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Comment 30 Aug 2014
I work with a guy who always likes to say, "Todd McKay has him high on his board," when I tell him somebody espn talks about sucks. I just remind him of Jamarcus Russel.
Comment 30 Aug 2014
I'll watch even a bad game with spielman announcing. He's got it down. Doesn't kiss ass and calls it like he sees it and with some insight.
Comment 30 Aug 2014
Unfortunately it is. Just as he said something about his fat the lsu DBs are Wisconsin ran right past them.
Comment 28 Aug 2014
Well, I guarantee there will be at least 25 teams with a better record, so tale your pick. They would have done more to earn a ranking than south Carolina did. If you give up almost a point every minute of the game, you're not very good.
Comment 28 Aug 2014
It will still count as a win against a top 10 team if you listen to SEC fans at the end of the heart, too, even though SC clearly isn't.
Comment 28 Aug 2014
Don't worry. After this week they'll move up to fifth because they lost to an SEC team. A loss to an sec team is like beating a top 5 team. A&M will move to 4th, with SC CLEARLY behind them. But not by much.
Comment 27 Aug 2014
I'll never forget that MSU game. It was the first time I went to an Ohio State game. I went to the Neutron Man's tailgate before the game with my dad and a couple of his friend's. We walked through the old weight room (what a change since then) probably because they all worked for Les Wexner and were therefore permitted. We parked at the McDonald's on High Street because one of the guys knew the owner or manager. I was a junior in high school and thought I was a bad ass. It was set to be awesome to catch a B1G game in the midst of a national championship run. After the game, even the michigan state fans were quiet. It was unreal. I didn't go back for 3 years for fear that I would jinx them.
Comment 27 Aug 2014
With an entire 3 years under his belt and an additional year of studying up, it won't be a battle. It's Braxton all the way. I know what you're saying, but it won't be a battle. It may be a battle the following year between Barrett and Torrance Gibson,.
Comment 26 Aug 2014
I don't know. Florida wasn't ranked as highly, but losing to Georgia Southern and having your guys blocking your own guys is pretty bad, especially when you have SEC speed and an SEC defense. Though that SEC defense didn't allow 1 competed pass, they did allow 429 rushing yards. Pretty embarrassing. At least Appalachian state was a national title contender that year for FCS. Michigan was just flat out overrated in a preseason poll. Both pretty bad though.
Comment 22 Aug 2014

I feel like wrestling helps so much in the trenches. Guys learn not only how to control their entire body with their hips, but how to control someone else by taking away theirs. Tackling is helped by learning shots and take takedowns and when a shot or tackle is defended, leanring how to switch to another while still attacking, not just giving up after the first failed attempt, as well as shot defense in case someone lowers their head. Just a great way to pick up a lot of tools for football. The better wrestlers always have non-stop motors, too. I hope to see him on the field.

Comment 22 Aug 2014

I know he talked to Chip Kelly a lot about nutrition and the lack of injuries for the most part to the players both at Oregon and Philadelphia. Coach Kelly attributes a lot of that to nutrition and having each players body type analyzed and designing a specific diet fro that athlete, and Urban wants to take that and apply it to his players as well.

Comment 22 Aug 2014

I'm not hating on Dontre, but I don't see Ted Ginn speed on him. He doesn't seem to pull away from defenders in a foot race as much as he can juke the shorts off them. Ginn had the instant acceleration and it was three steps to top speed and burning-your-ass. I see that top speed a little bit more with James Clark. Now, if I was chasing Dontre down, it would be pathetic, so I'm not saying he's slow, I just don't see it quite as much as others.

Comment 21 Aug 2014
Putting Stanford and michigan that high just shows that he's a douche who would put being a douche above anything else. Obviously his credibility is zero, and apparently he knows that since he took his preseason ballot and said,"Nobody thinks I'm worth a pinch of shit, so I'll be an asshole and just try to piss everyone off by ranking rivals too low and the team's they beat last year too high."