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Comment 23 Nov 2015
I hope that those that don't pay as much to get into games understand that those that she'll out $150 have bought a reason to boo. I'm not one to boo my team, but if you're charging that much because the coaching staff is getting paid a pretty penny, as they should, then they have a right to expect better out of the coaches on senior night. Again, I'm not booing, and I wasn't there, but if be willing to bet the boos were for the staff, not the players.
Comment 22 Nov 2015
Look up Revolution Is My Name by PanterA and be treated to an awesome display of a guy ripping up a guitar with an array of effects pedals, artificial harmonics and technique that not many can rival. Oh, and the rest of the band is pretty good too.
Comment 21 Nov 2015
Yeah, I'm not about to cut my wrists over it. I still went and have my daughter a kiss goodnight, laundry got folded, I actually took a quick nap, and now I'm going to crack a beer and cheer on a fellow Ohioan, Bob Stoops. But I'm still glad we saw what this tan is made of on a smaller stage than the playoffs. We'd never hear the end of it and I might cutting someone else's wrists, and I wouldn't be able to give my daughter a kiss goodnight because if be in jail for killing a mouthy Michigan fan.
Comment 17 Nov 2015
If they have had do many stupid personal fouls through that game, Baylor would have never stood a chance. Their defense was killing Baylor, but then they'd shoot themselves in the foot with a penalty and turn 4th down into 1st down and continue Baylor's drive for them. If they clean that stuff up but keep their edge, that will be a really tough team to keep out of the playoff.
Comment 17 Nov 2015
Oh, OK. Sorry for not following the rules. I thought the original assessment was based on the way things look right now compared to last year when Ohio State played Alabama in the Sugar bowl.
Comment 17 Nov 2015
They had a loss to ole miss last year as well. Granted, Ohio State had a loss last year that they don't have this year, but the mistakes this year usually are from a lack of focus, even if just for a second, but they're mistakes that a great team didn't make. Last year's Buckeye squad was a great team. This year, they're good, but as reflected by the final ranking this year vs the present rankings, they aren't improved.
Comment 17 Nov 2015
Agreed at every bit. Although this past weekend Oklahoma looked good, I still think the buckeyes match up well.
Comment 17 Nov 2015

If the O hasn't hit its stride yet, they're not better than last year.

Where did we get any of these statistics? 537/407 does not equal 2 and 2 does not equal 4 in the turnovers

Comment 17 Nov 2015

Yeah, but the way things look right now, Bama is improved from last year. Ohio State isn't. Considering the difference in the Sugar Bowl was only 7 points, I don't like it today. I hope that changes after Saturday.

Comment 17 Nov 2015

No. They'll draft another quarterback after the one they draft this coming April doesn't pan out in 2 games.