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Comment 25 Jun 2016
So terrible to hear. Close to home, too. From mount Vernon and have spent many days in Apple Valley lake and playing volleyball on the beaches. I feel horrible for his family. I can't imagine losing a child. Prayers for all of them.
Comment 24 Jun 2016
What the buckeyes did was unprecedented as well. They won the first even CFP as the lowest seed with a quarterback that could make a noise guard look like a nickel, and an All-Amrrican safety look like the coach wearing pads, all while throwing a ball hard enough to lacerate your spleen. That said, never thought the Cavs stood a chance. Ever. Because Cleveland. Then when they were down 2-1 I was preparing for the Cleveland jokes. After last year, losing to Golden State, I have to go with the Cavs, too.
Comment 17 Jun 2016

What? No cake? No going away card for everyone to sign? You just mic drop and bounce? I'll be in the den drinking away the denial stage of mourning if anybody needs me. I'm hurt. You still need to update us on Brendan Ferns. I don't think we covered Ferns enough. WHAT ELSE ARE YOU HIDING! I'm sure I'm not the only one being a completely selfish prick hoping the next thing doesn't work out and you come crawling back to 11W.

Seriously though, you've been awesome. For some reason I knew this day was coming. Good luck to you.