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Comment 17 Dec 2015

At the same time though (this goes for many careers) getting back to what brought you into that career in the first place can be very invigorating. I think Shiano may really enjoy the role of coordinator and focusing on simply recruiting. He's not a youngster trying to make ends meet financially. He is doing this because he WANTS to do it not because he HAS to do it. That's a big difference. I think he's going to make an excellent hire and will bring our defense and staff to another level.  

Comment 15 Dec 2015

I sat next to katzenmoyer in our history lecture. He was a pretty cool guy I thought. We had a couple of good laughs.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

No it's not. OSU is bigger  than one year of recruits or one loss. Our program has withstood terrible losses, ups and downs over every decade and we are still trucking along just fine. People get way to worked up over recruiting! Get the guys who want to play for Meyer and OSU and we will be fine. There are plenty of those "Studs" out there.

Comment 16 Nov 2015

Two points I find interesting- 1) I wish we had a bit more context to what was meant by Meyer saying EZE was begging him to stay in the 4th quarter. You can take that statement a couple of ways: He wanted to continue to get better and keep grinding or He wants to get his yards for the possible Heisman. That brings me to Meyers last quote 2) If you are worried about more sacks, touches we are going to be 10-1. Do these two points/quotes go together or am I over analysing things? I don't see EZE as a selfish player, it may have been in jest as well him begging to stay in the game but lets hope everyone is focused on the team goals.  I'm ready to watch the boys this Saturday! Killing me its only Monday!

Comment 13 Nov 2015

Went to Giovanni's last year for a game while I was out there and it is a great spot for a buckeyes game. The alumni association holds court in the back of the bar and you get sound to the game. There were a few former band members there that our regulars and they play the fight song and everything after a score as well as Carmen after the game. It was a great time! Highly recommend it.

edit: Sorry just realized I was late to this thread and you were giving an update

Comment 05 Nov 2015

Something that makes RR so dominate is the fact she doesn't let any fighter settle in. She has stated (and done, if you watched her fights) she attacks from the very sound of the bell wanting to overwhelm her opponent from the start. I think this is a great strategy that has kept her so successful. Most men (in a big fight) feel each other out and I think it makes the underdog get comfortable. RR will overwhelm HH like she has done with everyone. Holm's wont beable to keep her away unless RR keeps herself away.

My biggest fear is RR going against here natural ability to try to beat a fighter at their game. (ie stand and trade with Holms) When you are this dominate you look for ways to compete and I would have to imagine at some point 30 second fights lose their luster. The only chance Holms has is if RR wants to see how good her boxing really is and that definitely plays in the favour of Holms. I for one hope RR finishes it in under a minute again.

Comment 04 Nov 2015

My friend told me it was a long paperwork process with checkups and tests to make sure all is healthy.