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Comment 22 hours ago

KBONAY - Think Irish time which is 5 hours ahead - therefore 9 AM is actually 2 PM - PROBLEM SOLVED - Drink up and tailgate without worry.


Comment 22 hours ago

BEATTUN - But I am a Buckeye and always have been.


Comment 01 Jul 2015

BUKYZE - I agree with you whole heartedly.  I have been on the fine orb we call earth since 1964.  I have seen games where we are the prohibitive favorite going in - only to lose. As a part of your history lesson - Please review all games of the 1990's and for further historical reference please see 1969 game involving Super Sophs.

I have always been extremely nervous when this game is played.  Too many times those who were favored to win the game have crashed and burned. I do not expect the Buckeyes to lose this year, but I cannot rule out the possibility as this is THE GAME!!!!


Comment 28 Jun 2015

SIVADAVIS - Well stated and a nice way to end the conversation. Thank you.


Comment 27 Jun 2015

Shot you an UV to counteract DV - can't understand why people DV for the sake of DVing.


Comment 24 Jun 2015

That erosion, entitlement psychosis, began in the late 80's as I can attest to after coaching at Dublin High School (Back then there was only one high school). I had the 2nd JV squad and they took in everything I said and learned. The 1st JV squad challenged their own coach daily. Then they made the mistake of challenging me regarding them being ball boys for the Varsity game.

Their "leader" actually said "Why do we have to be ball boys for the Varsity when they do not have to be ball boys at our games?"

Needless to say - that did not go over well and after I pointed out to them they were acting like spoiled brats; they ran Indian drills (last man sprint to front while entire team keeps jogging) for entire practice.


Comment 21 Jun 2015

BUCKS_4_LIFE - never live in regret for things that have happened in the past. There will be moments in life when you will suddenly smile and remember a time you had with your dad that helped shape who you are today.

31 years after his passing; it happens to me to this day. Happy Fathers Day to you and your Dad.


Comment 21 Jun 2015

Thank you TOTHEHOUSE- For the sentiments about Dads who are no longer with us. My father has been gone for 31 years, but I have thanked him every day for the 20 years I had with him to learn from him before he died.

To all you fathers out there - I hope your day is a great one.


Comment 16 Jun 2015

Lightning fan here - The Hawks took advantage of their opportunities and the Bolts did not. Crawford stood on his head and played outstanding.

Congrats to the Hawks. The Bolts are young and only person is an UFA. Hopefully they have learned and will be back in the mix for years to come.


Comment 15 Jun 2015

C - Conniving A - Aloof T - Tempermental S - Snobs

D - Devoted O - Obedient G - Gregarious - Selfless

You never here any one say release The Cats of War. 


Comment 15 Jun 2015

Never - I don't wish undo harm on cats - just don't care for them. They have no emotions other than indifference and I don't give  a flying F. 

Dogs - compassionate, fun loving and just down right enjoyable to be around.

To those that love cats - God Bless. Just can't embrace them.


Comment 13 Jun 2015

Okay - I did not know there was a pregnancy factor - congratulations 1st and foremost to you and Mrs. Ytown.

My only other suggestion is to drink for two!!!


Comment 13 Jun 2015

Went through the kitchen remodeling in the past. Prescription for happiness - a good supply of adult beverages in hand. 

If necessary use Irish time to start drinking - they are 5 hours ahead. Makes for a plausible reason when neighbors see me with pre-game beer in hand at 7:00 am on Saturdays.

Make sure the Mrs. has plenty on hand as well.

Good Luck!!!!


Comment 26 May 2015

Did not take it as you were singling anyone out - I am of the age where if I mess up, let me know and I will own it, correct it and move on.

Have a good one.


Comment 26 May 2015

MB222 - by your logic all the service men who have been wounded, died or suffered unimaginable psychological trauma are not heroes as they too were simply doing what they were ordered to do.

You are a total ASS and your disrespect is mind boggling.

God Bless all who have served and are serving.


Comment 24 May 2015

DJ - Thanks for the The WMD sections at the bottom of each Skully. They are a great addition and allow me to read on subject matter I may not have ever thought about before.

Bass dropper - Props on the 1st post. Up voted you for that.


Comment 23 May 2015

To AirBuckeye and all the vets on this site. Thank you for your service; thanks to your families for their sacrifices as you served and thoughts and prayers to all of the friends and family who were wounded or lost defending our country and freedoms.

God Bless to all of you.


Comment 05 May 2015

I see artists and groups like Jack White, The Black Keys (Ohio based group), Sublime, Rage Against The Machine, White Stripes (See Jack White), etc. as part of the new effort to bring Rock back. I agree with Citrus and his comments above regarding pendulum swings.

Unless someone like a Jack White can produce their own music without record execs becoming involved then the initial Rock becomes to commercial in order to appeal to the masses.  That is why I am hooked into Pandora (and before I get bombarded - each music sight has it's benefits and to each his own) as they allow me to listen to other groups  musicians I did not know were out their, i.e. Alabama Shakes, The Reconnateurs, The Black Motorcycle Club, Cage The Elephant, etc.

Even those of us in our 50's still jam.


Comment 29 Apr 2015

Young men such as Grant aren't just made - their will and desire are forged through hardship, strife and adversity which leads to greatness.  I believe too many in our society are creatures of statistical accomplishments and rely solely on the numbers someone produces.  It is great to see the many of us here on this site who appreciate the value of the character and soul of a person and can measure productivity by more than mere calculations.

I want nothing more than the best for the future of Curtis Grant. He is truly a Buckeye in every sense of the word.


P.S. Ramzy - Thank you for your contribution to this site.  It is truly appreciated.