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Comment 28 Aug 2014

You might be right....but your hate should be directed at the system(this is why we now have a playoff) rather than Bama for benefiting it's flaws.

Alabama lost earlier than OK State...that played a huge part in allowing Bama to get back to the NCG. This is the same reason OSU backed their way into the 2007 NCG. And I'm not sure where you're getting your figures but both teams played five ranked teams(at the time they played them). Stating things like you have no doubt x team would beat y team is a hypothetical that can't be proven. What can be proven is Bama won the title that year.

Like I said before, this has devolved into whether Bama should have been in a NCG over OK State(I see where you are coming from, but the system is what it is)...that was not the original talking point. The original claim, one that's pretty widely accepted outside of OSU/B1G fan sites, is that Bama has been the dominant team in football the last 5 or so years.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

Very few facts? You and I have vastly different interpretations of the word "few" seeing as several people agree with him and have given numerous facts and figures to back up their opinion.

Basically from what I gather from your two little rants is that you're incapable of giving credit to another team/conference based on the fact you just don't like said team/conference. I'll say it again, its ok to give props to another team even if you don't like that team. It's called being objective. You should try it sometime.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

Dude, I hate Bama too. It pains me to defend them but it's hard to argue with their results.

One can only hope this Coker kid doesn't live up the standards of McElroy and McCarron.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

1) Alabama and OK State both played, and beat, 5 ranked teams. By looking only at bowl opponents(and I'm taking your word that your data is correct) you conveniently chose parameters that justified your opinion. To be fair, I think most of the computers had OK State with a better SOS but the margin was pretty small.

2) Bama lost on Nov 5th, to the #1 team in the nation. OK State lost on Nov 18, to an unranked Iowa State team. A loss is a loss, but since we are using these for comparison sake, it's glaringly obvious which was the "better" loss. Not to mention the WIDELY known fact of the BCS era that if you're going to lose, it's better to lose early. Bama lost their game, against much better competition, two weeks earlier than OK State suffered their lone defeat. This right here is likely the biggest reason it was Bama, and not OK State, playing in the NCG.

Either way, many of you are now venturing into strawman territory. This particular debate was about Bama being the dominant team of the last 5 years....not whether it was unfair how they won their titles or whether another team actually deserved to play in a particular NCG.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

I don't get your incessant need to try to discount what Bama has accomplished the last 5 years? I could care less if they won their league, the system we had in place at the time still got them to the NCG....WHERE THEY WON. Did they benefit some from media hype? Perhaps. But they still took care of business when it counted.

The point that we are trying to make is that if you look at their collective body of work, and not knit pick each individual season, its clear to the vast majority of the country that Bama has been the best team in football.

I think you're letting your hatred for the SEC cloud your thinking. It's OK to hate Bama/the SEC yet still give credit when it's due.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

No, I was responding to your comment stating that every team that has beaten Bama is, by your logic, the better team.

You're making excuses in your justification in trying to prove Bama has not been the best team in football the last 5 or so years.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

So if we are going to follow this logic, in 2009 was a 5-7 Purdue team better than a 11-2 OSU team that won the Rose Bowl?

Upsets happen, you have to look at the overall body of work.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

OSU "back doored" their way to a title game in 2007 and lost to a 2-loss LSU team.

Who cares how they got there....they won. If OSU had won that game in 2007 I doubt you'd put an asterisk by it because they backed their way in.

Comment 26 Aug 2014

Did they lose their starting QB and Heisman contender 2 weeks before their first game? Those teams were ranked and evaluated with that unknown already factored in. We were evaluated based on miller being our QB...when he got hurt that changed things. It's really not hard to follow if you keep an open mind. 

Comment 26 Aug 2014

How about you go ahead and create another username because you got banned under your previous ID...

I've admitted I jumped the gun a few times the last couple days and apologized, but just like anything that doesn't fit your biased beliefs you ignore that fact. 

And you obviously lack the intellect to understand what I'm taking about when I "defend" ESPN or Herbstreit so perhaps you should sit these discussions out. 

I better go now, my bosses in Bristol wouldn't think to kindly knowing I'm on a website for their mortal enemy. 

Comment 26 Aug 2014

Hey, if I missed it and it was genuinely meant as sarcasm I'll be a man and admit I jumped the gun on my remarks(towards you).

My overall point doesn't change though.

Comment 26 Aug 2014

  A few months ago Nick Saban's daughter was charged with participating in a drunken brawl in a soriority house in Tuscaloosa. I never saw the story on SECESPN

Actually it was

If that would have been Urban's daughter they would have led with it for the next week,probably sent an INVESTGATIVE reporter to Columbus to inflame the story

Isn't this what you meant to say. "What I have fantasized would happen in a nonexistent scenario I invented is proof that everything I believe is correct and people who disagree with me suck."

Comment 26 Aug 2014

If I missed the sarcasm, then that's my bad.

But sarcasm is conveyed with the use of italics. Using all caps conveys anger or the need to forcefully make your point known.

Comment 26 Aug 2014

Are you laughing at yourself? Because that would make sense, unlike your wild claims of of some sort intentional disrespect because ESPN left off two OSU Heisman winners.

I wonder if other fanbases are crying because they didn't have all of their living winners included as well.

Comment 26 Aug 2014

I was going to refrain from the ESPN Hates OSU discussion today until I saw this.


All I have to say is....Really? I mean come on. You REALLY think this was some sort of intentional attack on OSU? I think some of you are just running out of things to use to play the victim card\ with.

Comment 21 Aug 2014

Who's supporting Desmond?

But you keep staying classy there Rill.

Comment 21 Aug 2014

Joshy -

Wow, you know you can really see what a man is made of by how tough he acts over the interwebs. And while we're talking about intelligence, I have to question yours as you clearly have severe issues with reading comprehension. If you think my comments are meant to "defend" ESPN then you might not want to partake in these conversations anymore as it's clearly over your head.

Comment 21 Aug 2014

John -

1) I admitted I misread his post and took back my conspiracy comment...but that didn't change 90% of my point.

2) What do you think vstheworld and I were talking about? I said there are many on here who agree with my opinions, he said more do not. I didn't put any words in his mouth, or misinterpret what he said. Did I exaggerate with the "destroy OSU" part? Probably, but anyone who has been around here very long know exactly what I/we meant.

Comment 21 Aug 2014

So you think the majority of OSU fans think ESPN wants to destroy OSU?

Thanks, I needed a good laugh.