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Comment 12 Nov 2014

Other people are starting to understand that we are one of the top four teams in the country they just can't put us in a playoff spot because bc of the perception of the big ten, among other reasons. Matich just grew some balls and said what everybody else knew but wouldn't dare say out loud which I applaud!!! I think he's right, we're better then Florida state but for whatever reason they get a free pass because of the success of last year. 

Comment 12 Nov 2014

This is huge!

on a not so side note, I think it's ironic that people point out that tcu is ranked so high because they are being rewarded for of a tough non conference win over Minnesota  yet those are same people that bash the big ten. I hope they give us the same respect when we beat Minnesota because if they do then that will help us jump into a playoff spot if Florida state, miss state, Alabama, Baylor, or Oregon lose. 

Comment 11 Nov 2014

I was so upset about that loss I had convinced myself, for a time, Troy smith threw the game... We'll be on that side of the W if we get into the playoffs this year cuz LAWD knows we'll be a gajillion point underdog. Patience young grasshopper. 

Comment 10 Nov 2014

Can someone riddle me this? Why is TCU ranked ahead of Baylor? Baylor beat TCU head to head, does that mean nothing? If I was a Baylor fan I'd be pissed. I understand TCU's body of work is better but the ultimate factor is head to head so why is TCU ahead of Baylor at this point? 

Comment 10 Nov 2014

Michigan State 500/1 LOL… So that means *ichigan would be what? 100,000/1 HA! 

Comment 10 Nov 2014

You've got nothing better to do then troll a fellow buckeye fan? It's inconsequential whether its on the last saturday in november, the point is that the game is at noon. Thats like me telling you that since it kicked off at 3:30 in 2006 it completely discounts the other 125 years the kickoff's have been at noon…… but thats not how I roll. 

Comment 10 Nov 2014

Nick Saban is legally obligated to use a car seat.

Nick Saban stuffs his shoes with tissue paper to be able to ride roller coasters.

Nick Saban paid me to not make fun of him on this sign. 

Nick Sabans wife kneels in pictures to make Nick look taller.

Nick Saban buys his drugs from his tight ends. LOL

Chad Lindsay wasn't good enough for Ohio State

Terry Saban is the best NFL coach in the family. 

Terry Saban has sister wives. 

Comment 09 Nov 2014

Im a Bengals fan and I can't even defend that comment he showed some immaturity there… Clearly being a sore loser. 

Found this gem online, thought the Cleveland fans may like it…

Comment 09 Nov 2014

Thats an interesting viewpoint! I think that would be a great way to have a playoff rather then having Condoleezza Rice voting on which teams are the best. It seems so simple and it would be awesome to see a non power conference team beat a power conference team kind of like a 15 seed beating a 2 in march madness. 

Comment 09 Nov 2014

So you support the BCS system over the playoff system obviously. Im in favor of a playoff but with 8 teams. I see your point though especially considering we were the most successful team in the history of the BCS era.  

Comment 09 Nov 2014

I'd be so happy about an 8 team playoff my anger would be a tad bit more subdued then normal.