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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Cie Grant's sack of Ken Dorsey
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Comment 14 Jan 2017
You mean catching the ball with your hands, and not trying to catch it with your elbows and stomach?
Comment 11 Jan 2017

Once as a 20 year old vs 3 times as a grown man. Not even close to the same. First offense is bad enough. I can see 2. If you have a beer or 2, have an unfortunate accident on the way home from dinner where someone ELSE runs a stop sign (whatever), and the officer smells alcohol, and you fail when you blow, well shit... Second time you're pushing it and need to learn from your mistakes, like 2 mistakes ago. Third offense, you're clearly too stupid to realize that you have shit luck, and therefore are too stupid to be trusted behind the wheel, and I wouldn't care if you never got your license back.

Comment 11 Jan 2017
If JT doesn't have the confidence to compete for a job he's had for 3 years, going on 4, against guys who have never had it, he doesn't have the confidence required to win a championship. Ohio State players deserve that, too. Kind of like Urban going for it on 4th and a foot. If you can't get a foot, you're not a championship caliber team. If you can't win the job, you're not a championship caliber QB. That said, JT will most likely win the job.
Comment 09 Jan 2017
(Same here. It's always better to have someone you dream will be amazing who hasn't even attended their first class than someone who's proven to be a beast, never been in trouble and can help lead the younger guys. Oh well. Guess we're sucks with another year of the best defensive linemen in the B1G.) Seriously, I hope he repeats and it will be four years in a row an OSU linemen wins it.
Comment 05 Jan 2017
People are looking for a QB that can keep the team from being 1 dimensional. Against Michigan in 2015 JT was 9/15 at 60% for 113 yards. Against Wisconsin he was 17/29 (58%) for 226 yards, 40 yards of which came in overtime. So in regulation, he was 13 of 25 (52%) for 180 yards. Hardly killing it through the air in either scenario. Edit: I forgot. Nebraska doesn't count.
Comment 04 Jan 2017
It is against the student code of conduct. We all know that, regardless of what is done through the law, the university can discipline on its own, and the fact that they don't, or haven't yet, shows how much they actually care. But it's cool, because it happened on the football field, and at least one of the parties involved said it was funny, so it was cool. Nothing to see here, except a chode grabber.
Comment 04 Jan 2017
Yeah, you know, everybody was getting all serious at the bar, so I thought I'd just reach down somebody's pants. Figured if they didn't like it they were just the type of person who had no friends anyway, or they were the type of person who was too afraid to go piss in a public restroom for fear of being fingered it more. People try to call it sexual assault and the media blows it out of proportion. It's just something that happens. It's annoying. I shouldn't have to do this, but /s.