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I'm a die-hard member of Buckeye Nation. I always have been and always will be. Ohio State makes me proud to be from Ohio and I hope that in the future we not only have the best football team, the Best Damn Band in The Land, and we do it cleaner than everyone else as well. I see that as a possibility as all of the hatred towards our beloved Buckeyes has put a constant huge magnifying glass on our program and I believe our athletes can also be young men that help the community and leave Ohio State as mature NFL leaders or leaders in their workplaces as they do all possible things to make Ohio State proud.


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Comment 1 hour ago

+1....I agree totally. Making solid citizens doesn't compare to making a winning football team nowadays, does it? Where are these great men his team is building anyway?

Comment 1 hour ago

The man has 11 years in as a head coach with 0 conference titles and his best win to date was a Poinsettia Bowl win over Navy in 2009 while with SDSU (his BCS win in 2011 didn't count because Sparty deserved to be in the game, not M*ch*gan). He came to Michigan at 2 games below .500 in 8 years and 3 years later (thanks mostly to his 2011 season) he now sits at (73-63) in his career. Pressure? sure he feels it. The man is not a very good liar. Pressure in AA has some side effects including: foaming at the mouth, acting as if your team has a chance in hell against Sparty and Ohio State this season, intermittent weight gain, anal leakage, and mild death. Consult your physician before taking the head coaching job at M*ch*gan, especially if you are a traitor born in Ohio that resembles the Michelin Man or a version of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

The only trophy Hoke is in line for is something that involves that show called "The Biggest Loser" or possibly a Weight Watcher commercial or three. His chair probably hates life. It's a hot and heavy seat.

To be fair, I do believe that Hoke got a trophy for winning the east of the MAC, but his team lost in the championship game. Do you think that the MAC gives out a trophy for winning half of the conference? Oh...and would someone please give me a new nickname for Brady Hoke? Using Michelin Man and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man are getting way too old. He and I were born in the same city so I have some extra hate for him.

Comment 27 Jul 2014

Holy Buckeye was surely the most important. Imagine the Bucks losing a game without giving up a touchdown and it ultimately takes them out of a shot at the National Championship. That is bad. Since it really was just a one play comeback though, I wouldn't think of it as much of a comeback at all. Certainly though, it was the most important play since 1970. I still watch "Holy Buckeye" at least once a week and I actually thank the city of Utica, M*ch*gan for giving us Craig Krenzel...a kid that kept his cool long enough to loft a pass where only the receiver could grab it to win the game.

TSUN is funny. They give us a clutch National Championship winning QB while they are smart enough to look outside of their state for Heisman winners. Harmon was from Indiana, and of course, Howard and Woodson were both Buckeyes. They were always so smart up there. Ever since around 2000, they have done nothing but show how dumb they can be....rapists as KICKERS?...and the MICHELIN MAN from Dayton, Ohio as their current coach, who they hired with a career win/loss record that was 2 games under .500 and firing a proven winner to get the "Stay Puft Marshmallow Man" to keep the team on this downhill trend that may have ended when RichRod finally had his players and a system ready for those players. Tight work there M*ch*gan!

Okay...rant over. Go Buckeyes!

Comment 27 Jul 2014

I don't either and my wife would like to say that she agrees with you, too. The way my wife and I see it, you have to be ultra super tough if you want to have the best damn band in the land...and we Buckeye fans want the best damn band in the land each and every year and there is no excuse for NOT having the best band year in and year out. If you are going to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs, a sousaphone or two and possibly a drum major's feelings, right? The end justifies the means sometimes...hell, TSUN covered up a rape of sorts, Texas A&M covered up Manziel's wrongdoings, and whatever really happened with Miami giving recruits prostitutes (and our beloved school did wrongly by putting Andy Katzenmoyer in Sex Ed. classes? I'm sure that he learned to not use prostitutes and to wear condoms in that class)?

It just seems like the world truly does hate Ohio State. They can't stand it that a school has honor and tradition so much that they try as hard as they can to tear it down. Buckeye students are adults and have heard the "F-word" before, ya know? See, now they (the NCAA and ESPN) think they can tear the school down because the band director demands excellence and may have an anger management issue. Maybe we can get Mike Vrabel back to coach the band...the next thing ya know, players will be taping practice sessions to try to get their coaches put down. This is all ridiculous.

