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I'm a die-hard member of Buckeye Nation. I always have been and always will be. Ohio State makes me proud to be from Ohio and I hope that in the future we not only have the best football team, the Best Damn Band in The Land, and we do it cleaner than everyone else as well. I see that as a possibility as all of the hatred towards our beloved Buckeyes has put a constant huge magnifying glass on our program and I believe our athletes can also be young men that help the community and leave Ohio State as mature NFL leaders or leaders in their workplaces as they do all possible things to make Ohio State proud.


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Comment 17 Nov 2014

Oh, I'm a fool for not agreeing with Dave Brandon? You all can dvote me to hell, but I still won't agree with M!ch!gan's AD, no matter what he said. What has happened with Buckeye Nation? If you all want me out, fine! With the way you have treated me lately you all [upvote] anyway. Let me just get the banhammer now. [Upvotes to] YOU ALL! Woody would be turning in his grave. Just in case you didn't read me the first time...[Upvotes to] YOU ALL, you [upvoting] M!ch!gan AD quoting [upvoter]s. Block that out! I'm a much bigger and better Buckeye fan than all of you [upvoters] and am happy to leave. You all hate me and have for over a year. All of this that has been done to me goes against "the site rules", but that doesn't stop you all from ganging up on me for liking Rod Smith, thinking Jalin Marshall deserved to watch the 2nd half of the game against Minnesota, etc. You listen to Dave Brandon. Any real Buckeye fan would agree with me. I'll just go back to writing for Bleacher Report again. At least I won't have to deal with what I thought was "family". Who is the fool? The man that leaves because of [upvoters] like you, or the man that quotes and listens to Dave Brandon? Oh...did I say "[Upvotes to] YOU ALL, you [upvoting] Dave Brandon quoting [upvoter]s"? More than happy to split. [Upvotes to] YOU!!!

Comment 17 Nov 2014 we come to THE Buckeye site and just not talk about it? A little unrealistic, isn't it? I'd be happy to write a blog about it...but everyone unfairly hates me here so it wouldn't even get but a few reads and all would dvote me if they could. Why do I mention this? Simple...Being the 11W whipping boy, I am dvoted for saying that Jalin Marshall, after his turnovers against Minnesota should have merited a benching in the 2nd half of the game. No one realizes how that can be a psychological plus for Mr. Marshall and I have since been lumped in with all of the other "social media freaks" that gave such a whipping to Marshall following his 2 turnover game against Minnesota. Keep in mind that the only media outlet I participate in at all is here at 11W. Anyway, I will post a blog by Thursday comparing stats, gameplay, and other intangibles and post my opinion on what I think should be done.

Oh, and a  blog about the Barrett/Miller situation  shouldn't make any fan enjoy this season less and we have to remember that the Buckeyes started the season ranked #5 and voters couldn't wait to drop them after Miller's injury. This is a REAL STORY...and I would be honored if people would read my take. Sorry...and I have taken back your dvote. Dvoting is for haters, period! I'd rather be hated than dvoted "just because"...and that is why I am dvoted the most...besides writing novels like this one.

You are correct in wanting to downplay the situation...but having a 2-time Big Ten offensive player of the year returning to a team lead by a redshirt freshman that is close to a shoo-in for the Big Ten offensive player of the year in 2014 does merit a story and many comments. Unfortunately, I am not taken too seriously here to make a great story no matter how good my write up may be.

The #1 problem is that I am too honest. For instance...I dvoted your comment (and since have rescinded it). Hey...I'm honest. Your comment, while it may be good for the inner workings of the team, is very unrealistic considering that this is the place to talk about these kind of things. I dvote almost no one, do not hold grudges, but the exact opposite happens to me because of my honesty. I average way less than 1 dvote weekly. Like I said though, your comment is somewhat unrealistic. Sure, the team shouldn't be thinking about this, but this is our own little Buckeye news site. We should be talking about the Barrett/Miller situation. You are correct when it comes to the players...but we are fans...and fans like this kind of talk no matter when it comes...and it is a huge situation considering that Meyer has already said that the job belongs to Miller when he returns healthy.

I apologize to all for being honest, but the way I have been treated here recently, I have realized that Buckeye Nation cares not for honesty. They, on the whole, have forgotten about the great words of Woody Hayes and automatically think that Urban Meyer will be in Columbus forever. Things last few years nowadays...our Bucks will be looking for a new coach sooner than later and in my eyes, Woody Hayes still means a lot more than Urban Meyer.

