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I'm a die-hard member of Buckeye Nation. I always have been and always will be. Ohio State makes me proud to be from Ohio and I hope that in the future we not only have the best football team, the Best Damn Band in The Land, and we do it cleaner than everyone else as well. I see that as a possibility as all of the hatred towards our beloved Buckeyes has put a constant huge magnifying glass on our program and I believe our athletes can also be young men that help the community and leave Ohio State as mature NFL leaders or leaders in their workplaces as they do all possible things to make Ohio State proud.


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Comment 15 hours ago

The best RB on the team is Rod Smith. You all should want him to have more carries. He got 2, was stalled behind the line both times and turned both carries into gains. After he jumped over both an offensive and defensive lineman on 1st down, Ezekiel Elliott got the next 3 carries...the result? The ball was turned over on downs to Navy after Navy crammed the ball up Elliott's ass on 4th down. I don't think ANY of you really watched the game. Elliott was a bit more than a non-factor except for his TD run when he wasn't touched by anyone. You guys are all mad because possibly the best player on the offense is going to get more involved finally. With Elliott as the #1 back, this team loses 4 games. We need Rod Smith and his 238 pound frame to throw at defensive lines. Elliott is not Hyde...Maybe Smith isn't either, but when it comes to size and speed they are close to mirrors (well, Hyde is 6' and Smith is 6'3"). All of you haters are lost.

Comment 15 hours ago

I'm watching the game for the third time now. I saw a miss on a play where there was a gain, but Smith chose to block the safety instead thinking a big play was coming. I also saw him run straight through the line on a receiving route when Barrett took a sack (2 RB's were back with Barrett and Smith ran his route). I still haven't seen Smith miss that led to a loss, but I am looking. My guess is that you really are just big on Ezekiel Elliott and you want him to get the bulk of the carries, right? If anyone needs to have blame thrown at them it is the OL which constantly let defenders in the backfield. I don't throw blame...and normally don't downvote...until now.

Comment 16 hours ago

I have been preaching that Rod Smith needs to be playing. My helmet stickers have dropped by around 50 H.S. for my comments. You congratulate him for doing dirty work and get +10 (right now). Strange crowd as the person that foresees things is always called dumb, while the person that notices things after the fact gets rewarded. I love Buckeye Nation and downvote no one, but this is a tough crowd obviously. If Smith takes over the starting RB job, I'll probably be thrown off of the site for saying from day one that he was the biggest, fastest, and best true RB on the squad. Oh well... I said the same of Carlos Hyde in his sophomore year and was called stupid, too. Everyone ate their words after his junior and senior seasons, though. You still get an upvote from me. Go Buckeyes!

Comment 16 hours ago

I have cried for 38 hours now about Rod Smith not getting the ball being the only true power rusher on the team. It is funny how an 11 second block on special teams gets you carries next game when you totally missed a block early in the second half which allowed the RB to get a minimal gain (in Smith's defense...if the play had gone where it was supposed to go, the player that was missed would not have caught the RB... the play was going outside and Smith blocked outside but the RB didn't go outside). I'll now stop crying to Buckeye Nation about Smith being the best RB and not getting the ball. He started out in the doghouse after having 3 fumbles in his first 50 carries (or was it 4 fumbles?), but his averages over his career have been outstanding when it comes to ypc. He is 238 pounds and has run in the low 4.3's when the Bucks do timed 40's (which makes him the biggest and fastest true RB on the squad). If he gets carries, he will be a difference maker.

When you have a back that is the exact same size as Eddie George, plus he is faster than Eddie ever was, you give him the ball.

Comment 17 hours ago

Congrats to Barrett. It makes me wonder what Barrett could have done if Ohio State's offense had its' normal identity as a "power rushing team" in that game though. Ohio State has been a power rushing team for what? 75+ years? The power rushing game does wonders for quarterbacks. It weakens defensive lines, creates running and passing lanes for 2nd and 3rd QB options, and IT IS WHAT OHIO STATE DOES...except in that game against Navy. With all of the "talent" in the RB corps at Ohio State, there is only ONE power rusher on the team. He is wearing #7 and is bigger and faster than every other true RB on the squad.

