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Comment 12 hours ago
I agree entirely, but there have been done in the past that find social media a great place to get their name in the media. Thomas and Hyde both did it. Like you, I much prefer the type that understand that the role they are in is the the roll that they earned. I also think some of the egos are already in check at osu because they know there are other great plays already there.
Comment 28 Jul 2014
It is different in the south on Saturdays. I would say that she's right. They can be mean, but I think that comes from many people just being irrational or completely unreasonable there about the fact that it is COLLEGE FOOTBALL. There are more important things to life here. From what I saw in Southwestern Florida at a party with PSU, OSU, LSU, UF and Auburn fans, I almost got my ass kicked by everybody BUT the PSU fans for cheering on Malcolm Jenkins on his way to the endzone during the 2006 penn state game.
Comment 23 Jul 2014

Another interesting bit documented in these pictures is advancement of brassier technology or usage from 1968 to the subsequent naming of the 80's pop group The Pointer Sisters, and the present day augmentation apparatus implemented by Victoria's Secret and the Wonder Bra. I'm all for change.

Also, I like the fact that, in 1968, they took into account that the person inside that giant nut helmet is going to need to see where he or she is going. However, unless the occupant has some MAJOR side effects from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, or is somehow cross-eyed to the point the the right eye looks through the left hole and vice versa and always looking down, those eye cutouts are completely worthless. Good thing they are there to guide him along with their finger tips on it.
Comment 19 Jul 2014
I would rate Purdon't higher. More like Indiana. Basketball:good. Football:absent. I would also say purdue academics are superior.
Comment 17 Jul 2014
Obviously this article went over well. I'm originally from upstate NY. We moved to ohio when I was 6. New York has a home feel to it still when I go back, but not quite like Ohio. Everywhere we travel to, is always nice to see the "welcome to ohio" sign on the road, or knowing that when the plane touches down again we'll be home. In my adult life I haven't lived outside of Ohio, but I've found what I need here in ohio. My family, my wife, and big deer. And The Ohio State University. It's been a long time goal to have my degree from osu and soon that'll be the case. God luck to Mr. Baker. Enjoy the sunshine state.
Comment 16 Jul 2014
How in the hell does that gif come into existence? Is beautiful!
Comment 12 Jul 2014
Can I also hate espn because they gave that socialist, blowhard, moron Keith Overbite his own show with which all he does is bitch like a whiney little hipster in rolled up skinny jeans and chucks?
Comment 11 Jul 2014

All of that reminds me some of when Rich Rod took no offensive line recruits. UM still can't block themselves. Sounds like a few more bad years left for Florida.

Comment 11 Jul 2014

I just had to watch that again after that comment. They had 3 guys block the #7 defender who was smaller than me. Then, 2 of those blockers peel off and block each other. Just a fabulous display of gang blocking, as opposed to gang tackling.

Comment 11 Jul 2014

State of Ohio: We'll trade you Jerome Baker for LeBron James.

State of Florida: Done.

I have to say we win.  In all honesty, though, best of luck to Jerome.

Comment 11 Jul 2014

I don't get it either. I understand why he stepped away from football with what was assumed to be heart issues due to stress. When they figured out it was esophageal and treated it, I also understand him wanting to come back. By that time, he couldn't just tell the new head coach, "Hey I'm back. You're in my chair." It only makes sense when you don't think about it.

Comment 09 Jul 2014

"Once you accept robbery for what it is, it's not too bad."