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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The day Urban was hired
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Comment 8 hours ago

If I was a football player and Urban Meyer was just hired as my new coach I think it would take an act of God to keep me from that first meeting.....I probably would have slept outside the field house the night before just to make sure I wasn't late....five players didn't show to the first

Comment 29 Jul 2014

beat me to it......I think Perry is kinda the forgotten man, no one really talks about him too much and I also think people forgot he was a true sophomore last year and I think the improvement he made as he looked more comfortable out there was obvious from the beginning of the year to the could almost see the game slow down for him, I'm very excited for his junior campaign

Comment 28 Jul 2014

I always want OSU kids to be successful and excel both on and off the field but its always extra special when its a kid who goes above and beyond to help bring a class together

Comment 28 Jul 2014

This is why buckeye fans need to remember that OSU will continue to be OSU regardless of any one kid, we are set up to win now and win later and one player will not change that.........UT cannot say the same

Comment 28 Jul 2014

I saw him play in hs and didn't think he was deserving of an offer but I defer to the coaches, if he has progressed to the point of being ready to play for a national championship contender than so be it and I'm glad he proved me wrong.....but until I see him play I can't help but remain a little skeptical.......either way I will enjoy watching him truck some LB tying to tackle him lol

Comment 28 Jul 2014

not hard to imagine the two units we will probably see the most improvement is the LBs and the WRs, but I think the unit I'm most excited to see is the secondary because of the combined philosophy/coaching change and the youth movement, we are going to see our next set of stars emerging this year

Comment 24 Jul 2014
To be honest I thought he wasn't even worried about a buckeye offer, I was under the impression he was mad they hadn't offered to a that point and had moved on.....good to see there is something brewing here
Comment 22 Jul 2014
To be honest I dont like webb at the nickle at all, I dont think his game is suited for it, he will be the next great osu shut down corner on the outside but there is a reason the nickle guys always gets moved to saftey, o johnson, Hines, Bryant, Powell.....those are the kinda guys they like there, I see webb as more of a roby
Comment 22 Jul 2014
I will be shocked if its not bell at the saftey and burrows playing the nickel, which I think he will be great at, and maybe smith coming in for dime packages
Comment 22 Jul 2014

Charlie Weiss cracks me up......hey Charlie, your about a decade late to the party, your arriving just about the time the pendulum will swing back after a couple of pocket passers tear it up and everyone goes back to wanting those and talking about how the mobile QB is a thing of the past

Comment 20 Jul 2014
You didn't mention bo passing away the night before the game in 2006, I flew back from chiropractic school just to tailgate for that game and I remember as soon as I got off the plane there was like some electricity in the air, ive never experienced anything like it.....that game is number 1 without question
Comment 17 Jul 2014

that's a good read....I am only hard on a kid if he isn't meeting expectations due to lack of effort or just not taking the opportunity hes given seriously, Grant seems like a good kid, and I think he plays hard when he is out there, you can tell he really gets excited when he makes a play and watching him especially on blitzes he really seems to go out and give it 100%......I hope the game slows down for him and he has a good senior year

Comment 17 Jul 2014

he was a guy you never heard negative stuff about, never had to worry about him getting in trouble with the law or any of that crap.....a very good representation of the Buckeye family, good luck JT

Comment 16 Jul 2014

in my best Doc Holiday voice......"now I really hate him"