Get #7 in the game. He has to have more than 2 carries. VaTech will be licking their chops if Ohio State has no power running game and Elliott is not a back like #7. #7 ran under 4.4 as a sophomore and was the 3rd fastest Buckeye on that squad. Now he is a 5th year senior and was given 2 carries where Elliott would have netted -3 yards. #7 gained 6 yards after being met in the backfield twice. Barrett and the weaker Buckeye OL need a power rusher and there is only one...

He is on the sidelines wearing #7. Barrett needs help and #7 is the help he needs. #7 makes Barrett turn from "co-freshman of the week" to offensive player of the week. Tons of speed on the team but just ONE power rusher....use #7.

Comment 31 Aug 2014

Ezekiel Elliott is not the best RB on Ohio State's squad. The biggest and fastest true RB on the squad is Rod Smith. Smith can also be a factor in the passing game proven by his (around) 50 yard TD catch in 2013. I'm sorry, but Elliott needs at least one more year in my opinion and there may be no room for Dunn, Ball, or both.

Smith is a 5th year senior...Smith is 6'3", 235 pounds just like Eddie George was...Smith is faster than Eddie George ever was. Smith was 3rd on the entire team in the 40 during his sophomore year when he asked coaches to try him at MLB because he wanted to get on the field...Smith can make defenders miss (it seems that only Miller can besides Smith)...Smith is big and strong enough to run defenders over...........Almost all of those facts CAN NOT be said of Ezekiel Elliott or any other true RB on the squad.

If Elliott was going to have a breakout game, it should have been against Navy. Am I the only one that is worried because the running game is not up to par? Elliott isn't rusty. He simply is no Carlos Hyde and the only player close is Rod Smith.

I will retire from saying this over and over, but as I said before...I said the same about Hyde and was called stupid. There is one problem here though. I said that about Hyde when he was a sophomore. Smith is a 5th year senior and there is a chance that Elliott will never be as good, big, strong, fast, or quick as Rod Smith is NOW. If the Buckeyes have a dream at the playoffs, it will go through the running of Rod Smith. This OL is not as good as the OL of 2013 and a bigger, faster RB is NEEDED. Please wake up, Buckeye Nation.....

Comment 31 Aug 2014

If Vonn Bell was on a Heacock/Fickell defense he would be playing the "Star" position and would soon be feared across the country. Sure, he is definitely a big hitter and I love the kid (another upvote for you), but right now he is just part of a secondary that has not yet fixed its problems. I really can't wait to see Bell play more...I just really miss what Heacock and Fickell did back in the days of having the "Leo and Star" positions. Those were the days of the Silver Bullets and the coaching staff can bring that back with the talent they have on the roster now. This defense is different from Heacock's (Tressel always left the defense totally in Heacock's and Fickell's hands) and it isn't Fickell's doing. If you want proof, just look at how far the D has sunk since Fickell was chosen to keep things in order as head coach in 2011. Sorry all, but this is Meyer's doing. Do any of you miss Heacock like me? Fick needs to be made DC and dropped from his other responsibilities. Only then may we see what Fick learned from Heacock in those years of having top 5 defenses over 50% of the time and having top 10 defenses most of the other times. Quoted from Jim Tressel..."Jim Heacock is the reason why these Buckeye teams finish in the top 5 year in and year out"...

Comment 31 Aug 2014

Ugh! Here I go again....

Smith is bigger, faster, stronger, and has better feet than Elliott. Those facts that I just wrote are just that...FACTS. Smith is what is missing right now. He had 2 carries against Navy. On his first, there was no hole and he jumped over both an OL and a DL to turn a loss into what was said was a 3 yard gain...what I saw was a 7 yard jump for a 5 yard gain. That run was on 1st down. The next 3 plays were runs with Elliott. Elliott got 3 yards, then 3 more yards, and then lost 2 yards on 4th down and the Bucks turned the ball over on downs. On Smith's 2nd attempt, there was absolutely no hole and he broke through out of the backfield and again turned a loss to a gain for 3 more yards.

