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I'm a die-hard member of Buckeye Nation. I always have been and always will be. Ohio State makes me proud to be from Ohio and I hope that in the future we not only have the best football team, the Best Damn Band in The Land, and we do it cleaner than everyone else as well. I see that as a possibility as all of the hatred towards our beloved Buckeyes has put a constant huge magnifying glass on our program and I believe our athletes can also be young men that help the community and leave Ohio State as mature NFL leaders or leaders in their workplaces as they do all possible things to make Ohio State proud.


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Comment 19 Sep 2014

You get 4 upvotes for saying that and I get 6 downvotes for saying the same thing. Besides, Curtis Grant was in the top 2 in almost every tackling stat before being taken out and replaced by McMillan in the KSU game. He still is close to the tops in tackling categories after spending most of the game on the sidelines. I realize that the 5 star, Grant, has been a disappointment...However, his stats after the first 2 games showed high numbers for a top tier defense from a MLB....

But most of these "fans" are so hip to the HYPE, they'd take out every well playing senior during any game with any score just to see a hyped freshman play. When you add that to Meyer wanting only his recruits to play, it makes sense why the Buckeyes have lost 3 out of their last 5 games...and have just one 100 yard rushing game from any player this season and it came from an H-back that weighs 190 pounds. The Buckeyes played well when a power back stood beside the all the fans want to see are hyped players, and the problem is that that is the way Meyer wants it, too.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

+1 for mentioning the offensive play calling. Take away a few of his 29 passes and 24 runs during that game and handing the ball to quality RB's could have erased a pick 6 and turned one missed FG into a TD as well. Then take away another one of Elliott's big losses that really was Barrett's fault....and that could have turned into a possible Buckeye win. I didn't erase the game and still watched it 3 times as I do all Buckeye games. I've seen plenty of screwy offensive plays by Buckeye OC's and HC's through the years, but the VaTech game had too many awful offensive plays to count. That game had a total of 8 runs by RBs in the game and all 8 went to Elliott. If you are Ohio State, that is a recipe for a loss. 24 QB runs, 8 runs by Elliott, 5 runs by Samuel, and 2 runs by Wilson (for negative yardage). least my #7 got 2 carries (one for 3 yards and one for a 1 yard TD) plus one 8 yard TD catch. "If you build it, they will come"..."If you let #7 get 10+ carries per game, every game will be easier to win". That 2nd one is from me though, and with Meyer wanting to play only his recruits....#7 got no touches during the home loss to VT where the Buckeyes scored just 21 points and has gotten just 5 touches for 2 TD's all season. Don't get mad...I'm just telling the truth...and I'm not using some unknown freshman WR, either. I'm using the kid that was compared to Eddie George and was Mr. Indiana coming out of high school after breaking almost every state record possible.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Well, I may have the head that has a shell on it, but Curtis Samuel, as I said before, is still a WR turned H-back no matter how much the hypesters out there want to start him as a 190 pound RB with his own set of RB plays as well.

I so wish you would have used an "Airplane" reference so I could have written this about Hoke's talk: "Have you ever seen a grown man naked"? If Hoke is from where I'm from, he definitely grew up around power lines, though...Hell he probably goes to Wright-Patterson to huff on some jet fuel fumes, too. I usually make fun of his weight but I keep forgetting that "TV adds a ...couple hundred pounds". 

Comment 17 Sep 2014

I agree 100%, but he needs to be given the ball on jet sweeps and misdirection plays where Barrett has a RB along with Samuel (an H-back, because no matter how much we like the guy...he IS NOT a RB).

The people here at 11W love to watch the Buckeyes and love to watch exciting plays. Everyone saw the top end speed of Samuel and got excited...the problem is that Ohio State's last small RB was Boom Herron who was a freak that weighed 210-215 but played 10-20 pounds heavier than that. That is not what Curtis Samuel is. Curtis Samuel is a FRESHMAN that weighs just 190 pounds. Samuel ran 4.4 in high school, but his fastest run as a Buckeye seems to be 4.6. Coaches do like to lie when giving these times, but I believe that Samuel does run a 4.4 and possibly an even faster 60 that most kids his size. In fact...unless he can add some weight without losing speed, when you look at his future, as in NFL future, I wouldn't expect a 190 pound RB to do very well in the NFL. He is a WR that has been turned into an H-back. I know that we all want another Carlos Hyde, and we have a player that is close or better...but because of Urban Meyer wanting to play his players (the ones that he recruited), we probably will only see him on 4th and 1's or 3rd and goal or 4th and goals.

For now, let's let Samuel learn his sweeps and carries at the H-back position rather than having a 190 pound freshman RB. Remember that Samuel is a WR. He isn't used to taking licks by Big Ten LB's. He may get 100 yards against Kent State, but this is not the RB of the future for Ohio State. Also...playing H-back may put a damper on his NFL dreams as NFL guys don't really look for fast, straight line running, 190 pounders when looking for RB's.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

Perfect! Besides being just 180-190 pounds, him being a true WR should also tell you that he is not one for running it in on 3rd and goal and 4th and goal. You have to be able to pound it in...and when you have a 230 pound plus RB (along with 3 other 220 + pound RB's, DON'T USE YOUR FRESHMAN RB FROM A YARD OUT.

I get downvoted for everything so I don't complain. I tell people to bring them on. Like you see...your first comment was garbage and showed how little you really know about blocking. All together ended up with many more uv's than dv's. And all you want is to try to find a way to turn a WR into the #1 RB. Jet sweeps and other Urban Meyer type plays like that will make it where the Buckeyes get WR's with 100 yard rushing days...that doesn't mean we turn them into RBs. The idea is to make them a "Percy Harvin" type back.....not the starting RB and all 180 pounds of him. I can't remember the last time the Buckeyes had a 180 pound starting RB (See this is what all of you were saying about Wilson during Hyde's 1,500 yard season in 2013)...Think about all of the pressure Buckeye coaches put on Dontre Wilson to get to 190....Samuel weighs 190....if he weighs 190 like they told us that Wilson did in Spring.

UGH!!!! Give me his downvotes so he'll stop crying....but at least teach him that what I am saying makes much more sense than him.... Throw me out of this place if this is how dumb this place has become over 3+ years.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

You should worry about his goal line effectiveness. He is 5'11" and 190 pounds. Why give him the ball at the goal when you have a perfectly healthy power RB at 6'3" and 235 pounds in his 5th year as a Buckeye. You are making my point for me and it is the same point I have been saying since Hyde left.....We still have Smith, use him! #7 has had 4 carries....3 runs up the gut for 3 yards each, and a 1 yard TD run. Add in his 8 yard TD catch from last week and the biggest, strongest, and fastest RB on the team has had 4 runs all up the gut, 2 of which were stopped behind the line but were turned into 3 yard gains anyway, another run up the gut for a 3 yard gain, and last, a run up the gut for a 3 yard TD. If you add that up, and run it over and over again, the Buckeye offense would never be stopped. Sure, that is nowhere near realistic, but neither is making Curtis Samuel, a 190 pound freshman WR, the starting RB, either, right?

I saw that later on you started complaining about downvotes. I get downvoted no matter how good or bad my comments are. You complained about yours and got at least 10 more upvotes.

"counter play at midfield"????? You lost me on that play... is there a such thing? Midfield means around the 50 yard line. Surely that is not what you meant to write, correct? You meant to say a counter play up the middle, right? (a guard or guard/tackle pull to provide a cutback lane for the RB to run through?)

