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Comment 22 hours ago
I think both are fans. Some people are glass half full, some people are glass half empty. Some people are more analytical and statistical, some are more emotional. An example may be Ohio State's chance at an undefeated season. An optimist may think OSU has a great shot because they have more talent than their opponents. A pessimist may think it is unlikely because the percentage of team that go undefeated is very small. Both people may root for the team, be alums, follow recruiting, even donate to the school or be season ticket holders.
Comment 03 Sep 2015
Not sure about best ever, or even best in Ohio State history, Some of those Miami defenses in the 90's were ridiculous .This defense is pretty young. They should be top 10 this year though.
Comment 02 Sep 2015
You have to be kidding me. I coach 9-10 year old baseball. Plenty of parents either force or strongly encourage their kids to play sports.
Comment 02 Sep 2015
Great link to an article on Gary Patterson and his 4-2-5 defense.
Comment 02 Sep 2015
Exactly. The movie is telling a true story. I could see if they made up some stuff just to tarnish football. The other point, which has been made before by me and others, is not every person playing football in America is in the NFL making 6-8 figures. People talk about Sunday's and Saturdays and pay, there are also 10 year old kids whose parents are paying to play football getting concussions too.
Comment 02 Sep 2015
I don't think you understand the point of the movie. Of course football is dangerous. It was a secret that concussions could lead to long term damage. That is the subject of the movie. That being said, I am not going to see the movie either. Secondly, middle school, high school and college football players make less than you do at your job. Only a very small percentage of football players make money doing it.
Comment 31 Aug 2015
I think Spurrier is a blowhard, but why would an SEC team travel North of the Mason Dixon line in October/November? Big Ten teams don't travel South of it I'm the fall either. Spurrier likes the sound of his own voice.
Comment 30 Aug 2015
Born and raised in Cleveland, now live in Columbus. 1A and 1B Indians and Buckeyes. Baseball is my favorite sport and have been an Indians fan since childhood. 1994 the strike year was my senior year in high school/ freshman year at OSU. I had 20 game Indians season tickets from 94-96. I grew up a Buckeye fan but fell in love with them while attending OSU. 2. Cavs- grew up a Cavs fan and love them, but would pick a World Series win or a national championship over an NBA Finals championship. I was a huge Browns fan growing up, but the Browns moved while I was a student at OSU during Cooper's heyday. I have never been a fan of the new Browns and don't watch the NFL anymore.
Comment 27 Aug 2015
Medical redshirt. There is no way he is playing this year. The team wouldn't be so somber and praying for him if he was going to play this year.
Comment 26 Aug 2015
I heard an interview with Bill Parcells, I think on the Mike Lupica show a few weeks ago. He asked him if he could name one player over his career, who maybe didn't have the ideal combine numbers/ body type that you may want, but was great on the field, Parcells quickly responded "Keith Byars" Basically he could do everything you would want of a player, run, catch, throw, block and probably could play linebacker. Basically said he had an odd body but was just an tremendous football player.
Comment 26 Aug 2015
ESPN had Cravens, Tony Conner and McQuay ahead of him. Conner and Cravens are both listed as 2 team All Americans as juniors by Sports Illustrated and will be early draft picks They also had Jalen Ramsey ahead of him too at corner, who is back at corner after playing safety, who will be a first round draft pick at DB. Right above him at #49 was Jalin Marshall and #48 Trey Johnson. They had Gareon Conley and Eli Apple above him also overall. Actually lots of Buckeyes in their top 100.
Comment 26 Aug 2015
Brown has lost 23 lbs, definitely not as thick as he was last year. I think Meyer thinks of it as X receiver and Y receiver, not #1 receiver and #2 as fans do. Thomas had 54 receptions last year, Smith 33 Thomas is perfect for his role.
Comment 25 Aug 2015
Cleveland St. Ignatius vs Lakewood St. Edward is always a good game. No future Bucks at this point, but plenty of talent. Cocoa Beach with Bruce Judson comes up to play St. Ed this year. Ignatius usually play Cincinnati Moeller and Cincy St X. I will post schedules soon.
Comment 24 Aug 2015
I can't see it being Lattimore, I loved watching the kid in high school but he hasn't had a lot of reps since he had been here. Webb has had ample opportunity to beat out Conley, and he hasn't been able to yet.