There is no doubt in my mind (I am an idiot, but I know my Buckeye football just as well as we all think we do) that Rod Smith is the best RB on the squad and I believe the running game will struggle unless the staff figures this out. Why have Elliott be the starter when you have a horse that is bigger, stronger, and faster than every other RB on the squad? As I said before though...I said the same thing about Carlos "El Guapo" Hyde (the "El Guapo" title was given to him by me first as I gave it to him before his first practice as a Buckeye if anyone cares...We Florida people keep up with Florida high school players and I knew Hyde was going to be a stud when he signed) and was told how dumb I was then just as I'm sure to have downvotes for these comments. Bring 'em. Despite the downvotes and conflicting comments, my next sentence is FACTUAL. Rod Smith is the biggest and fastest true RB on the squad. He is what is missing. The absence of him is exactly why Ohio State did not have a 100 yard rusher against Navy.

We can only wonder what Navy might have done if Smith had been given 15-20 carries, but honestly...not having a 100 yard rusher against Navy's defense makes the running game look weak, and it doesn't have to be that way. Last season, Hyde wore defenses down, Smith can do the same, plus he has an extra gear to take it to the house that Hyde never had. Smith is the answer. Bring in the boos now.

Comment 31 Aug 2014

They are the fastest Buckeyes that I "maybe" have seen on one team. My wish is that they would turn those jets down here and their to make people miss. They need to understand that if their stopping makes a defender stop, then odds are that they will be able to turn the jets back on and make defenders miss. I can't think of the last real time that a true WR from Ohio State wasn't tackled by the first defender to touch them. I love the speed...don't get me wrong, but vision and footwork make for taking it to the house just as much as speed does. .....Oh, Marshall is MUCH faster than 4.6 plus he probably has an even faster 100 as he seemed to have that EXTRA gear after the jets were turned on. Samuel seemed to have that extra gear, too.

I won't mention Rod Smith as I still STRONGLY believe that he is the biggest, fastest and best true RB on the roster. The reason I won't mention it anymore is that I have bitched like an old woman about it for over 24 hours straight plus the time I have spent here at 11W.

Comment 31 Aug 2014

Angles are the game when it comes to tackling which is why the LB corps seems to be struggling again. A solid MLB is the answer in my book. I agree about that first Navy TD, though. If the official would have first said the RB's knee touched before he touched the pylon, the play never would have been overturned, and the Bucks would have taken over on downs at their own 1 yard line. That is instant replay, though.

It is tougher to take correct angles when the offense is playing extra TE's which are allowed to just go downfield and block any player AWAY from where the play is going. That extra TE helps a lot and caused hell for the Bucks' OLB's and secondary. Navy may not throw, but their running game is no joke and is hardly ever shut down. They didn't pass for just 1,117 yards in 2013 because they didn't want to pass, necessarily. They threw for such few yards because they hardly ever have to pass. They threw the ball just 4 times against the Buckeye defense.

Comment 31 Aug 2014

I understand you are speaking of the edge and the OLB's ineffectiveness. The problem is that the Middies count for that in their play. Just as the defense has to play "assignment football", their blockers do, too. I'm sure that the extra TE that the Middies employed during the game had an assignment to keep the OLB busy. That is when the MLB comes in to play...and with the multiple misdirection and just 3 LB's that is a lot to take care of. Navy attempted just FOUR passes over the entire game. Maybe since Ash had what was close to a week off, he should have had the safeties cheat more and maybe the secondary should have been "assigned" more. Sure Fick has responsibilities, but the DL line coach is his boss and the secondary coach is his equivalent as "co-defensive coordinator".

