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Comment 27 Jul 2015

I don't say this lightly...that may have been my favorite piece ever posted to 11W. 

That #5...man, can he play.  

Comment 24 Jul 2015

Strong disagreement.   However, I think they would've been in great shape with any of the 3 at QB, but if you couldn't see the stuff they were able to put in for JT this year that they couldn't put in for Brax, then you weren't watching very closely.   Additionally, traits such as accuracy, reading the D end at the mesh point, and pocket presence were weaknesses of Brax that he was more than able to overcome because he is an absolute freak.   But who knows -- he may have improved those things prior to his injury last year.  We will never know.   Regardless, he knew he wasn't going to beat out the other 2 guys this year at QB this season.  His draft stock just went up and he knows it.  Everyone wins.   Go Bucks.  

Comment 24 Jul 2015

I don't often engage in blog wars, twitter wars, or any type of e-wars really, but the most recent comment on the Virginia Tech football blog, The Key Play, had me in stitches:

"I mean, good for them, they can get him on the field, but I can't help but feel if he plays any significant role in the game, it will play right into our hands."

The only way I can physically respond to this is with a hearty burst of laughter at the computer screen.  X-Brax on the field playing right into your hands -- thank you for the laugh, good sir.  The ways in which this logic is flawed are too many to list.  But fear not, Hokie supporter.  You're gonna get your wish, sir.  Good day. 

Comment 24 Jul 2015

I think deep down all of Buckeye Nation was pulling for him to win the QB race, but deep down we all knew the other 2 guys were better overall QBs whereas Brax is a better overall athlete.  This makes so much sense on so many levels -- improves the team and improves his draft stock.  Win win...and dear Lord, GO BUCKS! 

Comment 18 Jul 2015

A healthy Barrett at QB is what we will see, I think.   He is Urban's perfect fit for offensive prowess.   They put things in for him that they couldn't put in for Braxton.   Barrett is the smartest and thinks the quickest back there I think.  Guess we will see.  What a problem to have!   Go Bucks.  

Comment 17 Jul 2015

Indeed, between Dolodale going ham in the playoff and Braxton's return hype, Buckeye Nation has nearly forgotten about just how smooth JT Barrett is back there.  Personally, I watch the MSU game from last year at least once a week so I don't forget.  JT will be tough to beat for the job....and so will Cardale...and so will Braxton.  Damn you QBGeddon....damn you. 

Comment 15 Jul 2015

I have wanted (and bet on) Braxton to win a Heisman every year since 2012.  I'm still not giving up on the dream.  While I don't think he will win the job, I sure as hell hope he does.  If deserving it means anything, which life all too often says that it doesn't, Braxton Miller would triumphantly return this year to lead the Buckeyes at QB.  Give em hell, Braxton.  Go Bucks. 

Comment 13 Jul 2015

Am I bleeping crazy or is this Braxton for QB1 campaign officially gaining outrageous momentum? 

Comment 07 Jul 2015

Strong agreement.  I would take solace in the fact that oddsmakers believe OSU is the real deal, but these are the same oddsmakers who made our Bucks underdogs in 3 straight to end the year against Wisc, Bama, and Oregon....and we all saw how that turned out.  This Va Tech team has everyone back, and it's their night home opener...weird stuff happens at Lane Stadium.  Bud Foster can effect a game like perhaps no other DC can, and their corners are nasty in press coverage (I expect a lot of cover 0 again, quite frankly, albeit disguised).  And we will have some youth at WR...sound familiar?  While it's not necessarily a recipe for disaster, this won't be a curb stomping like many people on this site seem to think.  It will be a game and any win, even an ugly one, will prove very quality after Va Tech wins 10 games this year. 

Comment 01 Jul 2015


Honestly, I see the Va Tech game as being the biggest hurdle.  I know many folks are predicting blowout, but I just can't see it.  Va Tech has loads of talent and is playing at home at night.  Place will be jacked.  I digress.  I think if they get past Va. Tech, and the snowball starts rolling down hill, they will do it.  However, that's a big if IMO.

Comment 26 Jun 2015

Good morning from the sandbox, Buckeye Nation!  This QB3 battle makes me more nervous by the day.  I think it's becoming more clear JT Barrett is the man for the job, but I still can't help but feeling bad for the Ultimate Buckeye, Braxton freaking Miller.  I don't feel for Cardale as much if he doesn't win the job--he is a sure fire pro prospect who will be counting his money a year from now.  But Barrett's efficiency numbers, pocket presence, anticipation, and accuracy were unreal last year -- especially with the season on the line in East Lansing against a great MSU team.  He is unflappable.  I have made up my mind, yes....yes, it's JT Barrett at QB for the Bucks in 2015....until tomorrow when I change my mind to Cardale Jones....until Monday when I change my mind to Braxton Miller.  When does the season start again?  Gonna be a long summer!  Go Bucks.  -KW

Comment 13 Jun 2015

I love Braxton Miller.  I think he is the rarest combination of importance to the program coupled with raw superstar power.  I am rooting for him to win the job but I just can't see it.  His pocket presence isn't nearly that of his two competitors.  Additionally, you don't need a freak runner as a QB with Zeke in the backfield, you just need a capable/efficient runner, which both JT and Cardale are.  Man, Urban has a tough job.  Here's to the best man winning the job.

