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Comment 28 Mar 2012

that dunk was nasty...  too bad there aren't any good replays of it and it didn't even make SC.  he basically caught it on one side, brought it over and put it down as the youtube video shows...  found a pic of the aftermath...  look at the syracuse player's face.  lol.


Comment 02 Mar 2012

there are crappy seats at welsh-ryan as well if you got the bench seating where you're squeezed in like sardines and the person in front of you is basically sitting on your lap.  at least we were sardined with other buckeyes for a victory.  :)

Comment 31 May 2011

great article ramzy...  i hate that the media loves the negative portrayals...  whereas these positive ones slip through the cracks.  ohio state is going to miss tressel and the positive influence he's had on these young men's lives...