Fickell is always pointed out as the guy messing up. The man has Meyer with him on the sideline, his immediate boss, asst. head coach, Larry Johnson there with him, and what is supposed to be his equal as a co-DC, Chris Ash there as well. If everyone is going to treat him as the Defensive Coordinator, why don't they give him the job instead of putting him on the sidelines with 2 of his bosses and an equal while he is still calling the plays and in charge of his LB corps where he hasn't had a decent MLB since James Laurinaitis? The man is more of a Buckeye than anyone else on the squad. Look up his history and see what his defenses were like with Heacock....If Fick was the DC and the DC only, I would possibly be on your side. It just seems sort of hard to me for him. He has the LB corps (without a decent MLB AGAIN), he is calling in plays and has to stare at 2 guys that have job titles that either mimic or surpass his. Fick may be the ultimate answer, but he is not the problem. How many other defensive coordinators have as much responsibility of Luke Fickell. The one guy being betrayed is the most solid, dedicated coach on the squad...and you may be right when you mention that he has too much to do as no coach in the nation does more.

I apologize for my relentless defense of Luke Fickell. He was born in Columbus, started 50 consecutive games in the middle of the Buckeye DL, was on the staff in the days of Cooper, and does more while bleeding Scarlet and Gray more than ANY other coach on ANY other team. I respect him and trust him more than any other Buckeye and always make an ass out of myself defending him. To me, he is EXACTLY what it means to be a Buckeye, plus he has been around longer than everyone else as well...and if you looked at the defenses of Heacock and Fickell, you see defenses that are normally in the top 5 when it comes to total defense and scoring defense.

Comment 31 Aug 2014

It was painful to watch on TV as well. Good job on keeping positive...I'd like to have seen McMillan at MLB, too...but the staff felt it was a better idea to move Perry over and it didn't work as badly as everyone is acting as it seems his toughness along with the overall strength of the DL wore down Navy's trickery and misdirection while the defense seemed fresh despite being on the field as long as they were. Bring on VaTech!!!

Comment 31 Aug 2014

After reading all of the above, your comment is the one that should be getting the upvotes. Playing the triple option "IS" assignment football, but Navy practices on how to get those "assigned" players where it is tough for the players to put themselves in the correct position. They are VERY good at it despite what has happened against different teams in different years. Navy's offense is going to be better on some days despite what defense they are playing against. Also, like you said (in a way), Navy's offense is built to confuse the defense with multiple misdirection and most importantly is made to keep the other offense off of the field. If it were up to Navy, both teams would have had six total possessions or less. I'm not a coach and don't claim to be, but I believe all that you and me said to be true to fact.

Also...J.T. Barrett's "brainfarts" (as you put it) DID keep this game from being a blowout...the Bucks lost out on points because of those mistakes and those points would have broken Navy's backs. Lastly....I know that all of Buckeye Nation is totally in love with Ezekiel Elliott, in my opinion, though: The BEST, biggest and fastest true running back that the Buckeyes have is Rod Smith. He got 2 carries for 6 yards. On his first carry he hurdled 2 linemen to turn a negative gain into a positive gain and his second carry was bottled up and he still turned it into positive yardage. It is like the Carlos Hyde situation. Hyde was Ohio State's best RB as a sophomore, but the staff was too committed to giving Jordan Hall (what a waste) and Boom Herron who was returning from suspension the bulk of the carries. That is the kind of thing that leads to a (6-7) season. Hyde was signed as a 240 pound FB that was capable of running a 4.4 second 40 yard dash. Rod Smith is the exact same size as Eddie George was (6'3", 235 pounds) only Smith has more moves and is faster than Eddie ever was. Smith NEEDS to be getting 10 carries a game at the absolute minimum. He is bigger and faster than any other true RB on the team. With all of the speed that the Buckeyes obviously have (even though they can't break a tackle to save their lives) Smith is the game changer...he is the one power back on the team. Just like Hyde during his sophomore year, Smith is getting overlooked.

What RB would you really want to get the ball on a 3rd and short or 4th and short? This is his last year as a 5th year senior and my bet is he goes to the NFL whether this Buckeye staff uses him or not. Sorry about the Smith rant, but I said the same thing about Carlos Hyde and was told how stupid I was then...but I was right then and have more than a feeling that I'm right now as well.

Great points and Go Buckeyes!

