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Been a fan since I was a youngster. Born and raised in Ohio. Moved all around the state but never loved any area more than Central Ohio. Glad to be back ;-)


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 National Championship game...I've been waiting a long time to see it happen again. Trust in Urban it and he will come;-)
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Too Many to say just one...
  • MLB TEAM: Detroit or Indians if they're contending...
  • SOCCER TEAM: Really???? Def. NA

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Comment 8 hours ago

I do wonder what would happen if tOSU would have gone 15-0 en route to a Natty with JT winning the Heisman.

Well, I don't think you'll have to worry about this now. And personally, whether we went 13-0, he still wouldn't have won the Heisman. He would be back either way, whether he won the Heisman or not. It's a development type of thing and J.T. is not ready for the NFL. No way in the pit of Hades...

Comment 20 Oct 2016

Wisky wins the East and plays OSU in a rematch after the Bucks take care of TTUN at November's end. 

Comment 20 Oct 2016

I actually called a friend from Columbus after that NC game in 2007 and said, "I want Urban Meyer as the HC of Ohio State." My friend of course cursed me up and down and said that Tress is the best coach in OSU history (which I of course retorted with....Did you forget about Woody?) Either way, I still think everything worked out for a reason and now, Ohio State has the best college football coach in America. Not to mention the best assistants too. Even Luke "Fire" Fickell. They are all working at a high intensity level that is very difficult to match. Go Bucks! Beat the brakes off that horrible team to the East this weekend. 

Comment 17 Oct 2016
"I think we're at a point where this is both unnecessary and motivated reasoning. Alabama looks good by itself. The rest of the conference looks good because of Alabama. If the SEC looks like garbage without Alabama, it's because it is." I loved ever word of this.... "Ole Miss is 3-3 and all 3-3 teams are garbage. Ergo, Ole Miss is garbage." And this.... "Ole Miss is 3-3. Its three wins are over Wofford, a decent American Athletic team (Memphis), and a garbage Georgia team from the worst division in football. This team is the AP No. 23." And of course this too ;)
Comment 17 Oct 2016
That's cute. I vehemently disagree with this attempt at bill board material (as if OSU needs it for ttun). Or screw Smith if he is serious. I still think, right now, that Bama is the best in FBS. However, this young Buckeye team isn't so young anymore. That sack it up and win this mentality after halftime was an awakening in these young gentlemen. I have a feeling this weekend will spurn something special till this game at November's end against this team up North we keep hearing SO much about. They may want to watch what they wish for up there...
Comment 05 Oct 2016

Let's worry about Indiana and the rest of the B1G first. Do I think OSU is poised for a helluva finish (rhetorical in nature question)? Of course they are, but let us not forget what getting too far ahead of ourselves can lead to...

Comment 02 Oct 2016
Nope, not worried then and I won't be unless Wiskys offense actually scores twice. OSU's D has yet to give up a rushing td... Not to mention one of the top in ints and scoring D. So no, not worried. Wisky is small and will eventually break down vs a seriously deep bench (on Offense and Defense).
Comment 02 Oct 2016
If Wiskys qb does not quicken his delivery, I could see the dbs causing at least 2 ints, if not more. He telegraphs his throws, not good against OSU's dbs...
Comment 28 Sep 2016

Totally agree on Wade. I've been wondering why he would hold a press conference for an announcement if he's sticking with his two year long commitment???? Seems a bit strange to me but that's recruiting for you...

I'll take Bolden or a good guy from GA who knows Kwon real well...

In Urban we trust!

Comment 20 Sep 2016

I'm not nervous about any B1G team as long as OSU plays with passion and stay hungry in all three facets. If that continues, NO ONE will beat this OSU team. If they start to read the press and internet articles like the 2015 team...then look at for MSU at their place. However I don't think that transpires.

As for Iowa...why in the HELL did they schedule the Bison who have won the last 100 FCS titles??? They stand to gain nothing from a win but reap the whirlwind from a heartbreaking lose. Looked HORRIBLE for tB1G and I am still to this minute questioning their AD, or whomever does their scheduling. Dumbest scheduling decision of all time! Well besides TTUN scheduling App State in 2007 ;)

Comment 07 Sep 2016

Will they run more of that horrible wild-cat with Dontre?

Will Demairo McCall see the field more?