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Comment 29 Oct 2012

Re: I am not disagreeing and noted such in my previous posts. But look at the situation holistically, there are formation issues, blocking assignment issues, and timing issues that are contributing to the same bad result.

Comment 29 Oct 2012

Nobody is blaming Buchanan, but he is adding to the problem. All you have to do is time him from the point he receives the ball to the point he the ball leaves his foot. A half to full second of extra time just adds to the problem. If you read my post, I identified Stoneburner missing the block when double teamed to the inside.

Comment 28 Oct 2012

Punt Block: It looks like No. 5 slid left to pick what appeared to be a missed block to the left of him. Unfortunately, that guy literally falls in to him. With Stoneburner double teaming, the unblocked guy runs by him & No 5 on their right. It looks like the line needs to choose asignments in the pre-snap to eliminate confusion. Adding to the pile of mistakes, the snap causes the ball and punter to drift right.

Comment 28 Oct 2012

In this instance, it was a blown block. In this instance, Stoneburner double teamed a man on his left. But I disagree concerning how Ben could help, he is taking too long and is too delibrate in his steps. This affects coverageas well. He has had  blocks where the opposing team can almost catch the drop. He is too easy of a target for opposing teams.

Comment 12 Dec 2011

"Haynes leaves OSU for Arkansas' staff" what was Haynes recruiting area responsibility?

Comment 31 Oct 2011

Buckeye Bulletin Board Material:

"That's twice in two weeks the Badgers lost on the road to an inferior opponent on a late desperation heave into the end zone. However, in both cases, they did themselves in with mistakes long before the final throw." Tom Oates

 Read more:

Coach Fickell needs to post this for the rest of the season and next year's Wiscy game... (If he is the Head Coach). Despite the possibility of inferiority, it implies the need to work to improve.

Comment 17 Sep 2011

The suspensions finally caught up.

Comment 17 Sep 2011

If Miller does not start next week, then Fickell is making a huge mistake. He's coaching scared.

Comment 12 Aug 2011

"The Boss" thinking aloud... As a Borderline Incompetent, I can only thank God the SEC and NCAA are there to bail me out.

Dilbert - "I heard that... Shouldn't you hold off from saying stuff like that?

The Boss - "As if you mattered?" then tries to erase Dilbert's memory with his "non-existent" psychic ability...

Comment 29 Jul 2011

HEY - IS THIS A FAT JOKE????? It's No Joke, it's Hoke

Comment 22 Jul 2011

From an NCAA point of view, Tress not wanting to coach only makes it politically easier for the NCAA to hammer him. To make him a pseudo example, knowing full well there will be little repercussions from Tress while serving notice to the rest of the coaches.

Comment 22 Jul 2011

You think Tress is going to get a lifelong ban?  "Tressel failed in his duty to report the violations and knowingly fielded at least two ineligible players." It appears that they may make him personally pay and be an example more so than he already has ... a Hall of Fame coach being, in essence, fired.

Comment 22 Jul 2011

Kirk:  "Hey ya, Bret.... smile if you like men..."

Bret displays a sh_t eating grin!!!!

Kirk: "Ha ha... made you smile you punk a$$ biatch!"

Bret: "......shutup Kirk, I am not a punk a$$ biatch or at least that is what Brady Hoke told me last night."

Kirk: "So you are already playing pivot man with Captain scUM"

Bret: "He likes my peach fuzz for sideburns on his inner thighs"

Shaking his head in disbelief, Kirk walks away thinking Bret has converted Brady into a sniping little Biatch... great...that is what this conference needs. I already miss Tress.

Comment 17 Jun 2011

Joe PA typing (his first Internet search):

A-P-L-e_4 _d-u-m-i-e-z

hits the backspace button several times and begins typing again.

d-p-e-n-d-s _K-u-p-o-n

His secretary walks in:

"Joe you shit yourself again?!?!?!?!"


Comment 07 Jun 2011

Does TP's departure justify Herbie's position with regards to his opinions about TP's immaturity? Granted Herbie took the wrong tack in venting his frustrations, but I get the feeling he knew more than he let on.

Comment 31 May 2011

The question now becomes, does Gene Smith or Gordon Gee become targets and dragged to the firing line?

Comment 26 Mar 2011

This comment is more of me tipping my hat to Calipari, than a knock on the refs. I am assuming at half time, he told his team to be aggressive on D-fense. I thought I saw him after the half talking to two of the refs. The second half saw the bucks getting hit with some touch calls and Kentucky getting away with some rougher play that lead to a couple of those blocks. But again, I say well played by Calipari. 

Comment 26 Mar 2011


The critical juncture in the game was the end of the first half, where most of the Kentucky starters were riding the pine due to foul trouble and the bucks did not pull away when there was a huge disparity in talent. A supposed shallow Kentucky bench won by keeping the game even when there big guns were not in the game.

Comment 11 Feb 2011

Ironically, Dwight D. Eisenhower was astute politician while being a general and I have never known a politician to be brief. That quote is a case of takes one to know one.

Comment 11 Feb 2011

I was trying to quickly google something where a numerically smaller force kicked the crap out of numerically larger force, hence the Battle of Cannae.  But I do believe Hannibal used what is now called a double envelopment, to defeat the Romans. Think of it this way, Dallas and Jared pounding on the Wisconsin middle, Lighty and Thomas dispensing with the Roman Cavalry, leaving Diebler, Craft, and Buford hacking at the Wisconsin defense from the wings.

Comment 11 Feb 2011


I will do with out my rhetoric about being a Marine serving the 1980's and the political mumbo-jumbo. But, communistists lost the cold war... Not the best motivational comparison going into a big game... I would rather Coach Matta be Hannibal at the Battle of Cannae... a smaller force kicking the crap out of a numerically larger force or Patton gutting the underbelly of German forces in France...

Comment 05 Feb 2011


I apologize I did not mean I have never been a part of something greater. First of all, I have a family. As a patriot, I am privileged to be a citizen in one of the greatest nations that has ever existed. I am proud to be a part of the Buckeye Nation. I also had the honor to serve in the Marine Corps, 84 to 90, I was a 2841 assigned to HQ platoon 3rd Tank Battalion. Upon leaving the USMC, I always wanted to attend tOSU, but life just kept happening. I have three degrees and I am working on PhD. Tuition re-imbursement has always kept me local. Back when I was in, we had the VEAP (Veterans Education Assistance Program), the GI Bill was just being released, so it was good to have someone else to pay the bills. Now that I need student loans, family life has put restraints on where I could attend. From an educational standpoint, I would like to be a part of something greater. I have always loved tOSU, Hell, I remember Woody’s punch and crying like a baby when Charles White ran all over us in the Rose Bowl. The memories of the last decade have been a lot better. So far I have attended over a dozen plus games, I take every opportunity to walk around campus. It is like meeting the love of your life and something is always happening to keep you a part. From an educational standpoint, I do envy anyone that has attended there.

Semper Fi

O-H!!    I-O!!

Comment 05 Feb 2011


As someone who always dreamed about attending tOSU and having life take me in different directions and institutions. I am envious of all of you that had the privilege to be a part of something greater... Maybe one day I might have the honor to teach at the campus while paying it forward as one of its faculty.  Until then... "I will endeavor to persevere" as I bleed scarlet and gray. O-H