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Comment 14 hours ago
I feel like it needs to redefine his having if open. he waits far too long to start to throw and telegraphs the pass to boot. Then, his throwing motion is so long at times it's awkward. In trying to remember the last moving target he competed a pass too in regulation. There is plenty of blame, though. That's how you lose to Penn state.
Comment 17 Oct 2016
It's that type of crap that's annoying. The people that think you're the dick because you bought a ticket to a game and want to enjoy it. Basketball is even worse, in my opinion, but I've experienced the exact same thing multiple times at both. I wonder sometimes if it would be louder if there were 55k people there that wanted be there that weren't getting shushed because someone's hearing aid is malfunctioning vs 108k with 55k bring turds sprinkled in to kill the buzz.
Comment 19 Sep 2016
Stoops has even said he doesn't mind letting player emotion run a little rampant through big game weeks. I don't really disagree with him, just one of those deals where someone mouth was writing checks someone else's ass couldn't cash, and who knows if it made a difference in the game it not, but everyone likes to think it did. And I'm plenty happy with that.
Comment 12 Sep 2016
I'd that my daughter?I don't recognize the outfit, but I do recognize to pout fit.
Comment 30 Aug 2016

Whoever it was didn't downvote your for that. It makes me want to so you don't feel forgotten, but I thought this was the better approach. Well, that and I'm a dick who's trying to turn over a new leaf.