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Comment 19 Apr 2017

this is a fan forum to throw their opinions out there, not that they mean much in the grand scheme of things, but whatever, I think Thad is a great recruiter, at least he was, and a great team manager, at least he was.  Thats what brought the early success.  He was never that great of an Xs and Os guy, the team never had some offensive system that you marveled at, in the early going it was my guys are better than your guys from the Thad 5 to Sullinger to Turner to Russell we always had a guy, or guys, that were always better than anyone they were playing against and usually some really good highly rated role players as well.  But when he stopped getting blue chippers at least not as many of them the performance went down, and not in a linear fashion either, they got exponentially worse and again it goes back to the fact there is no system offensively or defensively to make up for it at all.  I know he took over a program that wasn't very good at a football school but that doesn't change anything I've said and I mentioned about a year ago that I didn't want him fired at that time but I thought the idea of him being immune to being fired ever was stupid, if every year went like this one, would that be ok with you?  Do I think he can turn it around.......thats another topic for another day I guess

Comment 17 Apr 2017

A couple observations of my own:

1- can we finally put to bed the Hill as an H back talk, glad to see him listed with the WRs, with Campell, McCall and EGW we don't need another Hback which brings me to 2- where is EGW on the depth chart?  I thought he looked really good, much smoother transition back to offense than I expected and 3- the stuff everyone has already mentioned, Dixon? Pridgeon?

Comment 14 Apr 2017
Thank you for saying this, it's exactly what I was thinking when I read this, Decker had a pretty damn good freshman year actually
Comment 14 Apr 2017
I totally agree on Arnette, I think he looked better in his first action that a lot of corners who went on to be super stars, not only am I not worried but I am looking forward to seeing him and Ward out there locking people down
Comment 14 Apr 2017
That worries me too, with issues on the et side of the line he should be in there tearin shit up, are you telling me Jordan wasn't still learning the offense at this time last year? They had no problem letting him run with the starters
Comment 09 Apr 2017

I will still be concerned until I see him in games on Saturday but with that being said I don't think its possible for him to not get better going against this Dline, but we also have another issue and that's RG......its weird but I actually think I would be more comfortable with Myers or Davis winning that job this fall like Jordan last year