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Comment 23 Apr 2016

I don't know about MAC skills. I actually dig the way he runs. Generally one cut and go. I can't stand the guys the dance around like Lydell Ross did, or Maurice Wells. Hit the hole with your shoulders parallel to the LOS, make your cut on the linebacker, and get your yards. He's not the fastest or most shifty player, but he's quick enough to be effective and shifty enough to get his hips away from tacklers so he can keep his legs under him to maintain his balance. If Akers or Harris aren't going to commit, I still like Todd Sibley. It's just too bad for him that the staff got hard-ons for 55 other players (arbitrary number) the last 2 years and don't have room for him if they do.

Comment 23 Apr 2016
Get out of here with that reason and sanity. You're supposed to crap on the kid, is family, choice of schools and the conference he's affiliated with, not wish luck like a decent person.
Comment 11 Apr 2016

They may be the same, but why should the university and the NCAA be allowed to make money off of it then? They're allowed to use these guys to line their own pockets and the athletes get stiffed.

IMO, this would destroy what I love about college football.

What's that? Underprivileged kids getting taken advantage of in the name of amateurism? Or we have to make sure that everybody gets their cut, even though they didn't earn it? Or we have to be able to make sure some programs don't fail by propping them up with successful programs bank accounts?

This whole post just worries me.

Comment 11 Apr 2016

Sounds like far too much legal rationality than what should be used for determining the future of a lot of 18 year-olds from less-than-fortunate situations. It's a choice, but you can say someone telling you to pick which of your kids lives is a choice. Nothing like forcing a shitty choice. Play and get an education to better your life and those in your future family, or don't play and perpetuate the situation you came from. Some choice.