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Comment 17 Aug 2015

It's funny how kids pine for that "dream offer".  Then when that school does offer them, they simply say it's a great opportunity for them, etc, etc.  In no way am I singling out Lindsey because most highly rated guys are like this.  But why say "dream offer" if you're going to check out all of your options?  To me a dream offer is head and shoulders above any other school and you'd commit on the spot.  Recruiting 2015, gotta love it!

Comment 05 Aug 2015

If I were to pick a legitimate underdog threat at this point, my money is on Desmond.  He's such a douche, especially when he picks Michigan as legitimate B1G contender last year!

Comment 05 Aug 2015

T Hall, you are free to choose any school you want to attend.  But wearing a 'Bama t-shirt in the WHAC is probably not the best choice to make.  Why even make a trip to Columbus if you're going to do that?

Comment 02 Aug 2015

I still don't understand how Notre Dame is able to sell themselves to highly rated recruits; and I definitely don't understand the recruits being interested in Notre Dame.  I am not just seeing things through scarlet colored glasses either.  I would much rather go play at Michigan State or Michigan if I'm a highly rated guy coming out of high school and wanted to stay in the Midwest.

Comment 24 Jul 2015
Bert is the SEC version of Brady Hoke, and for that I thank you!
Comment 05 Apr 2015

Calipari is such a slime ball, a perfect example of a team taking on the personality of their coach.  B1G > SEC

Comment 24 Feb 2015

Beating Bama validated this team, it would not have been the same if we had won the national title without going through the king of the SEC.

Comment 18 Feb 2015

I hate saying this because Braxton Miller is a phenomenal athlete and has made so many great plays for Ohio State:  he needs to switch positions from QB to either slot receiver or H-back type role.  Miller is such a great athlete that it would actually hurt our team if he were standing on the sidelines holding a clipboard, he needs to be on the field somehow or someway.  It is obvious that he does not project to the NFL as a QB, time to hone your skills as a RB/WR type of hybrid.