Being he is a 190 pound freshman, he should be the RB on close to ZERO short yardage plays, you don't really know what a "pulling offensive lineman play" does and usually those plays don't work so well in short yardage anyway as you leave an open defender with no one to block him running right into the backfield. I won't do it, but maybe your comment deserved way less than 17 upvotes and way more than 4 downvotes.

No one here really knows football. But that is how you get upvotes here, obviously. Anyone that knows football knows this guy's comments is garbage talk. He wants to turn a 190 pound WR into the #1 RB and figure out ways for this 190 pound freshman to pick up 3rd and goal plays. You ALL DOWNVOTE the hell out of me for telling the truth and proving my conclusions to be correct. This guy dumps his garbage on your screens and you give him upvotes? Well, keep downvoting me. Obviously I don't know what I'm talking about.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

I took a -6 because of telling a guy that I liked his avatar and told him a few lines about my favorite band. Maybe it was all just because you people don't like heavy metal and never realized that his avatar was Eddie from Iron Maiden's "Killers" album? This is VERY understandable as most people hate heavy metal for no good reason. They can't see that music, painting, and even football are all ART. Some people thjink they know art, but most don't and have horrible taste, anyway. I'm speaking of people that like Metallica and think of them as a thrash metal band.

Then...I wrote what was the last comment on the board....many, many comments have been written afterwards though. I took -3 and 0 +'s for that novel even though it was true from beginning to end and I backed all of my opinions up with facts and stats except if I made an opinion about hating the "playoff system". I don't like the NCAA basketball tournament either (I love the tourney, but it does not, and almost never does give us a true national just gives us a winner of a tournament as all teams, even the best team there is, can be upset in any game, by any team).

I told 11W that I ruined my life because I have been a drug addict since age 18 (once an addict, always an addict) and got +30 for that comment. Do you want to know what I did in that comment? Yes? Cool. I told the truth, backed my opinions up with facts, and showed my love and care for the Ohio State Football team....just like I ALWAYS do, but I have continued to drop in H.S. as I now have 504 and was over 550 at one time. I was told that I wrote comments that were "too long", "word vomit", and never did my H.S. drop as they have recently. As I said, I got a +30 for admitting that I am a drug addict (and been clean for around 4 years) and still, after checking 2 days later had dropped below my previous number which meant that I wrote 4 comments, one of which was short, and ended up where I still fell in points after having a +30 from 2 days before.

After admitting my problem, Someone here said that I "had balls" for admitting my problem. I wish HALF of you out there would go head to head against me instead of just downvoting me and running off. I know my football, so come at me with words instead of downvotes if you have the balls. If you have read any of my previous novels though, I wouldn't blame most of you for not taking me on. I don't come here to "troll". I'm here because I love my beloved Bucks and love writing about them. Since I love them and love writing about them so much though, most of you don't stand a chance...and you know it. So keep lying to yourselves, and from now on, I'll just wait until I read a stupid comment, downvote it (I have handed out 3 dv's in my time here at 11W), and then tell you why I think your comment is so dumb. Of course, I'll give you MANY facts and stats to show you why your comment was so stupid, too.

I think of you guys (and gals) as my family when it is more than obvious to me that you just HATE to hear the truth. After all, I get dv'ed all of the time for telling the plain and simple truth. Why do I get downvoted for telling the truth, though? Like I said...It is obvious that a lot of you hate to hear the truth. I'll see you here and in the blogs, until I am banned from this place....and then you can all just roll around in things that are 100% false and have no one to hate because they tell you how wrong you are.

JUST LIKE THIS B.S. here. Do you all really just think it is silly to be upset after not rising at all but DROPPING in the AP poll after playing all starters for partial games and still winning 66-0 like the 11W staff is acting like? When you win 66-0 against even a MAC team, you rise in the polls. You don't stay even in one and get overtaken by a team that didn't play in the other poll and you know it. Keep kissing the rear of the 11W writers though, if that is what you believe to be true. I don't believe it at all and I doubt it that many of you out there are OK with losing a spot on in the AP poll after winning 66-0, having the first 300 yard passing game since 2010 (Pryor, against Indiana in 2010) and going over 600 offensive yards and having the team's first 100 yard rusher.....KEEP LYING TO YOURSELVES!

Comment 15 Sep 2014

+1's for all of you with the O-H's and the I-O's....Go Buckeyes. The final score of this game could have easily been 80-0 and 101-0 wasn't out of the picture either. Playing the kids and keeping the #1's from being injured is important also though. I still KNOW (meaning that I do not think this, I know it) that #7 did not get enough touches even if he did score 2 TD's as he got just 2 carries for 4 yards and a TD and 1 reception for 8 yards and a TD. Finally Meyer and Herman get a chance to play the biggest, strongest, and fastest true RB on the squad but fail to use him. He got 2 carries for 6 yards in game #1, no carries at all in game #2 (remind me again which team won in game #2...), and then gets 2 carries for 4 yards (1 carry for 3 yards and a 1 yard TD) and added his first catch of the season, a super easy 8 yard out where the defense forgot about him and he walked in for a TD. So...on the season, the biggest, fastest, and strongest true RB on the team has 4 carries for 10 yards and a TD, and one catch for 8 yards and a TD. Meyer still will not let me show all of you that #7 is much better than Elliott, but so far this season (besides TD's) this is #7's least productive year. It has nothing to do with #7's health or "wrongdoings" (which have played a big part in his past), but since the Buckeyes' depth chart at RB shows Ezekiel Elliott as the #1 RB OR #7, you'd think that the co-#1 RB would get a few more carries. After all, if Elliott goes down and he is very much overrated, you all will be begging for #7. Instead you will get H-backs such as Samuel, Wilson, and Marshall. I love having Samuel, but he is a year away from being a true RB and the only true RB on the teams are Elliott, #7, Ball, and Dunn. Dunn's fumble today should make his carries go from almost none to none in the next couple of games, Ball showed he is not ready (but he ran tough...much tougher than Dunn) and the overrated Elliott, who has yet to rush for 100 yards in a game yet..... Finally, Samuel ran for 100 today and that happened because I really believe he is growing up fast and knows how to break tackles and get extra yards. I always have thought that Samuel is the real deal and always have been skeptical of Elliott.

#7 should be getting the ball more kids, and I will continue to say it. Why? Simple. When the Big Ten schedule comes around, the Buckeyes will need the running of #7, or they will have running games like they did in the first 2 games. Oh...THIS DOES MATTER. #7 has been playing on almost all special teams plays...and he has been kicking ass and taking names. Eventually, Wilson will take one to the house if he can ever break a tackle....he did break ONE today. When he does get his TD return, he will have #7 to thank for it,

Lastly (thank God, I know), Virginia Tech beat Ohio State and East Carolina beat Virginia Tech, so obviously...East Carolina is better than Ohio State. LOTS OF YOU OUT THERE REALLY DO JUDGE TEAMS' STRENGTHS THAT WAY. Say you don't all you want, but it was said over and over and over and over again today how Ohio State not only needed VaTech to win today, but they (VaTech) had to have a nearly perfect season for Ohio State to have any chance of a "playoff berth". I expect that kind of talk out of people here but not out of "so-called" professionals that probably are voters in the AP. What happens in any week against any team, no matter the final score has nothing to do with how that certain team will play against future teams and it totally disallows the fact that many teams get better after their first few games...and some get lucky or get worse in and after the beginning of the season. In other words, do you really think that Ohio State would be left out of a playoff if they beat the rest of their opponents 66-0?

