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Comment 18 Feb 2014

My wife and I are going on our 7th Buckeye Cruise for Cancer.  It is a great time for a great cause for which all Buckeyes whether attending or not should be extremely proud to proclaim WE ARE BUCKEYES!!!!. 

AMK1616 I will be more than happy to hoist an adult beverage or two with you on the cruise.  You will be able to ID me by the OSU floppy hat (when living in Florida we take our protection from the sun seriously) along with some sort of beverage in hand while at pool side. If you are arriving for the pre-party reception at the Marriott on Wednesday, I'll try and be identifiable then as well.

I said this in a previous post; But my final thought would be we could have cruise that celebrates The James finding a cure for one of the many cancers out there.  I don't care which one but let's start with one and move on from there.



Comment 18 Feb 2014

KLFeck - well timed idea and thought.

On Thursday, approximately 3,000 Alumni, Former Athletes, One current Head Football Coach, Alumni Band Members and Cheerleaders board a cruise ship (unfortunately for the 7th year in a row) to raise money for cancer research at The James.  All monies raised go to the James. This is another prime example of why I am proud to be a Buckeye alumni.

I say unfortunately as I for one would like one of the cruises to be a giant bash where The James has come up with a cure for one of the many types of cancer out there.


Comment 12 Feb 2014

Fantastic attitude by Ash. Now perhaps we can get back to the days of having shutdown corners and safeties who know their assignments and punish those who cross the back middle of the field.


Comment 10 Feb 2014

Wow.. Is all I can say. When I was his age I was blessed with parents who (1) Allowed me to gather information on my own and then speak with them regarding upcoming decisions. (2) After speaking with them they allowed me to make a decision on a direction to take and backed me 100% - They called it growing up, wanted the best for me and see where my decisions led me. 

Sometimes my decisions came back and bit me in the ass.  Other times they worked out for the best.  It is called LIFE.  Parents have to realize they cannot protect kids all of the time and kids need to be able make their own decisions to see where they lead.

I hope the young man and his family can come to a consensus which allows Malik to attend the university he TRULY wants to attend. 




Comment 03 Feb 2014

I upvoted both LOUGROZA and BARNSEY69 as they are both spot on.  No one can tell which players will live up to the unnaturally high expectations lofted upon them or the influences (and/or lack of influences) placed on them by their parents. 

Always hope for the best for those who do become a part of the Buckeyes.  Do not disparage those who decided to choose a different route in attempting to better themselves.



Comment 01 Feb 2014

I have heard him speak on two different occasions on the Buckeye Cruise Against Cancer. Excellent speaker and if you get the opportunity to hear him speak it is well worth it.


Comment 25 Jan 2014

Thank you Jack for your selflessness and leadership of your fellow players. There is a young man we can all be proud to call a Buckeye.


Comment 22 Jan 2014

This would be a great time for someone at OSU to reach out to Alex Boone who had to battle his own well documented problems with alcohol consumption.  If he won't listen to his father or the coaching staff, perhaps Alex could speak with him.

What better person to speak with than someone who hit bottom and now finds himself a very successful husband, father and football player.

Good luck Marcus - We are all behind you young man.



Comment 22 Jan 2014

I truly believe this is the year where we have more than one LB shine.  They may be young but they were brought here for a reason.  I am hoping we have a corp like Spielman and Pepper Johnson; Hawk, Carpenter and Schegel in the 2000's etc.

I know I left a lot of names off the list but these were the first to come to mind.



Comment 08 Jan 2014

Thank you Ramzy.  Watching Hyde run the ball was the highlight of the season.  Time and time again the powers that be went away from him during the crucial situations noted above.  Hopefully this is a lesson learned... When your back (not QB) is averaqing 4.5 yards a carry or more you do not stop feeding him the ball other than to go play action pass on occasion.


Comment 05 Jan 2014

What do these names have in common - Clements, Doss, Gambel, Whitner, Chekwa, Whitfield? I am leaving a lot of great names off the list but these people not only could cover - they also tackled in space.

On rare occasions would they miss an assignment. They knew how to play zone and communicated effectively so each person knew their assignments. Wrong angles and pursuit were rarely a problem. 

At least back in the days of our Bend but don't break defenses- opposing teams did not score at will. Our D coordinators knew when to dial up a blitz. The Defense of those years was controlled but also caused chaos.

I hope the young guys we saw play this year continue to develop and the coaching staff turns back the clock and looks back on what the previous defenses did. Better yet- study MSU forward and backward and play D like them.


Comment 04 Jan 2014

I voted "No" to the above question only in the sense of how he last 2 games unfolded. I was satisfied with the production of the "O" yet not the "D". I am satisfied with 24-2 over two years. Ridiculous. 

The last 2 games showed me how much more growth these young men have to make in order to play on the big stage. 


Comment 04 Jan 2014

Games do not = Life. The people who tweet vile at players who make a mistake on a play or do not choose our school are those who belong on an island of misery with all the other malcontents. NOONE and I mean NOONE feels worse than Philly Brown does.

We can move on with our lives and guess what - The sun came up today and we are still breathing. 


Comment 04 Jan 2014

The post was great to wake up to as I was thinking many of the same things. Thanks to all of the young men and coaches who work so hard 365 days of the year in making our university a great one. 

I would also like to add a thank you to the 98% of the fans and all of the staff at 11W who know how to separate games from real life. You also make me very very proud to say I am a Buckeye. 

GO BUCKEYES IN 2014!!!!!!

Comment 29 Dec 2013

We will need the D to have those magical moments during this game. The front four need to get pressure on Boyd. Dial up the blitzes at right time. Tackle, TACkle, TACKLE... Oh yes and take the right angle on pass plays.


Comment 27 Dec 2013

I believe my teeth now hurt and my body has gone into a mentally induced sugar based diabetic coma. Good god man... Have a soul and some mercy on us.

Great post.


Comment 25 Dec 2013

The amount of goodwill and love you at 11W and the 11W community show is behind mere words. From a member of the 11W community - I say thank you to all of you and God Bless.


Comment 23 Dec 2013

To all who tend to criticize prior to learning all the facts- To many of us, me included, have the propensity to react immediately to certain news which we think affects us. However in many instances we need to step back and take a breathe, wait for the dust to settle and then obtain actual facts of a situation.

The fact is the events which we believe affect us do not. At least not in the manner in which  the events affect the actual people involved. For no matter how peaved, upset or disgusted we are at individuals who have done wrong in our minds- we are on the outside looking in.



Comment 15 Dec 2013

Nice breakdown of former players and decisions made. Although I believe Braxton would benefit from another year in college; should he decide to go the upside down the road for him is fantastic.  Ryan's decision will be that much more difficult; although I believe he will remain a Buckeye.  (I have no factual basis for the statement just a feeling.)

Whatever decision either of these young men make; I wish nothing but the best for both of them.




Comment 10 Dec 2013

For many of these kids; it may be the only time they get to participate in a bowl game.  I know as a college kid I would be jacked up to being playing a team out of conference and going out of state to do it.  I am glad to see kids from schools who do not get to go to a bowl game year in and year out really get excited about it.

Comment 28 Nov 2013

Friday - I'- not waiting until Friday to go to Defcon 1- hell I'- frying a turkey right now and want to reach in, pull the bird out and sla- it down like the D line will Tu-tu Toussaint.

The only reason I won't is that it will injure -y -uh holding hand in order to drink copious a-lungs of beer.