Comment 31 Aug 2014

Well, it did happen against a team that doesn't pass. I honestly believe that the 2013 Buckeyes would have had about the same stats against the pass. Let's not give coach Ash any true, legit credit yet. He'll have plenty of tests down the road, though and I sincerely hope he has had some effect, if only a little. He hasn't had that long to work with the secondary and the Buckeyes were playing against a team that totaled just 1,117 yards last season. After all...Navy had just 4 attempts and 2 completions against the Buckeyes.

Comment 31 Aug 2014

If I start on writing about the Navy game, I will need my own blog. For now, it is great to see Buckeye Nation look at this game for what it was which was a game against a team with a strange offense and the Buckeyes using many different players and trying to find the right combinations and situations against a defense that isn't the worst defense imaginable. I can't give the Bucks an "A" for anything except effort, but I have a feeling these Bucks, especially the defense, will be ready for the Big Ten games once they arrive.

Oh...I still do not agree that Navy's first TD was legit. If the official would have said that Sanders' knee went out of bounds before he touched the pylon, the booth would have not been able to overturn it and the final score would have ended up being 34-10, which is a lot more decisive than 34-17 to the Buckeye haters of the world. So goes CFB and instant replay, though. Cool write-up...Go Buckeyes.

Comment 31 Aug 2014

My wife ordered a sports package from our cable provider so I could get BTN. Luckily, it came with CBS Sports Network, which carried the game. I'm in Florida and CBS probably will carry no more Buckeye games, but it was a great feed to have. Still though, I actually had to stop the game and WANTED to walk out on my TV because of the game itself. Reception and everything else for the game was fine through CBS though. Sorry about your luck...hopefully that situation will plague you no more. Go Bucks.

Comment 31 Aug 2014

I have tons to comment on about the Navy game...I might need my own blog. In the end though, your comment says the most important thing to Ohio State as any team's defense will look bad against Navy's offense. Holding Navy to 17 points is not necessarily a bad thing at all, though. Offensively with the Bucks...what is there to say? New season, new QB, and somewhat of a new offense because of it. Great comment..."rear view mirror" is all that really matters. Excellent outlook.

Comment 22 Aug 2014

I know that everyone is big on Elliott, but I still think that the 5th year senior, Rod Smith is the best back on the I'm with you, I just hope that Rod Smith is getting at least 10-15 carries a game and he is the one the RB corps listens to. Losing Miller definitely did not kill the Buckeye's chances and the players that the Buckeyes have in almost every position on each side of the ball should be top notch help. Ohio State STILL should be the odds on favorite to win the Big Ten and Barrett (and/or Jones) will be a big part of their success. Losing Miller hurts of course, but think about what it would mean at Ohio State next season if Barrett and/or Jones show up big...and I think they will, whether it is Barrett, Jones, or a combination of both...and then Miller returns.

BTN surely are giving Ohio State almost no chance. BIG MISTAKE!!! I try to not watch to see what ESPN thinks, but those bastards are everywhere. The Buckeyes and the Big Ten as a whole should be good this season.

Comment 22 Aug 2014

While it does seem a bit strange, just like the Coaches Poll and the AP Poll, I don't see it as THAT far off as the leader is just at 29.5%. With numbers like that it seems like their look at it is more "up in the air than anything. A lot of people think MSU will be down this year as they had maybe their best season ever in 2013 and they lost a lot of players. I'm with you...I way more afraid of MSU than TTUN, but the truth is that with Miller gone, a lot of votes that had Ohio State as the Big Ten champs had to go somewhere and obviously (to the power index) an Ohio State team with Miller was a clear cut favorite while picking the 2nd best team was much harder.

What is a bit more strange to me is that Ohio State is set to start the season at #5 in the AP poll. Were those votes put in before the news was out that Miller is out for the season? In my personal opinion though, which means zero after watching EVERYTHING that BTN had to offer, I think the top 5 should start with Ohio State at #1.

