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Comment 19 Apr 2014
I knew it would draw a little attention. Not too worried about it.
Comment 18 Apr 2014
I hear you on that, but more disgusting that he got off that easily is that the family was just fine with money.
Comment 21 Mar 2014
Pretty sure it wasnt hate, but he hit a shot with 10 seconds (too much time) that turned out to not be a game winner. I cant imagine why hes taking the shot. I liked craft, but he shouldnt be shooting, no matter what. If youre a coach anywhere, that is not your pick. Its not hate, its just part of sports. If it was drawn up during a time out, you cant tell me Craft would be the guy taking the shot.
Comment 20 Mar 2014

Guys, this is not that big of a deal. It's a small surgery, but he'll be fine. Setback, a little, but chill. If any of us were to have this surgery on a Friday, we would be back to work on Monday, assuming 99% of us aren't athletes by trade.

I think the only really memorable (for me) case of an athlete having problems with meniscectomy was Curtis Martin, but that was because he tore his so much that eventually he had none left in his knees. I hate to imagine how painful his knees are today with bone on bone all day, everyday.

Comment 20 Mar 2014

I can't, for the life of me, fathom why Aaron Craft was the last person to touch the ball. Why would he have the ball in the final seconds? Eh... It's over. Aaron was great watch throughout his career. Just not in the final seconds of games (except once).

Comment 11 Mar 2014
Santonio Holmes admitted to selling weed when he was in Miami and punched his girlfriend so he'll fit right in. Classy guy. He also males up stories about super bowl winning catches to make himself look like the start that he really wasn't. Good player, yes. Not Craig James, but they could hang out.
Comment 11 Mar 2014
Kenny G sucks. Smooth jazz sucks. I dont even consider it jazz. Dont trash Kenny Guiton by associating him with smooth jazz. Always reminds me of office space. "Michael... Bolton?" "Why should I have to change. He's the one that sucks."
Comment 25 Feb 2014
I remember being there to and watching that play. Just before the pass I thought, "don't throw it to small," and when the ball was in the air thinking, "duck" and after him getting laid out thinking, "he must have pissed Troy off." If you few an arrow from his feet to his head he ended up pointed right at us. That game was a shut out.
Comment 24 Feb 2014
In regard to the video: Joe Tessitore sucked at announcing Friday night fights. He's even worse at football. I about want to puke every time I hear his voice. Always with his "what does this mean for Ohio State and the B1G" for every incomplete pass. As for the subject: I forgot Shazier had an issue with his hammy. I was looking all over for the hairless one and was disappointedThat I didnt see him get to showoff more, but someone will get a hell of a lb in May when they draft him.