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Comment 19 hours ago
I think we see the wr's the exact same way, I'm not expecting too much from smith and Wilson and I think you right about Hill, urban mentioned him as well at media days, and I would throw Paris in there as well who ends up emerging as a star, and I had said almost the exact same thing about Gibson about getting some flashes this year but next year being his time, same for mack if he doesn't red shirt
Comment 24 Jul 2016
If your comparing this team to the 2014 team they don't measure up, but that team was unprecedented in what they did, even urban said they did it a year early, I think this team is similar in the fact that they need another year of development, to ask them to do what that 2014 team did is not fair, however, next season they should be maybe the best team in the country especially if Barett stays for his senior year
Comment 23 Jul 2016

yeah that was hard to watch and its annoying when he keeps getting asked about Tate, I will say his answers were interesting though, I was expecting him to say like, "yeah we get along great and we make each other better" or something like that but he sounded like he didn't care if he was there or not and really not having much of a relationship with him

Comment 21 Jul 2016

I disagree with the author about the RB position, I fully expect at some point in the season that Samuel is the number 1 RB, even though it will probably be more by committee than we are used to

Comment 20 Jul 2016
I'm not torn at all, we get wrapped up a little too much sometimes stargazing.....Clark has a lot of tools to work with if your a QB coach, if the worst case scenario is that he ends up being a solid veteran back up than so be it, would you want to go back and pull Kenny Guiton's offer? He has shown so much dedication to this program that I hope he stays
Comment 19 Jul 2016

Zimmy it sounds crazy but I'm right there with you, I was so impressed with how natural he looked coming out of the backfield and was looking forward to him taking over once Zeke was gone, the silver lining with the Dunn situation is that hopefully it will solidify his move back to RB

Comment 19 Jul 2016

Couldn't disagree with you more ALLDAY, before Dunn's dismissal I was saying Samuel needs to move back to RB, he looked so much better there even as a true freshman.....and saying his future in the NFL is not as RB is just ignorant, there are a lot of guys who make a living there that are his size, whats wrong with being the next Gio Bernard, Andre Ellington, Ameer Abdullah, Darren Sproles, Danny Woodhead hell even Denard Robinson is having some success there and Curtis is actually bigger than some of those guys!  NFL teams use RBs of his size and skill set as part of the rotation all the time, just because he wouldn't be an every down back doesn't mean he couldn't be a great player for someone

Comment 16 Jul 2016

Every year there will be at least one position group where depth will be a concern because every year talented guys will leave but the way we recruit and with guys like coach Johnson developing talent there are both stars and solid rotational players that we don't know about yet, so every year I won't be worried until they start playing on Saturdays and there is some glaring weakness

Comment 14 Jul 2016

The biggest reason JT is a better pure QB than Miller wasn't accuracy but his quick release, he is fantastic at getting the ball out on time and that's something Miller would struggle with quite a bit......did a lot of yelling at the TV over that

Comment 14 Jul 2016

Barrett for me too, if he plays this year like he did in 2014, which I think we all expect, then there is no way he's not the qb......I was never a fan of Miller as a QB but I will never forget that he captained the ship through some rough seas that got us through to the other side and will always appreciate that

Comment 13 Jul 2016

Just going with my gut on this one but I really think we will see Samuel more at the RB position this year, I think we are looking at a season where its more of a RB by committee than we are used to but that's not necessarily a bad thing, a time share between him Dunn and Weber will lead to fresh legs in the 4th quarter plus he brings skills to the position the other 2 don't have