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I'm a die-hard member of Buckeye Nation. I always have been and always will be. Ohio State makes me proud to be from Ohio and I hope that in the future we not only have the best football team, the Best Damn Band in The Land, and we do it cleaner than everyone else as well. I see that as a possibility as all of the hatred towards our beloved Buckeyes has put a constant huge magnifying glass on our program and I believe our athletes can also be young men that help the community and leave Ohio State as mature NFL leaders or leaders in their workplaces as they do all possible things to make Ohio State proud.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Cie Grant slinging Ken Dorsey around as the ball fell incomplete in the 2002 title game.
  • NFL TEAM: New England Patriots
  • NHL TEAM: Boston Bruins
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  • MLB TEAM: St. Louis Cardinals
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Comment 16 Aug 2015

Wow. You must be my age. Colonial High School, Orlando,  FL, class of 1991. We finished at 0-10 in my senior year though so the music didn't help. I always feel old. Surprised I made it to 42...

Comment 15 Aug 2015

Great pick. I gave him his nickname when he signed. You don'see too many 240 pounders capable of running sub 4.4 second 40's, ya know? Did anyone say Maurice Clarett at all? Say what you want, but the 2002 title is not even close to possible without Big Mo.

Comment 15 Aug 2015

Plus still owns the record of starting consecutive games at 50 and is STILL HERE TOO. He is my favorite Buckeye and because of him and me being very close in age I got to see him play and now coach with my beloved Bucks. In my opinion, no one bleeds more scarlet and gray than Luke Fickell and his presence on the field means a lot to all Buckeye players, not just the defense. The fans bitch about him all of the time... the players don't though. Wonder why that is? 

Bad. Ass.

Comment 15 Aug 2015

One of my favorite Buckeye plays too, but my favorite is the 4th & goal final play of the 2002 championship when Cie Grant was slinging Dorsey around until the pass fell incomplete. Grant knew (because of the way the Canes were lined up) that he was hot (rushing the passer) and would be relatively unblocked on the way to Dorsey. Way to play smart, hold on, and bring another title back to Columbus, Cie Grant.

Comment 15 Aug 2015

You Hokie fans are pretty damn cool. Thanks for your input and efforts to what has been called the best and worst fan base in all of CFB. Good luck to you and your Hokies after our Buckeyes get their revenge in game one. You have to know how bad we want our Bucks to win 56-0 and you still come here being cool the entire time. Still don't know what a Hokie is, but have tremendous respect for you and fans like yourself. Upvotes around for you... even if it costs me a bunch of downvotes from some of our tougher members here.

Comment 15 Aug 2015

Those rants are still going strong. When he is gone, then you will see rants here wanting him back. Fick may have the best LB corps in all of CFB along with the defense's improbable collapse already being blamed on him. Two coaches on the defensive side of the ball have either the same or even bigger job titles than Coach Fick over the past 2 seasons... And still, he is NOT the DC of our beloved Silver Bullets. That job title is split between Fick and Ash as co-DC's. You hear it and even read it that Fickell is the DC during games but he has NEVER had that job title in his entire career. 

Comment 15 Aug 2015

The D is more versatile than the O. The O just has the "star power" and names to go along with it. As we noticed last season, the D switched a lot of stuff up and it worked. Having a great LB corps made it all possible and we hadn't seen that in a while. The versatility of the offense comes from the strengths of the players... it comes from the player's strengths on D, too, but on defense, those strengths and depth can turn into countless formation changes to make opponent's offenses go crazy. Being that these offenses will be playing from behind (most of the time, hopefully) should put even more pressure on them. Last year's squad had a lot of shootouts simply because the Bucks' quick scoring often put the Bullets out there more times and for longer periods than usual. I really see it hard to score more than 3 times against this defense. If the D plays close to their potential, this squad should easily average wins of 35+ ppg. Just keep the pedal floored where one upset doesn't keep the best team in the country out of the playoffs because of 2 Big-12 teams that truly play NO ONE!

That came VERY CLOSE to happening last season. The committee came closer to beating Ohio State than either Bama or Oregon.

Comment 15 Aug 2015

Funny that you mention the viper. I played defense and understand defenses much more than offenses. In the Heacock days, the Bucks always had a leo, viper, or a 7-technique player (a player that is long and fast enough to line up outside the TE or the space voided by having no TE) that truly fit the spot. With the exception of Spence, the Bucks haven't had a player fit the spot well in a while. The position in itself requires a freak that is smaller but still has the length and strength to sometimes go through a TE and a LT to get to the QB. The viper, leo, or whatever you want to call it usually is a longer player that has great pass rush potential but is quick enough to drop back to shut off passing lanes here and there (kinda like Steve Miller's pick-six against Bama). Like I said... FREAK NEEDED! If the Bucks have a player that truly fits the spot, it would come from the LB corps. Even John Simon didn't really fit the viper spot even though he could be a devastating pass rusher. This team, like last season's squad seems to have a front 4 that you can line up anywhere (and they did switch it up a lot as the season went on) and having true 7-technique players doesn't really seem needed. Not being able to visit here often and living in Florida makes it hard to get info like you members of Buckeye Nation get. Are the Bucks pushing the old trend of Silver Bullets' past? With Larry Johnson and Chris Ash here now, I had thought the emergence of Fick's LB corps had changed the defense from the "LEO NEEDED" defense into more of a rotating, 8 player deep front four where most players are capable and comfortable at any of the front 4 spots. Many different players even played the nose last season and the switches seemed to keep opposing offenses off-balance.

