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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The day Urban was hired
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Speilman!!!! Favorite current Buckeye, Dontre Wilson
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Comment 4 hours ago
Alright with a healthy Braxton in 2015 we make a run.....does this persuade some of the juniors on the fence to come back, maybe a guy like decker or Spence?
Comment 18 Aug 2014

yeah, I wasn't sure where he was going with that he saying football doesn't build character? or that its a good thing that less kids are playing football?.......that was a headscratcher, I for one find it very disappointing in the decline of number of hs players

Comment 18 Aug 2014

thank God I'm not the only one that read that and did a face palm

Comment 14 Aug 2014
I understand that its a small percentage but he said its rare for a freshman to make an impact.....and its not......if you look at every class for the past decade or better I bet you will find at least one guy who made a substantial impact right away, you named a few and I could very easily add to that list without looking back through the classes
Comment 13 Aug 2014
I actually disagree with the first line, its really not rare for a freshmen to make an impact, in fact it happens almost every year, you can't count on any one freshman to come in and be an impact guy right away but you can count on almost every freshman class to produce at least one kid that does
Comment 13 Aug 2014

~~I wasn’t comfortable at Illinois because Coach Beckman couldn’t remember his name. He kept calling him Duron. We didn’t appreciate negative comments about other programs by the coaches there.”

Its no wonder Beckman has turned Illinois into such a power house, well done coach.......sarcasm off

Comment 12 Aug 2014

good will hunting is in my top five favorites of all time so I guess I will go with that but its really hard to narrow it down to just one 

Comment 11 Aug 2014
You know what....I will back up the op and agree, I think people forget how good smith looked when he got the chance, it was fumbles and off field stuff that held him back and given the fact he could have transferred and taken the easy way out but he didn't and he seems to have gotten his act together, I will commit to this bold prediction as well
Comment 10 Aug 2014
Just got back from cabo thursday and I even have to admit that water makes me jealous But I bet the golf courses I played are better ;)
Comment 04 Aug 2014

can we put this in the comment hall of fame........that pretty much sums it up, had to log in just to upvote