Comment 27 Jul 2014

I played CB and WR....but I played on a team that went (0-10) and I really played only CB but ended up against Sapp the entire game as we played a 4 WR set which meant that myself, like Warren Sapp almost never got a play off as he played on both sides against us....we were chumps and Sapp played many positions against us. I think Sapp playing LB was just their coach's way of taking it easy on us. With Sapp though (Sapp and myself) we fought early and he ran at me to fight after EVERY play. Sapp got 2 penalties for hitting me late that I turned into offsetting dead ball fouls because I couldn't control my temper. Hey though...I finished the game and two practices the next week before going to the doctor and finding out that I would never play sports again.  My scars on my wrists finally healed when I was 37...I'm 41 now. Sapp's Apopka team beat our squad 49-0 and they were the 3rd best team in our "Metro" conference. We play very good football here in central Florida. Even my (0-10) 1991 team had a player go to Florida State (OL) and started a few games for them and our QB that started as a freshman, ended up as the starter at NC State for a couple of seasons.

Comment 27 Jul 2014

2012 vs. Purdue

Kenny G. comes in and throws an interception...But then, faster than a speeding bullet, he found a telephone booth to change into his Buckeye/Superman uniform, throws a TD pass, backs it up with a throw for a 2 point conversion completion, and then promptly marches the Buckeyes 25 yards in OT as the last play was handing the ball to El Guapo for what ended up being the game winning score.

Not bad for a backup QB in a late inning relief appearance, right? I have a ton of confidence in Braxton Miller and I think he is the most dangerous player in the game, but it took Kenny G. to win that game. I'm sure that Miller could have done it, but he couldn't have done it smoother than Kenny G.

Comment 26 Jul 2014

People ALWAYS forget that each season is its own and that teams get better and teams get worse in college football. Our sport has 120+ teams. Parity will always be a factor, there will always be surprise teams, and despite popular belief, the SEC is NOT all powerful and upsets always happen in EACH and EVERY week. People act as if they don't know this as they all want to be the "Jimmy the Greek" of their era, place, or website and don't want to back down.

I'm basing my writings on the plain truth that no one knows how strong any team will be especially on any given day. It is possible for a (0-4) team that hasn't scored any points on the year to beat a (5-0) team 42-0 no matter what the Vegas lines say. Here in the south though, that scenario is NOT a possibility. This is a major reason why we had the BCS and its 2 predecessors and now are headed to a playoff system. No one counts parity and no one counts on the BEST team in the nation having 2 losses because they were beaten twice because on 2 of their game days the best team didn't bring their "A" game while their opponents did. Think about it realistically...the team that wins the national title during any year probably was NOT the best team in the country. Just because a team goes unbeaten and they are the only unbeaten team in the country does not mean they are the best team in the country.

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix it all....the BCS didn't work as they just put 2 teams at the top of a bogus formula in a so-called "title game". Since NCAA basketball doesn't show us a true champion as it is just a longer version of what this new football playoff system is, I can't believe that a playoff is what everyone wants. Contrary to popular belief, the winner of the NCAA Basketball tournament isn't normally the BEST team in the country, either. So, I guess what I'm getting at is that we were probably better off when we had people vote on who the best team is. After all...that is what this article is about...and it is probably correct. Ohio State holds a slight advantage over Michigan State and the winner of that season long/possible tie-breaker battle holds the edge over the other teams from the west. Just remember to change my downvotes to upvotes when Ohio State and Michigan State dominate the East with the Bucks beating out the Spartans and following that is a Buckeye win in the Big Ten championship game. This was all done off of voting, so what is so bad about voting? It's much better than having a playoff where the best team in the country could be upset and then the national championship belongs to a team that just played great against the best team in the country because they had an off day, or is it? I guess we'll see in January.

Comment 26 Jul 2014

Of course this is not a game between Ohio State and TSUN with the winner being the one that ends up with the best rated classes by ESPN, Yahoo, etc. but I have loved the last couple of years when the Michelin Man (Brady "I'm from Dayton but I'm a M*ch*gan Man at heart" Hoke) shot his load early gaining M*ch*gan some top notch recruits only for Meyer to rip his heart out around NSD as TSUN has none or close to no spots left open to grab a late 5 star pick that ends up in Columbus.

It seems the opposite this year as Meyer is fighting for recruits early (which IS a good thing, I wasn't trying to act like doing the recruiting early was bad) which will make TSUN's fall near NSD not as bad this season especially when comparing Ohio State and TSUN.

