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Comment 06 Dec 2016
Is it possible? Yes. Is it likely that they take 4 DTs? No. So who is out? Tufele or Cage? Or Haskell Garrett? Can't help but think the first to commit was the only one that was going commit anyway, and from the sounds of things, the coaches have gone after Tufele harder right now, if that gives any indication of where they think they are in their recruitment of either player.
Comment 04 Dec 2016
I personally think they should open up the QB situation in the spring. Make them all compete like they'll start next year. Even though all know JT will start, the young guys need to know how to prepare like they are the starter, not like they are the presumed backup all the time. That was why there was a dip in linebacker pay while Shazier was there. All the other guys just sat back and watched him make plays and didn't prepare like they were starting. Then, when he was gone they had their work cut out for them to get caught up.
Comment 03 Dec 2016

It's the third downs well before it gets to crunch time when the ball is thrown so far over a receivers head that are the most aggravating. Or the passes to stationary receivers, because the guys still running routes are apparently too difficult to lead. Or when the receiver is still running his route, he has to stop and fall down because the ball is thrown so low and behind him that he can't pick up that extra 40 yards of open space in front of him.

Also aggravating is when he does put it on the money, the receiver tries to hug the ball instead of catching it with his hands and, instead of picking up yardage, shits the bed instead. Also aggravating is when you watch a guy run a short route, come out of his break, and then stands there and watches JT roll out of the pocket to avoid pressure, all the while the receiver remains covered, giving JT no help at all, either in TRYING to get open, or throwing a block when he does have to tuck it and run.

It's certainly not all on JT, but he is the leader. I'm not one that looks forward to not seeing 16 on the field, I just look forward to the 16 we all know he can be. JT's a beast, and the unquestioned leader of this team.

Comment 02 Dec 2016
I love how different the topic about a recruit picking another school is here compared to goblow. Here it's congratulations, best of luck. There it's, "they cheated/paid him/sent him hikers/he's a cheater/our turds are better because Harbaugh still has never won a championship in anything/we're never going to win again/(my favorite, because it's sadder than a browns fan's next year) in two years well be awesome/doesn't fit our NFL scheme, probably couldn't get in to general studies. I hope he turns out to be a piece of crap. their program and fans are classless. And I hate their coach."