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Comment 09 Oct 2014

During that game Ricky Slade also beat Bobby Flay in a hot dog cooking showdown at half-time and helped a elderly lady across the street. 

All jokes aside, that kid is a ball player, some shit you just cant teach....

Comment 05 Jun 2014

I think we stopped for breakfast at some place in pooler when we visited savannah. Savannah is an amazing city by the way, I like hanging out there more than Hilton Head. I dont come down that way during july - august tho, gets too damn hot.

Comment 05 Jun 2014

Welcome to the Queen City. Downtown (Uptown to the locals) there is the Epicentre which has several bars/restaurants ect... The bowling alley called Strikers is Buckeye friendly. We need all the soldiers we can get down here.....ACC sux.

Comment 05 Apr 2014

Year 3 goals:

1. Beat Michagain 

2. Get Braxton the heisman, helps with impressing recruits in the south and overall impression of TOSU. 

3. Beat m. state.

4. Smack PSU in the mouth again, they are getting a bit high and mighty in the off-season.

5. Defeat House Lannister and reunite the kingdoms.