On another note...adding some weight and strength (and a nasty forearm with both arms) Gibson could be a Pryor clone, although one inch shorter, of course. Pryor, like Miller are and have always been criticized for their so called "weaknesses". Pryor's weaknesses put him on 3 Buckeye squads that totaled only 6 losses. Miller's weaknesses (minus his first year which was a program-wide disease that somehow was transmitted via NCAA brass with the help of ESPN's cameras, game breaking stories, and "breaking news reports" which were often false) seem to leave him as a 2 year QB with just 2 losses in those 2 years. Think about that....Erase year 2011 and you have a football program that has only 8 losses over their last 5 seasons. AND only a Buckeye hater would agree that 2011 instead of 2010 should have anything vacated unless it is just a coincidence that the Buckeyes have their worst season in a half-century following the NCAA and ESPN's attempt to totally ruin the school with the largest fan base in all of college football while letting a rape, some recruiting violations, and a redshirt freshman make millions off of his name while not doing any damage whatsoever to him or his school (I wonder why steps like those weren't taken in Ohio State's so-called "Tat-Gate" scandal as steps surely were taken at Miami and Texas A&M in their cases...maybe it has something to do with playing in the know, the south, where almost ALL MAJOR BOWL GAMES ARE PLAYED?).

Comment 26 Jul 2014

I do agree. But do you think TBDBITL would be what they are without someone there to kick them in the butt when needed? They are close to perfect and there is something beyond mere coordination that makes all of that happen, don't you think? I do. And that little extra something may just be an ass chewing or something of that effect.

Comment 26 Jul 2014

In high school, we had a very good baseball team with a coach that had a way of coaching that he truly believed in. We started every practice with a five mile run and ended each practice with a 5 mile run while our strength and endurance coach ran with us like a drill instructor as he constantly called us names, called our mothers names and generally treated us like total shit. When we lost a home game, our coach immediately looked at his watch, as 30 minutes later, we owed him another 5 mile run with our strength and endurance coach....when we lost an away game, we would have to drive back to our home field to run our lovely run while being screamed at by our strength and endurance coach. We ran 10 miles on every day that had no game and 5 miles on game days when we lost...and we were always chastised during our runs, especially when we lost to Orlando Boone, Orlando Apopka, and Orlando Dr. Phillips who had Johnny Damon at that time (and that kid was awesome then...he and future pro Brian Barber ate us up).

During my 3 years, we lost a total of 10 games. Our coach's look at baseball was "Get in shape and everything else comes easy". Now, I'm not saying that what happened on my high school baseball team excuses what is going on with TBDBITL...but they may just be TBDBITL for a reason close to my coach's outlook on baseball. I can tell you this for sure though: I ran back to back times of 4.38 and 4.44 in the 40 yard dash as a junior and I was 2nd on the team (I broke my wrist severely and had my baseball and football careers taken away because of a broken wrist playing against Warren Sapp in my senior year of high school football because my wrist was in a cast for 18 months) with those times. That team had 4 players play at major baseball schools with the best and fastest player playing for both the Miami Hurricanes and the L.A. Dodgers. We are all old now as we played during Sapp's high school years and his old, janky ass just went into the Hall of Fame. Trust me...there is no one out there that hates Warren Sapp more than me. During our football game, I got into at least 10 fights with him and broke my wrist while trying to punch inside his helmet but hitting his helmet instead. Just a note: If you are going to get into a fight with someone wearing full football gear, grab his facemask and push up while trying to hit him in the chin.....or you can always hit him in the throat like Woody did against Charlie Bauman. Regardless...try to get his helmet off first, especially if he has kicked your ass the whole game and is on his way to the Hall of Fame.

Comment 26 Jul 2014

Not a fan of cats myself either...But since I am a fan of sex and my wife loves cats (we have 5 cats, 12 kittens and we are currently fostering 2 mother cats with a total of 13 kittens between them as well through the Volusia County SPCA and we also give $25 monthly to their national chapter, the NSPCA), I put up with cats and do their morning feedings and my wife does everything else. Then again, I should probably be asking myself if sex is worth the 32 cats we now have (not counting the 5 outside cats that eat here but don't live here). If you got a peek at my wife, you'd guess that the sex was worth it, but I won't go any farther on that issue. My jealous ass wife goes through everything I write on this computer so I'll be chewed out about this soon enough. Maybe she'll cut me some slack about me hinting about how hot she is and there will be no actual chewing to it. Did I just say that out loud? I know....I'm a male chauvinist pig, but in the end, I was just trying to be serious and funny at the same everyone out there, please try and cut Grover some slack for this comment. Thanks. Go Buckeyes!!!

