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Comment 23 Mar 2016

The problem is our one upperclassman does not care.

I would sit Loving, I know he has talent but he brings the team down or something.  Who does this team turn to?  When they huddle up who is their inspirational leader?  Honestly AJ Harris to me seems to be the one guy who could be a leader for this team.  He hustles and is intense.  Tate hustles and is intense but is out of control emotionally and on the floor. 

Mickey Mitchell struggled this year, but every game I watched I am not sure why but no one will pass him the ball, I watched multiple skip passes across the floor that were stolen when Mitchell was open right next to a guy.  At least pass it to move the ball not that Mitchell needs to shoot it, but continue the flow not try a long shot pass.

Next year Thad needs to sit this team down, look them in the eye and ask who wants it.

My starting lineup would be;

Aj Harris

Ja Lyle




With Loving, Tate, and Williams off the bench.  Why Mitchell?  Because he can create for others if given the opportunity.  Loving and Williams off the bench would provide scoring.  Maybe Loving would supplant Mitchell eventually if he showed passion.  Never seen a guy with that much talent just go through the motions, he is worse than Amir Williams from that standpoint IMO.

Comment 27 Jan 2016






I would keep Lyle or Harris on the floor at all times, rotating them out with Williams and Mitchell.  I like Loving off the bench along with Williams.  I also like a "running" lineup of Harris, Mitchell, Tate, KBD, Giddens/Bell...I think that would be a great up and down fast break lineup to change the pace of games.

Comment 15 Jan 2016

Burrow is going to surprise people one day, the kid is a good QB and is more athletic than people think.  They clamor over Haskins but I think Burrow is a better prospect than Haskins anyway.  I would love to have them both on the roster though.  Burrow did not get the pub since he played in Southern Ohio, but in the playoffs he showed poise in the pocket, mobility, leadership, and guts out there on the field.

Comment 05 Jan 2016

This team has talent all over even with the departures.  There is no reason to think if this team gets by Oklahoma early they are not undefeated heading into the Northwestern game.  That will be the first test after Oklahoma, almost every team in BIG Ten is replacing their starting QB.  We return ours. 

Sept. 3: Bowling Green
Sept. 10: Tulsa
Sept. 17: at Oklahoma
Oct. 1: Rutgers
Oct. 8: Indiana  - Replacing Sudfield at QB and Howard at RB
Oct. 15: at Wisconsin - Breaking in a new QB
Oct. 22: at Penn State - Hackenberg is gone (which could be good for them?)
Oct. 29: Northwestern - Return the bigger part of their team so they will be dangerous
Nov. 5: Nebraska - Returning most of their team as well they should be better
Nov. 12: at Maryland
Nov. 19: at MSU - Replacing Cook at QB, but have some talent still so they will be good
Nov. 26: Michigan - Replacing QB

Comment 28 Dec 2015


Lyle - SG

Tate - SF

Diop - PF

Giddens - C

Loving needs to come off the bench, did anyone watch him after he missed a drive bank shot, whine around, while people were rebounding the miss all around him?  The Commentator even said he had bad body language, that is the issue with Loving, he sulks, he does not hustle.  Sure he is the leading scorer but it just seems he is not in the game all the time.

Comment 23 Dec 2015

He is a point forward, who can distribute and create looks for everyone and himself.  He can drive to the basket though and has the size and finishing ability to be a better scorer in college than he was in highschool. 

People looked at his stats last year and he only avg 9.5 pts a game.   But that team was centered around DJ and their C underneath and Mickey distributed the ball.

He is a stat sheet filler who can get you double digits in three different categories and guard three different positions from SG to PF

Comment 23 Dec 2015

Not sure if people remember OSU basketball before Thad...O'Brien, Mr. Rolled up Magazine Ayers, O'Brien had a final four team thanks to Redd and Penn playing great, but it was taken away because of Boban Slovovivvich and some other foreign guys I don't even think ever played here or if they did they sucked..

