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Comment 28 Oct 2014
I'm curious to how they rank the SEC teams when they all start getting that 2nd loss... If seems as though they give them so much kudos for there SOS, it makes me feel like that even with 2 losses the SEC teams will be ranked ahead of many 1 loss teams. I also agree with our ranking... We haven't beaten anyone, & have the worst loss of the 1 loss teams aside from maybe Utah, & they are right behind us.
Comment 12 May 2014
From everything I've seen on the west coast. He is waiting for an Oregon offer. If Oregon does offer then that's where he goes, or at least that seems to be the thinking. Can never count us out though!
Comment 14 Aug 2013

Let's hope the fence is reinforced! It's a major let down when we have highly rated prospects from the home state go elsewhere. i.e. Jordan Hicks, Trey DePriest,  etc. No wonder we are in the situation we are in with depth at LB. There are always other factors in a 17-18 year olds decision, but I sure hope we can corral all of our top in-state talent. Great Read Birm!

Comment 24 Nov 2012
I believe they didnt worry about bringing him back the last few games, because as long as he didn't play in half the games this year he will receive a medical redshirt.
Comment 23 Nov 2012
Like you stated before this is huge to get him to come, on his own dime too, with all the young depth we have gathered on the D-Line! He is definitely a big puzzle piece for the 2014 class! Very good early sign indeed!
Comment 21 Nov 2012
So Taivon Jacobs & Joey Bosa are the only current commits for 2013 not expected to be at The Game. Interesting! I'm pretty sure the rest of the crew will help nail down some of these uncommitted guys. Here's to a great showing in the Shoe! O-H!!!
Comment 03 Nov 2012
^^^Agreed! It seemed like he did himself with that fumble. I thought he was gonna get the reps Dunn got at the end of the game. I think Rod Smith has "IT" but needs to put a serious emphasis on ball security. You only get so many opportunities, he has to make the most if them! With the depth we have & will continue have while he's @ tOSU... These turnovers will leave him on the bench. I really like the kid! I sure hope he gets it under control the rest of this year, & definitely into what will be his (RS) Junior season next year.
Comment 23 Jun 2012
I'm very excited for this secondary class! ...add Vonn Bell & WOW! Love being a Buckeye fan!!!
Comment 12 Jun 2012
Seems like if we do get Vonn Bell whenever he decides, Delando & another promising prospect in Darron Lee will be left in the cold... Shame,but that's what happens with limited scholarships... These are kids that are somewhat under the radar nationally, but could develop nicely... Guess it depends on if they can play offense or not too, & maybe if the staff sees Delando developing into an OLB?! ...I kinda doubt either get a commitable offer unless we miss on bigger fish i.e. Bell, Hargreaves, Alexander, Gibson, Foster, Stringfellow, Quick... I wonder does the staff hold Caleb Day in higher regard than Johnson & Lee?
Comment 13 May 2012
I can't believe the Rationale of the folks that voted yes???!!! You don't have to be a Michigan fan, but you have to realize we need them to do well out of conference.