Comment 12 Jun 2015

Used to be like that!  Then came the 60 day rotations, then 90, then 120, then 180...hell, at this rate we'll actually be deploying 15 months like the Army does in no time! 

Comment 12 Jun 2015

Believe me -- this site keeps me going....can't wait until football season.  Home late October and pilgrimage to the shoe for the Sparty game!

Comment 12 Jun 2015

Deployed alumnus here from an undisclosed location in SW Asia -- good to know Tyvis is as excited as I am about this Va Tech game.  However, I think it gets overlooked Va Tech has mostly everyone back this year and that place will be a mad house that night to open.  It will be difficult for OSU to go in there and wreck shop, although not impossible.  Urban's OSU squad has always played unreal on the road -- between that and the O-Line presumably not being a trainwreck like last year, SHOULD be able to grind out a win.  Very stoked for the offseason to fly by -- keep the skully's coming and GO BUCKS!

Comment 04 Jun 2015

Thank you, Ramzy.  What an awesome piece.  The odds certainly favor the Buckeyes in Vegas, but everything broke the Buckeyes' way last season.  I will say, however, I do believe they are absolutely loaded...but no Evan Spencer and Devin Smith is huge.  Evan Spencer blocked his ass off on every play like it was his last and Devin Smith stretched the field as only he can do -- allowing both packaged plays and zone running schemes.  I am not sure why everyone thinks the opener at Va Tech is a dunk.  Va Tech has everyone back, and it's their season opener....at night.  The place is already sold out and it will be a mad house.  I expect that to be really, really close.  Additionally, Harbaugh's opening game at home against Ohio State....also has me biting my nails.  C'mon season....just get here already.

Comment 28 May 2015

Locks?  Highly doubtful.  OSU has won by in Ann Arbor has been 11 whole points in the last 50 years.  Favored by 17 points 2 years ago, they won by 1 on the famous T. Powell interception.  Oddsmakers set the lines higher knowing they're going to take action from the huge Ohio State fan base no matter what the line is.  Both these games should make Buckeye Nation nervous...can't wait for this season to get going!

Comment 28 May 2015

5.5 at home against MSU...baiting you to take OSU...wow.  That game will be close.  Last time OSU was -5.5 against Sparty...well, bad shit happened.

Comment 14 May 2015

Can't play the What If game here.  Cardale was actually the best option to go against Alabama out of the 3 of them for 2 reasons.  Size and arm strength.  That, with a healthy dose of Zeke, is the winning recipe against a Nick Saban defense with that defense front.  His size, falling forward on several key plays, including one that could've gone for a safety, made a huge difference.  Plus, as has been alleged plenty in this forum, Cardale did get the best team performances from those around him, but isn't that the point?  Cardale being in there means healthy balance of power schemes with Zeke and go routes to D. Smith....(what a huge loss that will be).  It was essentially an unbeatable formula with the way the O-line played.  And if Cardale is the man who commands that balance the best out of the 3 options, I don't see how the other 2 beat him out, regardless if they are more spectacular as individual talents.  It's about how the team plays.  And the team was NASTY when Cardale was in there.  All in all, can't go wrong with any of the 3, and I love Braxton Miller.  He epitomizes Buckeye Nation.  But, sadly for me as a Brax loyalist, Cardale is just a better option for the team.  Go Bucks.

Comment 28 Apr 2015

Unbelievably big number.  This is inflated because they know people will bet Ohio State because of 2 clear factors: Revenge and Defending National Title.  However, Va Tech at night...no one is going in there and blowing them out.  I never bet against Urban GETTING points, but no way in hell OSU covers that many in the road opener.  No way.

Comment 25 Feb 2015

Westgate is wrong here.  These are the same folks who made OSU 8.5 point favorites at Michigan, which was a TERRIBLE line.   Books overvalue and undervalue certain teams all year long and sometimes they don't adjust.  We saw this with OSU football getting undervalued the last 3 games of the year.   OSU hoops is in big trouble -- and this seed projection is a joke.   

Comment 01 Oct 2014

I love Ohio State more than anyone I know, but the tailgating scene is terrible.  You can't even have an open container or take a shot of bourbon from the bottle without fear of arrest.  The whole scene is embarrassing.   I have been to every other B10 stadium and honestly, they are all better than Ohio State for tailgating, even scUM.   Best tailgating scene in the B10 is easily in East Lansing.  Whenever in Columbus, I opt for the campus bar scene instead of tailgating.  It's PHENOMENALLY better.