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Comment 18 hours ago

FWIW I gave you an up vote for your opinion. Not sure why the down votes aside from everyone is on edge with anyone being pessimistic. My response was looking for actual conversation. Where do u think the losses are coming from? Even without Braxton I still feel as if we will be favored in every game but MSU. And that game is a long way away. I think the defense's improvement is way more important than losing Braxton. Lets face it if the defense is as bad as last year it wouldn't matter if it is Braxton, JT, you or me behind center. We aren't winning the Title. Don't be afraid to get those hopes up!! We could all be smiling looking back on this thread 3 months from now!

Comment 23 hours ago

This is exactly right. It seems like people think he needs to put up 3500 yds thru the air for us to win. He doesn't need to win us games just don't lose games with turnovers, etc.. There will be growing pains but he has a great supporting cast that should help take a lot of pressure off him. Handle the ball with care and move the chains.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

I want to ask a serious question. With all this talk him being 100% but not taking reps, taking it slow, part of the plan,  etc.. Did anyone really believe he was going to make it through the entire season?  He has always been injury prone dating back to High School. That's no disrespect to Miller, just the truth. The realist in me told me there is no way he doesn't get hurt at some point this season.

For the team it is better it took place now then in two weeks. The rest of the team can mentally prepare for life without him. I agree with the players, "goal is still the same." You don't need a Heisman Trophy QB to win a title. You need a man that can run an offense efficiently. Can JT do that? We will find out but better he has time to prepare then be thrown into it the 2nd Quarter of VT. Nothing has changed whether it is QB, RB or LB, next man up and go get 'em. This is why you recruit Studs, they are gamers!

Comment 18 Aug 2014

Huge blow but this is why you recruit as many studs as possible. Interesting praise for JT came from Meyer these past few days. Time for him to step up and play ball. Hopefully, Miller can get healthy and salvage something to finish out his career. 

Comment 18 Aug 2014

Man, that is tough. Be thankful you have a "top 2" this early. Let us know the hat you choose. I wish you luck even if you don't choose chipotle.

Comment 15 Aug 2014

Urban is on another level when it comes to recruiting! Tressel was good, Cooper was great but with Urban, it seems every recruit in the country at least has to think about OSU! May not commit but OSU has to cross their minds at some point during the process! No recruit is off the table across the nation with Meyer.

Comment 14 Aug 2014

I completely agree with this assessment. I feel the same way as you as far as the rosters go. I think our offense is going to be at the very least as good as it was last year. Maybe just in a different way, using other weapons instead of relying on Hyde. I think our defense is at the very least going to be better then last year (no way it can be worse). The only thing going against the Bucks is having to play in East Lansing, although we have won there many of times.

Sparty is a very interesting team and I will be tuned in to watch what they do early in the season. They are getting more  pre season hype then  they ever have in years past. Will be interesting to see how they handle the target on their backs. My guess is they have a loss if not two by the time we come to town in November.

Comment 11 Aug 2014

Yeah, I feel a bit concerned as well. Forget about making strides on improving, I'm just hoping he can play and be as effective as last year. He has always had injury problems throughout his career and those came when he started the season 100% healthy. Him starting the season dinged up is very scary.

Comment 08 Aug 2014

I agree, the back ups getting quality reps will go much farther for us mid season than Braxton getting those reps. Yes Braxton can use improvement but he is essentially a four year starter and at worst if he is the same as last year that's still a pretty damn good QB. I'm not at all concerned about Miller getting reps. Get healthy and he will be fine.  Now an area of need or improvement is definitely in the back up spot so I am glad those guys are getting some quality time with the 1st teamers. It may just win us a game if something were to happen to Miller. Always trying to look at the silver lining in a situation like this.

Comment 08 Aug 2014

That Union caused me to gain 30lbs that I am still trying to lose today! I was a Smith Hall resident and this place was to close and easy! Especially being able to pay using your Buck ID which at the time was incredible. It was as if you were getting food for free!!

Comment 07 Aug 2014

You certainly bring up an interesting point. If the coaches of each unit are bickering with each other you know that rubs off on the players. The players of each unit know the frustration their coach may have with other units and it just becomes a blame fest during games when the wheels begin to fall off.  Wouldn't at all be surprised if this was taking place.

Comment 07 Aug 2014

I agree with you. If Fickell was truly the problem he would be gone. Although my post may have come off as a "blame Fickell" post, that wasn't necessarily my point. Overall I have been very disappointed in how Fickell has carried himself with the media. He doesn't seem to articulate himself well and in doing so opens himself up to more questions he doesn't want to answer.  This presentation of himself and his "Did we win?" comments do not give many people (players?) faith in him as a leader. He seems to get "rattled" quickly and does that rub off in his coaching? I don't know. Hopefully everyone is getting along and on the same page this year.

Comment 07 Aug 2014

There is no doubt in my mind all the units were blaming each other last year. You could see it in the performance! What still upsets me about Fickell is he acted as if everything was fine. I get coach speak and keep it in house but at some point when things aren't coming together you just sound like an idiot. His "Did we win?" comment is case and point. I would have respected Fickell more coming out and saying there are problems rather than just insulting our intelligence and trying to claim nothing is wrong. I've got high hopes that the new attitude is going to pay off this year. Leadership starts from the top down and hopefully with the addition of Ash and a new attitude by the coaches things will come together.

Comment 27 Jul 2014

We may have witnessed the greatest Troll to walk the interwebs. Is it sad that I'm happy to have gone on the ride? This is hilarious!

Comment 27 Jul 2014

I couldn't even think of one good one! I went with a non creative city buckeye name..... Or do I not really reside in Chicago???