Don't listen to those commentator idiots. Even more, don't be like them by thinking the way they do. Also...if any of you watched the ECU/VaTech game, you now are probably puking. That VaTech team beat Ohio State because of poor coaching. Ohio State's #2 offense and defense could beat VaTech if the coaches knew what they were doing. Their defense may be good but they still start only 2 players above 250 pounds and they weigh 262 and 275. That is the smallest defense the Buckeyes will see all year. That loss was on Urban Meyer and will be for the rest of the year. He and Herman didn't do the most important thing for a Buckeye offense which is RUNNING THE BALL. WHY? Because they think of Ohio State as a team with this great passing offense that has a QB that is a 1,000+ yard rusher. With the play calls offensively vs. VT, only a Braxton Miller led Buckeye squad could have won that game...against not only VT...they had a small chance of winning that game with that game plan against any team, because they thought Braxton Miller was the starting QB this year, I suppose. How else do you explain having such a talented group at RB yet the QB throws 29 times and runs the ball 24 times...while running the ball with just 3 other running backs total for a total of 15 carries.

All it takes is to read the stats of the game that you all want to act like didn't happen. Ohio State has the strength and talent to make the final 4 playoff teams and are good enough to win that melee you all wanted so much (I hate the playoff system and never wanted it). Now though, the Buckeyes may already be out of the running. And I swear this to you all....If you saw Virginia Tech play today, it would have made you sick. Virginia Tech has no business being a top 25 team and are nowhere close to good enough to win their conference. Watch the games, do some research. You'll agree with me. You might even see that I have always been right about #7 being the biggest, strongest, and best true power RB on the team and that he deserves the bulk of the carries if you want your beloved Buckeyes to even get a sniff of the playoffs. The Hokies ARE AWFUL...and they beat Ohio State. Too bad, Ohio State isn't like the SEC teams and is allowed to lose a game each season. The Buckeyes MUST go undefeated or they get to watch the championship games while only 2 of the 9 SEC teams to make the BCS championship games from 2006 to 2013 went unbeaten. Just 2....that's right. In that long streak of sending a team (or 2) to the BCS title game, only 2 of those teams went to the BCS title game unbeaten. Only 3 of the 9 teams from the SEC during their streak went to the title game unbeaten and only 2 of those SEC squads finished the season unbeaten. It's strange how teams can lose a game along the way, but the best team I ever saw play lost one game (the 1998 Buckeyes lost to Saban and Sparty's .500-ish team in 1998, but did not go to the title game and finished #2 after all was said and done)...and my 1998 Buckeyes were not only Vegas's pick (no matter who their bowl opponent would be), they were the best CFB team that I ever got to see play. ONLY SEC teams are allowed rematches and to go to the title game with a loss. Just look at the Florida Gators 1996 team. Hell, the Gators lost to Florida State in 1996 and got a rematch when the 1996 Buckeyes (the 2nd best Buckeye squad I ever saw play) had just one 4 point loss to a ranked team. Instead though, the voters thought it better to have a friggin' REMATCH. Like I said, only SEC teams get rematches and go to title games without being unbeaten...and this was BEFORE the SEC had won a bunch of championships in a row and every sportswriter in the country decided that every SEC team was good in the preseason. RESEARCH and see the truth...but more importantly, see the wrongdoings, lies, arrests, paid athletes etc.

Sorry for the length, the misspellings, and the grammar issues. This novel was too long to proofread.

Comment 14 Sep 2014

Go ahead 11W staff....Act like it doesn't matter when Ohio State wins 66-0 while playing many 2nd, 3rd and even the 6th string players when it comes to RB. Act like it is "silly" to be upset when you are ranked so low already. Did you guys forget 2012? In 2012, the AP announced that they would rank the Buckeyes and that Ohio State would be eligible for the AP's national title. The Buckeyes, of course would have had to finish as the only unbeaten team for that to happen...and then finish at #1 in their poll, right?

Well, the Buckeyes lost a total of six total spots (4 spots after their win over Cal and 2 spots after their win over Purdue. The way I see, a team that wins should not drop in the polls. See though, the AP was simply doing all possible things to keep Ohio State from being #1. At the season's end, Ohio State WOULD have been ranked #1 in the AP poll (after Notre Dame's loss to Alabama) and finished the year as the Associated Press's National Champs. They didn't ONLY because of winning games and losing a total of 6 spots in 2 of those wins. After all, Ohio State finished at #3 in the AP's final poll. Of course, that is my way of seeing it and no one will agree with me. Think about it though...the AP had Ohio State ranked at #18 to start the season. Then after running their record to 6-0 after wins against ranked teams for their 5th and 6th wins and went into week #7 ranked just #8. Plus they scored 63 points against Nebraska in week #6. That is the 2nd most points Nebraska has given up in their history ( was the 2nd or 3rd most points ever given up by the 'Huskers. I looked it up but forgot....but it was close to 100 years ago when they gave up that many points, too). Then, after Ohio State won their 10th game, the AP had them ranked SIXTH. a 10-0 Ohio State team was ranked 6th? You have to know that some kind of cheating was going on. I wonder where the Bucks would have been ranked had they not lost spots because of winning games?

During this same season and time, Florida had back to back 7 point wins over Missouri (a team that did not make a bowl game with a total of 5 wins) and the other 7 point win was against Louisiana-Lafayette. The AP's verdict after 2 Florida home games against weak competition and winning both games by 7 points? The Gators gained a spot to #7...

Florida started the year ranked 23rd by the AP and were at #3 after 7 games...Remember that the 10-0 Buckeyes were ranked #6 after starting the year at #18. It is all a sham! However that doesn't mean that being upset is silly because Ohio State won a game 66-0, could easily won 80-0, and if the Buckeyes had left starters in that 101-0 was not out of the question. If the Buckeyes win 66-0 and lose a spot (whether it was to a team that had a bye or not), you should be very pissed about it. If they lose a spot after winning 66-0, what do they have to do to gain a spot? Oh...and if you (the staff) looks at football like this "VT beat Ohio State and ECU beat VT so ECU must be a better team than Ohio State, you are lost. I watched the ECU @ VT game. VT looked awfuk and would have lost to  great majority of the Big Ten. Ohio State lost to VT because of your God, Urban Meyer, plain and simple. You can throw some of that blame on coach Herman if you want. Barrett threw the ball 29 times and ran the ball 24 times while the Buckeyes ran the ball to a true RB just 8 times and ran the ball 7 more times with H-backs. That might have worked if Braxton Miller was the QB. Maybe the coaches forgot.

You people that wrote this as "11W Staff" may hate me, but you know that I know my football just like you know I'm telling the truth. So let the downvotes fall like rain. A team wins against a weak MAC team 66-0 in a game where the starters may have played just as much as the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th stringers...and that was true about the #6 RB getting a carry. I don't lie, he really did. Oh...and just so you know....VT lost to ECU because they are an awful football team. You guys act like Ohio State could win every game 66-0 and never get above the top 20. Not only do you act like that, you act like you are OK with that. What the hell is wrong with you? Come with the Dv's. I love my Buckeyes and will continue to write until you throw me out. Why did you even write those 3 or 4 worthless paragraphs?


