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I'm a die-hard member of Buckeye Nation. I always have been and always will be. Ohio State makes me proud to be from Ohio and I hope that in the future we not only have the best football team, the Best Damn Band in The Land, and we do it cleaner than everyone else as well. I see that as a possibility as all of the hatred towards our beloved Buckeyes has put a constant huge magnifying glass on our program and I believe our athletes can also be young men that help the community and leave Ohio State as mature NFL leaders or leaders in their workplaces as they do all possible things to make Ohio State proud.


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Comment 15 minutes ago

He's one of many that just needs some time to develop and grow up. There is lots of that on this 2014 team. Athletically, there is probably no better team. We just need something to pull it all together.

Comment 14 hours ago

I totally get where you are coming from...How much did Paterno know about Sandusky though, and how much did Ohio State DL coach Larry Johnson know? I'm with you on this one...just pay little attention to the rest of my comment.

It's a big can of worms that we Buckeye fans should really stay away from being that Johnson is now DL/Asst. Head Coach in Columbus.

I will say this though....Joe Paterno WAS NEVER a Big Ten LEGEND. The status he died with was the same status that he brought to the Big Ten from University Park, Happy Valley, Beaver Stadium, State College, or whatever you want to call them this week. You always hear "WE ARE  PENN STATE"....No you aren't.....You are the State College Nittany Lions that are from University Park and play your games in Beaver Stadium even though you call yourselves the Nittany Lions and there aren't any Nittany Lions in Pennsylvania.

Oops, did I say that out loud? I dunno where that came from....."Sorry I had a fight in the middle of your Black (Blue) Panther Party"....

Comment 21 hours ago

I just wanted to add that THAT MIAMI SQUAD, which had a 34 game winning streak spanning from 2000-2002 was extremely fast and many football historians claim that the 2001 Hurricanes were the best team of all time...In fact, the 2002 version of the Hurricanes (which had many of the same starters from the season before) that lost in double OT to our beloved Buckeyes would have been thought of as a top 5 team (all time) if not for their BCSNCG loss to Ohio State. The Buckeyes had to be PERFECT to win in that 2002 title game...and although I still fight over that flag thrown by Terry Porter  with Miami fans (I live in Florida), the truth is that overtime never should have happened and the Buckeyes were NEAR perfect in that game despite their lack of speed compared to the Miami squad. Living in Florida not only makes you argue with the SEC fans, you also have to argue with the Miami fans over the pass interference call in OT.....I always tell them that "OT never should have happened". Try explaining that to a Miami fan.

Your comment made perfect sense....You have to have a defense if you want to win though....that's the bottom line.


Comment 22 hours ago

Smith should be the leader....contrary to popular belief, Devin Smith has more receiving yards now than Philly Brown had during his Buckeye career. With a big year, Smith could end up with close to TWICE the yardage that Brown had. Smith doesn't get the props except for making a couple "circus catches", but Smith has 88 catches for 1,572 yards and 18 TD's in his Buckeye career. Philly Brown's numbers were bigger in the catch count, but that is it. His numbers make him look like the safety valve while Devin Smith has been the true weapon. Brown had 123 catches for 1,440 yards and 13 TD's.

Smith just didn't play a big enough part in the offense. Brown made the passing numbers look nearly acceptable because of having back to back 60 catch seasons...but Devin Smith is the true weapon by the numbers plus Smith has the 6'1" frame and jumping ability to make the big catches. He's not slow, either....Smith should be the leader of the WR corps as he has been the closest thing to a deep threat that Ohio State has had over the past 2 seasons.


Comment 23 hours ago

Being a running team is long as the OL is up to the job. The Buckeyes don't need to be a passing team at all. They just need to be more consistent when they throw and having a receiver break a tackle here and there would be nice as well. They need to get a few shuffle passes and screen passes to hit big to bulk Miller's numbers up a bit. The Buckeyes have been running more and more screen passes, they just aren't very good at it yet.

