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Comment 13 hours ago
I can help you with that. Use create a player, 6'5, 280 lbs, every rating at 99, unless they have one for mercy, which would of course be 0.
Comment 02 Feb 2015

Otto Graham, 10 years, 10 championship games. No one has done it before or since.

Seriously, the guy is the reason for the facemask. How does he not get more play in these debates?

Comment 28 Jan 2015
Report: Browns ask Urban Meyer to set aside 9 Sunday afternoons in 2015 to give pregame speeches prior to any Browns game in the state of Ohio.
Comment 03 Jan 2015
No worries. I think you're about right with the 3rd/4th neck of the woods.
Comment 03 Jan 2015
McGee had played two years as a starter, but got hurt as a senior (shoulder). Jerrod Johnson took over before eventually giving way to his top receiver Ryan Tannehill a couple years later.
Comment 03 Jan 2015
I was one of those mocking him high after his sophomore year. He was exposed as a junior actually. He had the tools to be Roethlisberger like if he improved his accuracy, but never did. That's where Jones so far has been different. He's played two very good defenses, has learned on the job, and thrown accurate balls to all levels (still has some touch to learn on short balls). He's already shown more than Thomas did in the year He was picked in the fourth round, and has a lot of upside. Teams will love that in the second or third round.
Comment 03 Jan 2015
This is absolutely not true. Logan Thomas made an NFL roster this season as a fourth round pick, and Cardale is already better than Thomas will ever be.
Comment 03 Jan 2015
You are correct sir. If he's making this decision, it's on gut feeling and whatever the staff is able to find out through feelers.
Comment 03 Jan 2015
And you propose to hold a championship game out of this structure (let alone scheduling and the two three team divisions) exactly?
Comment 01 Jan 2015
Ohio State has an SEC caliber defense, which apparently now means we're giving up 49 tomorrow. But seriously, the gap has narrowed. The Pac 12 is now a close second in conference strength.
Comment 06 Dec 2014
He's solid, and it can be a great pairing if there's actual drama in the game.
Comment 06 Dec 2014
He finishes spreading the mayo...does he stick the landing on the turkey...YES!!! HE'S DONE IT!!! I could also do without this style of commentating...
Comment 06 Dec 2014
They're going to run the ball tonight. They go for 330+ per game, you're not going to stop them. However, you contain them, stop the playactions on third down, keep drives to a couple series. If you can limit their scoring and keep them to 24 or less points, that's a win tonight. Don't worry about style points, contain the run, let Cardale look like he can step in, we're playoff bound.
Comment 06 Dec 2014
The Big 12 is benefiting from Texas and Oklahoma not having great years. Normally, two of these three would have two losses and be out of it. Kansas State isn't at all impressive. Lost to an okay Auburn team at home early and lost to TCU, not exactly the best two loss team in the nation here.
Comment 06 Dec 2014
To be fair, coming out of high school, Cardale was a pro style quarterback. That said, watch what he's done as a Buckeye Mopup Quarterback, guy can run the ball, and Griese is a douche.
Comment 27 Nov 2014
I got offered and passed on $300 for 1vs2 (I was a broke college kid, lacked the funds). 450 for a blowout is ridiculous.
Comment 26 Nov 2014
Surely a man who coaches sans a headset can't possibly send in a signal to go Super Punchout on the opponent, could he? And yes, I'm calling him Shirley.