Comment 25 Jul 2014

I just wanted to add that a win against Clemson would have been great...but to the public and normal Buckeye hating fans, a win against Clemson would have been turned into a win against a team that has a decent season 50% of the time or simply dismissed as a win against a team that lost to Florida State by a score of 51-14 and finished the season with 3 losses. The win against Clemson would have been great for US...but to the majority of college football fans, they would have simply put Clemson down as weak that couldn't beat a Big Ten team.

The truth hurts, but if the Bucks would have won, that is exactly what you would have been hearing. See, finishing in the top part of the top 10 on most occasions means nothing to the bulk of college football fans because they all hate Ohio State for NO GOOD REASON and the only thing that MAY get Ohio State the respect they deserve is an unbeaten season and national title. Anything less to the regular college football fan are simply reasons to show hate for Ohio State.

Comment 25 Jul 2014

Being that every Big Ten game played by the Buckeyes IS A RIVALRY GAME for their opponents (when Ohio State loses against a Big Ten team, the opposite team's students always storm the field like they just won a national title), I see Braxton Miller as a big game QB because every Big Ten game is a huge game to both the players and the fans. Revenge is often brought up as the major word of the day when teams play against each other in the Big Ten (the team that lost the year before ALWAYS brings up "REVENGE"). There have been others, along with a few comebacks during the Miller era and a couple of those comebacks were Guiton's but does no one remember Miller's 4th quarter 40+ yard bomb as a freshman to beat Wisconsin? On the other side of that coin is the Nebraska game where Miller got hurt and the Bucks never rebounded. Miller is a big game QB...and he has been since game #1. Saying that Miller is not a big gamer is close to blasphemy. Miller is the man and he has been since he arrived.

Comment 25 Jul 2014

Water? Gatorade?

There should be a JUICE wall and a wall for the players that didn't fare so well called the "Lavender Wall" and those players that had days that weren't so good should have to sit in front of it while thinking of what they can do to help The Ohio State University win a National Title!!!

Comment 24 Jul 2014

I need help, too. Why do the bulk of us keep throwing words at these trolls that just won't even do any research at all to back up their claims? People need to realize that upsets do happen and even "so called easy schedules" do not ensure an unbeaten season at all. If they did, we would see at least 10 unbeaten teams per year. Winning, even against teams that are considered chumps are still games that the favorite has to win...and they don't always win them, either. These troll chumps that attack Ohio State with weak "strength of schedules" and such just need to do a tiny bit of research to see Ohio State playing against USC, TEXAS, and many others that had teams worthy of playing for national titles. Their hate blinds them and turns their mouths on high as well.

The best thing to do is ignore them...and that is what we all should be doing. Besides, how many squads have beaten five teams with 10 win seasons in the same season? One! Just one....and it just happens to be the 2009 Ohio State Buckeyes. You can NEVER tell how tough a team's schedule is until after the season is over. This troll is stupid at best and needs to do research before opening his pie hole. Ohio State has definitely taken over the #1 spot for the most hated football wouldn't be that way if Notre Dame could put 3 decent seasons together. Until then, our beloved Buckeyes will be the most hated team in college football. Even though we haven't seen a national title since 2002, the most hated team is ALWAYS reserved for the team that the majority of the public thinks is the best team. It has ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY, TOO.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

I suppose that it was a totally illegal stop, but I had a gun drawn on me. I wasn't about to argue laws with the guy when I knew we were getting pulled over because of the hat that I was wearing. I was just hoping that cop #2 would be cool since he knew his college football. BUT...he decided to search the truck and its contents for over an hour because I was a Buckeye fan. Since I had nothing illegal in the truck, I just let them search. As dirty as they were they were going to search it whether I gave them consent or not. The only think worse than a Buckeye hater is a Buckeye hating cop that has his gun drawn on you for wearing a hat of your favorite school.

All central Florida cops are dirty.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

I don't have a plumber's crack problem...but my Wendy with her tiny underwear definitely shows buttcrack at least 20 times daily. I bought her some pants that went higher as to hide her crack, but she refuses to wear them. I can't say anything about many other women plumbers as I've known just 4 others but only my Wendy had the buttcrack issue of all of them. Laugh if you must, but I felt that I had to be honest. Go Buckeyes and buttcrack!