It's strange that you mention "gotta keep the D off the field" though....EVERYTHING in the Buckeye offense goes against that. It seems that the Bucks' offense either scores very fast while going through a no huddle "packaged play" system that scores very quick or things don't go as planned, and Miller & co. have a 3 and out. Either way puts the defense back on the field very quickly. Plus, if the Buckeyes do score and score, the opposing team is then forced to throw against the tired Buckeye defense. Maybe that isn't perfectly true, but it did seem that way last season....

Comment 14 Apr 2014

I understand that Miller is hurt...but if he returns healthy, he is still a 2 time Big Ten offensive POY winner. That in itself gives an A to the position in my book. After all, if Miller stays healthy, no other QB will see the field except in mop up duty. It would be kind of hard to give your reigning Big Ten offensive POY anything less than an A. I realize that you are grading them as a whole and you are 100% correct, but to have Miller there and not have an A posted would be disturbing to some or most. It should have an "A*" with the asterisk being "if all goes well with Miller from here on out".

Comment 14 Apr 2014

The secondary had and has great athletes. Being that these kids go to Ohio State, that statement should be an automatic. I have almost assured myself that playing soft coverages was at least 50% of the problem. The two good things about this season's secondary are that they are sure tacklers and hard hitters. Opposing WR's are going to make catches (hopefully on a limited basis) and when they do, the Buckeye defenders need to make them pay the price. Too many times last year, the DL was just a bit late getting to the passer (even though the defense recorded 42 sacks which is a big number) and the QB had just enough time to hit a WR that had 2 steps on the DB.

Hopefully the DL can get a step quicker and the DB's can get a step quicker. If that happens, a lot of interceptions happen and we should see a few more QB strips like we saw happen to J.T. Barrett in the Spring Game. I've seen a lot of improvement already...even if it is just in the A to B over 4 to 6 seconds type.


Comment 14 Apr 2014

Yeah? Well E. Gordon Gee gave around $225,000 of bonus/raise money to charity (scholarship fund) and everyone still hated on him for saying some silly things that made little sense and were more blown out of proportion then they should have been (I'm trying very hard to be nice to Mr. Gee). Anyway, it just seems that if you make a bonus at Ohio State, you get talked badly about...even if you give the money away. Maybe both Gee and Smith deserve the bad pub, but they aren't ALL AWFUL...and neither was coach Tressel. It just seems that things are tremendously amplified when you work/play for Ohio State...and a microphone or camera is ALWAYS on you. Two things are definitely 100% true....People hate Ohio State JUST for playing sports well and Michigan has won just one split title in football since 1948.

Which one of those two TRUE statements deserves the bad publicity? Both are very true even if one of them is simply an opinion.

Comment 13 Apr 2014

I must admit...I came here to find out about gonorrhea myself. What is wrong with me?

Comment 13 Apr 2014

Maybe I'm totally stupid, but I always thought that that Miller's clap was due to the "cadence" being controlled and called by the center...

Comment 13 Apr 2014

Oops...I know that no one likes to talk about kickers but let me say this about them anyway: Clinton shouldn't lose his grasp on the starting job just on what happened yesterday. I love having Nuernberger on the team (we just need to make a nickname for him) but Nuernberger did impress me because of one seemed to me that his 45 yard tries were kicked as "chip shots". We have all heard about the strong leg that this kid has and his 45 yard attempts had little follow through at all and I do buy his story of being able to make 65 yarders without a tee. I just don't see a huge advantage of having a leg that strong in the college game, especially if he doesn't want to punt. OK no more talk about kickers....we just got to see extra kicking time yesterday and my wife (God bless her soul for knowing so little about football) likes to watch field goals more than any other part of the game. On top of that, her entire family have all attended Florida State. I still love her though. She is great at getting beer during the game and wears my Buckeye clothes during the games as well.

Comment 13 Apr 2014

Before and now after the game I keep hearing how the Scarlet team was loaded compared to the Gray team when it came to playmakers...I never saw it that way. I thought the teams were quite even with a defensive advantage going to the Gray team. The game was a bit boring and may have some fans scared, but THIS WAS STILL JUST A PRACTICE. Not only was it a practice, it was a practice where the defense knew everything that was coming at them and have seen it all before more than a few times. The defense should have dominated especially in a game where the option and QB run are absent. A 0-0 tie could have been expected and maybe what we should have wanted. A total of 60 points scored would be something scary...this game is something we should have expected.

