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Comment 19 Mar 2014

Q would have a much better chance as a Pro than DT.  DT was a 6'5 Power Foward.  Q is a 6'8 Small Forward who can drive and play one one one basketball.  The stupid travel calls he gets will not be called in the NBA and he will be able to score in an offense more taylored to his play style.  This offese the Buckeyes run of let Craft dribble up top and move the ball around the perimeter and waste 12 seconds then when the clock breaks 10 rush a shot does not suit Ross.  I still say if the OSU offense was ran for Ross like they did for DT and let Ross run of multiple screens and make the offense more about Ross and less about Craft controlling it this team would be much better.  I LOVE CRAFT so don't think I am hating, his defense his leadership and hustle drives this team.  But Ross's offense is the only offense on this team, and in the NBA he will be drafted and be on a roster and suprise many OSU fans I think.

Comment 23 Aug 2013

Call me crazy but I think the very first game will be a good indicator.

They should outclass Buffalo.  We should see sacks, we should see domination.

In the past sometimes it seemed our DEs who should dominate lower talented teams did not get the pressure on the opposing QBs like we all thought they should.

I think this year it changes, I think when Spence and Washington go against someone not on par with their ability they will not play down to their competition they will domiante.


Not saying anything bad about our previous DEs I loved John Simon and Nate Williams, and even before them our others but sometimes when we played an Akron, or Toledo it seemed our DE did not get the pressure we all thought they would.

Again I see Spence and Washington each getting 1-2 sacks versus Buffalo.  I will be surprised if they don't.  I think 4 sacks between them.

3 is my over and under line and I am over with 4.