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Comment 1 hour ago

Its frustrating when you have some talent on this team but you can't get the basics down, 16 freakin turnovers a game??!! Your less than 60% from the free throw line??!!!  C'mon guys, that wouldn't have been acceptable for any of these kid's hs teams they came from!!! 

Comment 30 Oct 2015
There is a lot to like about Eli Apple, what a great kid and great family to represent the buckeyes
Comment 21 Oct 2015

I second that, and how long has Bollman been there, the guys coming up that he has coached their whole careers will be here soon, probably next year, will be interesting to see which direction the Oline play at MSU goes the next couple years

Comment 19 Oct 2015
I so badly want to watch those videos but don't have Facebook :(
Comment 19 Oct 2015
Lol, what? "We don't redshirt guys here" "we recruit kids who are ready to play" both quotes from UM and there is no system where it's easy for DTs to rack up sacks of course they are going to eat up blockers and clog running lanes here because that's what they are going to be doing anywhere that's just the nature of the position! If anything watching both Washington and Bennett rack up sacks and TFLs last year at an above average rate would only encourage them more! And how often go you see Bosa dropping into coverage? I'm sorry but nothing you said made any sense to me
Comment 17 Oct 2015
I know we are winning but there are a lot of things that concern me, first of all cardale is really bad, I wanted Barrett to start the season but one of the reasons was because I liked his quick release which looks like it is gone now and he is a one trick pony, how any times has Powell whiffed on a tackle, last year we had 2 good DTs now we have one and it shows....we apparently had one deep threat last year and now we have 0, lewis can't set an edge, are we not gonna throw a pass over 5 yards the rest of the season? We are very lucky the 2 best teams we have played both have had their qb get hurt, I don't know....this team does not look like it is gonna go out and beat other top tier teams.....oh and is anyone surprised when miller lines up at qb it's gonna be a miller
Comment 10 Oct 2015
Being a fan doesn't mean you have to stick your head in the sand and ignore the fact we are not playing like the number one team in the country, not saying we won't raise our game but if we don't get better we won't beat MSU and UM and the B1G championship game in a can either stick your fingers in your ears and go lalalalala or you can look at things realistically