Comment 17 Nov 2014

It certainly is the hardest position to play. However...he needs some re-tooling of sorts. Giving him a break is fine. Give him a break NOT returning punts, though. I have taken tons of heat and had my comments "blacked out" because I thought he should have sat the 2nd half of the Minnesota game on the bench, watching other players do his job. No matter how many dvotes I get, I still stand behind that. I don't tweet, I don't engage in social media of any kind (except here), and I STILL think sitting out the 2nd half would have done him better than cuddling him. I don't agree with the bashing he is taking, but I still believe that players should sit and watch after crucial fumbles. If it is "permanently implanted" in his brain, then...NEXT MAN UP. Now that Wilson is out, Marshall, the best H-back on the squad, should be able to shine on offense. Fumbles of any kind STILL have to be frowned upon, though.

I apologize for speaking the truth from stats...dvote me all you want....

Comment 17 Nov 2014

It's funny...The article mentions Marshall's struggles at punt returning and his fumble inside the 5 against Minnesota. I expand on that and I get downvoted to hell and no one agrees with me...but agrees with the article itself. You guys can keep hating on me all you want. I had to explain to my boss (from Xenia, Ohio), why Jalin Marshall was so important to the team while he wanted "his ass kicked off of the team" for his recent struggles. You guys just keep hating on me. I obviously deserve it, right? You keep up with hating on me...even though you ganging up on me is against the "so-called" rules. I apologize for wanting Marshall to watch the 2nd half from the sidelines in the game against Minnesota. Does that make me "okay" now? Woody would turn over in his grave and you ALL KNOW IT!!!

Comment 17 Nov 2014

So, if you were the coach, you'd just let it go and chalk it up to "a bad game"? If people really can't get what I'm saying and keep dvoting me, that means they don't like what I'm saying...but it doesn't make what I'm saying WRONG. That is the problem with upvotes and downvotes here at 11W. Just because I get dvoted does not mean I'm wrong. In fact, it probably means that people think I'm attacking one of their favorite players...even if he does deserve to watch the 2nd half of a game because of his mistakes. I'm old. I know my football, and I know that Marshall's mistakes made close games closer. If people can't handle that and want to keep dvoting me, that is fine. They have always hated me here anyway...just for speaking my opinion. The sad truth is that people know I'm speaking the truth from my heart and I think that Jalin Marshall is the best H-back on the squad...besides that, I believe him to be the biggest gamebreaker on the squad. He just hasn't been given the ball enough because of Barrett's great way of "spreading it out" combined with Marshall playing behind Wilson (which now won't be a problem). Should I apologize or stop speaking my mind because people disagree? This isn't Russia. Is this Russia? This isn't Russia (Sorry, had to throw some Caddyshack in there).

The problem here is that I am the 11W whipping boy. At least half of my comments are dvoted massively. However, I'm a stat guy, I speak the truth, base my comments on stats, and people here just can't handle it. The stats are that Marshall has been responsible for 3 fumbles in 2 games where he didn't have very many touches. If people would watch the games 3 times as I do...and study box scores as I do, they would see that Marshall had 5 catches against Minnesota, with 1 fumble...he had 3 punt returns in that same game with a muff. Eight touches, 2 fumbles. That will end up losing a game...and I simply do not want that.

Comment 17 Nov 2014

Keep acting like fumbling inside the 5 is ok. My love for Rod? Rod is gone and no one will know what Smith ever could have done for this squad if he had gotten a fair shake. If everyone was so forgiving on Rod Smith's fumbles, he may have started in front of Carlos Hyde. But let's forgive Jalin Marshall...that makes sense. I just thought he should have sat out after his fumble. That does wonders for players that put the ball on the ground. No team could field an offense? How many fumbles has your favorite CFB team had recently? I care about the Buckeyes only...and because of that, I'm taking garbage comments like yours. Many others that can back up Marshall for 2 quarters at Ohio State.

Comment 17 Nov 2014

Awww, now you aren't playing fair at all. Not only have I taken my normal kick in the ass on H.S. I have to go at this, too? Any time any player puts the ball on the ground or is the cause of a turnover, he has to be made aware of the consequences of his actions. You all are so shoved up Jalin Marshall's ass, you are losing sight of making him better as a player. You disagree, fine. Bringing up Notre Dame though? What the hell does that South Bend team have to do with anything? Marshall's "effort" caused him to make a turnover. Facts are facts. You cuddle him and make him a worse player. Notre Dame? The next play? Afraid of making a mistake? None of those things have anything to do with Buckeye football. Hold on to the ball, make no turnovers and the end result should be a big win instead of a 7 point win @ Minnesota. The motto used to be "next man up"...there are other Buckeyes that can be responsible for 3 turnovers in 2 games.

