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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2015 National Championshp
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Speilman!!!! Favorite current Buckeye, Darron Lee
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  • NBA TEAM: The Spurs......I swear I'm not a bandwagon jumper
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Comment 30 May 2015
One of the movies im really looking forward to is that one about the guy who walked a tightrope across the world trade center towers, when I see that stiff I feel like I get the rush without the danger
Comment 30 May 2015
You talked about soccer but didn't mention the US women's team, last friendly today at 430 before theworld cup......and they are damn fun to watch
Comment 29 May 2015
How hard would you have laughed if back in 2005 I told you Rutgers would have a better winning percentage over the next decade than TTUN
Comment 27 May 2015
Its crazy how easy it is to damage the labrum if your a QB or a pitcher, if you imagine one in the throwing motion when the arm is all the way back right before he starts the forward motion in that instant the only thing to stabilize the shoulder and prevent injury is the timely contraction of the cant be even a millisecond off or this is what happens....this is also why repetitive use and the fatigue that follows increases the risk, even a small pressure on the nerve that controls that muscle leaves you susceptible
Comment 24 May 2015
Really interesting article on the big food companies losing money, its good to see people taking their health seriously, the ones who should be worried next are the big pharmaceutical companies....healthier people = less drugs
Comment 23 May 2015

That shark picture is amazing, my chiropractic school was in Daytona Beach and I took up surfing while I was down there, I'm just glad this pic came out after I left

Comment 22 May 2015
Everyone should watch drugs Inc on nat geo, talk about pulling the curtain back on the drug world....and your def right, it's not just Marion
Comment 21 May 2015

I'll take it one step further with Price, Decker will still be the best O lineman this year but Price has a higher ceiling and will end up having a better career........I don't like the prediction about no freshman with significant minutes, someone will break into the rotation and get heavy/meaningful minutes, it happens every year, if Baugh stumbles Berry might get a shot at TE or maybe a DT like Landers or Alabi surprise everyone and get in that rotation.......or my favorite player in the 15 class, Bowen, beats out Farris for RT! (ok probably not that one)