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Comment 27 May 2017

In Ohio, you can carry a gun into a bar, you just aren't allowed to drink. I can make a choice: If I drink I don't carry. If I carry, I'm the DD. I usually drive. I don't disagree with the Ohio law one bit. If you're drinking, you should not be handling firearms, at home or otherwise. If you're not drinking, you should be allowed to exercise your right where ever you want.

Comment 24 May 2017
I did the same thing. I couldn't even drive to the games, and i don't think i got paid much more than the price of a piece of pizza, a pop and chips at the concession stand. It was there kids pricing, so everything was a ball, technically, because no one could got the strike zone at that age, but the idea was too get the kids to take the bar off their shoulder and swing. So the way to do that, according to the people who ran it, was to expand the strike zone a few inches. I remember having to throw one kid's dad, who was the coach, and his mom out and then the park had to call the sheriff because they wouldn't go. It was insane. And what set them off was a pitch a hair above the letters on their sons jersey. That was the last game i ever did because it wasn't worth it. I was fourteen or fifteen maybe and needed a police escort for a slice of pizza, cops and an All Sport. No thanks.
Comment 14 May 2017

My daughter was 2.5 lbs when she was born prematurely at 30 weeks, and other than being smaller than she thinks she is, she's perfect. She wants so bad to be a big girl, but her body hasn't caught up to her brain yet, but it's coming. No one ever suggested we abort her even if they had, doctor's never know for sure. It's amazing what these little humans can bounce back from. Good for Zamir's mother. You made the right choice. And now look.

Comment 03 May 2017
The worst part about being at the bottom is when you stay there. If you're not getting better, you're getting worse. Being the permanent doormat of the NFL isn't getting better.
Comment 03 May 2017
Exactly right. This is the Browns every year they get more promising with the draft, and the following season nothing good happens. Anybody who can't see that can't get over the fact that Cleveland gonna Cleve. Talk about homer. The browns are and for the foreseeable future, always will be pathetic.
Comment 29 Apr 2017

Which is a little weird, because on average, teams depend on their punter 4.5 times per game. If you need a potentially game changing player to show up 5 times a game, that's a decent value.