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Comment 23 Jun 2017
Who would you ask about the best supplement to lose weight? Your chiropractor get far more nutritional education than any medical doctor, I work with that kind of thing all the time, I admit I'm not the norm though as I've completed a 300 hour post graduate diplomate to be a chiropractic internist.......i had to laugh when I read that leaky gut and adrenal fatigue aren't real when literally yesterday I taught an 8 hour seminar that included both of those things, clearly the author has no idea how to test or treat them but I would love to email her some pre and post lab work
Comment 23 Jun 2017
I'm sorry you had a bad experience but don't put us all in the same box, it's like any profession there are good and bad examples, I can only speak for myself but I get an incredibly high percentage of people out of pain in a short amount of time, many of them already gone the pt route, I've been hugged in the grocery store, invited to weddings even an attempted match making with a daughter, I have a giant stack of thank you letters and testimonials and I'm only 7 years in, that article is bullshit as it is written like the medical community has everything under control and the health of the country is great, it's not and it's also why we are so busy, so many of my patients have been down that road on a handful of drugs and they're more miserable than ever, those are my favorite cases.....they are always the most grateful
Comment 15 Jun 2017

So you're saying we did have a deep threat and Barrett just couldn't throw it to them like he could in 2014?  No.....I think they never replaced Smith or Thomas with guys who were as good, hopefully that changes this year

It also seems like you're really going out of your way to tell us all how much you dislike JT, you're kind of a tool to be honest

Comment 02 Jun 2017

I don't think you can use Ward, he forced his was into the starting lineup with 2 other first round draft picks, I'd say hes already broken out........I think Arnette will have a Conley like jump and Campell moving to H makes him a prime candidate and I don't think you can say any WR "broke out" last year even if he was a starter

Comment 27 May 2017

honestly I think our RB room will look the same next year as it does this year, Weber doesn't really project well to the next level, hes not big enough to be a power back and not fast enough to be a speed guy........don't get me wrong I like Weber as part of the rotation but that's probably what we are going to see this year because he just doesn't have the ceiling of a Zeke or even Hyde