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Comment 18 May 2016

If Fox is going to shell out the cash for B1G rights, they'll put them on prime time. They aren't dumb. That would be like a car dealer putting pickups out back. They sell, and people pay way too much for them, but they sell, so they're out front to draw people in. You put your money maker where it will make you money. Keeping all Big Ten games on FS1 would be like putting a giant, animated billboard on a dirt road.

Comment 17 May 2016
We do understand that Skip Bayless on ESPN was essentially a character playing a role that was designed to piss people off, right? It's like all fiction. There has to be a vilain.
Comment 17 May 2016
The sound of the pump only means you're one less than capacity. Either you ejected a live round, which is unlikely, just chamfered the first, which is also unlikely, because if you were sitting with a loaded gun it would be loaded, or your gun is empty. Attention getter for sure, but only works reliably for those that dont keep loaded guns. Now, cocking the hammer? Could be lots of things that I don't want pointed at me.
Comment 16 May 2016

Kinda tastes like, IF they were to be a package deal, Martell and Lindsey may get squeezed out. If Tate wants to make a decision after his senior season and Mond wants to make his before, if the latter chooses the Buckeyes, the other two may end up elsewhere. There were a lot of ifs in there, just like recruiting.