Even Woody said "Run straight at the end zone". I'm pretty sure he didn't mean "do everything you can to cross the plane even if you drop the ball". You guys are getting bad again and losing sight of what makes a football team great. Turnovers KILL a team and Marshall has been responsible for 3 in the last 2 games. YOU cuddle him. I'm more interested in making him a bigger part of the offense which makes a better team.

Comment 16 Nov 2014

Okay...I've unsuccessfully kept my comments from becoming novels but I see a novel in the future here. I promise to try to keep this short.

I have more football experience than Marshall. I won't pretend to be in his league as a player as I never was and only was a better athlete in one way. I ran 4.38s and 4.44s in the 40 yard dash as a 177 pound junior during high school's 1990 season. Besides that, Marshall has me beat in every facet of football and he plays at the greatest school in CFB history. I'm nowhere near the athlete he is, do not know what goes on in Buckeye team meeting, and thus do not know the inner workings of buckeye football. I am not worthy. However, I'm 41 years old, know football very well (although my expertise per se, comes on the defensive side of the ball), and know enough to know that your comment about "guys in their 30's" is both wrong and full of shit!

Marshall failed to get his own players out of the way on a punt return against Sparty. He knows that was on him as at that point, he is the captain of the return team. No, he didn't fumble, but the ball bounced off of a Buckeye which resulted in a fumble. That is on Marshall and he knows it. Then...he fumbled inside the 5 against Minnesota. That fumbled could have cost the Buckeyes the game. The Bucks dominated but won by just 7. That fumble and not getting a TD because of it was huge. That, too was on Marshall. Then Marshall muffed that 4th quarter punt against Minnesota...That is 3 turnovers that Marshall is responsible for in 2 huge games. I don't know, but your "positive reinforcement" might have transgressions if he listens to your 20 year old ass and your "soft" approach. The turnovers that Marshall committed were inexcusable contrary to how much we all like having Marshall and the whole "you are great and don't listen to the fans" approach that Buckeye Nation has fallen into over this. Hell, Fire Fickell t-shirts go on sale as soon as the Buckeyes miss a tackle. This is NOT how you treat our Buckeyes...We pound "doing things the correct way" into the minds of the players, we don't cuddle them when they are responsible for 3 turnovers as a non-QB in a 2 game period.

As I said before...Marshall should be more involved with the offense and taken off of returns (not because of his mistakes) in my opinion. He has shown that he is a better "H-back" than Wilson and Wilson's injury should show us how important Marshall is to the Buckeye offense. He is a better open field runner than Wilson, can line up anywhere, even at QB, and has the ability to cause problems for any defense while being a guy that can shed tacklers and take it to the house (a bit better than Wilson, in my opinion).

Mr. smart enough to listen to us in our 30's and 40's. Just be smart enough to know not to listen to the trolls and always want what is best for the team. You are on your way to becoming a Buckeye great. Don't expect us to cuddle you when you make mistakes though. If you are a true Buckeye, you know good and damn well that muffed punts are not helping the team and making you watch the 2nd stringer do YOUR JOB is a coach's way of making you use your most valuable asset...your brain. Me wanting you benched for the 2nd half of the Minnesota game wasn't a personal thing, it is just football psychology. Plus...if you had been benched after the fumble inside Minnesota's 5, there probably wouldn't have been a muffed punt for a turnover in the 4th quarter of that game. Or if there was a muffed punt, it wouldn't have been on you and you would have realized how important it is for you to catch a punt and understood how important it is to field punts cleanly in the 4th quarter of a game with national title implications attached.

Sorry, BuckInNashville...attacking Buckeye fans in their 30's though? What the hell does a football fan's age have to do with anything? As a rule, I don't downvote. Your comment though is detrimental to the inner workings of a football team and full of SHIT! Sorry. Even going to a D3 school should have taught you how turnovers can kill a team. You want to cuddle this kid? Help him out with "tough love", don't tell him how great he is and expect that to just make him start fielding punts correctly and stop fumbling. This is Ohio State football.

