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Comment 17 Mar 2017
2 big take aways, 1 - the fact they are having to put, or even consider putting, 6'7" prototypical tackles at guard is really concerning as it relates to burell and knox and even some of the other guys that you hope would be hidden gems but still no one is emerging 2 - I agree on Bowen, when we signed the 2015 class I had stated he was my favorite player in that class and I still hold out hope that he becomes a star, but I do think the staff is trusting him more and he is going to break onto the scene in a big way at some point
Comment 15 Mar 2017

Yeah I get that he could but I would be surprised if he does, I think those carries are gonna go to McCall, EGW or even Campell over Hill, I think he stays as a true slot receiver and focuses on route running, maybe a couple end arounds on the season, just my opinion though who knows

Comment 13 Mar 2017

Is that a picture of him at the top??? He looks like he has leaned out, nice job young man on putting in some work, its interesting that he is soley thought of as a T, it seems he would be a better fit at G given his height and the fact that Tackle is harder with pass protection but then again what do I know, I don't get to see him practice every day

Comment 13 Mar 2017

Just my opinion but Hill is not an H.....he's talented enough to play there if we didn't have one.......but we have like 5, plus he looked good last year in limited time at WR and I really think if he had stayed healthy he would have helped the awful passing game, also just because you play WR out of the slot doesn't mean you're an H-back that's like saying Wes Welker was an awesome Hback for the Pats, there are sets with a slot receiver + an H all the time  

Comment 12 Mar 2017

Yeah I noticed that too, I think there is no chance Browning plays anywhere but the Mike, he shoulda been listed there as a recruit....I'm still holding out hope for Conner though, of those 3 he was the one I though has looked the best in limited time, actually I haven't seen Borland at all yet so thats not really fair 

Comment 09 Mar 2017

A lot of words without really saying much.......I think we know hes not trying to sabotage the team, I am not one the people who want someone else to start this year, I think there were a lot of factors that have caused the offensive drop off since the 2014 seson, I do think the leash should be short though, after a few games if its still struggling then I will want a change......that being said I think with a new WR depth chart and a new O cord. we will see a JT that resembles the 2014 version.......the offensive line still has me concerned though 

Comment 27 Feb 2017

I think you're both right, point is there are several reasons why it went downhill the last 2 seasons, Prince was one of them this year but no defense has respected the deep ball since Smith was gone and that really changes how they can play against us......both things need fixed and then some