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Comment 14 May 2015

Can't play the What If game here.  Cardale was actually the best option to go against Alabama out of the 3 of them for 2 reasons.  Size and arm strength.  That, with a healthy dose of Zeke, is the winning recipe against a Nick Saban defense with that defense front.  His size, falling forward on several key plays, including one that could've gone for a safety, made a huge difference.  Plus, as has been alleged plenty in this forum, Cardale did get the best team performances from those around him, but isn't that the point?  Cardale being in there means healthy balance of power schemes with Zeke and go routes to D. Smith....(what a huge loss that will be).  It was essentially an unbeatable formula with the way the O-line played.  And if Cardale is the man who commands that balance the best out of the 3 options, I don't see how the other 2 beat him out, regardless if they are more spectacular as individual talents.  It's about how the team plays.  And the team was NASTY when Cardale was in there.  All in all, can't go wrong with any of the 3, and I love Braxton Miller.  He epitomizes Buckeye Nation.  But, sadly for me as a Brax loyalist, Cardale is just a better option for the team.  Go Bucks.

Comment 28 Apr 2015

Unbelievably big number.  This is inflated because they know people will bet Ohio State because of 2 clear factors: Revenge and Defending National Title.  However, Va Tech at night...no one is going in there and blowing them out.  I never bet against Urban GETTING points, but no way in hell OSU covers that many in the road opener.  No way.

Comment 25 Feb 2015

Westgate is wrong here.  These are the same folks who made OSU 8.5 point favorites at Michigan, which was a TERRIBLE line.   Books overvalue and undervalue certain teams all year long and sometimes they don't adjust.  We saw this with OSU football getting undervalued the last 3 games of the year.   OSU hoops is in big trouble -- and this seed projection is a joke.   

Comment 01 Oct 2014

I love Ohio State more than anyone I know, but the tailgating scene is terrible.  You can't even have an open container or take a shot of bourbon from the bottle without fear of arrest.  The whole scene is embarrassing.   I have been to every other B10 stadium and honestly, they are all better than Ohio State for tailgating, even scUM.   Best tailgating scene in the B10 is easily in East Lansing.  Whenever in Columbus, I opt for the campus bar scene instead of tailgating.  It's PHENOMENALLY better.  

Comment 10 Oct 2013

The fake punt really pissed me off.  Not because of the call, I thought the call was great and the protection blocked a seam the size of the Red Sea down the middle of the field and yet, our Australian ran to the sideline where all the defenders had been blocked to!  Gotta teach that Aussie some semblance of direction!   BUT, he is a legit punter and I think we're all pleased with this unit so far. 

Comment 09 Oct 2013

As an outsider, this probably makes the most sense to me.  Spence and Bosa on the outside with Jamal Marcus up on the edge on blitz packages (he was a beast on Saturday) would be pretty spectacular. 

Comment 09 Oct 2013

Washington was a huge disappointment in Evanston.  He looked very hurt or very confused, or possibly even both...good to see the other guys step up!

Comment 11 Sep 2013

Hinton makes some good points (I guess) but he is wrong about the Buckeyes being favored in every game without Braxton.  That is simply not factual.  With Guiton as the starter, OSU would be underdogs at Northwestern and at Michigan.  Additionally, the spread in the Wisc game would be close to zero instead of about 9 with Braxton starting.  Ipso facto, his whole passage on Ohio State's potential and its scheduling is undermined by this inaccuracy. 

Comment 10 Sep 2013

Surprised the line is out on the OSU game.  Braxton is the 2nd most important player to the point spread according to the Vegas power rankings behind Johnny Idiot.  I'm shocked they would've come out with a point spread without knowing his status.  My guess is they think he's playing...as do all of us here in Buckeyeland.  That being said, 15 is probably a pretty good number.  Wouldn't go near it. 

Comment 21 Feb 2013

It won't really be the best spot to bet MSU, especially if they are laying a couple points. 

Comment 21 Feb 2013

The line isn't out yet.  I do this for a living.  IU was a pk at OSU and is 2.5 to 3 better than MSU neutral.  Additionally, OSU played MSU tough at Breslin and will be a getting a little press because of their most recent performance (albeit against a quitting Minnesota team).  My line for the game:  OSU -1.  What do I think the line will open at?  OSU -1.5.   Books would take too much action if they gave OSU points at home.  We could see a pick em line, worst case.  Good luck all.  Go Bucks! 

Comment 21 Feb 2013

A win over MSU on Sunday wouldn't be an upset.  OSU will be favored slightly in the matchup, probably in the neighborhood of 1.5 or 2 points. 

Comment 11 Dec 2012

This is pretty scary.  Shannon Scott will get open looks all year but his stroke is so bad in the mid-range game and he is no threat to score from deep.  Both he and Craft will have to score coming off ball screens for OSU to score enough points to win conference games down the stretch.  It's gonna be a challenge. 

Comment 17 Oct 2012

I said it when J Hall got hurt:  Hyde is a much better option at tailback for this offense and we are sseeing just the tip of the iceberg!

Comment 16 Oct 2012

I graduated from OSU in 2006.  We made the trip to B-Town in 2005 when OSU was really good in the Tressel hay day and we paid 10 dollars per ticket for a seat between the 20s.  With its proximity to Cbus, it's a no brainer to attend every time the Bucks make the trip! Don't forget to Sink the Biz at Nick's when in town!  GO BUCKS!