I have a story for you, too. It isn't as grand as dropping a td pass and then being the first target on the next set of downs, but here goes... I lost my football/baseball scholarships after playing CB for a team that went 0-10 in 1990-1991, my senior year. In our 4th game against Apopka, we scripted a first play where I was to play WR and employ a "crackback" block on a LB. I leveled the guy. I put my helmet right on his chin and took him out completely. One problem though...that LB was not a LB. He was a DT. This huge DT remembered me (I, like him, played both offense and defense). This guy kicked my ass for the rest of the game. He was intent on punishing me and he did for all 4 quarters. After each play, he ran at me, making sure that I peeled my ass off of the ground following each play. Fights ensued and I wouldn't budge. I fought with this guy the entire game and even scored a few uppercuts, trying not to hit his helmet. But hit his helmet I did, many times. Afterwards, my arm was bloodied up pretty bad and the scars didn't disappear until I was 35. The week after the game, I went to the doctor because of wrist pain. I ended up having to get a bone graft which required cutting a bone from my hip and inserting it in my wrist complete with 3 pins. I was in a cast for 18 MONTHS and lost my baseball scholarship/hopeful football scholarship (6 foot DB's that run sub 4.4s 40's in their junior year were few and far between in those days...also, I was a switch hitting catcher with that same speed...another valued commodity). Why am I telling you this? No good reason really, just wanted you to know that all of us old guys have our own stories, know a lot about football, and shouldn't be dismissed just because of our age, even if we "live through the players". Also...the kid that kicked my ass for 4 quarters...the kid that I wish I never would have had that crackback block on...He was just enshrined in the Hall of Fame. His name is Warren Sapp.

Comment 16 Nov 2014

Now...I have not noticed the hating "trolls" and I hope that I am not lumped in with them. I still believe that Marshall should have watched the 2nd half of the Minnesota game from the bench because of his fumble and the mental mistakes he has made over the past 2 games, though. The thing about Marshall, and I know Buckeye Nation will hate me for saying this, but in my opinion, it is true....Wilson's injury has opened up the job at "H-back" for Marshall. This is great in my eyes as I believe Marshall is a better fit at "H-back", is a better open field runner, and has great hands to go along with nifty feet. Wilson's speed which is oft-talked about, has not turned into big plays like we had hoped. Wilson is just too small and can't break tackles or make defenders miss. Marshall, in my opinion, is a much better choice at "H-back".

However, Marshall, himself needs to realize that putting the ball on the ground and being the captain of sorts on the return team requires discipline and decision making that he has failed in recently. To me, the best way to remedy those kinds of mistakes is to bench the player for the rest of the game in which the mistakes were made. This has nothing to do with a hate for Marshall, it is just simple football psychology. Nothing makes you hold on to the ball better and make quicker, sharper decisions than watching the 2nd stringer do your job for you as you watch from the sidelines. I'm not asking for him to be benched, but do believe that he should have been benched for the 2nd half against Minnesota.

I understand that Marshall is bright enough to fix his mistakes without being benched, but watching someone else do your job because of your mistakes is the best way to correct mental errors. I love having Marshall on the team AND PLAYING. He is becoming a threat to defenses in a few different ways. I really think that the best option is to have Marshall play more on the offense and to take him out of the return game totally. The Bucks have more than a few guys to fill the special teams role and Marshall is becoming too important to the offense to have him get injured in the return game.

Comment 16 Nov 2014

While I appreciate the younger kids' efforts and accomplishments, Marshall's mental mistakes and that fumble inside the 5 on Saturday should have warranted his ass sitting and watching the rest of the game. I think that Buckeye Nation appreciates Marshall as he has gotten better and better as the season has gone on....BUT, special teams miscues are almost inexcusable under Urban Meyer squads and ANY fumble should have consequences. I appreciate having Marshall but still see no reason why he shouldn't have watched the 2nd half against Minnesota on his cold ass from the sidelines. Football is a game that requires discipline. Marshall's discipline in taking care of the football could have cost the Buck's the last 2 games. Marshall needs to appreciate how turnovers can lose games, break momentum, and TAKE POINTS OFF THE BOARD against teams when the Bucks win by just 7. Those lessons are learned the best by watching other players do your job.

