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Went to ohio state for 11 years from out of state. Earned four degrees, but my Fandom is the most important thing I left with.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Rushing the field after we beat TTUN to go to the Fiesta bowl against whiny Miami
  • NFL TEAM: F the NFL
  • NHL TEAM: Hockey?
  • NBA TEAM: Memphis - Go Conley!
  • MLB TEAM: None
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Comment 10 Apr 2016
I'm shocked. I came to Ohio State when Will Smith did. Watching him from the student section was an honor. Watching him on the field and hearing how good he was off the field for the Saints made me proud to be a Buckeye. I hope with every fiber of my being that his children grow happy and healthy with his memory despite this senseless tragedy. The angry side of me hopes the absolute worst for his murderer. There is no forgivess in my heart for him at the moment. Let justice be served.
Comment 03 Feb 2016
I thought the thing at the bottom of the screen wasn't for "segments" but just an advanced ticker that highlights recruiting news for each conference at the bottom. Edit: that was in response to the original comment - did you edit the whole thing or am I losing my mind?
Comment 25 Jan 2016
Call me crazy, but I would rather have Bruce at Miami than Malik at Michigan State. A lot of people have been indicating that they think this came down to accepting the 3 star, or taking the 5'8" stud. I don't know if that is true, but if it is, I don't mind. I know X% of 3 stars don't work out, but I hate watching good players from Ohio being used against us. And Dino has a scary good record of developing these guys. I trust the staff to develop our local talent to be used for good and not evil. I just hope the rumors are true and Malik truly is a lock! Don't get me wrong, would love to see Bruce in Scarlet and Gray, though... in a perfect world. But I'm with Birm here... relaxin' on the subject.