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Comment 18 Feb 2017

I would rather Meyer be picky than take a chance on a player. I look at it as OSU has the ability to be very selective.

Comment 18 Feb 2017
The gist I got from the links you posted seemed to be like the authors of the blogs find him annoying, but I haven't read a whole lot from teammates who rip him. One of the bloggers even stated is hate of Swisher isn't rational. I have no problem if someone thinks is persona is annoying, I think it could be if he was a teammate. I just don't think he is that bad of a guy overall. I would say the same thing if he played at Michigan, him playing at OSU or him throwing up an O-H doesn't have any bearing of my opinion of him. I have never met him, so I can't say for sure, but some blogger calling him a d bag just because isn't going to influence me either.
Comment 18 Feb 2017

I have never seen a list in any way, shape or form, including lists made by players who watched them, that considers Russell to be a better player than Wilt. Wilt was a better scorer, rebounder, shooter and passer. Also had more size.

Russell had a better cast. Wilt was the better player. I actually think Russell is a tad overrated. His shooting percentages weren't that great, even for the era he played.

Comment 17 Feb 2017
I haven't heard anything bad about Swisher except for the fact his personality can wear thin on people, which I could see. Never heard anything about him being a locker room cancer or anything major.
Comment 16 Feb 2017

On posted on another thread than I did some research. In 25 years of watching the Buckeyes I have seen 4 first round DE, Alonzo Spellman, Will Smith, Vernon Gholston and Joey Bosa. I don't think Tyquan Lewis joins that group. He is talented, will get drafted and play on Sundays, but I just don't see a future NFL 1st round pick. I will be pleasantly surprised if you are right.

Comment 16 Feb 2017
Exactly. The worst part of the sports year for me is mid January til about Mid March when basketball starts heating up, spring training and spring football.
Comment 16 Feb 2017

I would be absolutely shocked if Lewis or Hubbard ended up as first round picks. Since I have followed OSU (around 25 years) there have been 4 DE that have gone in the first round. Alonzo Spellman in 1992, Will Smith in 2004, Vernon Gholston in 2008 and Joey Bosa in 2015. Not sure Hubbard or Lewis join that group. They are more like 3rd rounders .

Comment 16 Feb 2017

I still remember watching a season opening game between Miami and Florida, and a true freshman 5 star named Devin Hester took the first play of the season, first time he touched the ball in his career to the house. Never forgot the name.

The closest thing OSU has had to Hester is Ted Ginn. I have never heard any Buckeye fan compare Wilson to Ted Ginn. Wilson also has broken the same foot twice, or at least had surgery on it.

Comment 15 Feb 2017

Also, I don't want to get TL;DR but if you are comparing resumes for GOAT, Lew Alcindor/KAJ has one that should be at least mentioned.

71 game high school winning streak. His team was considered the best in America. Phenom on the level of LBJ.

88-2 college record at UCLA. 3 NCAA titles. 2 College POY. It is almost a fact he was the best player in college the moment he took the floor his sophomore year.

6 NBA titles. 6 NBA MVPs.

Generally speaking when I rank players, I place them I tiers. My first tier has Jordan, James, Wilt, Oscar, KAJ for sure, not sure if Magic, Bird, West and Russell belong with them or half a step down. I am not smart enough and most people don't have enough info to truly have a strong opinion on if James was better than Wilt or Oscar.

Like with quarterbacks, I would place Brady in a tier with Otto Graham and Joe Montana, and leave it at that. Too many changes in the game and not enough film for me to have a strong opinion on if Brady was better then Graham.

I will say, generally speaking I think people place too much of an emphasis on championships. For example, Jerry West was 1-8 in NBA Finals. losing many to the Celtics. Bill Russell was a Celtic who won 8 rings in a row. I think Russell and West are both top 10 NBA all timers, and I think Russell had a better supporting cast. Russell gets too much credit for those rings IMO, and West would have an even more elevated status if he had a better supporting cast and 3-5 rings. As pure basketball players, they are neck and neck for me.

Jerry West is probably a better example for the OP than LeBron James if you want to talk about leading teams to runner up finishes. West is still the only player to win MVP in a Finals loss, with a performance that probably exceeded any Finals James has had.

Comment 15 Feb 2017

I skimmed through the OP, it was pretty long. I think people get too caught up on who is GOAT. I grew up watching Jordan, and watched James since he was in 10th grade, so I am huge fans of both. I probably lean Jordan, although those Bulls teams were loaded. It doesn't matter to me too much who is better, I have enjoyed watching both.

I do think the OP assumes too much by stating the reason Jordan is considered GOAT is because he went 6-0 in NBA Finals. It isn't that much of a factor, at least with me.

Comment 14 Feb 2017

Love turned 28 before the season started. He also only played 1 year of college ball (a 39 game season) and started his NBA career at 19. Not a whole of NBA playoff runs to add miles, but I do know he played on what some consider the best AAU teams of all time. I remember people comparing the All-Ohio Red AAU squads with Sullinger and Craft that went 203-7 to Love and OJ Mayo's squad. Point being dominant AAU programs play a lot of games. I always think Love is older than he really is due to his high school and college buzz. Not LeBron level, but he was definitely a prep star.

Basically Love does have a lot of wear on the tires, more along the lines of someone in their early 30's

Comment 14 Feb 2017

Me and the girlfriend both work in the restaurant business, so we celebrated today. Trip to Whole Foods. A dry aged prime strip for me, grass fed strip for her, two small lobster tails, brussels and potatoes. Total cost about $45-50.

It's funny, we met while working at a Columbus steakhouse. She was a GM and is now a GM for a Cameron Mitchell restaurant, and we were joking our dinner would have cost about $125-$150 before tip if we were serving it. We cook quite a bit.

On a Buckeye note, the last place we worked did some Buckeye football business (official visit dinners, team and coach dinners etc), which was cool for us as Buckeye fans. She gets a lot of Blue Jackets where she works, I am not a huge hockey fan. She gets like 3 Saturdays off a year, she took on off last January to take her mom to a show, and it turned out Coach Meyer brings in recruits in for official visit dinners. I don't think he has been in since LOL.

Comment 12 Feb 2017

Top 10 player all time. I think he is a tier below Jordan, Wilt, and Kareem. Celtics team was absolutely loaded during that era, and there were only 8-9 NBA teams. The Celtics got 3 Hall of Famers in the same "draft", they actually traded to  get Russell. The pace of play was ridiculously fast back then, which inflates the scoring and rebounding of that era.

Russell was a ridiculous athlete, a freak. Olympic potential in the high jump. Very fast on the court.