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Comment 13 Oct 2015

My God.  A real treat to move this Tuesday along.  Awesome! 

Comment 12 Oct 2015

Unreal how savage people on this site (and the internet in general) can be.  Disease, sickness, addiction -- whatever you want to call it, it's life-threatening and "Cowboy The F Up" is an uninformed, lazy, disgusting retort.  Think about this -- the guy has the whole world is the palm of his hand and a top 5 National coaching gig in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA and can't control himself enough to show up for work sober for a couple hours on a Sunday, doing a job that most people wish they could do instead of their boring office job?  He needs help.  I have struggled with this crap my whole life.  I have never just had A beer or even two beers or even three beers in my entire life. I have deployed countless times in defense of this nation, and have made life and death decisions flying combat missions, the result of which saved countless lives during stressful times.  I am NOT weak-minded and have achieved great success -- but I can't be in a bar, and I've accepted this.  Sark must as well.  Some people can't walk into a bar and have two beers and leave.  It doesn't make them weak.  It doesn't mean they should cowboy up.  It just means they can't act like the other 99 percent of the population.  Sympathetic about this?  Hell yes, I am.  And if you can stop in an airport terminal and have a beer before your flight and feel totally in control and not raging to drink six more, then good for you.  If you don't understand that some people can not do that, then please just admit as much and don't condemn them just because it's all good in your world.  It's obviously not good in Sark's right now.  Get well, bud. 

Comment 08 Oct 2015

Hard to disagree with anything said in that segment.  I wanted Cardale to start this year more than anybody because of his upside and the Zeke factor when Cardale is the starter -- but he hasn't been good this year...yet.  It's just that simple.  He has missed on a couple simple reads, touch throws, deep balls, and short throws...all of which have stopped otherwise good drives in the red zone.  Even his throw to Mike Thomas a couple weeks ago when Thomas scored when the D blitzed his cover corner was woefully underthrown and Thomas just made a play.  Cowherd says he looks undraftable, and compared to his draft upside 9 months ago, it's hard to argue otherwise really.  I'm not a huge fan of either guy, but Klatt has never come at the Buckeyes with anything other than objectivity, and he makes some factual, statistically based comments here about this offense with Jones at the helm.  Something isn't right.  I'm not a "put it on the QB" type of guy, and we've seen Cardale's upside, but he has to play a lot better.  Plain and simple.  It's okay to say that without being a bad fan.

Comment 24 Sep 2015

I support Urban.  I support Cardale.  I support the Ohio State Buckeyes.  Fans pecking at the coach's decision here is getting a little bit chippy and personally, I hate seeing it.  Cardale is the starter, so we support the team with Cardale at the helm.  If JT was the starter, we would do the same.  C'mon Buckeye Nation.  Let's get our act together. 

Comment 01 Sep 2015

1.  Va Tech is going to be really good this year -- how good in game 1?  Who knows.  But same can be said for our squad.

2.  Lane Stadium looks sick.  What a cool entrance -- personally, I love seeing the Buckeyes in the traditional road whites in a hostile environment.  It makes a potential victory that much sweeter.

3.  Some of the predictions from our fan base have been flat out delusional.  They have NFL corners and a top 3 D-Line in the nation.  It doesn't matter what Bud Foster does -- we know it will involve stacking the box because they HAVE to stop Elliott.  That means WRs are gonna have to not only win their matchups against GREAT corners, but the throws are gonna have to be there too.  Last year, on the rare occasion our WRs won their matchup, JT either made a bad throw or the WR dropped the ball. 

4.  A good start will be crucially important and give Meyer and Warriner more flexibility in play calling.  If they can get it humming early, then some legit offensive firepower is possible, even against that great defense.  If not, we're talking a slugfest 4th quarter game in the neighborhood of 27-24.

5.  2 Main question marks are the Hokie offense and the play of Tyquan Lewis and Sam Hubbard -- if they're ineffective in the pass rush, you may see more of D. Lee and Josh Perry in pass rush....which may not be a bad thing, but will open up the middle of the field for Va Tech TE crossing routes, something that they like.

6.  Who has a time machine...let's play this damn thing already.  As a fan, I can see 34-20.  But wouldn't be surprised at any outcome.  I could see a Buckeye soul-crushing victory.  I could see a VT win.  I could see a close OSU win.  Should be an unreal environment.  Wish I could be there.


Comment 28 Aug 2015

Dudes -- good write-up of last year's contest here.  I think as a fan base, we excused JT's performance because he was getting bum rushed every play, but in all actuality, he played poorly.  Annnnnd I switch my vote back to Dolodale...but it's cool.  Tomorrow, I'll be back on JT.


Comment 23 Aug 2015

Urban a little chippy in his presser yesterday.  Everyone watching him on the podium could sense it's Game On for Va Tech and could further sense that loss still bothers him.  Va Tech will be good this year and I don't sense it will be a full on blow-out...but I take comfort in knowing he will not take his foot off the gas in that game.  Time needs to speed up!  GO BUCKS.  Happy Sunday dudes. 

Comment 16 Aug 2015

Amen.  August feels like it's freaking crawling.  While this is a crucial time period for our beloved Buckeyes, it's pure torture for us fans.

Comment 15 Aug 2015
Morning dudes. Torrance Gibson starts at WR in Blacksburg. BOOM.
Comment 14 Aug 2015

I also lean JT and many external factors in this whole thing point in his direction, but we just can't sleep on Dolo.  That kind of arm talent changes the game and I'm sure that Gary Andersen, Nick Saban, and Mark Helfrich would all say that the combination of stretching the field with a HUGE arm and the power run game with heavy doses of Zeke is a damn tough combination to stop.  Hell, no one could do it.  Plus, Dolo had no trouble in what amounts to a road game in the Sugar Bowl bringing us back from 21-6 against vaunted Bama.  He has that "it" factor and a cannon...and the odds makers in the desert think he will win the job.  Bucks are in good shape regardless....but I wouldn't bet against Cardale.   

Comment 13 Aug 2015

Can't recall a bigger impact guy so early in his career playing undersized at an unnatural position.  Many DC's in the B1G think he's the best player on the defense and it's just hard to argue.  He's instinctive, plays with great leverage, is rarely (if ever) confused about his role on a given play...and perhaps most importantly, he is powerful for his size, as evidenced by him getting off blocks and making plays in the CFB playoff last year.  A sneaky candidate for one of my favorite all time Buckeyes in the making. 

Comment 12 Aug 2015

Every time I get nervous about the Va Tech game (which is every day), I just remember it's Urban...on the road...in a revenge game.  There will be no excuses and no lack of preparation.  Anything less than embarrassing them on their own field will be disappointing to Urban Meyer, guaranteed.  I expect to see the slobs unleash hell with an enraged Zeke in full force.  Maybe I'm too big of a homer, but covering that 11 point spread is in the bag!