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Comment 22 Feb 2015
I've seen quite a few throws where a receiver is turned one direction, and if the ball is thrown where the guy is turned is likely it would get knocked away or picked. Instead the ball is thrown to the outside, making the receiver turn the other way to make the catch, but where the defense can't do anything about it. I've also seen him throw some tight passes between coverage to where a receiver is going to be before he's open. I don't watch Russell Wilson religiously, so I can't say it never happens, but when I have seen him play I see him throwing to either wide open receivers, or throwing it deep to someone tall for the receiver to make a play on it. I can't give specific examples of either, but it's what I see. The only one I really remember was a short td to Philly against Wisconsin, but on highlight reels you can't really see how tight it truly was and how quick his decision and release had to be to make that throw, but it was through 3 defenders within an 8 yard stretch in the end zone with another guy trying to tackle him. On a stat sheet a 3 yard TD pass doesn't look like much, but if you watch it and can envision the window from another possible angle, it's nasty. I know there are more, but I don't remember exactly.
Comment 21 Feb 2015

I was pretty happy that everyone was concernec about thim and not mocking him or making stupid jokes, which would have been enough to warrant 11w jail, let alone an ass whooping.

Glad youre still around 618. It was the right choice.

Comment 20 Feb 2015
I would agree, but I think Wilson's receivers make catches, as pissed to him completing passes in a lot of cases. He does fine, don't get me wrong, but Braxton HAD a better release and arm strength is comparable if not in Braxton's favor, and if you watch closely, Braxton threw a lot of guys open. His reads will improve, but the bs about accuracy is just that. Sure, he missed some throws here and the, but so does peyton manning.
Comment 20 Feb 2015
Seriously. I thought it was pretty clear, too. Is Urban coming back? He hasn't said anything. I mean, he said they thought they were a year away from a championship, but now they won one and he didn't come out and say, "I'll be back next year." We'll wait until spring to see of he's still coaching.
Comment 20 Feb 2015
Why does Braxton have to say he's staying? Shouldn't he only be expected to say something if he's leaving?
Comment 18 Feb 2015

I agree, but the surgeon probably won't make that call, it would be the therapist helping him. The surgeon would do the plan of care, but the therapist usually carries out the action. He could just be throwing a wiffle ball. With things I've seen from Braxton, he usually isn't too deceptive in the way he writes things. He's not an author that chooses his words carefully to leave it open to interpretation, and leave you hanging, wanting more. Just short and sweet. No, we don't know what he's throwing, but who cares? Bottom line is that he's getting healthy.

Comment 18 Feb 2015

Maybe try to go back and watch this season. JT missed a lot wide open passes to the flats, over the middle, and down the field. Everyone misses throws, but Braxton isn't nearly as bad as people try to make him out to be.

Comment 18 Feb 2015

I understand the point of the article is to show how Braxton's injuries have gotten OSU to this point, where he's a 5th year senior and he's going to have to fight to get his job back. But it also shows what JT and Cardale did to stake their claim to the starting role, while showing NOTHING that Braxton did his 3 years prior. All he did was lose a bowl game when he was hurt. In my opinion, the time frame employed here is only chosen to stir the pot and provoke people that are in the H-back for Braxton camp to post that, yet again, they still think he'd be better suited as a receiver.

It seems to me that, despite having El Guapo in the backfield, and not the greatest crew of wideouts, but decent, defensive coordinators used to have to game plan for #5. Every game plan was about stopping #5. How do we contain #5? Not #9. Not #13. Not #86. Not #10. Now it's all about #15. Not #16. Not #12. Not #17. Not even #5. Seems to me we've all forgotten a lot. And we're all whores for doing so. And I hope Braxton shows how big of whores we are for forgetting about #5.

If he's not healthy, the other guys will get it done. If he is, look out, world. You'll have to gameplan for not only #5, but #s 15, 17, 81, 3, 84, 1 or 2 (whatever Dontre wears), 4, 68, 54, 50, 65, and whomever else.

Comment 16 Feb 2015
Sometimes throwing begins early with a lighter ball, like a nerf ball. Likely the case. So yeah, if we allow different interpretations of throwing it isn't too far fetched.
Comment 09 Feb 2015
Unfortunately I think he just learned that anything he does from now on will be a big deal to someone, no matter what. Just do your thing, kid. Don't worry about the crazies. They only exist to annoy people.