Comment 13 Sep 2014

I'd give you a +1 because of your pic of "Eddie", but I already +1'ed you for writing I-O!

I'm a metalhead, but I'm into heavier stuff you probably never have heard of. My favorite band since the 1980's has always been the German thrash metal band, Kreator. Their latest album, "Phantom Antichrist" is definitely their best of their 13 all time. Don't think it is some Satanic stuff, I'm not into that. Kreator refers to Osama bin Laden as the Phantom Antichrist of the US that was just a reason to go to war, if you get it....

Good luck, take care. Go Buckeyes!!!!

Comment 13 Sep 2014

You reminded me of how I embarrass my girlfriend's son at the Chinese food place up the street. I place our order which normally has some roast pork fried rice, vegetable lo mein (for me), and sweet and sour chicken, with at least 6 egg rolls.

Anyway...when the person takes my order, they turn and yell it to the cooks in the kitchen (like in Eddie Murphy's Delirious or Raw...I can't remember which one it is where he says "you have penny"?). When they yell our order back, Wendy's son immediately starts grabbing me because he knows that I can't help myself....I look straight in the cashier eyes and say "What did you just call me?"

I don't know why, but Bradley always gets embarrassed and runs immediately out of the place. Brad is like Rain Man, but without the "quick toothpick counting" and "excellent math skills". I could introduce any 10 of you to him by first name and the year you were born....and he would remember you 10 years later and the year you were born in as well.

I just saw Meyer on ESPN (don't downvote me for watching College Gameday...It is the ONLY thing besides games that I will watch on ESPN). Anyway, Meyer acted as if he was "happy" that the Buckeyes had lost and said something like "he expects to see a lot of good stuff out of the Buckeyes today". Then Desmond Dork said "That's why I picked them to win last week". Speaking of him picking VaTech to win last week. My girlfriend immediately stood up and said, "No, you picked VT because you pick against Ohio State every time they play anyone decent". I hate the woman (not really), but I think she has a point. I'll be willing to bet that Dork didn't pick Kent State this week. I hate that traitor....

Comment 13 Sep 2014

I'm lost myself. Please Nation. Tell us all about it. I can't be the only person here that writes more than 6 sentences at once. I guess I'll Google dat some-beotch. Emoji based arts? Japanese comic turned digital and computerized something or sum shiott?

Comment 13 Sep 2014

Well, I hope you all don't think "Wow, this guy wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't such a pillhead"......

I'd be worse, but I really am a Christian (I was brought up as a Christian and never looked back) and owe my life to Jesus and people like yourselves. I just wish I would have been smart enough to change things that I could have....I lost my Mom on April 5th to a heart attack that was brought upon by Mom's years of narcotics abuse. Then on June 5th, I lost my cousin to a heroin overdose. Mom lived here in my house and my cousin lived in Dayton and had a young daughter. Mom was 59, Rachel was 37. I'm 41, and now that Mom and Rach are gone, I have just my girlfriend and her son that has Down's Syndrome and is 30 years old. None of my real, true, blood family is still alive except for Mom's youngest brother and Dad's (I lost Dad to Cancer during M*ch*gan week in 1998...he was 46) 2 sisters, that all live in the Dayton, Beavercreek, and Kettering areas (It's all Dayton to me). When I lived in Ohio, I lived in Huber Heights and the Dayton area where everything is named after the Wright Brothers. Had I stayed, I'd have gone to Roth High School, like our beloved Keith Byars. I moved to Florida 33 years ago. I'm still a Buckeye at heart, though. Now I live in Deltona, Florida, but I call it "Deltucky", Florida to make fun of the place as if it was Kentucky. Mr. Dsbgobux, Orange City is less than 5 minutes from where I live. Your brother and I are close and there are MANY Buckeye fans around here.

So, now...when you see me write that "Buckeye Nation is my family", you know why. I asked you all to think about Noah Spence and his family. I truly hope his drug problem is not something addictive like narcotics are. I know little about "Molly" as I tried it only once and it was years ago (around the time my problem started). Back then, we called it MDMA or ecstasy. Having that NEED is worse than you'd ever think. I went for almost 8 years to a clinic to curb or wean my addiction to a level of 20 mgs. from 80 mgs. That's right. It took me 8 years to go from 80 mgs. to 20 mgs. Then it took me 4 years to go from 20 mgs. to 0 mgs. After that I was still sick and couldn't move for over a week. For 12 years straight, I got up, took my medicine, never got any high as it was all what the doctors call "maintenance" when you are "weaning down". So...since I haven't been high in over 15 years, I'm probably as normal as I'll ever get. It is strange though...taking the same drug that you used to get high on, but not getting high...and having to do it for 12+ years to get off of the garbage.

Good luck to you all, thanks for the support you provide while putting me in my place with your downvotes...and most importantly...Go Buckeyes!!!

Comment 12 Sep 2014

Yeah...and I'm sure that the reason he isn't playing has nothing to do with him not being recruited by Meyer, either. I'll tell you about #7....He had 3 fumbles before he had his 50th carry as a Buckeye...and he has had some problems with his grades. Those fumbles were in 2011 and now he is a 55th year senior with no issues when it comes to grades. Do some makes you say smart comments and makes you know how good a player is "supposed to be". many carries would you have given to him if you were. Urban Meyer? In Meyer's 1st year Hyde almost eclipsed the 1,000 yard mark (no RB ever had for Meyer, ever) and then in Meyer's 2nd season, Hyde ran for what? 1500 yards? When you have Carlos Hyde and Braxton Miller in the backfield, it is already crowded. THIS YEAR should have been his year, but Meyer wanted the #1 RB to be one of his recruits.

Why do I think this? All Meyer has said since the Spring was great things about #7. He even extended that to the Navy game where he pointed out #7's 11 second block. He talks like he should be playing, but he isn't. Meyer does not want to be wrong on his pick (Elliott), but Elliott is a year away obviously and this is #7's last shot. Coaches make mistakes, too. Meyer and Herman lost the VaTech game, it certainly wasn't due to the defense or players. Barrett threw 29 passes with 9 completions and Ohio State not only gave #7 ZERO carries, they gave TRUE RB's (not H-backs) just 8 carries and all 8 carries went to Elliott. #7 is bigger, stronger, and faster...That is the RB that needs to be playing. Writers here are predicting a 100+ yard output out of Elliott this weekend. #7 would do it on 10 touches.

Sorry about spelling and grammar a rush. Go Buckeyes!!!!!

Comment 12 Sep 2014

Sarcasm. Did he make this catch?

And...he is much faster than any other TRUE RB on the squad. I've seen (posted times) where #7 had 3 runs at or below 4.38 and that was in his sophomore year running the 40 yard dash. During these runs only 2 Buckeyes had faster times than #7. They both now are in the NFL. Carlos Hyde beat #7 by less than .1 seconds and Bradley Roby's fast time blew both of them away with a low run of 4.18. I know that coaches like to lie about these kinds of runs, but each player was given 5 or 6 tries, and each player had posted a "fast", "slow", and "average time in the 40. When it came to average 40 times (this was 2012), only Roby outran #7.

These are actual runs released by The Ohio State coaching staff. I can't for the life of me find the site that I found these runs on. I just remember them because it was shocking to me how fast Hyde's "fast" run was as I believe it was 4.33. I don't remember #7's times at all. I just remember that he ran 3 times that were faster than any times I ever ran and my best time ever was 4.38. I'll keep looking for them to share and prove #7's speed, but you can see it on his 51 yard catch that I posted. Can he catch? Uh...Yeah. He can make people miss and is big enough to run them over if he needs to as well.

