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Comment 30 Mar 2015
I really do not understand how being rural makes a difference. Everyone puts on their pants the same way, as an ex OSU coach put it before The Game. I grew up in Cuyahoga County. As several people have tried to make you understand, CCC is not Cleveland St Ignatius or Lakewood St Edward, they do not have the advantages, alumni base or facilities. All private schools are not created equal. They are probably on an even footing with Defiance. Defiance had good sports program, one of the better baseball programs in the state. This was not like the movie Hoosiers LOL.
Comment 22 Mar 2015
M man didn't bother me too much. I like bamamike, and like the different perspective fans of other teams, even rivals of OSU provide.
Comment 19 Mar 2015
That's why I have no problem when you see multiple Texas teams ranked in national prep polls for football, baseball, etc. It also makes you wonder how much talent gets lost in the shuffle, late bloomers, etc.
Comment 19 Mar 2015
Everything is bigger in Texas. Imagine how good a Texas varsity baseball or basketball team with 5000 kids to choose from.
Comment 17 Mar 2015
That happened in an adult league game I played in several years ago....very scary...I was coaching 3rd base and hitter sky's a short fly ball, 3rd basemen head collided with outfielder knee, dude was out cold for 5-7 minutes, had a headache for a week....we called an ambulance because we didn't know if he had a neck injury, facial fracture. Etc. Baseball is no joke.
Comment 17 Mar 2015
Hit by a pitch in the head like Giancarlo Stanton....Hit by a line drive in the face as a pitcher like Aroldis Chapman.... sliding into a infielders knee as a runner like Justin Morneau...running into another fielder chasing a fly ball, getting ran over by a must not follow baseball
Comment 15 Mar 2015
I hear you. My father and I go back and forth on this all the time. Its a glorified hobby, I guess you could call it a sport, but nothing like the big 4, soccer. Etc. Pro football players, basketball players, baseball players etc golf in their off-season. They have even been known to golf on their days of in season. I rarely, if hear of golfers playing football, basketball, hockey, etc during their down time. Not enough testosterone, for lack of a better word, in the sport for me.
Comment 09 Mar 2015
One difference is the guys you mentioned like Smith, Manziel, McCoy and White are all about 3 inches shorter than Mariotta, and he is faster than all of them rang except RG3, and he is taller than RG 3. I am not sold on Marriotta either, but I can see why teams are interested.
Comment 05 Mar 2015
Ironic someone would call the NBA boring after watching the OSU basketball offense last year. Very ironic. The NBA is not my favorite sport, but they have some of the most amazing athletes in the world. Athletes like James, Harden, Curry, Durant, Westbrook, etc aren't boring IMO.
Comment 28 Feb 2015
I will say I have terrified to say it on this website, noticed certain things for awhile but there are red flags with Clark and more specifically his father. It's not about ripping the kid. If everything about the kid was the same, but he was from Michigan, went to Ann Arbor Pioneer or Cass Tech, committed to Michigan as a freshman, had a super involved father, had a Twitter handle called the prototype, threw for only 1500 yards in 11 games, and got a huge block M tatoo as a sophomore with prototype on it, I think opinions on the Clarks would be different to say the very least. I can honestly say I hope the kid does well, and I trust Meyer's judgement, I will just say in 5 years it will be interesting to see where his development is at. Again, its not ripping the kid, he may be a wonderful young man, honestly the father needs to be in charge and tone it down a little.
Comment 26 Feb 2015
If you are referring to Nelloms, I would bet the house on Nelloms. Probably fastest athlete in Ohio prep history, should have been an Olympic gold medalist. I believe he won some NCAA titles at OSU, ran relays with Robert Smith and Butler Bynote. Also Galloway and Nelloms were in different divisions I believe in track, Dunbar was D1.
Comment 07 Feb 2015
More details are coming out on the NLR scandal The story is that NLR boosters gave KJ Hill's stepfather a $600 check before his transfer to NLR. There are documents and copies of the check. The stepfather has given two different versions as for why he received the check, for running errands and also for expenses for travel to the All-American game. NLR is forfeiting football and basketball wins since Hill transferred in. This is a pretty big story in Arkansas and in SEC country. I would think this would affect Hill's college eligibility. I remember when LeBron James was accused of taking benefits at ASVSM, OHSAA suspended him, and the very least would have to reimburse the money. This story is not going away. I expect Birm or one of the staff members to address this over the next few days. Arkansas fans have no reason to let this go, seeing as Hill flipped to OSU and almost flipped to Bama, and that the school has sent several players to Bama recently. It also makes people wonder if the stepfather may have been looking for a handout for his son to attend a college.
Comment 06 Feb 2015 There are more links if you Google KJ Hill and North Little Rock. The football coach is suspended without pay, and the widely held belief is that the forfeit of wins in both sports has to do with KJ Hill, who transferred into NLR the past year. Don't want to post rumors, but the forfeit of wins and coach under suspension are facts. There will be a lot more to come on this in the next few days. This is also relevant because this scandal in North Little Rock has the potential to affect Hill's eligibility if money was involved. Definitely a story worth following. There are people who believe Hill's family was funneled money, not necessarily from OSU but possibly Bama. It is worth noting the previous two years Bama has signed prospects from NLR, including Altee Tenpenny, a high level running back recruit who just transferred out a few weeks ago That is another link which talks about his coach not appearing at NSD function, and the coaches lawyer denies that the suspension had anything to do with Hill's recruitment, but just the fact that it needed to be addressed is worrisome.