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Comment 06 May 2015
It blows me away how many people forget the Bobby D cash envelope thing. That is got OSU the bowl ban more so than the tattoos.
Comment 06 May 2015
I have seen recruits from SEC country ripped on message boards for recruiting sagas like his. If his recruitment was more recent, if he was from Florida instead of PA, if his finalists were Auburn, Bama, or Clemson I think people who would have a different opinion of his recruitment.
Comment 06 May 2015
To be fair, tons of football players play basketball. Not all delay their announcements. When I see players delay their announcements, the first thing some college football fans think is that the player is trying to increase the "bidding".
Comment 04 May 2015
I agree 100%, could not have said it better. I was actually going to say he is the most overrated baseball player of my lifetime. At no point in his career was he a top 5 player in the game. Maybe not even top 10.
Comment 04 May 2015
Honus Wagner is still probably the best shortstop of all time. I feel Derek Jeter is overrated in a sense. He is a hall of fame shortstop but I never understood the love fest.
Comment 01 May 2015
On Thomas, he is a better blocker and bigger than Smith, but I believe Smith is faster. I am comparing Thomas to Devante Parker and Kevin White. I would not be shocked to see a Decker or a Bell or a Thomas go in the first with a great 2015 season, just not predicting it. Ohio State has much more depth and talent than Washington. Washington having 3 first round picks is kind of an anomaly. I have just seen topics like these over the years on boards and I would say 80% of the posts overestimate the draft position of their teams players when the time comes. Ohio State may have as much talent as any team 1-85 in America, definitely top 3-5 but 4-6 first rounders is a lot, especially for next year's draft. It isn't out of the realm of possibility, I know previous loaded teams like early 2000s Miami and Bama recently have had 4-6 first rounders in a draft.
Comment 01 May 2015
Over the years, people tend to be unrealistic with draft projections this far out, no matter what team you are fan of. OSU is very deep and talented no doubt, but a first rounder to me means you are one of the top 3.players at your position give or take. Topics like these are fun to revisit. I see Bosa and Elliott as first rounders. Lee maybe eventually. Jones I do not see as a first rounder unless he starts games this year. I can not see an NFL team taking a qb in the first with 3-5 starts under his belt. I see a lot of players like Vonn Bell, Taylor Decker, Adolphus Washington and Michael Thomas as 3rd rounders. I do not think Bell has the size to be a first rounder, and I do not think Thomas is explosive enough. I do not see Apple as a first rounder yet, hasn't shown enough for me to say he is one of the top corners in CFB. Also not sure if he runs a 4.4. Basically I think the 2016 2-3 first rounders and maybe 6-7 guys in the top 3 rounds. As I said, the roster is loaded, and I see lots of guys who may be top 10 at their positions which is tremendous, but I need to see another season of play and growth to say guys like Apple, Bell, Thomas etc are first round picks.
Comment 01 May 2015
Conley and Burrows had the same recruiting rankings as Webb and Lattimore basically. It seems like people seem to forget. I don't care who starts, but I haven't seen anything from Webb or Lattimore that's leads me to believe they are better or worse than Conley and or Burrows.
Comment 28 Apr 2015
Everything would not be gone. He would still be a great young man with a beautiful daughter and girlfriend and college credits under his belt. He could complete his education that he started. Not saying I don't agree with his choice, just saying life doesn't end in your early 20s because of a knee injury.
Comment 27 Apr 2015
I would rather hear about the Florida days when he won two titles than Bowling Green, although I do find his Josh Harris and first year at BG stories interesting. I would rather hear any of it over ND stories LOL.
Comment 23 Apr 2015
I dont understand. Are you saying you can wish him well privately but not publicly? You said you are glad he came to OSU, and you said in your post you hope he does well. Do you mean publicly like making a tweet, Facebook status or a YouTube video wishing that does well? Also, what does it take to hope an Buckeye does well? Oden and Conley only played a few more games than Russell. Sullinger stayed two years. Is there a minimum amount of games played or for you have to make a Sweet Sixteen or something?
Comment 23 Apr 2015
Disagree. Why would he have to say he would be on the roster for 2015? Why wouldn't most people just assume he would be on the roster for 2015? He for not need to address rumors. He and his father have given public statements indicating he plans on being a Buckeye in 2015 anyways.
Comment 22 Apr 2015
No they don't. Dublin, UA, Mentor, etc have their own populations. You can't pick and choose other cities of to include in population rankings.
Comment 21 Apr 2015
I agree whole milk is awesome. Skim milk is like Natty light or low fat sour cream.