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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The day Urban was hired
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Speilman!!!! Favorite current Buckeye, Dontre Wilson
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Comment 15 hours ago
I think im in the minority here but ill state my case for what those two schools will end up solid additions in a few years, both are in areas of blue chip hs talent but couldn't compete with the big boys who would come in and take it all, this move will allow them to keep some of that talent home due to better conference exposure, the schools will have increased revenue and can upgrade facilities and most likely be able to lure in better coaching staffs.....I actually think this has already started to take affect, both schools have already had some nice wins this year and if they can add some success to the list they will really start to upgrade the talent
Comment 15 hours ago
Actually thats not really the way it works....a lot of those things we try to stop eating when were on a diet are full of exorphins, or proteins that cross the blood brain barrier and give you an actual euphoric feeling, these are found in a lot of the refined carbs people are trying to cut out....I go a lot deeper into this when I do nutritional consults but the point is it does seem psychological but it really is biological
Comment 11 Sep 2014

2 things, first I think he looks better than #5 in their first year starting, second I hope he isn't #5.....I would rather have a qb that can drop back and beat a team with his arm and his brain rather than one who gets happy feet the second his first read isn't running wide open, which I think he has demonstrated that kind of potential, and then you might even get the added bonus of a qb that can actually play a whole season without getting hurt!

Comment 11 Sep 2014

I gave the same, I am actually surprised how poised he has been for a freshman with no protection.......sure there have been some throws he would want back but looking at the entire picture he has done pretty well

Comment 08 Sep 2014
Im glad you brought up the TE involvement, I thought for sure as I was watching the game we would start to see some quick passes to Huerman behind those blitzes, I mean it just seems like there were so many different things they could have tried to counter the overagressive D and they tried none of them.....Huerman is a walking mismatch out there
Comment 07 Sep 2014
Was at the game and all I heard from people walking back to my car was how unimpressed they have been with urban in big games since hes been here....can't say I was arguing with them
Comment 06 Sep 2014

ok that's what I initially thought and then all the idiots on TV kept calling him daRON Lee......I still shoulda known better, that's a bad job outta me

Comment 06 Sep 2014

headed down to cbus to tail gate at 12........I I'm literally pacing back and forth in my office cause I can't sit still

Comment 06 Sep 2014
This is absolutely the best d line in the country and tonight will be thier first chance to really show it
Comment 06 Sep 2014
He ment keep them occupied by having to stay and help in pass protection instead of running a pattern you idiot.....he wasn't talking about Bosa dropping into coverage.......why am I even responding to this pile of nonsense