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Comment 05 Jun 2014

There's a reason people say Pelini is the greatest thinker of our time. 




Someone has has probably said that...maybe. 

Comment 17 May 2014

This was the first person I thought of when I saw that there was a list. Number 1 or 2 in my book (hard to argue with probably the most passionate buckeye of all time in Mr. Spielman.)

Comment 11 May 2014

I actually dig it, I too am sick of seeing so many colleges do the exact same Seven Nation Army chant. And I don't think that the song being too bluesy is really a problem considering the 'whoa-o-o-o-o-ohio..." or whatever would be the chant. In that short of a snippet I think it would sound kind of bad ass. Definitely different for sure, but I think that's kind of the point.

Comment 04 Sep 2013

Texas A&M probably lost a spot due to Manziel's taunting...








Comment 03 Sep 2013

As soon as I seen that "funerals" was linked I knew I would see a picture of my all time favorite teacher. A wonderful person that also played the piano at my wedding and now teaches my daughter. I always assumed it had to be a request of the deceased, or at least I always hoped that it wasn't thought up on the spot. 

Comment 29 Aug 2013

I watched a NCAA tourney game vs Syracuse a couple years ago at Jake Melnicks during one of my Chicago trips and ran into quite a few OSU fans. Wish I was going to be in town for this one. Sounds like a blast!

Comment 07 Jan 2013

This. I think THE reason this has been trying to be covered up or swept aside is Big Red football. Absolutely.