I've now said this twice to comments like yours. The other comment said that Marshall's fumble "wasn't his fault" as the cause of the fumble was a "well executed hit". This is Ohio State, where mental mistakes are not allowed and fumbles are 100% inexcusable. Obviously, Buckeye Nation is getting soft. Let's hope that the Buckeye coaching staff does not.

Comment 16 Nov 2014

I agree with you now, but would have disagreed before this week. What is strange is how the SEC keeps getting rewarded for playing against each other. Mississippi State, the #1 team in the country lost to #5, Alabama, and most likely, both Alabama and Mississippi State will be in the top 4 come Tuesday. Alabama lost to Mississippi and had a one point win against Bert's Arkansas squad that just finally won their first SEC game on Saturday. That same Arkansas squad beat LSU...that LSU loss should (but won't) show inconsistencies in SEC West schools, as LSU now is sub .500 in the SEC but still is looked at as a great team. If any team in any conference has a sub .500 record in their conference, they are NOT a good team. The problem with this is that SEC teams that beat LSU got a top 25 win on their resume which seems to be far too important to the "committee". This is strange as LSU now has 4 in-conference losses which should (but won't) make SEC West school's strength of schedule weaker. I'm now bitching over just a few "committee" points here and there, but with the way SEC West schools lose but do not take a drop in the rankings with any significance, it shows a flaw in the "committee's" way of ranking teams.

When it comes to close wins and the opponents that the games happened against, it seems like SEC teams are given a pass. Odds are that Alabama will be next week's #1 team. With Alabama having that loss to Mississippi and that one point win against Bert's weak squad, I can't see them as the #1 squad. I think the "committee" is putting their priorities in ways that favor the SEC West schools. It is hard enough for non-SEC West schools to get any credit JUST because they are not SEC West schools.

If the Buckeyes win out impressively and tack on a Big Ten championship win, nothing but the "committee" should be able to keep the Bucks from a playoff berth. That "committee" is sneaky though...I realize that Florida State has not had the greatest season, but they still have not lost, didn't lose last season, and are the defending national champs. I don't think that the Seminoles are the best team in the country but can't see how they are not #1 in the "committee's" standings.

Comment 16 Nov 2014

Sorry to disagree... ANY fumble should not happen and it is no one's fault but Marshall's for putting the ball on the ground. If he is going to fumble because someone made a well executed hit, he simply DOES NOT belong on the field. Besides that, letting kids get away with fumbles for any reason is bad coaching. I'm sorry but I could not disagree more with your comment and wonder why Buckeye Nation has blessed you with 9 upvotes. That isn't football, especially not Buckeye football.

Comment 16 Nov 2014

Just a quick note about your comment regarding my favorite ex-Buckeye, Rod Smith. In 2011, Smith fumbled 3 times in his first 50 carries. Smith then, even after the regime change under Urban Meyer, didn't see the ball but a few times until 2014. I think Marshall should have been benched following his fumble against Minnesota. I don't think that he deserves the Rod Smith treatment, but sitting that ass on the bench following a crucial fumble makes a player hold onto the ball afterwards.

With Rod Smith...He had the size, speed, and power to be a huge force for Ohio State. His fumbles in 2011, in my opinion led to his dismissal in 2014. After his 2011 season, he almost never saw the field until his senior season of this year. I think that the coaches' decision to sit him almost "indefinitely" for 2011,2012, and 2013 may have given him a "We didn't come here to play school" attitude which effectively ended his Buckeye career.

Now, I'm certainly not saying that Marshall needs the "Rod Smith treatment", but him being punished following the fumble would have straightened his head out a bit. I think the coaching staff made a mistake by letting him play after the fumble. I really think he should have sat his cold ass on the bench for the rest of the game.

Comment 16 Nov 2014

Not only am I the local 11W whipping boy, I'm also a weirdo when it comes to music. My genre of choice in the music world is "thrash metal". My favorite band is a German band called Kreator. Give their newer song called "Civilization Collapse" a listen, get your ears cleaned out with a Q-tip from hell, and you'll see why I'm not so up to date on newer pop music and the artists associated with it. I had never seen or heard any of Katy Perry's music until I saw Miss Perry on ESPN's College Gameday. I certainly didn't take your comment as rude and this is kinda the place to be rude to your Buckeye brethren, so, "no worries, mate". The reason I mentioned Miss Perry was because I didn't know if the populace as a whole looked at her as a joke like Justin Bieber. The funny thing favorite band's vocalist mentioned that he doesn't like much metal but listens to a lot of Katy Perry recently. This made me check out her music. It's not for me but I'm not just your long-haired metalhead that doesn't listen to anything but metal. Lately, I have been listening to Lush, The Cranberries, Creedence, and a lot of The Beatles...My last name is "Lane". Because of my last name and love for The Beatles, I named my daughter "Penny Lane". Of course, this isn't the place to talk about music, but music is my first love except during college football season. I almost always write novels as comments here, but if I was talking music, I'd ALWAYS write novels. It's hard enough to shut me up, but when it comes to music, I just won't shut up.