Comment 14 Aug 2015

Meyer's offense dictates a need for offensive players that don't necessarily fit offenses of other squads. Just his "H-back" positon's need for freaks has the Buckeye offense 4 deep looking strong. I think Meyer and co. add value to a player when he is more of an athlete without a position coming out of high school more than other teams simply for a "mix of depth at the H-back position". I'm starting to think that search for a variety of H-back players has made this team more dangerous than the team we saw during the final 3 games of last season. The amount of true mixed power, speed and even some added help of an arm if needed at the H-back position at Ohio State could best the best group of any other team's best group. I always thought as the H-back position to simply put a dangerous ball carrier near the snap of the ball and never really liked it.  Now, Ohio State's H-backs, because of Meyer's offense could be any skill player at any given time. That makes the Ohio State H-back the best overall group of any position on any team in my opinion. Torrance Gibson is supposed to be a great athlete and the H-back is very popular at Ohio State right now. Maybe his playmaking abilities can make him a 4 year player at a few different positions including QB?

Comment 13 Aug 2015

Just think... If you hadn't read it here, you'd have a shorter list of Fick "redeeming himself". I still have faith that Buckeye Nation will finally see how great Coach Fickell is and was. What is it about a guy that went from player to grad asst. to ST coach, to LB coach and now is still not even considered a DC (the real truth is that he is considered a DC, even though co preceeds his job title) even though he is always called one (whew, breathe) that played for and coached many groups of top 5 defenses and did all of that at Ohio State that people don't like. Fick is part of the machine and he is the only one leftover... him still being here has reasons and they all are about winning football games.

Comment 11 Aug 2015

Wilson did come as a RB and young RB's tend to have that problem with patience. Does he have moves to match his speed, though? I love the kid and think simply getting him more touches will bring more big plays. That "lightning in a bottle" sometimes needs a small juke here and there. If Braxton Miller can juke players out of their shoes, I think Wilson can too.

Comment 09 Aug 2015

Almost every Big Ten game is considered a rivalry game. Brown jugs, turtles, axes, etc are the trophies for these games and almost every Buckeye Big Ten game is considered a rivalry game as well. We have more rivalry games than non-rivalry games. Having a conference as old as the Big Ten can make that happen.  It gives the underdogs some extra confidence because they feel being rivals means they are equal and it may be why we squeak out wins against teams like State College and Purdue when the Bucks are 3 TD favorites. I see none of that happening in this season, though. 

I love your signature comment. I try hard not to DV and don't think they should mean so much. One comment that most don't agree and you are -10 H.S. or more. Seems harsh for speaking your opinion, especially if you have stats or quotes to back up your comment.

Comment 09 Aug 2015

My Dad brought me up liking one sport above all others and it was boxing. It was driven into my head that "defending" was the absolute hardest thing to do in all of sports and meant that every fight would be a bloodbath. Because of this, I am thinking back to all of those broken and bloodied beaks left on the field in the NC game and how dominating the Bucks were in that game where they beat the team to hell that had just beaten the hell out of the "defending champs". Then I think of how much better the Bucks SHOULD be this season....

I see the defending champs moniker as something opponents should be VERY AFRAID OF. On top of that, I see a Buckeye team that is still hungry. I really think being called the "defending champs" will work out well for these Buckeyes.  NO TEAM WILL REALLY THINK BEFORE A GAME AGAINST THESE DEFENDING CHAMPS THAT THEY WILL LEAVE THE FIELD WITH A WIN. Underdogs always do their best to get fired up to take on a team like our Buckeyes but really... is there one game this season where the Bucks will not be 14 point favorites? If there is, the Bucks will win that game by 35+. I fully expect the Bucks to have an average win of 40+ ppg. Sure that is a lofty expectation, but if the Bucks do get upset, I fully expect Meyer to have the team with the #1 playoff seed anyway. I expect these Buckeyes to only take the foot off of the gas to keep players from getting hurt and I truly see Ohio State to be #1 in the preseason of 2016. This is the strongest Buckeye squad I have seen in my 42 years and I see no team close to them this season. Urban Meyer, Zeke Elliott, Barrett and Jones, as well as Chris Ash (even though the strength of the Buckeye defense comes from Fick, Johnson, and their front 7) have all made believers of me and these Bucks may have the best O-line in all of CFB. Defending should be a positive thing for these Bucks. The key is to let the opponents worry about that whole defending thing and for thr 2nd teamers to push the 1st teamers...that is what happened last season to make these Buckeyes the defending champs.