Thad has made OSU basketball relevant and a destination for top tier highschool kids to even consider let alone come here.  He is here as long as he wants IMO.

Comment 23 Dec 2015

Loving played 34 minutes had 3 rebs 4 pts and 4 TOs

I know he is the only JR on the team and our leading scorer, but to me he just has Zero hustle.  I like him better off the bench as a scoring option. 

I think Mitchell should get more minutes going forward, I hope Loving starts to get after it, he is sloppy with the ball and just seems underwhelming to me.  For a team that had a guy transfer because he didn't play good enough defense Loving gets 34 minutes and plays little to no defense? 

I am probably in the minority who thinks this way but the more I watch him jog around and not fly off picks set for him to set up his shot because he is a three point threat the more I understand why he was not on the team during that stretch last year.  He just sort of walks off the screens, and his guy is in his face at the 3pt line.

Comment 21 Dec 2015

I think the expectations is for this team to grow and gel together and learn how to play as a team for next year to be honest.  I would say squeak into the tourney as a 12-13 seed or win the NIT....which would not be a bad thing for a young team, actually winning a tournament can be a big building block.

Comment 25 Nov 2015

I think this teams NEEDS a distributor and Mitchell excels at that, and they need someone with PASSION Loving is just a guy IMO, I know he scored 20+ but he offers no passion to this team, and I think Mitchell could provide a spark.  He can play from PG-PF on this team more of a point forward, and they need someone to create for others, Lyle is NOT A PG. Harris is decent. 

This team lacks a man bun.....hopefully he gets eligible soon, sure can't hurt.

Comment 20 Nov 2015

I know with Ross I believe he was a Prop 48 and what was it like December before he was allowed to dress for games, but as I was looking around I know Wikipedia is not always the best source but I found this.  Makes me wonder if Mitchell had some course grade issues?

Proposition 48 is LIT regulation that stipulates minimum high school grades and standardized test scores that student-athletes must meet in order to participate in college athletic competition.

As of 2010, the regulation is as follows:

Before a high school student can be eligible to play Division I sports, he or she must meet academic requirements in high school.[2] Those standards include:

The successful completion of 16 core courses.[3]
A sliding-scale combination of grades in high school core courses and standardized-test scores. For example, if a student-athlete earns a 3.0 grade-point average in core courses, that individual must score at least 620 on the SAT or a sumscore of 52 on the ACT. As the GPA increases, the required test score decreases, and vice versa.

New Regulations[edit]

Beginning August 1, 2016, NCAA Division I will require 10 core courses to be completed prior to the seventh semester (seven of the 10 must be a combination of English, math or natural or physical science that meet the distribution requirements).[4] These 10 courses become "locked in" at the start of the seventh semester and cannot be retaken for grade improvement.

Beginning August 1, 2016, it will be possible for a Division I college-bound student-athlete to still receive athletics aid and the ability to practice with the team if he or she fails to meet the 10 course requirement, but would not be able to compete.

That sounds an awful lot like what Mitchell is doing allowed to practice and receiving aid.  But this says not until 2016? 

Comment 10 Nov 2015

Win out and it will take care of itself that easy.

OSU wins out = playoff spot

only teams with 1 loss and other undefeated teams that can make it will be SEC or Notre Dame because that is the way it is.

If OSU has a loss I wager this late, no playoff.  I think that sucks but the schedule will be thrown in our face.


Comment 22 Aug 2015

I was all excited clicking on this thread...then I seen it was food...AND WAS EVEN MORE EXCITED...and that is why my hook is chubby

Comment 30 Mar 2015

So then all colleges have to give these kids guaranteed 4 year scholarships then?  I mean you have some colleges that just drop kids, so if the kid can't transfer then the college can't drop their scholly?  That would only be fair.

