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Comment 16 hours ago
I was going to link this too. I highly doubt Manning being an Ole Miss alum had much if anything to do with his decision. Probably didn't want the headache, plus the surgeries.
Comment 19 Oct 2014
Lee redshirted, Shazier didn't. I personally think Shazier as a true sophomore projected better than Lee does at this point, not to say I don't think Lee has the potential to play at the next level.
Comment 16 Oct 2014
I am curious myself who performed the first surgery.
Comment 06 Oct 2014
This is a fun topic. The more I look at the point system, Heisman are rare, even though its with 8 points that may not mean as much as you think. The .25 per varsity letter probably means more than we might think considering 80 years of players wearing numbers. Also retired numbers obviously aren't worn again. I don't have a guess yet, the key is the the number is probably worn by a lot of OSU captains/ All Big Ten/ team mvp types.
Comment 04 Oct 2014
LOL all I can find was Marcus Ray upending David Boston on the national cover of Sports Illustrated after the 1997 games, the year Woodson won the Heisman and UM won the national championship. I was a student a OSU from 94-99, and yes Boston taunted Ray in 98, but let's be honest Columbus native Ray probably had more room to talk than Boston. I lost a lot of respect for Boston, he was likely roiding before he left OSU. Probably after the 97 game, Boston gained noticeable size from 97-98
Comment 01 Oct 2014
I disagree. I like what I see from Burrows. Haven't seen enough of Smith
Comment 01 Oct 2014
You have to be a member of the Buckeye Club, President's Club or Varsity O to purchase season tickets, and I believe the number posted of $1500 is correct. There are people grandfathered in, long time season ticket holders. If you are a member of the alumni association you enter a ticket raffle for one game.
Comment 26 Sep 2014
LOL I agree 100%. I love baseball but I can't stand Jeter. Very good ball player but always gets too much attention.
Comment 24 Sep 2014
I do not think there is much difference in steroids use in the north and in the South to be honest. I understood his point, just don't think steroid use had any impact on the stats listed. As competitive as football is nationally I just don't see it.
Comment 24 Sep 2014
The best team of all time not to win a title may be the 1961 Ohio State Buckeyes. One of only two teams to enter the NCAA Final undefeated and not win the championship, the other being Larry Bird's 1979 Indiana State team. The 1961 Ohio State team was looking to repeat as NCAA champs similar to UNLV, and made it to the championship game the next year also. They were led by two Hall of Famers in Jerry Lucas and John Havlicek. They definitely should be an any discussion of the best team not to win a title.
Comment 21 Sep 2014
OSU couldn't beat Va Tech at home, and had trouble with Navy's rushing attack. I don't think OSU beats Oregon on a neutral field at this point.
Comment 19 Sep 2014
I disagree. Athletes are athletes generally because they have better hand eye coordination, speed and strength, and motor skills thanks the average human. They get paid well because their gifts are rare. It is a job in high demand. None of that makes them a role model any more than a singer or actor. Has was stated above be, an athlete can be a role model do to they way they live their lives, that is great, but their are teachers, police officers, doctors, volunteers, coaches, parents etc that make better role models.
Comment 19 Sep 2014
Our two first round draft picks last year were from Florida and Georgia. Bosa is from Florida, it didn't take him long as a true freshman in didn't enroll early to handle the elements. The weather thing is so overblown. I can't think of too many players who failed in college or the NFL because of not being able to adjust to weather. Maybe if you have bad circulation in your extremities.
Comment 19 Sep 2014
They didn't draft him, and it isn't Florida, but Brett Favre did ok for then and he played prep and college ball in Mississippi. Bart Starr won 5 titles for them and he played college ball at Bama. The Bears had a tough running back named Walter Payton who was from Mississippi. Also you could make the argument as an 18 year old that as a NFL draftee you have no choice where you end up, so you may as well have fun and play somewhere warm while you do have control.
Comment 19 Sep 2014
Tell us how you really feel LOL.
Comment 15 Sep 2014
I agree with the wait and see crowd. Nothing I have seen yet from JT makes me think he should start over Braxton.
Comment 15 Sep 2014
I disagree in the sense sports can be the place for political change and agendas. Sports are very popular. For example, I feel Jackie Robinson intergrating baseball, which was before Brown vs Board and the Civil Rights movement, and the discussion and change it may have brought helped the country as a whole. May these recent incidents to help America in regards to domestic violence also. I could also bring up incidents such as Len Bias overdosing, Magic Johnson contracting HIV, Ben Wilson getting shot as a high school senior.... you can't expect the sports media to ignore this stuff, or real life not to creep into sports. Yes sports in general is an escape from the real world, but it's participants are members of the real world and it's hard to avoid.
Comment 15 Sep 2014
They aren't similar, and don't pretend they are similar. From what I have heard, Duron is a pretty good kid who loves football and hates school. I haven't heard any stories of him stealing, hitting women, getting and fights or getting DUI's . Those are legal things. When I think of school I think of writing papers, reading, projects, attending class. Not really similar to me, but that is just my opinion. Also, not sure how much Cris's parenting had or should /would have an effect on Duron's love of school. I doubt many of us are close enough to the Carter family to have an educated opinion on the parenting skills of Cris or his wife for some reason. Lastly to be honest, Duron's career didn't really come to mind when I heard Cris. If his son was in jail, maybe.