If you get a chance, check out my daughter (no metal, just her singing with her guitar)...... This isn't Penny, this is my oldest daughter using her professional name. If you like her song, or any of them, let her know that Buckeye Nation showed up to give her a listen. I have been trying to get her and her boyfriend to make a "Joey Bosa Rap". Unfortunately, her boyfriend is a fan of a school I won't mention, so that might take a while.

This is most certainly not her best effort, but I pushed music on her since she was 12. Now that she is 20 (sorry about her drinking, I'm the "cool Dad" and she asks me to buy her a bottle of wine here and there), her band broke up because they all had to get jobs and go to school. Their band is now on a hiatus. My baby can sing, though. Now, she writes for herself, helps out with her boyfriends "rap career" (Kelly "Money" Marshall), and posts a solo effort onto YouTube here and there. This song is one of those efforts. Thanks for reading, if you did.....

Comment 15 Nov 2014

Thanks for the extra Condoleeza Rice info/trivia. I knew she was a democrat turned republican. Being a registered republican, I just have trouble trusting her. Once a democrat, always a democrat. Anyway though, I always wondered about her football IQ. How did you find out about her football IQ, anyway? I knew that she was secretary of state under George W. Bush, started as a democrat then turned republican, and I think she attended Stanford...or was it Cal-Berkley? I'll guess Stanford. Anyway though...I had no idea she really knew her football. If you or anyone else reads this, can you direct me to some literature that tells of her football IQ? I have been giving her, Barry Alvarez, and Tom Osbourne a lot of hell recently for being on the committee while the Buckeyes and Big Ten are getting no respect. Even though Mr. Osbourne is not really a former Big Ten coach, I expected both Alvarez and Osbourne to push the Big Ten as much as they could. Thanks for setting me straight about Miss Rice. +1...I would give you +3 or +4, but I can't. Great comments.

The BCS wasn't a bad thing...people just wanted a playoff, and I truly feel that Ohio State would be sitting at #3 right now if it wasn't for this committee and playoff. In the past, losing in week 2 and then running the table would land you in the title game. Because of this I feel like all Buckeye Nation members that wanted a playoff should "open mouth and insert foot". I think that (if this were last season with the BCS) if there was no committee/playoff, that our beloved Bucks would be sitting at #3 behind both Mississippi State and Florida State and just waiting for the rebels to lose to Alabama/Mississippi/SEC championship game opponent to reach the top 2, and thus the National Title game. The Buckeyes started the season at #5 and that early VA Tech loss would mean much less than a late season loss as that is how it worked for quite a long time. think about that...the Buckeyes started at #5, lost one early game, beat possibly the most experienced team in the nation in their house last week and are now at #8...all of this while losing nothing after replacing the 2-time Big Ten offensive player of the year with a redshirt freshman. The Bucks are much underrated now and NO ONE wants to run into Ohio State right now...but still have not reached the #5 spot yet. This "SEC West is the best" stuff combined with the 2 Big 12 teams being "flip flopped" and both sitting in front of Ohio State just doesn't seem right to me.

Sorry for the moronic babbling and thanks for commenting. Please tell me where to read about Miss Rice's football IQ, if you know where to look. Go Buckeyes!

Comment 15 Nov 2014

Everyone wanted a playoff, except me. I personally bitched and was against the playoff from day one. Everyone seemed to hate the BCS, but why? The BCS was designed to have #1 play #2 and in almost every season, #1 and #2 were not disputed. For those of you that are redneck NASCAR fans...they have changed their playoff system in almost every year since the inception. Now Nascar's playoff system is a true "playoff" system. The problem is that 3 of the 4 drivers simply don't belong there. I see CFB's system as the same, only much worse. When you have a selection committee and Condoleeza Rice is involved, the committee is obviously flawed.

