug 2015

Threat? What threat? Are you making stuff up again?

You try to discredit your MANY detractors by calling them names but all you're really doing is making yourself look like  fool.

Comment 30 Aug 2015

And for the third time, do you notice that NO ONE has any issue with that article??? Hmmm, I wonder what the problem is....

Comment 30 Aug 2015

BJ, you really need to seek mental help. A lot of us are starting to get worried. ONCE AGAIN, I never knocked Cardale's abilities...what I did knock was your claim(that you have since edited) that CJ deserves credit for Smith making great catches on what were jump balls.

For someone who has such an issue with other's opinions, you sure do seem to force yours down everyone's throat.

Comment 30 Aug 2015

It is a little funny that he stalks your posts and then doesn't respond to that one.

Sorry, I've been a little busy living my life.

It appears you suffer from the same affliction that ails Buckeye Jack....a lack of reading comprehension. I never ONCE said Cardale's deep balls are poorly thrown. The adults were discussing how BJ claims CJ should get credit for the 2 jump balls that Devin Smith bailed him out on....try reading twice next time, you might pick up on what was being discussed. Maybe next time you'll get my name right as well.

And who cares what Devin Smith said? Cardale does, in most instances, throw a good deep ball and he does have stronger arm than JT. ONCE AGAIN, the issue myself, and everyone else has, is with the confrontational, biased logic that BJ uses to make his has NOTHING to do with how we feel about CJ or JT. How is this so hard to understand????

Comment 29 Aug 2015

So let me get this straight, CJ throws a better jump ball than anyone else now? A jump ball?

So it's a skill throw a ball in the air, hope the WR adjusts to a poorly thrown ball, and then makes an acrobatic catch over a defender trying to break up the pass?

Do you hear yourself? 

Comment 29 Aug 2015

Are you delusional? Or are you intentionally just trolling? 

NO ONE, NO ONE, NO ONE has said they don't want Cardale to start or that they don't think he deserves continue to make up things so you can continue with your mindless biased rants. 

The problem is YOU, not CJ. 

Comment 28 Aug 2015

Or maybe you. No shortage of your unsolicited crap on these threads. 

Do you see anyone arguing with me????

Comment 28 Aug 2015

You haven't been around here very long or you would understand why, but hey, keep clinging to your precious stats in your isolated world of bias.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

Huh? Did you read any of the comments in that thread?

The common denominator is you my friend....