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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1985 Ohio State Vs. Iowa in the Shoe - NCG v. Miami, Rose Bowl v Oregon, Sugar Bowl v. Arkansas, Sugar Bowl v. Bama and NCG v. Oregon
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Comment 29 Aug 2016

As much as I would have "loved" to read that post; I just couldn't.  Call me crazy - but I could give a rats ass about two years from now.  At my advanced age of 52; I will have enough trouble worrying about the next 12 weeks of 2016 Buckeye football than worrying about players who are not even on the team.

By the way, I have had enough trouble each past season worrying about that particular season for the past 48 years of cognizant thought.  Though going to school at OSU in the 80's - one could argue I really did not have a cognizant thought during those years.


Comment 28 Aug 2016

Thank you all for allowing us a glimpse into the history of 11W!!! There is not a day I do not start without reading the Skull Session - The articles are refreshing and more than "brutally honest". Something I think is refreshing in today's homeristic society.

Thanks to all of you, those past, present and into the future for the work you have done and will continue to do.


Class of 86'

Comment 12 Mar 2016

Please send thoughts and prayers to Sam Closky and his wife Harriett. He is a Vietnam Vet and truly one of the good people in the world. He has Stage 4 pancreatic cancer that has entered the liver.

I ask that we pray Sam does not suffer any longer and he is able to have peace for he and his family!

To each and everyone one you who is experiencing any suffering; our thoughts and prayers are with you all!!!!



Comment 11 Feb 2016

SFLA - Used to live in that neck of the woods for 15 years.  Became great friends with Jack and Susan Korthal and their son Lars.  Jack was great leader of the Broward County Alumni Association and is dearly missed. 

Great Alumni association meets up there and they support scholarships for local kids who will be heading to Ohio State for an education. 


Comment 08 Feb 2016

Squirrel: When your offensive tackles are being used as no-toll turnstiles - that is Defensive dominance. I don't care who you are at QB; you will be shut down. So yes - I believe Denver won the game as they made the most of the opportunities provided them. Statistical domination means nothing unless you put more points on the board than the other team.


Comment 07 Feb 2016

UNIO - Saw Sanders play and he was beautiful to watch. Smooth, fluid and did things that made you just shake your head. He played for a team where he was the only O available. Although defenses game planned for him; he would still embarrass them.

The only other back I would put ahead of him would Walter "Sweetness" Payton.


Comment 06 Feb 2016

SL - As far as I am concerned - just drop the Mike with that statement. Brutal - absolutely Brutal!!!!


Comment 03 Jan 2016

KEN-YON- the other play I remember from the Natty was Lee going full vertical to tip break up that slant route!!!! Great plays at the right time from a great player!!

Go forth Mr. Lee and continue to play the way you do at the next level!!!!!

You will be missed in Saturday's but look forward to seeing you on Sunday's!!!!


Comment 02 Jan 2016

AZ - I saw what you did there and agree with what you have written!

At least our guys ended/began the year on a great note!!! 

Here is to a great 2016 to you and your family - 


Comment 01 Jan 2016

CAJUN - I came to the realization long ago not to bet $$$$$ on the resiults of teenagers and young men playing a game.

To many things happen and the game can just be unpredictable!


Comment 30 Dec 2015

Ramzy - Thank you for all of your articles in 2015!!!!  They have made me go through an entire range of emotions and thoughtful reflection.  I can't wait for the first of your 2016 commentary. 

To all of the 11Wers out there - take time to reflect on all you have gone through, Buckeyes and family we have lost and Buckeyes and family we have gained; bad times and the good ones which have followed; personal tribulations and triumphs -

I hope everyone of you Have a Happy New Year and here is to 2015 being a DAMN sight better than 2016!!!!!


Comment 29 Dec 2015

First of all - So very sorry for your loss and I send prayers to you and your family.

I agree with what others have been advising you.  I do know my Grand-nieces (ages 9 & 11) initially had a tough time seeing my mother (their great-grandmother) in the open coffin when she passed away this past June.  However, we explained to them that she was at peace and no longer suffering from battling cancer.  We also explained that she would always be with them in the memories they had with her.

The above approach seemed to work and they do not get upset when my mom is mentioned during family get togethers.  I do recommend him seeing a counselor or professional to talk about his feelings.

Best of luck and continued prayers and thoughts to you and your son.

Comment 25 Dec 2015

Merry Christmas to all the 11W staff and members of this great family of Buckeye fans. Thank you all for your contributions to this sight.

I have never met a single one of you; but your gift to me all year has been the manner in which you have picked up other 11Wers when they are going through hard times!!!!

Everyone on here realizes this sport is but a game and at times life events take precedent over all else. 

Thank you all -Merry Christmas and may 2016 be a damn sight better than 2015!!!!


Comment 09 Dec 2015

Thank you for providing the link to that article - It should be required reading for any parent who has children going into sports. Especially for those who wish to live vicariously through their kids.