After them, I'd have Michigan State, Iowa, Wisconsin, and then TTUN.... I am just another Ohio idiot but I see more from Barrett and Jones than just the garbage we saw in the Spring game. I also see Ohio State as the #1 defensive team in the Big Ten followed by Iowa. Ohio State averaged right around 200 passing yards per game in 2013 and almost went to the national title game. Barrett's legs are definitely enough to make defenses worry and the short passing game this year should see a lot more times where the first defender to get to the ball carrier misses. Miller hasn't had that kind of help in his entire time at Ohio State. Barrett (or Jones) just needs to get the ball to these guys that have that speed like we had when there was just ONE Ted Ginn Jr. on the team. This team has much more speed on offense than anything we have ever seen before. I think the pollsters and computers will be seeing the same thing after the first 3 or 4 games of the season.

Comment 21 Aug 2014

I don't see this upcoming season being all that bad. In Fickell's 2011 season, his job and mission was to stop the bleeding and to rid the school of constant ESPN comments that would turn into "breaking news" on their program. Also, the 2011 team really had no WR help for Miller in the seven loss season. I'm sure the leading Buckeye offense will have much more than just a leading receiver with only 14 catches. On top of that, the leading rusher to start the season was supposed to be Jordan Hall with Carlos Hyde being the #2 RB (do you all see now why he was so pissed during the 2011 season?). In 2011, the Buckeyes faced 5 ranked teams and besides their 24-6 loss @ Miami, their other 6 losses were by 7 points or less.

I think the 2014 Buckeyes, even with Barrett or Jones are capable of putting more points on the board, and IF the LB/secondary problems are fixed, Ohio State will be fine and still be in the fight for the East Title and the trip to Indy. It may be a stretch, but we all saw what happened with Guiton at QB in 2013 plus you have to remember that the 2007 Buckeyes went to the National Title game after beating Michigan and a handful of teams losing in their last game...and that 2007 team had Beckman at QB, who ended up losing his spot as a SIXTH year senior to a true freshman in 2008. The situation is not as bad as the situations have been before...especially if the defense returns and if you noticed, during the spring game this season, all deep routes were blanketed by the secondary. Things could be much worse and Barrett and Jones both are more athletic than everyone says. The reason for that is simple...they aren't as good with their feet as Miller...neither was two time National Title winner, Tim Tebow who got the majority of his passing yards by throwing 5 yard passes that turned into 40 yard plays. This Ohio State team may be a team that lost 45% of their offense, but that is much better than TTUN was doing with Robinson at QB.

This was the one year when the least should have been expected of Miller. Barrett and Jones should be "good enough" to keep the offense explosive as they have more talent when it comes to playmakers at WR and TE than Miller ever had...and Miller was able to be the Big Ten's offensive player of the year twice with what was always referred to as "a below average" passing ability.

Comment 18 Aug 2014

I expected it. I just expected his real Buckeye career to start in 2011. Unfortunately, everyone thought way too much of Jordan Hall and Dan Herron got the #1 spot after returning from suspension, so..... Hyde never saw the field again until 2012. I loved Dan Herron as he was a power rusher in a speedy back's body, but Hyde was still at 240 pounds and running faster than ANY RB on the squad in 2011. Hyde was robbed, he made his text, and then shut up....After that he just ran, ran, and ran and would have won the Heisman trophy after close to a 2,000 yard season.

It can be amazing what some players can do if you give them a chance. Rod Smith is a 5th year senior, I hope he gets half the chance that Jordan Hall did.

Comment 18 Aug 2014

Get ready, nation. The Buckeyes will be hungry and out for blood is the way it looks. Hail Coach Mick! He got Meyer's team ready very if we can just get a bit closer to 0% when it comes to injuries....

Comment 18 Aug 2014

Perfect comment. Yards after the first contact have hurt Braxton Miller's passing numbers tremendously as when a WR catches the ball he goes down upon first contact on nearly every catch. When you look at Miller's passing yards on the year, he actually came close to throwing the ball through the air for his yardage total. I think we will have some playmakers that have been missing for a while emerge this season. Again....great comment, you beat me to it.