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Comment 11 Feb 2016

This says so much about the coaching staff, we already know they recruit well with the constant top 5 classes but this shows a couple more things, 1- they have an eye for talent, big names bust all the time coming out of hs (Green), Urban seems to have an uncanny ability to avoid some of those 2- Player development, lots of schools consistently bring in good classes every year but they aren't developing nearly as well across the board like they are here........congrats to the staff I think this speaks so much to the work they put in

Comment 30 Jan 2016

Yeah I understand the ups and downs, that's why I am not saying I want him fired now, my main point was just that he shouldn't be untouchable because he had early success and the history of bball here has not been good, I like Thad and I do think he will get it back on track and like I said I do like the roster as it is now, I think there is a ton of potential, but again if this next group doesn't develop it can't be ignored......again......that's not what I expect to happen

Comment 30 Jan 2016

I try to keep the whole Thad Matta thing in perspective, and I am not one of the guys who is ready to fire him, I think he will get this program back on the up swing soon, I really like the current roster and think there is a lot of room for growth over the next couple year, however, there is no question that the success has tapered off some and just because the bar has been set low for basketball at OSU shouldn't make him immune because of early success in his time here, I am ready to see OSU basketball become a consistent power.....again, I'm not saying I want him gone now and I think he will right the ship but if he doesn't then it would be time to move on.........just my 2 cents

Comment 28 Jan 2016

This is exactly how I feel, I thought Samuel looked better as Elliot's backup out of the backfield than he did at the H, I would like to see him as the man at RB with Weber being a nice compliment giving defenses 2 different styles to prepare for, I'm sure we have some talented guys to put at the H instead, maybe Wilson will finally be healthy enough to live up to his potential and if not let McCall get his feet wet