I was going to write this same blog but wanted someone else to say it first as Elliott is obviously not as good as everyone thought and the speedsters fall whenever they are touched by anyone.

I always compared him to Eddie George and found it funny today (I wrote this once already) when I looked up #7 at Rivals before he entered college and after he signed his LOI...Look at who Rivals compared this kid to. Now he is a 5th year senior and still hasn't been given a real chance.

I don't just make up the crap I write...

Comment 12 Sep 2014

Curtis Grant is finally playing well, especially when you look at it by his stats.....   20 total tackles (1st on team), 3 tackles for loss 1st on team, TFL's yardage -18 yards (2nd on team), and he even has a sack for a 11 yard loss to throw in there (2nd on team). You, all of the people that are upvoting you, and Urban Meyer all have the same problem. You all want these HYPED freshmen playing. Don't get me wrong, your comment, just like the writer's comment made perfect sense. Let's take all of the best players on the team off of the field so we can see some unproven freshmen play. You are totally right. Having a team laden with seniors is never a good thing right? WHAT IN THE HELL...UGH!!!!....I swear that you do not know football AT ALL, and that goes to the people upvoting you as well. Your comment makes NEGATIVE SENSE. Grant has even been splitting time here and there but still is leading the team in most defensive categories and you are talking about benching him, love affairs and taking out seniors to let freshmen play. None of what I'm saying makes any sense to you, does it?

The problem with the team anyway is on the offense where the way overhyped Ezekiel Elliott is getting the bulk of the carries when a 5th year senior that is bigger, faster, and stronger than Elliott has been given just 2 carries in 2 games.

You, the writer, and the people upvoting you are all LOST. The team's #1 problem is the OL. The only way to combat that problem is to improve the RB and QB as the QB runs the most at Ohio State. The biggest, fastest, and strongest RB on the team is #7. Those are facts, not guesses. I'm happy with Barrett's rushing, but he is being given way too many running plays for #7 to have his ass stapled to the bench.

For years, the leading tacklers on Ohio State's defense have been in the secondary. Now, the 2 leading tacklers are LB's and you want to replace the senior LB with a freshman because he had one play that got you excited. I love Ohio State football and Buckeye Nation, but your football acumen is sad...very, very sad. That goes to all of the people that are upvoting you, too. You kids and your "play the hyped players" are part of the reason the Buckeyes are 1-1 and have lost 3 out of the last 4 games as well. WHY? Urban Meyer wants to play the kids (they ARE NOT MEN, as it was said earlier...#7 and Curtis Grant at least are of age to drink) that he recruited. It is sickening to see how many seniors this squad has on the roster...especially when the bulk of those seniors are getting no playing time at all because you and Urban Meyer thinks games can be won by playing freshmen and sophomores over seniors. It used to be nearly impossible for freshmen to see the field at Ohio State. There is a reason for that. There also is a reason why Ohio State is among the elite football teams in the history of CFB. Those reasons that I'm speaking of are tied together. If a senior is there, he sits at Ohio State because of HYPE! This hype is why Ohio State is 1-3 in their last 4 games. Remember Carlos Hyde, the SENIOR from last season? Who got the ball when the game was on the line? Was it Hyde, the SENIOR, or Meyer's hype?

....And you want more hype. Open your eyes! "Love affair"??? Where do you get these people from? I'm not necessarily talking to you (the person that my novel is in reference to), I just scream as loud as my keyboard will let me and hope that anyone out there with a brain hears me.

Comment 12 Sep 2014

+1 from the hated one. Being that it is a team game, I hope the team doesn't forget about Spence's needs. I don't lie when I come here...this is the truth. Being a drug addict for 21 years, I have seen firsthand how drugs can ruin your life. While it saddens me that a kid can just seem to throw their life away when it comes to school, added pressure, and drugs. I broke my wrist in my senior year of high school and that gave me all of the free (well, they seemed free at the time) painkillers I ever wanted or needed. I never will be 100% clean of the drugs as my pain level will not allow it. However, for about 15 years, I popped oxycodone and hydrocodone like they were tic-tacs I always BLAMED it on my injury being a sports injury that took away my sports scholarships. Through my religion and professional help, I have now been clean of illegal drugs for almost 4 years.

Please do not throw me out or penalize me for this next part....I WILL be praying for Noah Spence and his family for as long as it takes. I come here and ACT like someone else, but I am a Christian and would probably be dead if it wasn't for my religion. I know the rules and the rules here are simple. NO RELIGION! Please though...everyone that is religious and reading this...Please pray for Noah and the Spence family. A lot of you out there hate me, but a lot of you also know that I think of Buckeye Nation as a family. I threw my family away for drugs years ago and have been trying to win them back ever since. While I'm sure that I have the forgiveness of Jesus, I'm not sure if I'll ever have my family TRULY back. Let us all forget about football for just a minute and think about the Spence family. He's an incredible talent and let's not watch him throw his life away like I have done or worse.

Thanks for not ejecting me (if you didn't) for mentioning religion. I did my best to not talk about it but just say where I'd be without it. I also have faith in Buckeye Nation and I hope that we can all band together through this to save Noah Spence's life, soul, and his family. Opposing QB's fear him and we need him in our family and on the team. Now though...just for a minute, I will try to think of Spence's life first and putting football second. Go Buckeyes! Team and family first.

As Hovenaut said though (switching back to football), this is a team game and even though some may think Spence is the best player on the DL, I think that other players may be harder to replace. While Spence is a prototypical 7-technique or Viper as Meyer likes to call it, because of his quickness, speed, and long frame, Miller and Frazier have come in and shown what I think is enough depth to keep the front 4 more than solid. We will miss out on a few sacks and tackles for loss, but with the LB's finally getting in on more plays (LB's are #1 and #2 on the defense when it comes to number of tackles, finally), an extra blitz or 2 from the LB's may keep get the sack numbers respectable as they finally were last season. Steve Miller is no slouch anyway, and although he is not as quick as Spence, can disrupt the opposing OL enough to keep them off balance and make a few TFL's of his own.

Comment 12 Sep 2014

Your last sentence/paragraph is DEAD-ON. What you don't expect is awful coaching....Meyer, Herman, and Ash all had awful games against VaTech. I don't want to throw Drayton in there, but he is part to blame as well. #7 should be getting the ball....and NO, I will not stop saying it. Ohio State has been successful for nearly 100 years because of having a power rushing football team. There is only 1 power rusher on the team and he is #7. He had 2 carries in game #1, and zero carries in game #2 after Meyer told the team, the media, and thus the world that #7 would get extra carries in game #2. Is he a liar or is he just plain dumb? He has been successful, but Meyer's coaching weakness has always been developing and using RB's to their potential. After Elliott being a bust (he isn't yet, but he is well on his way as the Big Ten will be much tougher to run against than the opponents he has seen thus far), #7, Dunn, Ball and whoever else isn't hurt but isn't getting carries because Meyer would rather run the ball with Barrett and Elliott than his other 4 and 5 star RB's ....I wouldn't be surprised if the Buckeyes never got another top 4 star RB to come to Columbus.

