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Comment 31 May 2015

They _really_ need to reduce the number of timeouts. I stopped watching basketball because of all the timeouts. Also, give the team that is fouled the option of free throws or taking the ball out of bounds with a reset shot clock. All the fouling at the end of a game is ridiculous ! What other sport is is part of the game plan to commit a foul !? Committing a foul should not help the offending team...

Comment 11 Feb 2015

Instead of adding another game, how bout we get rid of all these FCS schools on teams schedules and start playing some real teams ?

Comment 03 May 2014

Yea, the entire secondary was a big disappointment last season for a variety of reasons. My biggest concern with Reeves is his speed, he just doesn't seem to have that extra gear. Once a receiver gets behind him, it's over. Always chasing, never catching.

Comment 02 May 2014

Hopefully some of the highly touted corners will step up. I'm no fan of Armani Reeves - watching him get beat for a long TD by an Iowa TE ( a TE!! ) was pretty bad. He always seems to be chasing guys and never catching up. Guess I'm spoiled by Roby's closing speed. It worries me he seems to be the first stringer.