Comment 12 Feb 2015

Who knows if they do not have a replacement for Mariotta?  Was everyone ready for Barrett?  We had no idea he would play as good as he did, and after the VTech game everyone was scrambling wondering about this team.  Oregon may already have their QB in Locke and this kid may ride the pine after transferring, he may get into that offense and not comprehend it and not understand the playbook and speed.  Who knows.  This coach is just upset his team is leaving, this kid sounds like he was the offense, and this coach has benefited from his play and now will have to COACH this team rather than rely on one guy's dominance.

Comment 11 Feb 2015

Another reason I am leaning Jones is, availability, I know Jones has a MUCH smaller window, but he is healthy.

Barrett was injured as a SR. in highschool, then again this past year, I know injuries happen and it is dumb luck but just some guys get hurt easier than others.

Braxton has been dinged up every year he plays, part is his play style and another part is his body IMO.

Jones, from what I recall was never injured through highschool, or prep school, or at OSU anytime, and his body type can handle the running plays Urban wants to use, much like Tebow's thick frame could handle it.  Only Jones has a cannon arm to go with it, and a mentality to go for it on deep pass play calls, rather than be timid and run it.    All three QBS are AMAZING THOUGH and man what an amazing "problem" to have!!!

We Buckeye fans are arguing about which one of the three Heisman type QBs do we want to start, where TTUN is thinking, OK lets roll with this Trasnfer, or Morris, or a Freshman.... :)

Comment 09 Feb 2015

I am sorry but Jones has to start, as long as he puts in the effort this offseason and learns that playbook like he should, there is no way you don't start a guy who in his second start beat Bama and the other two QBs while are great in their 2nd starts one lost to Va Tech and one lost to MSU.  I am not tearing down Barrett or Miller BOTH are great QBs, but Jones never had the luxury of starting against a weaker opponent to get ready, he was tossed into a B1G Title game, a Sugar Bowl, and a National Title game in consecutive weeks.  Let him start this season see how he plays versus Va Tech.  He will be taking all the snaps all Spring and most of Summer, you can't throw a "cold" Miller who has not played in a long time, or a Barrett who has yet got to test his ankle truly.

However if he does not put in the work then you start the best guy at that time, but with Barrett and Miller both not even practicing until later in the summer, Jones will be the #1 guy, and his job to "lose".  You can't give a starting job away from a guy who won the national title to someone who just played in more games. 

Comment 15 Jan 2015

Both bring something different, but if you watched that state title game even in a loss you see why Burrow is a difference maker, when it matters he made plays at the end of the game to get his team in position for a win.  Knows when to run, elusive in the pocket, has a better arm than you think, his arm looks not as strong as it is because he throws with touch, he knew his WRs and their strengths, he knew when he had a 6'4 WR against a 5'9 CB so he threw it soft and high so his bigger WRs could make catches.  He threw tight fast balls on slants.  Kid is good.

Comment 14 Jan 2015

Well I think as far as NFL Prospect Cardale is by far the superior prospect.

I think as best QB to lead this team this past year again Cardale brought something special with his deep ball with Devin Smith, and Thomas.  Next year Smith is gone, and I think Cardale should go Pro to cash in personally.  This is a terribly weak QB class I would take Cardale over Hundley and Petty 9 out of 10 times considering all three will be projects, why not take the 6'5 250lb rocket arm project?

Next year the QB will be Barrett because Jones will go pro, and Braxton is not transferring but will play all over the field, his shoulder is bad and can't even through until summer, heck our #1 will be Burrow or Gibson or Collier until Barrett and Miller are healthy next year.  The spring game will be Burrow and Gibson and Collier.

Truly think Cardale has special arm talent and showed he is accurate and can make NFL throws, he was throwing to guys covered like in the NFL, that through to Marshall that was a back shoulder was an NFL throw.  That throw to Smith double covered where he was at the end zone but stepped out right before against Bama was an NFL throw.  Opposite hash mark across the field, amazing.