I get laughed at when I compare #7 to Eddie George. Even the idiots at rivals compared him to Eddie George coming out of high school. Plus, when he got to Ohio State, he added close to 20 pounds and dropped his 40 time to sub 4.35 from 4.5. Go to rivals and look at it yourself. Rivals knew how good #7 was going to be back then. The offensive coaching is beyond ridiculous...especially when they list Elliott OR #7 as the starter yet #7 gets 0 carries and the QB gets 24 carries. Running statistics ( carries only) against Va Tech........Barrett (24), Elliott (8), Samuel (5), Wilson (2), and #7, the co #1 starter (0). That will NEVER beat a decent team and that is all on the coaching.

When kids screw up in school, they can end up in the doghouse and miss out on carries or even games. Now that it is #7's final season and he obviously still is in Meyer's doghouse, he is going to make Meyer look ridiculous if #7 tries out for and makes an NFL team. What NFL team would not want a player that weighs between 231 and 240 pounds and still can run sub 4.4 and even sub 4.35 in the 40 yard dash. #7 can do that and always has been able to. He is listed at 231 pounds now, but has been listed at 235-238 over his 5 year Buckeye career. I KNOW that The New England Pats would love a player like that (and the price tag that is on the window). Look for him to be in the NFL one day. He will be the one laughing last and loudest. Meyer will look like a dumb-ass. He tried to not let Carlos Hyde play too if any of you remember as he wanted more than anything for Jordan Hall to be the #1 RB. Hyde became Meyer's #1 RB out of necessity only. If Meyer can finally see that it is necessary that #7 gets 15+ carries a game, the Buckeye season will turn around as soon as it happens.

Comment 12 Sep 2014

Well, I took a break where I read just one write-up and made just one comment (yes, the comment was another novel...I promise to start blogging soon since so many of you can't seem to handle just skipping over my comments whether or not they are good comments. I DO make good comments here and there, Nation). In that one comment I said things that I still stand by...the most important comment being that Urban Meyer was who to blame for the loss against VaTech. I'm sure that in itself got 50 downvotes. I love having Meyer as the head coach of our Beloved Buckeyes and a mistake does not mean that you need to be fired, that last part was for all of you "fire Fickell" people that can't even spell the man's name right, much less look on Wikipedia or something to see what his coaching accolades are and see that he has been a Buckeye longer than most of us have been. I'm a mere 6th months older than as the state of Ohio goes, I have been a Buckeye longer. But, being that he attended the school of my dreams, played for the school of my dreams, and now is coaching for my beloved Buckeyes (and before that was even born in Columbus), I feel safe in saying that he bleeds more Scarlet and Gray that any Buckeye there is.

Anyway, back to head coach Urban Meyer....This write-up had some tweets about Tressel and Tressel, contrary to the words of the writer here, was very possibly Ohio State's best coach of all time. Tressel had 4 Div. I-AA championships which included playoffs of different numbers of teams throughout the years, but still may be a harder accomplishment than winning the Div. I-A or FBS championship and as we all know, Tressel guided a 2002 Buckeye squad to a National Championship over Miami, a team that many were calling "the greatest college football of all time". That was until Tressel's Buckeyes won that game in 2003. DJ, the writer, then made a comment that I will quote about Tressel and his Buckeye teams...He wrote,"Look, I love Jim Tressel, but, uh... these people are insane. Ohio State had peaked under the vest"

While peaking under the vest sounds kind of dirty (peeking under the vest?) Isn't that what Ohio State's football teams were doing and were expected to do? Peaking? Yes, they were peaking as Tressel's Buckeyes were awesome in almost every year. Plus, at the time of "TatGate" which obviously ended the "peaking" of Ohio State's football team. On top of that, the 2008 squad finished the season with 3 losses, the 2009 team finished with 2 losses, and the 2010 team finished with just one loss. If you take away the whole "TatGate" scenario, Ohio State returns a senior QB (Pryor), a senior and proven WR and RB with a sophomore RB named Carlos Hyde as the possible #2 RB plus a decent OL and a great defense (as proven by the defense's 2011 season)......and making a long story short, the Buckeyes may have very well started the 2011 season at #1 or #2 and had a path to the BCS title game that was probable.

Now, DJ, wants to call people that wish Tressel was back "goofballs" and insane" 19% doesn't sound like much, but he just called 1 in 5 out of all of the Buckeye fans names because the current coach has now lost 3 out of his last 4 games. Throw all of the downvotes you want at me. If we are throwing blame at who lost the last game, it wasn't Fickell or the front 7 on defense. That game was lost because of the lack of having a power rushing game. THAT goes on Meyer, Herman or both.

Sorry, but I'm glad that #7 had that "so talked about" 11 second block on a punt return that earned him extra carries against Virginia Tech. #7 had 2 carries in game one and ZERO in game #2. Poor offensive coaching, plain and simple.

I know that you all missed me and my lovely scriptures of "usual" happiness because of Buckeye wins. Now you get to see what I'm like (admit it...those of you that know me at all, missed me at least a little) after a Buckeye loss. In the past, the blame was usually (and wrongly) thrown at Jim Heacock. WE ALL KNOW GOOD AND DAMN WELL THAT OHIO STATE PLAYED SO BADLY ON 3rd DOWN BECAUSE OF CHRIS ASH AND THE NON-ADJUSTMENTS THAT HE MADE WITH THE SECONDARY. But see, most of the "insane" "goofballs" here don't have any idea what is going on, right? That is why we used to blame Heacock and now blame Fickell. I love the writers here, but I'm willing to write 5 weekly novels of mine for 11W, if they need the help. I know more football than most, I know enough to not call 20% of Buckeye Nation "idiot" goofballs, and my writing get more reads than most writings here, even if only my haters downvote me, tell me to screw off and leave. As I have always said. I'll never write lies, only the truth. If my opinions are written, there will be STATS and FACTS to back up my opinions as well. I sincerely love the writers here, but I can see why Buckeye fans would want Jim Tressel back. Meyer has now lost 3 of his last 4 games....and what does the writer do? He calls 20% of Buckeye Nation "insane" "goofballs" because he didn't like it (obviously) when Tressel was coach and the Buckeyes had reached their prime, which finished in the AP's top 10 in 7 of his 10 seasons, finished in the top 10 in 8 of his 10 seasons and added a national title and 2 unsuccessful trips to BCS title games. Heah...I can see why you'd think Tressel was so bad...I mean, I could see how you would think the Tressel years were so bad if you were a "goofball" or an "idiot", anyway.

Keep the downvotes coming. Hell, All I did was tell the truth and facts and then wrote an opinion or two that I backed up with facts and stats. Hell yes Tressel's Buckeye teams were in their prime. THAT'S THE IDEA ISN'T IT? Can I downvote a writer and proclaim that my comment was better than his write-up. I'd be worse if I ever found out who stole "El Guapo" from me as I said it here and Bleacher Report only....but here it had its' place in the 11W "terminology" place when the 11W writers made fun of and hated Urban Meyer. But now he's so great and Tressel was so bad. If Meyer spent 10 years in Columbus, he'd have an almost impossible job of outdoing Tressel and my facts/stats that back that up have already been written.

I apologize for misspellings, grammar screw ups, etc. For once, I did not proofread my novel. Good luck all and Go Buckeyes!!!

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Don't read this. You won't like it. Just downvote the comment and move on...

