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Comment 13 minutes ago

A little late to the comments since I was out of town until this evening, but hands down, the BEST game show in existence is Alex Zane on a British Show, Balls of Steel. He's a fake game show host where everything is rigged except the patsy. Comedy gold.

Also, were you watching Celebrity Family Feud on Urban Meyer's basement TV, or is that the new Instagram format?

Comment 26 Jun 2015

Yes, that's former Ohio State target Trey DePriest getting pinwheeled into another dimension. Ezekiel made it like he truck-sticked my sorry ass. 

...with a broken wrist, no less. If Zeke had full use of both arms, Trey would still be going like this:

Comment 01 Jun 2015

Lee is one of my all-time favorites to watch play. I especially love when he blitzes - so quick! He is always around the ball.

Comment 14 May 2015

If ever a section of your text was deserving of the red hyperlink font, it's got to be, "100% street legal pornography"...


Comment 01 Apr 2015

Man, if I had a ring like that, I would feel obligated to fight everyone, just to leave an awesome mark on everyone's chin like The Phantom!

First one's for you, Saban!
Comment 15 Mar 2015

Ban golf?!!!

What would the Bluejackets do during the Stanley Cup playoffs?

/snakebit by injuries

Comment 09 Mar 2015

Once again, Urban Meyer gets shafted in the B1G Coach of the Year voting!

This was their best chance to right a wrong and they blew it.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

Beanie Baby Draft Day was one of my WIFE'S favorite shows on ESPN8 "the Ocho"!

...I've said too much, but it did put Pepper Brooks on the map