Comment 13 Apr 2014

Yes....but he is 6'3" and weighs around 235 pounds....nice size for a LB and with this whole "next man up" policy and seeing that Rod Smith was trying to convert to LB around 18 months ago, maybe he would be better suited at LB. After all, the team does have a great many capable DE' could be a smart change if it was an option.

You didn't bring it up necessarily, but this team does remind me of that Florida team that embarrassed our Buckeyes in the 2006 title game. This set of Bucks, like those Gators have a lot of pieces that don't necessarily fit but have earned their place simply because they are great athletes. Our DL seems to be undersized a bit, the WR corps still is lacking those taller, bigger WR's that may not be as fast as the smaller WR's on our squad, etc., etc. Hell, even the punter on this squad is capable of running a 4.4 second 40 and our backup kicker (Nuernberger) is 6'2" and weighs 240 pounds. point is simply that this is a team FULL of unreal athletes that may be able to be moved around to fit their strengths. In no way do I think this team is weak, but it may be the best team I have ever seen at any school when it comes to pure athleticism.

Comment 13 Apr 2014

No player looked "polished"...but if any player looked good and isn't getting credit it is Warren Ball. He showed great speed especially after the first 3 steps. If he wasn't playing against a defensive unit that was far superior and was given 20 carries, he would have had a nice game to his credit. I know that everyone loves Elliot and Dunn, but from what I saw, Ball may be the best of the younger group. Ball is close to 225 pounds as well....he might just be the best back (besides Rod Smith, in my book) when it comes to the total package. He definitely IS NOT being given the credit he deserves. I said the same thing about some kid named Carlos Hyde in one listened then and I expect no one to listen now.

Comment 11 Apr 2014

That is some list, but you really want to see Kyle Clinton win the kicker battle that badly? It is your list but having a kicker preference might be a bit much.....However....I kind of like to give the kid a chance that can kick the ball 80 yards off of a tee and 65 yards through the uprights without the tee. Like I said though....this is just spring and I can't see us really rooting for a kicker to win a spot YET. Of course, having a kicker that can kick the ball through the uprights is VERY important...but I must say that I think Neurenberger may just be able to kick 70 yard FG's. While it is very horrible to miss a 70 yard FG...that is the kind of thing that can win games and goes along with all of this strength, speed, talent, and everything else it seems that team is filled with. Personally, I hope the kicker that performs the best wins the all of us, right? are rooting for both a punter and a kicker....You are hardcore, brother!

Comment 11 Apr 2014

I had plans to attend before my mother passed on Saturday....Someone who is not planning on going, please do me a favor: Go to the game and have coach Meyer get as close to that 106,000 fan mark he talked about last week. Nothing would show the nation exactly how great Buckeye Nation is, especially considering that the nation thinks that our Buckeyes live and die with Braxton Miller. I'm tired of hearing the SEC fans (here in Florida) talk about how Alabama's spring game draws a better crowd and such. I've even had Alabama fans tell me that their spring game "sold out" only to find out about 25,000 or so vacant seats afterwards. Of course, when I mentioned that, the "fans" gave me "We just hung out and kept the tailgating going"....which also turned out to be complete garbage. They did say that tickets were free though...and I believe that part was true except for this: Isn't it hard to "sell out" if tickets are free? I never quite figured that one out...

Enjoy the game, Buckeye Nation!!!

Comment 11 Apr 2014

I'm pretty sure that I'd watch Ohio State and TSUN play in a bout of underwater basket weaving. I'm sure the lacrosse match will be a better than decent intro to our Scarlet vs. Gray Super Bowl of sorts. Go the lacrosse, of course.