I read the comments, but responded and reacted to none. I saw a lot of disappointment and throwing blame. I even saw "Fire Fickell"
 again. If anyone really thinks that the defense did not play well enough, or at least well enough to win, they are lost. This wasn't Fickell's fault, and it had nothing to do with the front 7 of the defense.

VaTech won the game for 2 reasons. First, Chris Ash and the "re-tooled" defensive backs played very poorly on 3rd down. Second and last, the offense did not even try to run the ball. Take away the QB runs (which worked well but really looked more like mistakes and a lack of offensive preparation) and Elliot's one TD run, and then look at the stats. I have been bitching because #7 hasn't gotten his share of touches for one reason. His touches are what the offense needs to run effectively and pass effectively, too. Ohio State will have little passing success without an impressive running game. Ezekiel Elliott is very overrated, and his stats prove it. This is closer to a fact than just an opinion. He rarely breaks tackles and like all offensive skill players are often dropped after the defense first touches them. Elliott needed a redshirt season whether it was last year or this year. Meanwhile, #7, Dunn, and Ball are wasting their time as Ohio State obviously is not a power running team anymore. Hell, beyond that, they aren't even a running team anymore.

Those of you that really think that the defense lost this game owe the front 7 of the defense an apology. They got to the quarterback quickly, it just wasn't quick enough as the secondary gave up too many big 3rd down plays (on many of those 3rd down plays the QB peeled himself off of the turf afterwards) that were definitely on Chris Ash, not Luke Fickell, Larry Johnson, or the players in the front 7. On top of that, the front 7 kept the running game of VaTech quiet as well.

9 for 29 passes and designed QB runs without giving the ball to REAL running backs (Dontre Wilson and Curtis Samuel are not real RB's) is what lost this is really that plain and simple. The defense is something I am happy with, except I still can't figure out why Ash was ever given the same title as Luke Fickell (co-defensive coordinator) as he obviously still has tons of work to do and his coordinating efforts have been very weak after 2 games. Sure the Buckeyes gave up just 20 passing yards against Navy, but Navy threw the ball just 4 times and the reason for Navy's large number of rushing yards can be blamed on the secondary just as easy as it can be blamed on the front 7. Why? Me, you, Chris Ash, LeBron James, Braxton Miller , and even the Buck-I-Guy knew that Navy wasn't going to pass. The back four had the best look at Navy's runs, more time to get themselves in position, but still were showing weak tackling skills and often took bad angles in the process.

LACK OF A POWER RUNNING GAME is why this game was lost foremost. Obviously, both Herman AND Meyer have no confidence in the running game if Dontre Wilson and Curtis Samuel are getting carries while #7 is still sitting the bench....especially after all of Meyer's talk of 11 second blocks and how that kind of effort gets you more touches, which obviously was a flat out lie.

I still stand on what I have been saying for much longer than just 2 weeks now. #7 is the key to a successful running game, Ezekiel Elliott is at least 1 more year away from being a factor in games AND none of you can prove that wrong until #7 starts getting carries. So, we may never know how good this Buckeye offense can be...and it all comes down to Meyer wanting to play the kids that HE talked into having a bad time. Remember this: Carlos Hyde got the #1 RB spot ONLY after Jordan Hall proved that he couldn't stop getting hurt and that he was very ineffective when he did get the ball. Meyer never wanted Hyde to be what he became. He had no choice. That is EXACTLY why we all got to see Elliott and Dunn  get carries while #7 sat the bench last year as well. If Meyer was going to be forced to have his #1 RB be a player that he didn't recruit, he would be damned if the #2 RB was going to be another RB that he didn't recruit. Besides, all of you love Elliott for no real good reason except maybe for all of his records and enormous amount of yards he gained in high school playing in Missouri. Well, #7 did the same thing in high school only he did it as the best player coming out of Indiana SIX YEARS AGO. Elliott is still just a kid and has done nothing that #7 hasn't except Elliott is being treated like Buckeye royalty while #7 is in his last year of CFB...and he was never given a real chance after he grew into a man....and now is his time that he has waited for. But it is obvious that Urban Meyer would rather lose games and have his QB lead the team in rushes and rushing yards while the biggest and fastest running back is still sitting....and the Buckeyes are losing and having streaks snapped in almost every other game now.

It is possible that the best overall player on the squad is Braxton Miller, right? Well it is also very possible that #7 and Noah Spence are #2 and #3, behind Miller. It is hard to win after taking away your best QB...well, take away your best QB, RB, and defensive player and you might just turn from one of the nation's best teams into a below average team overall. IT IS HAPPENING BEFORE YOUR EYES!!!! And don't give me "Fire Fickell" and other B.S. like that. This is on Meyer folks, and you can throw Ash in there if you want. I've played, coached, and been around enough football in my life to at least make sound guesses that make sense or make facts out of what I see on the field...and I'm right about this. This is all on Meyer and him wanting his players to play. Jordan Hall wasn't one of his but Meyer marveled over Hall's exploits without mentioning Hyde when he came to Columbus. Well, what happened to Hall? Like I have said a hundred times before....I said the same thing about Carlos Hyde that I am saying about #7 now. All I got was grief from Buckeye Nation then, and I expect no different now. There is one difference now though. Now, Urban Meyer's decision making IS LOSING GAMES. Put the blame where it goes. Don't blame me and #7 though. We are both on the sidelines bitching that one of us should be playing and getting at least 15 carries a game. Instead #7 has 2 carries for 6 yards on the season. Don't blame us. This is all on Meyer.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

The best comment that I saw said something like "at least we know Barrett can run". This loss was on Meyer and his offensive loverboys (you all love Herman and act like he is some kind of God). This is just  my DUMB way of saying and thinking BUT as I said before...Ezekiel Elliott IS NOT so good. Rod Smith is the only true RB on the squad and AGAIN, he was not used. Meyer even said that Smith earned extra carries after his "so-called" 11 second block. The Bucks did not TRY to run, they never used their best RB, Rod Smith, and none of you can say that I am wrong in any way. All you can do is dv me because you are immature enough to where you do not know a better answer. Whether you like it or not, the Bucks lost tonight because they abandoned the power running game...and the only power rusher on the team is Rod Smith. Just like I have been saying for months now. Now let someone tell me how great Ezekiel Elliott is. The Buckeyes have one power rusher...and like I said, he is BIGGER, FASTER, and STRONGER than Elliott or Samuel. Keep downvoting me, idiots....I'm right.

Comment 06 Sep 2014

After seeing the size of VaTech's starting defense, I don't see them stopping the Buckeye running attack even if the much overrated Ezekiel Elliott is the starter. I know those little guys wouldn't be able to stop #7, but #7 will probably get only 5 carries or less even if the depth chart says Elliott OR Smith like it does.

VT's starting D is a 4-4-3 because they roll up their SS and call him a "Rover" which is just a faster 200 pound LB. Overall though, I can't see HOW their defense is so good. They have a 280 pounder and a 270 pounder at the 2 DT spots, but besides those 2 undersized DT's, they have no other starter on D that is at or above 250 pounds. I see their defense as weak (in a strength context, I'm not saying they are not good) and struggling in the 2nd half. My prediction is Ohio State 50, Virginia Tech 27.

That is a lot of points, sure. I'm also predicting a 300+ yard passing game for Barrett. I think the VT defense will fall prey because of that 4-4-3 defense they play and after a few big runs, Barrett will have a lot of deeper throws. The last time a Buckeye QB threw for 300 yards was Pryor against Indiana in 2010 (I think. All of you know me as a "stat guy", but I don't feel like researching it....sorry).

