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Comment 19 Jun 2016

Born at Mt. Sinai hospital, parents lived on Sutton Rd. which is right on border of Cleveland/Shaker for maybe 2 years and then moved to Shaker Heights. Folks lived there for about 25 years and then moved south. 

Did not watch Believeland because I lived that shit, no need to go through that again. Cleveland has the best sports fans in the country and I want this one for the city. 

I rep Cleveland all day every day. 


Comment 26 Jan 2016

Took a government (?) class at OSU back in the day. First class and in strolls Andy and Na'il Diggs. I thought to myself this must be an easy class. I was right, there was 1 paper and the final. I got an A and Andy dropped the class. 

Outsiders probably think star football players are like regular students but that is not true. It was like taking a class with a movie star. People trying not to stare and whatnot. 

Also dude was built like a brick house, no neck. 

Comment 13 Dec 2015

I was at the game today. I should just wear my OSU gear due to all the starters we have on this team. Ginn still got the jets and Corey Brown had 2 good catches that I remember. Plus it was sunny and 73 degrees....


Comment 12 Dec 2015

Browns have the best fans in the NFL. The opposite of "bandwagon" fans that show up when the team is playing well.

Browns fans show up whether we lose or we lose. 


Comment 07 Nov 2015

I think Maka is telling tales. No mention of Braxton throwing the ball.

Comment 07 Nov 2015

Braxton's first pass will break the internet.