Comment 23 Jul 2014

I wish that this "nickel" and a spot on the DL were like Heacock's defenses. The Bucks had a DB that could hit like a LB while also having a faster player on the DL to cause disruption by rushing the QB and also sometimes dropping into coverage. Cam Heyward played it great when he got his chance to lead the DL. Those positions were called the "Star" and the "Leo". We seem to have a great Leo that fits the mold in Spence....I just miss the good old days when our Leo (or Viper that lines up as the 7) and our Star were feared players. It seems that the defense has been a bit weaker since the difference of the Star and Leo positions. Maybe there has been no "star" or "Leo" because of the lack of personnel to play the spots...that definitely IS NOT the case now. Plus, with the addition of Chris Ash, we may have lost the Star forever....unless the nickel is the Star and Spence with his speed, and long arms (he is a prototypical Leo) is the Leo. The defense is just different now and we all loved the Buckeye defenses under Heacock. Even Tressel said,"Jim Heacock is the reason why this team is playing for the national title. His defense carries the team".

Remember those days? They could return as I believe this could be one of the best defenses that Ohio State has had in a long time and the Buckeye offense is twice what the Buckeye offenses were in the days of Tressel, Heacock, and Fickell who learned Heacock's defenses for years before Heacock left. I'm Fick's biggest fan. I've never blamed him...but I'm going to start if the defense is not as good as they can be here in 2014.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

You, my friend, just said it all when it comes to hatred towards Ohio State. Ohio State has been notorious as of late for winning close games against opponents that would normally be blown out by Ohio State. The public looks at these games as "reasons why Ohio State is not an elite team". The facts are though that it is extremely hard to go undefeated no matter what the schedule is and UPSETS DO HAPPEN. It just so happens that Ohio State is winning at about a 98% clip (I did not research that, I just know that Ohio State always seems to win when they are playing much weaker teams as their losses almost never are of the BIG UPSET variety) over the not so distant future when they have mounted comebacks to avoid big upsets. Upsets has just been a long time since a solid Buckeye squad has lost one of these type games. In the end, you have a Buckeye squad that has to overcome adversity in the 4th quarter and ends up winning in most of those situations. The situations that I am talking about are when Ohio State is a huge favorite, and then, towards the end of the game scores 2 quick TD's to win by less than a TD.

The public, because of their Buckeye hate, think of those games as games to show how weak the Buckeyes are...However, it actually shows how strong Ohio State is and how relentless their defense can get in the 4th quarter when they are behind. Big upsets happen all of the time. They just hardly ever happen to Ohio State.

I hope that I understood your comment correctly...I don't want to be lumped in with a bunch of Irish fans if my comment was "off the mark" from yours. Go Bucks!!   Oh...another nice movie line. "The Dude is definitely not Mr. Lebowski" especially when he asks Lebowski if he can spark up a joint in Lebowski's house...The rug most definitely tied the room together.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

I think that McCarron was the MVP of 'Bama's recent teams. There most probably will be a drop-off at QB for 'Bama. I totally disagree and think that 'Bama will be missing McCarron, especially early in the year no matter if it comes down to SEC opponents or even OOC opponents. I'm not talking about Alabama losing, but I can't see someone coming in and replacing a kid that a lot of people think should be holding a Heisman trophy right now. After all, if McCarron was mediocre there would have at least been thoughts of using their 2nd string QB over the last 3 years. In those 3 years, AJ threw for close to 9,000 yards with 74 TD's and just 15 Int's. In his 3 final seasons at 'Bama, he was their leader, threw for a high percentage, and was possibly the best player on college football's best team.

I'm sorry to disagree, but I think your comment is close to ridiculous and I also believe that McCarron should have a Heisman. Maybe a lot of people will disagree about the Heisman talk, but when you look at his 2011, 2012, and 2013 seasons, McCarron's numbers show a guy that played his role well as his stats were close to equals in all 3 seasons. If Alabama would have had a season where they threw the ball 50-75 more times, McCarron most probably would have brought home a Heisman.