Comment 06 Sep 2014

Curtis Samuel is the real deal. If he was a power back, he'd be my #1 RB on the Buckeye squad. The Buckeye are (and hopefully always will be) a power running team. With that said, there is only 1 power rusher on the team and that is #7. All of you are so in love with Elliott. Try and remember that he had a poor game against Navy. He had 2 carries for 30 yards and a TD. Besides those 2 carries, he had 10 carries for 14 yards. If he was going to have a breakout game, the Navy game was a perfect opportunity to have it and the kid laid an egg. He broke few tackles if any and every time a defender made it into the backfield, Elliott was stopped for a loss.

Everyone hates #7, but he was stopped on both of his (ONLY) 2 carries in the backfield. On his first carry, he jumped over both an offensive and a defensive lineman and fell for a 3 yard gain. His 2nd carry was a straight handoff where #7 was lined up behind Barrett...#7 hit the line (there was no hole) and busted through it, falling forward for a 3 yard gain. #7 isn't just fast, he is very fast. The only 2 Buckeyes 2 have outrun him in the 40 yard dash in his career as a Buckeye are Carlos Hyde (who ran a 4.33 as his "fast" time) and Bradley Roby (who ran a blazing 4.18 as his "fast" time). When these times were run, #7 ran 3 times under 4.4 seconds. Plus #7 has the extra gear that Hyde never had. Hyde may have run a faster 40 (Hyde was 2nd to Roby only over his entire Buckeye career in the 40) than #7, but #7 has that extra gear that makes TD's when El Guapo is getting tackled while trying to run over safeties.

These are not numbers that I'm just making up. If #7 had kept his grades up and hadn't had 3 fumbles before he had even 50 carries as a Buckeye, you would all love the guy and want him to be the starter. He has the size of Eddie George, is faster than Eddie ever was and he has the kind of quick feet that breaks opponent's ankles. In my opinion, he STILL will be in the NFL after he is done at Ohio State. He has been in the doghouse for so many reasons that he has had less than 100 career carries, BUT he still is better than any other RB on the squad in my opinion. Urban Meyer said that he is going to get more touches because of an 11 second block on a punt return. He is going to get more carries because Urban Meyer is a professional at judging talent...and knows who the best, biggest, and fastest pure power RB on the team is.

Curtis Samuel is the real deal though. His "official 40 time" is 4.6, which may be true (Jerry Rice ran a 4.6 second 40), but some guys have that extra gear which makes them run a fast 60 and a super fast 100. Wilson runs fast in the 40, 60, and 100 as his times are comparable to both Percy Harvin and LaMichael James in all 3 runs. I haven't seen any official times on Samuel though. All I know is that he looks like he runs faster than 4.6 (so did Jerry Rice though) and Samuel might be one of those guys that are almost just as fast wearing pads, too. Lots of players are supposed to be "lightning in a bottle", but pads make them closer to average.

I think that Ash's secondary will be improved over last season's pass defense but a ton of intangibles will tell the tale when some aren't even talked about. Last year's Buckeye offense (for instance) either scored on 4 to 6 plays or had 3 plays and a punt while playing in a hurry up offense. That puts your opponent down in the score of the game and gives them more opportunities with the ball. That alone is going to make Ohio State's pass defense look worse than it is. I'm not trying to say that the 2013 pass defense was good, I'm just saying that the style of offense that the Buckeyes played put points up quickly and put a lot of them up. That is going to make ANY opponent throw more and have more opportunities to throw and throw deep. Playing no-huddle and being good at it can have an adverse effect on your defense. No one EVER looks at that aspect of a football game. It is true though and if the Bucks didn't play hurry up, they would have scored less points...but their opponents would have scored less as well.

Sorry for the length...I'm just wasting time until kickoff. Go Buckeyes!!!  +1 from me just to erase your one downvote that your comment didn't deserve even if you do think that Elliott is the best RB on the team.

Comment 06 Sep 2014

Your signature statement says "Every day since, I've been chasing the dragon". What kind of beer are you drinkin'? I only ask because "chasing the dragon" normally means smoking opium to the point of trying to get what was like the very first opium high you ever had (not that I've ever done any hard drugs, cough, cough). I drink Guinness Extra Stout (which to most tastes like a mixture of motor oil and vaseline) or Sam Adams Boston Lager and Sam Adams Cream Stout. I love those beers, but I never overdo it anymore or "chase the dragon" in your words because the next day makes me feel like I got run over by a garbage truck and enjoyed the hot garbage juice that spilled on me as the truck went by. Well, you are still young, I guess. When you turn 40 (some will say this is untrue but I was warned of turning 40 and it did happen to me), you have trouble getting out of bed (hungover or not), you eyes and ears don't work as well, you get "man-boobs" because of weight gain even though you eat less, and life overall (especially physically) is damn sad. Enjoy your youth and take good care of your body and mind now and forever so you don't turn out like me. Really...this isn't a joke, even if I am throwing unfunny jokes in here and there. I care about Buckeye Nation and I'm one of those sometimes hated Christians so....

Anyway though. AVOID "MAN-BOOBS". When I was 17 as a junior in high school, I was at 6' and 177 pounds and ran the 40 for my official "scout stat pages" as I was getting looked at by schools for football and baseball. My first run was 4.38, my second run was 4.44, and my third run was also under 4.45. Not bad at all, right? Especially for a catcher....

Now, I weigh 225 pounds and can't remember the last time I even ran 40 yards. Plus I live in Florida as a plumber which means I really have stuck my hands inside many "SEC fans'" toilets for money. It is really an awful life and all I have is Buckeye football and 11W in my life (thanks to a football fight with Warren Sapp as a high school senior when I broke my wrist which required surgery and took away my athletic scholarships as I was in a cast for 18 months). Anyway...I wrote this all really for no reason but to let all of you kids in Buckeye Nation to take care of your bodies and keep doing you don't end up like me. I'm a nice guy, but I threw everything away because I got sick of getting my ass kicked (and being called a f***ing white boy) by Warren Sapp on every play of a high school football game for a team that finished (0-10). Our team also lost to a team led by a then unknown freshman QB. We found out later that the freshman was named Daunte Culpepper. I was on the sidelines in a cast for that game though.

I wrote this just to waste time and to pass along some really important info while flipping between channels and seeing Big Ten teams play poorly. I CAN'T pull for Big Ten teams to win, just as I won't be pulling for MSU against the "quack attack", but I like to see the Big Ten teams win IN THE END, as in, after the games are over. Oh well, I've written quite enough to get MORE THAN A FEW DOWNVOTES, so I'll now shut up. Good luck and Go Buckeyes!!!

Comment 06 Sep 2014

Good point. Besides, there is a chance that Navy is a better team than VaTech is. This game is being billed at a huge game, but really it is a David vs. Goliath game where Ohio State's OL should dominate the underside 4-4-3 Va Tech defense which should make for a great Buckeye running game. That running game should then make more than just VaTech's SS (they roll their SS up and call him a Rover or undersized, hard hitting LB), and that should provide for big plays in the passing game for Ohio State.

Right now, you are at 4 upvotes and 5 downvotes. Why? Well, I'm glad that it isn't just me that it happens to as I write FACTS sometimes and take 10 downvotes for it. +1 from me....