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Comment 26 Nov 2014
Plenty of people are sick of attitudes like yours. Personally I think you are an idiot for debating a topic that isn't really an issue right now, and won't be til at least spring football if not next fall. I also don't know why it is a debate, the coaching staff will choose the best option for the team when the time arises, so there is really no need for the topic honestly at this juncture IMO.
Comment 18 Nov 2014
I agree. The gap is exaggerated by the media. I do think they are the best conference. They generally have the highest ranked recruiting classes and the most players drafted, and the most players on NFL rosters so they probably are the best conference.
Comment 18 Nov 2014
I think the weather argument, like SEC supremacy, is factual but overrated. Teams like Oregon and OSU are spread to run offenses yes, but they recruit nationally and I would not say they are built for cold weather, they are built for any type of weather. Purdue and Indiana have explosive offenses. Also team like LSU, Bama, and Georgia have powerful running games and classic offenses that would do well playing up in bad weather. I do think air raid teams would have trouble adjusting. I also don't think games played in domes or 70 degree weather, or even 40-80 degrees favors anyone. I do think a Northern team playing one game in August in 90 degree heat or a Southern team playing in 20 degree weather may have an issue. I have read it takes people about 3 weeks to adjust to a change in climate.
Comment 17 Nov 2014
Gloves on the throwing hand is different for me. I do see your point about doing it all year long, but some people do have poor circulation in extremities. First degree frostbite also can lead to issues permanently. I see your arm argument more so than the qb glove argument. I suppose if you do have that issue, you could wear gloves all year round as you stated for consistency.
Comment 16 Nov 2014
Its possible. What's crazy is the 68 team was full of true sophomores who had never played a game. Some of the names you mentioned will be redshirt sophomores with playing experience.
Comment 13 Nov 2014
I would never write off a true sophomore personally. Well, maybe if they had a few arrests or failed drug tests, but not for a few turnovers. I think we forget some of the players we watch and get so involved in are teenagers.
Comment 11 Nov 2014
Considering the fact that players who come in as wide receivers as true freshman have to some time redshirt, learn how to disguise routes, cut, high point the football, block, beat press coverage, etc why would I think a senior qb who has never played another position at the collegiate level would be a good wide receiver, h-back or return man? Return man I can see, that is more instinct and vision. Dontre Wilson was not well rounded as an H back as freshman, didn't block well and was labelled a novelty. Who is to say Miller wouldn't be the same? Is he good at pass protection?
Comment 11 Nov 2014
Braxton could complete that throw, but yes JT may be a better passer. To be fair, Miller may have taken at least one of the runs to the house, and a few more runs over the course of the season. I also think people forget although Braxton may not hit receivers in a right window, defenses scheme differently for him and it leave more receivers wide open and bigger running lanes for guys like Elliot and Samuel. Basically I do see with my eyes Barrett passing ability, but I am not convinced that the scoring output or yardage output would be much different with Miller. I would like to see Miller at qb with Thomas and Smith and wideout, Elliot at hb and Marshall or Wilson first at H before I make a judgement.
Comment 11 Nov 2014
Very interesting. Texas has huge high school and pro support. SW and NE Ohio dont surprise me, those are pro sports towns. Alabama is no surprise, I was in Birmingham one year during National Signing Day, the amount of media coverage was insane.
Comment 10 Nov 2014
Ben also didn't play qb until his senior year, the coaches son was the Findlay qb. He was looked at by OSU as tight end. His senior year was ridiculous something like 4000 yards passing, but by then most schools had already had players in their sights.
Comment 10 Nov 2014
None of them were on official visits, so MSU can't pay for that much. Not sure if that makes it better or worse LOL.
Comment 10 Nov 2014
Not a fan of the no respect card. Respect is important in sports. I respect all teams, the athletes work too hard and the game is so physical. Although Texas has a lot of talent in state, they compete with lots of schools to get that talent. I have a lot of respect for TCU and what they have been able to do as a program. They gave up 61 to Baylor but scored 58. That is a respectable loss IMO. That being said, not sure if they are one of the 4 best teams but that is no reason not to have respect.
Comment 10 Nov 2014
I hope Braxton reads this message and knows who think JT is the better qb. If Braxton had a competitive bone in his body he is not thinking JT is the better qb, and in my mind I would not want it any other way. The way I see it have an open competition and have the best man win. Whatever happens happens, granted I commented on the topic, but it isn't even an issue to me. Replacing Bennent, D Grant, and D Smith is more of a concern than next year's starting qb IMO.
Comment 09 Nov 2014
Why would you click on the thread if it was going to frustrate you? Doesn't make sense. I am a bit worried for Minnesota, but I always worry a little. Still have a young team that can be a bit inconsistent. I can't see Minnesota's defense stopping the Buckeye offense too many times though