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Comment 25 Sep 2016
Lol, this is "tinged" by a lot of homerism.....I don't want him to end up at lsu either but we're going to have to accept he's probably going somewhere in the next couple years and chances are we're not going to be thrilled about where that is
Comment 24 Sep 2016
Did anyone notice the lsu QB was past the Los on that last throw, I thought he was in real time and honestly I thought that's what they were reviewing, I finally saw another replay from the side and I was right he was Def past it, I felt like Walter from the big lebowski yelling "over the line!" at the tv
Comment 24 Sep 2016
And am I the only one that noticed the LSU QB was past the los when he threw the ball!!!! I was screaming that at the tv and I saw it again on the replay!!!! How did no one else catch that, another reason it would have been a sham if lsu had won
Comment 20 Sep 2016

I mentioned it in another thread but go back and watch the last few minutes of the BG game, he was in there and I think it was on the last possesion of the game they tried to run it up the middle and Conner literally threw the guard out of the way and stuffed the run.....I just thought wow, that kid is going to be really good some day.........ok, just youtubed the full game, BG runs a play with 1:27 left in the game, its worth a look haha

Comment 20 Sep 2016

I actually disagree about Barrett after the VT game, I came away super impressed with him because of how bad the Oline was in that game, I thought he looked as good as anyone could have while running for their life and I also think people would have had a little different perspective if Smith didn't drop the TD pass that JT put right on his fact if thats caught and no missed FGs we probably would have won that game and everyone would have been talking about how well he played for a freshman given the circumstances......I only bring this up because I remember defending him a lot after that game

Comment 18 Sep 2016
If stoops is pitching him the whole "look how much talent they have vs what we have" it will come off as pretty desperate......I hope he tries that angle
Comment 18 Sep 2016
Very good point on the play calling, you're right the plays are all either runs or quick passes to Samuel or wilson, I understand you want your best player to get the ball but it seems like they don't really trust anyone else, and that includes brown too, it seems right now they only seem him as a red zone threat.......again, it's nitpicking and it's hard to be upset about anything when you're 3-0 but I'm just afraid the lack of diversity could catch up to us, I hope they develop some trust in some other guys as the season goes on
Comment 18 Sep 2016
Our WR group as a whole have been very underwhelming, Dixon, Campell, Clark, McLaurin, Hill.....even Brown, before this game he had like 3 targets and even still it seems the only way they can get him going is just a back corner fade in the end zone.....I know it's knit picking but I would just like to see a little more out of this group to take some pressure off Samuel weber and jt, I do think as the season goes on we will see the offense evolve as we get some of these guys more involved On the other side, the biggest surprise of the night has got to be the D line, they were fantastic and going into this game that was my biggest it just me or is Bosa disrupting plays everytime he is in there, he needs to be getting in the rotation earlier, and how about a round of applause for Robert Landers, he played so quick I was very impressed and I think both Hubbard and Holmes played their best games of their careers
Comment 17 Sep 2016
Good list but I think you missed a big one, college the intensity is off the charts, the pros, it's a joke
Comment 13 Sep 2016

I've seen McMillan filling the hole a lot, he has been very impressive but yeah when the play goes away form him no one else has really stepped up consistently, I'm hoping, and thinking, that changes when Booker comes back...........somewhat related, if you have time go back and watch the last few minutes of the BG game with Conner in there, he had a play where he comes up and literally throws the guard out of the way and hits the RB, maybe not the answer for this season but wow is that kid gonna be good

Comment 13 Sep 2016

I'm pretty sure its because of the injury he's coming off of, just easing him back in and will get more and more snaps as the season goes least that;s my guess because when he has been in there he has provided an almost instant spark and has already been one of the more impressive guys on the D line