Comment 09 Aug 2015

Last year we had "The Chase". I always figured that to be in reference to winning the Big Ten title game. Anyway...we had "The Chase". What do we have this season? Is there a consensus? Personally, I see nothing wrong with the whole "defend" idea. Before every game, our Buckeyes will be called "the defending national champs". It is going to be there whether we want it or not. Plus, the #8 in GR8NESS is very important. The 8th national title is very important to us fans. Our program's prestige NEEDS #8 known because I want more than anything to die with Ohio State at #1 in wins (M!ch!gan) and in win pct. (Notre Dame). It will be tough to be #1 in titles, but even the great TTUN HAS JUST 2 TITLES SINCE 1947...and both of those were split. Maybe when I die, the Bucks will be #1 in titles that were considered  "consensus" or titles that REALLY COUNT...maybe our number of titles will have an asterisk next to it that is a positive....not a negative like Barry Bonds and his HR records. We fans have had the best team overall since the new millennium and the general hate for us and young age of CFB fans today show a country that has no idea that The Ohio State University has had the best football team overall since 2000.

Comment 09 Aug 2015

Zeke killed the opposing defense due to superior blocking from the slobs, TE's,  and WR's in those final 3 games. Every RB brings their own strengths. With Hyde, his strength was freakish as his major strength was initial speed. You normally don't see 240 pounders that can run sub 4.4 40's. Although Zeke is smaller, his strength shows in 2 major places: first, he lifts his feet like Roger Craig used to when he is at the line... second, Zeke has an incredible speed burst after his first few steps upfield.

So, in those last 3 games,  because of blocks, Zeke was turning upfield and had the speed to outrun most players in the secondary. If Zeke gets touched at the line, he can't turn on the jets... but if the blocking is there and Zeke is picking up those knees, he is absolute hell on LB's and DB's. He was able to get through the lines untouched and the WR's were making necessary blocks. Zeke is a great back, but he would be average without the slobs and their blocks.

Comment 09 Aug 2015

Does Shelly have to get credit? Sorry... That is my ex-wife's name. My ex spells it shellEy, where Mrs. Meyer spells it shelly. That is the only thing that makes me not hate Shelly Meyer. During the 2002 title game, I watched while taking care of my 2 baby girls. Hannah was 3 and Penelope was a newborn. The wife went to bed early and refused to help me with my babies, that wanted to play and cry all night. No help from the wife....

I look back at the many reasons that I left Shelley, and I know it is wrong, but her not helping me with the girls that night is in the top 10 reasons why I did leave. Does that make me awful?

I know that I am awful, but really... is being forced to watch your beloved Buckeyes with no alcohol or help with your kids a valid reason to want to leave your wife? If it makes any difference, I was working full time and taking care of my girls by being a great mommy at the time. My wife was on a 12 month leave from work and I got my daughters ready for day care, went to work, picked them up from day care, then had dinner and house duties every day during Shelley's year off.

Did I put my Buckeyes before my marriage? I always loved my Buckeyes more anyway, I suppose. I am awful! That is in the past now though and my beloved Buckeyes just won a title and are odds on favorites to win another and they have yet to even name a starting QB.... Oh well. Go Bucks!!!

Comment 09 Aug 2015

I have watched the final 3 games so many times that it is embarrassing. Jones did have his eyes on the player that he was reading, but he sometimes didn't have his body in the correct position to run himself. On a lot of those option plays, Zeke managed just a couple of yards. It just seemed to me that Jones didn't want to run and had his mind on game management instead. In the end, that should have been his mindset only when he must and get the next play ready to go. I have watched the Sugar and NC games at least 2 dozen times each which is probably a bit unhealthy. I did notice something in the Sugar that has either been worn out or never talked about here at 11W though... The Tide went in for a TD to make the score 21-6. On the following kickoff,  the Buckeye returner was blown up just as he caught the ball and ran a few steps. Afterwards, one of the Tide's smarter players thought it would be a good idea to stand over that Buckeye and talk trash. He managed to get an unsportsmanlike call and what happened after he showed his ass?

The Tide got outscored 36-14 after that. I am sure there is a moral to that story having words like stupid, SEC, and get your dumb ass off of the field along with some short saying about being classless. Those are SEC stories though. 

Comment 08 Aug 2015

To answer your question...... BELL. Anyone that would choose Peppers obviously has not seen Bell play. Where Bell excels is that he uses his head like when he got beat yet pushed Oregon's TE out of bounds to take 6 points off of the board and when Bell gets a chance to lower the boom, he does it and it hurts. On top of that...have you ever noticed that once the opposing offense gets the ball past the line of scrimmage,  Bell is closing in on the ball carrier? He has learned how to put himself in position to make plays. Curtis Grant was a real talent at LB but never put himself in the right place until 4 games into his senior season. Bell has learned that part of the game already and certainly should be on that list if Peppers is there.