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Been a fan since I was a youngster. Born and raised in Ohio. Moved all around the state but never loved any area more than Central Ohio. Glad to be back ;-)


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Comment 14 hours ago

Hmmmm seeing is believing.  Thanks WBB for illustrating my point above so elegantly.  Thanks indeed!  Several times no less....

One last thing, playing Nebraska again in tB1G title game wasn't a "guaranteed" win.  However, you did catch the first go around, right?  I think, IMHO, OSU would have WAXED Nebraska in a rematch vs OSU in tB1G game.  Just my opinion, but I'd say pretty valid that OSU goes 13-0 in 2012, if they weren't banned from doing so.

Comment 14 hours ago

I can explain the dvs...little, little child like mentalities of simple minded individuals who fool themselves into thinking that hitting a fucking stupid ass - button gives them power. It's called an opinion, and occasionally sarcasm.  Certain individuals shouldn't even comment if they can't take hearing an opposing opinion or different train of thought.  I'm sure someone will say the comment above is too over the top or makes OSU sound arrogant or something simple minded like that.  

Comment 15 hours ago

They're like female spider monkeys...still pretty darn cool despite the choreographed sequence.

Comment 20 hours ago

By Defense too.  However just ask Auburn, Miss. St., Ole Miss, and Arkansas if they're unbeatable?????  I think OSU is better than all of those aforementioned teams.  So we'll see in less than two weeks ;)

Comment 18 Dec 2014

Watch the last game he played in...he fell down trying to run east and west.  I just watched my Tivo'd B1G Championship game again last night after getting blasted on another thread just to make sure I wasn't too ____ when I watched it last.  He doesn't look as good running in that direction, IMO.  I also don't think he's nearly as fast as Bama's defensive players to be able to run east and west, in order to out run their players.  Again, just my opinion, just as you're entitled to yours.  I just don't see a 6'5 250 lb QB outrunning the likes of Bama's Lbs and Dlineme (especially their Dbs). 

Comment 17 Dec 2014

Does it hurt to have speed playing inside LB?  

I'm not saying Grant's booty!  I just think OSU plays all these young guys on Offense, why not Defense????    Last year and the year before that, he had a tough time comprehending the defensive scheme (funny because many teams found it easy to score on OSU's D).  

Comment 17 Dec 2014

I'm not sure why I'm being blasted above for an opinion....but not below for an opinion.  This is why I stopped coming here for a while because we have too many children that frequent these comment sections, all to blast people for their thoughts.  An exact reason why I don't like posting comments.

To be fair, Grant is good vs the run but not always.  I'm not sure if anyone else noticed the Coleman run in the IU game when Grant fell flat on his ass when blitzing and then Coleman cut back for a 80 yard TD run.  That's all I was trying to point out about the differences in Kwon vs Grant.  Kwon "may" of had the speed to change direction and make a tackle down field, as opposed to a long td run.  I'm not trying to say not play Grant at all but I'd like to see Kwon in A LOT more vs the speed OSU will see vs Bama. Now...let the children do their thing...because after watching Tivo film of OSU, as I've done (just like Ross), Grant isn't as good as Kwon...IMO.  

Comment 17 Dec 2014

One small fact about Cardale's history Ramzy didn't mention, he played in the last State Championship game Cleveland Glenville was in ( a sophomore).  I've always thought he was the better QB as far as size, but Herman/Meyer's system seems to function more efficiently with a faster QB (Miller and Barrett).  I have a feeling we'll see more North and South running from CJ, after faking the inside run to EzE.  IMO, the OSU coaches looked at film and noticed that Cardale doesn't run so well East and West.  Once that train starts to get going, look out Bama!

Comment 16 Dec 2014

"This creates a natural cut-back lane for Alabama's talented backs."

