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Comment 21 Jun 2016
I miss the Hurry Up and Birm too, but I trust the track record of this website. I was bummed when Alex, Kyle and Ross left, but Birm and Kyle Jones did excellent work. Everything will be OK.
Comment 20 Jun 2016
Older I get, less nervous I get, especially regarding OSU. Last night was up there. I would say 1997 Indians Marlins game 7, 2002 OSU vs. Michigan and last night.
Comment 20 Jun 2016
Cubs drought is 108 currently. I went to a Red Sox Orioles game last week. Really good offenses. Pitching generally wins in October. Kershaw I want to see in person. He belongs with Pedro and Maddux with the most dominant pitching of my lifetime, along with 1985 Gooden.
Comment 20 Jun 2016
The meme is ironic if you think about it, I bet more of us Cleveland sports fans cried than the Warriors and their fans.
Comment 20 Jun 2016
Also born at Mt Sinai. Grew up in University Hts and haven't watched Believeland.
Comment 19 Jun 2016
Born in Cleveland. Moved to University Hts at three months old. Went to Cleveland Heights High, then to college at OSU, lived in Columbus ever since.
Comment 19 Jun 2016
Also I believe some sites only include a certain number of recruits in their rankings, such as top 20. Meaning if school A signs 22 kids and school B signs 25, the rankings are still based on the highest 20 in each class. Also kickers and punters usually aren't included.
Comment 18 Jun 2016
I didn't mind Florida even when they beat OSU. SI had an article a few weeks before the game about how Meyer kept a buckeye in his pocket, and wore Archie's # in high school. I remember thinking in a perfect world one day he would end up at Ohio State. Always been a Meyer fan.
Comment 10 Jun 2016

I have never used steroids. Like you, the thought has crossed my mind, especially as I get older. I have worked out most of my adult life, and am a weekend warrior.

I have friends who have juiced. From what I can tell, steroids work, and work well. You have to know what you are doing, what drugs to take, when and how, and their are side effects as mentioned.

The reason I have never tried them is because fear of the side effects, and mostly that I would become "addicted" to the results. If I tried them once, gained 20 lbs of muscle in 10 weeks, increased my strength by 15% in 10 weeks, and became a more explosive athlete, not sure what the incentive would be to not run another cycle.

Another thing I have heard from people is that you shouldn't even consider juicing until you get several years of lifting under your belt, and or approach middle age. As someone who has worked out a good amount, it takes year before you reach strength plateaus.

Like I said, I have never tried them. I stick to protein, glutamine and sometimes creatine.