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Comment 21 hours ago
Basically it would hurt Northern and Midwestern schools, and help schools in the Southeast, Texas, and Cali. Might hurt Bama, just because they have two SEC schools in the same state. Probably help Georgia the most. Ohio State would be hurt by limiting itself to on state players. OSU got Bosa, Elliott, Apple, Bell, Thomas from out of state. 5 of the top 7 2016 draftees were from outside Ohio borders. Recent OSU first rounders Hyde, Shazier, and Roby also are from out of state.
Comment 29 Apr 2016

I have a friend, who just turned 41 a few weeks ago, married mother of 3 who dropped out of OSU about 20 years ago, who will graduate from The Ohio State University in a few weeks. She went back to school because she preaches education and college to her kids, and felt like a hypocrite. She was job searching a few months ago, but with her excellent grades, she got money to pursue her Master's, also at OSU.

That is a long winded way of saying what a few people above stated more succinctly, people mature at different rates, and perspective changes over time.

Comment 29 Apr 2016
He can go back and a degree. If Reggie Germany can go back and get a degree at 37, anyone can. His life will not end of he doesn't have a long football career.
Comment 29 Apr 2016
Stuff happens at every program also because boosters, coaches and administrators will make poor choices, or deliberate ones thinking they can get away with it
Comment 29 Apr 2016
Like someone mentioned above, it can help a kid who commits out of state from dealing with the pressure. It can create more buzz for the program you are committed too, meaning more attention is paid to kids who commit late and are in recruiting "battles" than kids who commit to the home state school the middle of their junior year. For example, some fans still think of Vonn Bell as the kid OSU won a battle over Bama for on signing day. You could silently commit a month before signing day, hold your spot, and still have a live announcement on ESPN.
Comment 27 Apr 2016
I agree. Webb has as much if not more experience than Smith. Not knocking Smith by any means, but sometimes I feel people look at him almost as an returning starter, when in reality he hasn't really done much on the field. I think it will be hard for Smith to overtake Webb, at least early on.
Comment 26 Apr 2016
It is fairly uncommon to be successful in college or the NBA coming from the general population. I had this conversation a few days ago, I think people don't realize how many pros grew up with the game especially if you factor in having a parent who almost made it. I actually think it is more common than the general population. Steph Curry and Kobe Bryant had dads who played in the NBA. Klay Thompson also. In baseball, you got Barry Bonds and Ken Griffey Jr. Mike Trout and Kris Bryant had dads who played minor league ball. Kyrie Irving's dad played overseas. This is just off the top of my head. You said stars, so I should leave out the minor leaguers and college dads who didn't make it, but I am of the opinion relatively speaking it is a lot more common for the child of a star to be a star than the average person.
Comment 25 Apr 2016
I think Devin Smith bailed him out quite a bit on the deep ball. I am not saying by any means Joe Burrow can do it on a fall Saturday or in a CFP playoff game, but he was throwing a better deep ball in the spring game than many deep balls I saw from Jones last fall, and during the playoff run.
Comment 25 Apr 2016
Every hospital I have ever been to charged for parking. It does suck. I think you can get passes though.
Comment 25 Apr 2016
Cash left Meyer's first winter. Same class and high school as Shazier. He committed to Tressel, played under Fickell, did not like Meyer's style.
Comment 23 Apr 2016
Nate Clements never redshirted. He played as a true freshman in 1998. An MSU punt hit him and MSU recovered of you remember that game. Also, has nothing to do with hating school. You put your career at risk every time you step on the field. Look at Jaylon Smith or Marcus Lattimore. Take the money and run as a first rounder.
Comment 22 Apr 2016
I really don't make predictions in sports. Too many variables. Actually, I was pretty confident in OSU's chances vs Florida in 2007. Didn't really make a prediction, but after that game, I try not to get to high or too low with expectations. Plus, being a Cleveland sports fan may have something to do with it.