I realize Bama has MUCH more to offer than any team OSU has seen this year offensively, but this quote above worries me the most. If you remember MSU, IU and Minnesota hurt OSU badly with cut backs and smash mouth running.  Obviously we all have the domination of Melvin Gordon fresh in our minds.  However you can bet without a shadow of a doubt that Bama is looking extensively at TTUN run game, the other TUN's running game, and IU/Minnesota's running game vs OSU as well to see if they can exploit the same things those teams did (granted those games were all wins but lets face it...the run D sucked during those games!).  This above all things worries me for the New Years battle that is about to ensue in over a fortnight.  

Comment 16 Dec 2014

You just couldn't resist trying to seem smarter than a MENSA card holder....could you?  I doubt Tom was worried about subtle differences between a nominative and objective the middle of an interview.  I know I wouldn't be!

Comment 16 Dec 2014

For all of you that voted you're not concerned about losing Herman...we'll see how you all feel when the new OC/QB coach is hired.  He has some big shoes to fill!  I'm more than moderately concerned...

That was no coincidence that this years QBs were more than ready to play after both injuries.  It won't be an easy job replacing him, despite how many haters were on here days after the Va Tech loss and close game at PSU.  This guy made the OC and QB coaches of OSU's past look like straight GARBAGE!  Herman will be missed...

Comment 15 Dec 2014
Sims isn't as good as many think. He's capable of beating teams with his arm more so than in the past but a majority of this threat comes from Cooper. IMO, shut Cooper down, pressure Sims, and don't let Yeldon get loose in the secondary then OSU wins. Allow what happened against TTUN 1st half and parts of TotherTUN and OSU gets embarrased. The defensive staff have their hands full if you ask me. MSU isn't Bama! This will be OSU's toughest game since Meyer was hired. Better hope Herman stays through the playoffs!
Comment 15 Dec 2014
First off, Kwon needs to be on the field and C.Grant can sit. He's not fast enough for Bama. As for the CBs, Doran Grant has to be the man and the Dline must be able to get pressure. Otherwise OSU will have a LONG day on D!
Comment 10 Dec 2014


I was just about to type the same exact thing, but got to thinking.  As much as I love, and I mean I LOVE gloating and talking shit to my TTUN friends about this!  It really hurts OSU and the B1G overall that this team up North is an absolute dumpster fire.  Now, will I be happy with one more year and then in 2016 season they get their shit together?  Yeah...I could handle that ;)

Comment 09 Dec 2014

"Two weeks ago after watching us against scUM most of the people on this site would agree that we didn't belong in the same sentence with Alabama. Now suddenly everyone seems convinced we do!"

I'm not sure what game you watched last week, but I thought OSU finally clicked on all cylinders.  Now it's not as sufficient of a win because so many are saying that Wisky's D was overrated and hadn't played anyone.  It was a total DOMINATION from start to finish in all three phases of the game.  You really can't help but embrace this team coming to fruition at the best possible time. 

To your point about the TTUN game, we played not to lose in the first half against a good defense that did EXACTLY what PSU did. They played drop zones and other types of defensive schemes I'm not even going to try to explain (see Ross' explanation, it would be MUCH better than mine).  So, if you noticed, Wisky tried a similar defense against an inexperienced QB, thinking they could take advantage of this causing us to run more.

 Again, at the risk of sounding redundant and idiotic, you did see that game Saturday night from beginning to end, right?  If they can muster a fraction of that in New Orleans (3/4 of that would be nice), then I think they have an EXCELLENT chance of beating this team you say OSU shouldn't be uttered in the same sentence as.  To which I couldn't disagree more with and I too can't wait to see Ohio State beating who's at the top of the mountain.  I think repeating what they did in Indy isn't going to be a piece of cake, but if you look back at Bama's "wins"...they were not as good as their present #1 ranking and past championship teams. 

Comment 09 Dec 2014

Pretty sweet jerseys!  I love em and I'm usually a "Get off my LAWN" kind of guy.  

As for all this and that above about missing ugly ass blue and yellow colored helmet avatar is all I can say.  This outlook of mine will NEVER change! That's why tsun made Mblog, is it not????  Their fans belong there, despite what candid banter or "opinions" they have to offer up for us.