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Comment 25 Oct 2016

Coming back next year is a no brainer.  JT is a very good to elite college quarterback.  However, I'm not so sure he will make it in the NFL.  There are countless examples of outstanding college QB's who do not succeed in the NFL and I think JT is in that boat.  But then again, there is Dak Prescott.

Comment 25 Oct 2016

I thought the play calling was bad, until I re watched the game.  The game was lost with poor blocking, missed assignments, poor route running, blown coverages, not calling timeout before FG attempt with clock running down, poor blocking and extra steps on punt, etc. etc.  The thing is, there was an endless list of things that went wrong Saturday night, some of which have been going on all season.  While I like that the players and coaches aren't giving up, I surely hope that there is a sense of urgency to fix the problems.

Comment 24 Oct 2016

A guy who looks the part when he is on the field is Brandon Bowen.  Not sure he would be the answer at right tackle though.

Comment 24 Oct 2016

Uh, Prince didn't play last year.  You might want to double check your facts there Grand Lake Celine.  Chase Farris was the starting right tackle last year.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

Special team plays did lose the game, but why the game so close to begin with. PSU is a pretty average team. I'm not so sure I share your faith in the coaching staff.  Some of the problems right now are X's and O's. Other teams are calling the offense basic. Guess what, it is. Maybe the players don't have enough football knowledge to grasp more complex concepts. The receivers were not where the ball was thrown quite a bit the last few games. 

Comment 16 Oct 2016

Landers, Bosa and Holmes continue to bring it on defense.  There needs to be a bit of an adjustment to the D line rotation to get them more snaps. Landers is most definitely outplaying Hill at this point. 

Offensively, it appears that IU and Wisconsin knew exactly what we were doing on most plays. I'm starting to question the play designs. The routes the receivers run just aren't working (for the most part).  No double moves, slants, hitch routes, bubble screens.  It's either poor route running or very blan and repetitively predictable plays. 

Happy and relieved for the win, but it was difficult to watch at times. 

Comment 06 Dec 2015

Completely disagree. There are expanded playoffs at every other level of competitive football. 4 team playoff for FBS iss ALL about money.  I've said it should be an 8 tame playoff from the very beginning, even last year. Playoffs are awesome. Yes the 9th place team will be unhappy but I would have less empathy for a team on that bubble than for TCU last year or OSU t and Stanfors this year. What really puzzles me is everyone on this site who agrees with the talking head that 2 loss Stanford should get in over the 1 loss defending National Champions. I'm a pretty objective guy, but some of you need to be little bit more of a homer. 

Comment 04 Dec 2015

Agree.  Buckeyes are in if Clemson loses. Stanford will not jump Ohio State. The committee talked about conference champs last year because it supported their decision at the time. One loss defending champs with a fan base that shows up gets in over 2 loss Pac 12 champ. Go Tarheels!

also completely disagree with the comments that there's no reason to come back for senior season. Too many busts in the NFL. Better be a guaranteed 1st or 2nd round pick or come back to school. 

Comment 25 Nov 2015

This is spot on. The coaching staff is not putting Braxton in a position to be successful, at least with the current blocking. Other teams have used the wildcat over the years with success even when the other team knew what was coming (Arkansas with Darren McFadden come to mind).  The problem is that the wildcat keeps getting blown up due to poor blocking which is the same reason we can't seem to throw the ball down field. 

Comment 11 Apr 2015

I moved to Cincinnati from Dayton 10 years ago and work with a bunch of UC grads. They all have the little brother syndrome and constantly hate on the Buckeyes. I will never fully understand it. Here is something interesting about Miami.  My daughter goes to Miami. From what she tells me the vast majority of the students do not attend Miami football games, partially because the suck, but mostly because they are watching and rooting for the Buckeyes. 

Comment 26 Nov 2014

According to the link above, Urban has told Braxton that they are going forward with JT next year.  If true, he isn't being given the opportunity to battle for the starting QB spot.  I don't find this to be particularly credible.