Already we have TCU inside the top 4 and Baylor on the outside looking in. Since Baylor beat TCU, there obviously is a flaw and that should be true even if Baylor's loss was to Yale or even a team like VIRGINIA TECH. Another issue is how weak the Big Ten is supposed to be, while the Big 12 is thought of as strong. In the Big 12, when you take Baylor, TCU, and Kansas State out of the mix, you see just mediocrity at best with the remaining teams being unranked and the reason for the relative "strength" of the Big 12 as a conference is Okie State. A win over Okie State should be looked at as no better than a win over Maryland at best (when comparing the Big Ten and Big 12). Okie State was thought of as tough almost all season long, but they now have dropped their last 3 and their best game in that span was a 24 point loss. Big 12 teams that beat Okie State have been credited with beating a top 25 team and Okie State has given up more points than they have scored on the year. For that matter, the Pac-12 looks a lot like the Big 12.

You all wanted this awful playoff and the human polls almost resemble the committee's why even have the committee? Think about the fact that the Big Ten has five top 25 teams while the Big 12 has only 3. When you look at the PAC-12, besides Oregon, do any of you really believe any of the rest of the PAC-12 would be favored against either Ohio State, Michigan State, or even Nebraska? I can't see any team outside of Oregon beating Ohio State, Sparty, Nebraska, or even Wisconsin. The fact is that the Pac-12 as a whole can't play defense.

Thee worst part of the entire "rankings" is the dominance of the SEC West. While Mississippi State's being at the top may not be disputed, Alabama's loss to now #11 Mississippi combined with the Tide's 1 point win @ Arkansas shows a body of work not much better than Ohio State's. Come on...Arkansas has ZERO SEC wins and will probably finish 4-8 with ZERO SEC wins. The bottom line is that the SEC West may be playing the best football, but still are as overrated as could possibly be.

In finishing my novel, let me just point out that regardless of what the committee "thinks", the Big Ten plays great defense overall and only the SEC West shares that distinction. The committee isn't taking into effect that there is a distinct possibility the Big Ten has improved vastly over the course of the season while even the mighty SEC West including Auburn, Texas A&M, and Mississippi are in decline. throw in LSU with their 3 losses and a 34 point loss on their season and everyone, including the committee needs to retool their thinking. All in all, the SEC West is strong only because the voters think they are strong. And hey, maybe they are, but the odds of having 6 of the 7 SEC West teams being ranked in the top 24 and having 4 teams in the top 10 is nearly an impossible realistic feat. Why are the SEC West teams ranked so high? Because when 2 ranked SEC West teams play each other, the losing squad simply doesn't drop far enough because the way of thinking is that those teams are above the rest of the country and a loss between them is looked at like a "good" loss. In every other conference there is no such thing as a good loss. It happens only in the SEC West. Any way you want to look at it, they are using things like strength of schedule and total body of work as their #1 template. Strength of schedule is nothing more than an opinion backed by opinions of how strong teams are. Total body of work is controlled by one major thing...STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE!

Sorry' bout the novel. I hardly get to write here anymore so cut me some slack...but wrong is my assessment? Overall, this is all being run by a committee and their opinions. The sad part of it all is that in any other season, the Bucks most probably would end up playing for a national title by winning out because an early loss would often be overlooked a bit if the team with the early loss got stronger as the season went on.

This playoff you all wanted is going to keep a record breaking Ohio State squad out of the title game...and the playoff is what all of you wanted, not me.

Comment 15 Nov 2014

I know that we all hate ESPN. If you don't, you should, anyway. However, I do try to watch College Gameday every Saturday starting a 9am. Since I don't listen to dance music, I didn't even know what Katy Perry looked like until seeing her as the guest analyst/game prediction special host when College Gameday went to Mississippi. I know that I have strange taste in women, but am I the only one that thought Katy Perry was 100% gorgeous that Saturday morning? I thought she was so hot that I made my girlfriend watch the replay (I wanted a 2nd opinion, but that didn't work). I'm a strange dude but Katy Perry is a babe, or she was on that Saturday morning, anyway.

Comment 13 Nov 2014

No interest in Hoke's background? I'd love to hear stories about him and sheep, if you have any. Just being born in the same city as him carries a stigma that makes me ill. I still see him as the stay-puft marshmallow man.

Comment 13 Nov 2014

Their offense is in for a long day and they are dreading the rest of their schedule. The Buckeye defense hasn't matched up against an offense so well... The Bullets dominates the Gophers. Three and outs on the way.