Remember too, that McCarron was busy winning 2 national championships in his sophomore and junior seasons. I apologize...but your comment is altogether wrong. I think MOST 'Bama fans are hoping for a new QB that can come REMOTELY close to McCarron's success. I tried very hard too to not say anything about the 2 QB's that you mentioned as neither has thrown enough passes to get any correct take on how good they can be. Can they lead their teams to back to back national titles? Obviously you know a lot more than the rest of us AND Alabama MUST have had a lot of fans that didn't think too highly of McCarron's attributes and stats, especially when you consider 'Bama's 2 titles with McCarron at QB. Good luck to you and your VERY NEW QB's being upgrades over McCarron, but I just can't see it. If you are a Buckeye fan, I apologize, but you seem to know more about Alabama's QB situation than the bulk of Buckeye Nation which probably disagrees with your comment and thinks you may need to up your medicine just a bit.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

Ohio State haters??? In Florida it is worse for a Buckeye fan than you can ever believe. About a year ago, my wife and I were pulled over by the police. Even though my wife was driving, after we were pulled over, the police were concerned only with my drivers license. I was instructed to turn around, put my hands on my truck, as I was going to be searched for weapons while the other officer had his gun pulled on me.

After the frisking, the first officer asked me, "What? Do you just think we let everyone in our city walk around with marijuana hats on?" Of course, I then said to him "This is an Ohio State hat...that is a buckeye leaf behind a buckeye". The other officer then decided to search my truck because he knew I was wearing a Buckeye hat, but disliked Ohio State.

In the end, we were pulled over by a man that thought I was wearing a marijuana hat, and then had our entire truck and tool boxes (my wife and I are both plumbers) searched which took over an hour because the other officer did not like Ohio State. My wife was never searched, nor was she asked for her drivers license or anything else...

Haters suck. Pulled over for wearing my favorite Buckeye hat. It is black and has a buckeye and buckeye leaf on the front and a "Block O", buckeye, and buckeye leaf on the back....and I wasn't even driving.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

+1......After the loss in '69, everyone did count the days until the next game....and have ever since whether the outcome was a win, loss, or tie. Hell, most of us have "countdown clocks" until the next edition of THE GAME. I wasn't even born until 1973. I just know the history of the '68 and '69 teams and Ohio State's loss against M*ch*gan in '69 is probably the reason why those "countdown clocks" are so popular for the greatest rivalry in all of college football. The win in 1970 was a must for Buckeye Nation.

Comment 20 Jul 2014

Well, the co-owner of the "L.A. KISS" (I can't believe that is really the name of a football team) was quoted as saying that Guiton will get his NFL shot in 3 or 4 years. That way, if Johnny Manziel doesn't work out, the Browns may have a shot at Kenny Guiton pretty soon. Ultimately, a quarterback's job is NOT to put up big stats (contrary to popular belief)...a QB's job is to win football games. If Guiton is put in the right atmosphere, I can surely see him as an NFL success and I never thought that about Russell Wilson. All Guiton really needs is to be on a team that plays good enough defense to get him on the field. He has proven that he can do it all, even if it has just been on the short term in relief appearances. All Terry Bradshaw needed was a great defense (I'm not saying players like Harris and Swann didn't help), and Bradshaw was smart with the ball and won games without being among the best QB's in history. Guiton could be the same type QB or even better. I know that comparing Guiton to Bradshaw is unfair but my point was more that a QB's job is to win games. If you look at Bradshaw's numbers, they were sort of weak. In his 14 seasons, he passed for 300+ yards in just 7 games. Those are not the kind of numbers you expect to see from a QB that was the first pick in the draft. The man knew how to win...Kenny Guiton does too. Someone just needs to give him a chance.

Comment 17 Jul 2014

He seems very strong, quick, and sees very well (probably because he does play at 6'7" rather than his actual height of 6'3") which keeps him alive on many plays as long as he has good balance and keeps his feet well. I don't know if I see him as a future sack monster, but I could see him leading the team in TFLs in a few years. He seemed to dwarf his competitors as he really does play at around 6'7". Another possibility is being the replacement of Adolphus Washington...if Coach Johnson can teach him to start and drive lower in the Buckeyes' 4-3 package as he has plenty of room for growth and what seems to be long arms that could really make inside running holes stuffed up. The best inside run stuffers are not always 350 pounds, and this guy seems to be able to win fights with any offensive lineman with training from Coach Johnson...he is an enigma of sorts, too. I think he will fit great for the DL no matter where he lines up on the DL as he is really the only player of this type that the DL was missing. Too bad (and good) that a redshirt is probably in the future.