Comment 11 Apr 2014

I'm looking at it right here Mrs. Bueller....NINE TIMES. Well, we have 9 units. If we need all nine, let's get 'em Buckeyes....I want to see a National Championship every season but this season is our last with Braxton Miller. I really figured that the Buckeyes would get a title in the Miller/Meyer years and this is the 3rd and final shot.

There is always a shot and if we need nine units to be perfect and "in sync", let's be perfect and bring the Coaches Trophy back to Columbus...For now though, let's just go out and put on a good show for our final spring practice. BELIEVE!!! Go Bucks!

Comment 11 Apr 2014

"Am I just severely wasted or does Tommy look bloated?"..............."No, it's TV, man. Camera adds a couple hundred pounds".

I couldn't resist a reference to Chris Farley in Tommy Boy as his Frat Brothers talk about his looks on TV.

The cameras in Ann Arbor? Is that why Brady Hoke looks like he's at 'bout 450?

Comment 10 Apr 2014

There shouldn't be any worries about being too light...after all, no one seemed to be worried when Washington was a freshman and just weeks after becoming a Buckeye was reported as weighing 290. There aren't too many lightning quick 290 pound DE's and that was what the Buckeyes were going to have. He won't always be "head to head" with a guard, either. The overall speed and quickness that the unit has just complements their overall strength. None of these guys are going to get pushed around and all of them just happen to have "the best of both worlds". Hankins was a monster...but that size and strength compromised his overall speed which is VERY NICE to have. We just haven't had a DL that had the size (they are big, contrary to popular doesn't take 310 pounds to be big), strength, and speed like these guys have. I'm not worried at all and the Big Ten is where 300+ pound corn fed offensive linemen find their homes.

Comment 10 Apr 2014

If the "entire body of work" was a factor, Meyer should be #1. I do give Saban credit though....not necessarily for his titles but for beating the 1998 Buckeye squad with his mediocre Spartan team. In my opinion, the 1998 Buckeyes were the best Buckeye team that I ever got to see. They finished the year ranked #2, with their lone loss coming against Saban and Sparty in a year that Sparty was not very good at all. The Buckeyes were the best team in the country in 1998, but the BCS pitted #1 vs. #2 which ended up being Tennessee, that was unbeaten against a 1 loss Florida State team. The Seminoles got in before Ohio State really just because FSU lost in their 2nd game of the season where the Buckeyes lost later...if not, Ohio State most probably would have knocked off Tennessee and won the title in 1998.

As to Art Briles being in the top 5....that is a mystery to me. The man has an overall record of 78-60 and his greatest claim to fame might be coaching a Heisman trophy winner (RGIII) as his best team was his 2013 squad which went to the Fiesta Bowl and lost to Central Florida, who were huge underdogs. I won't write them here but I quickly scribbled 10 coaches that I think are better than Briles and have numbers to back it up. Art Briles? Athlon was paid for that pick, I believe.

Comment 10 Apr 2014

The strange thing about Hoke is that even though he hasn't been the best coach at TSUN, his overall coaching record has improved since he landed in AA. Before becoming their coach, his career record was only 2 games above .500. I was shocked when they announced Hoke as Head Coach. I just never could figure out why M*ch*gan would hire Hoke with his mediocre at best record along with the fact that he had zero conference titles as well (and still has none). The man is best known for having a nine win season at SDSU and then getting a win for their squad in the Poinsettia Bowl. They missed and missed badly with that hire. His best season at M*ch*gan was his first, when he used Rich Rodriguez's players to win a BCS bowl that in reality should have been the Spartan's bowl bid since they finished the year behind Sparty and the Spartans won their head to head match-up. Hoke is a dud at best.

Comment 10 Apr 2014

Great comment....I've always thought that the Buckeye (Miller's) passing numbers were light because of WR's never breaking tackles, but your comment makes tons of sense to me as the WR's practice against the defense....I just never thought of it that way. All in all though, the Buckeye WR's have improved over the last 2 years but still have not become PLAYMAKERS. Hopefully, this speed from these younger kids will translate into a few missed tackles and some bonus yardage for Miller that he hasn't gotten his fair share of in the past, not to mention them getting some separation from CB's when facing tight coverage.