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Comment 8 hours ago
I love Central Ohio. Cleveland is my hometown, it holds a special place in my heart. The biggest reason I wouldn't move back is the weather. I hate winter and the snow. Saw enough of it growing up. The thing I miss the most is pro sports, and it isn't even close. I grew up in University Hts, 8 miles from my house to Quicken Loans and Progressive. Just the fact I have to plan a road trip, and have to coordinate to see an Indians or Cavs game still kind of sucks. Columbus does have NHL, but I am not a fan.
Comment 9 hours ago
I came to this area in 1994, and "farm town" is an exaggeration, but this area has exploded in the past 20-30 years. Easton was farm land in 1994. Dublin had one high school. There was a closed prison downtown where Nationwide is right now (this one blows me away). I have friends who are second generation Hilliard residents, and used to date a girl whose grandparents where from there, and they will tell you it's an old farm town. If I am not mistaken, the old Hilliard High is now one of the 6 or so middle schools their kids go to. Dublin in 1980 had about 3900 residents. 1990 around 16,000. Currently around 45,000. For Hilliard, the numbers are 8000, 12,000, and 33,000. Similar growth patterns in NA and Pickerington.
Comment 23 hours ago
Late to the conversation, but I agree 100%. Stereotypes would be more accurate, but you them in sports and in society. You stereotypes and preconceived notions all the time. Another example would be Christian McCaffrey. Not by everyone, some people do a excellent job of ignoring stereotypes, and trusting their eyes. But I believe there are some people out their who were surprised about the number he put up at the combine. The kid is more twitched up, explosive, or whatever you want to call, than some people thought. I am not sure if he would have had quite as many doubters if he was 5'11, 202 had 3000 all purpose yards and was black
Comment 24 hours ago

Funky accounting or not, I can't see how Akron's athletic department is in the black. They have some of the lowest football attendance in the country, around 10,000 a home game. Not sure what the price of an Akron football ticket, but it sure is $85, and they aren't charging $150-$200 for their home showdowns vs Kent and OU. Football is supposed to be the money maker that funds all sports. Akron I doubt has boosters donating 7 figures for naming rights. Ohio State literally the Wolfe Foundation give the university $5 million just for the naming rights for the AD.

I understand your premise, the books can be "cooked", but not enough to convince me the Akron's and Bowling Greens are making money on sports.

Comment 23 Mar 2017

The numbers are very interesting. 4 million dollar profit for OSU. It also says OSU gives out the equivalent of 433.5 full scholarships a year.

Quick math. If OSU gave each full scholarship athlete $10000 (and prorated the partial scholarship athletes) that would cost an additional 4.335 million, which would put them in the red. Giving every athlete $5000 would put them in the red also with there being over 1000 athletes.

To be fair, athletes already receive cost of attendance money already, which don't know exactly what that figure is, but I believe it's in the $3000 range.

Comment 23 Mar 2017

They cant afford to pay the players. The money is not there. They will post the OSU analysis tomorrow. There are 1000 scholarship athletes at OSU (not all full scholarships). Where is the money going to come from?

The current conference setup works for a reason. Teams spend enough money on travel expenses as it is. You eliminate half the Big Ten schools, who is OSU going to play? Sure, you can add different schools, Texas, LSU. Then you are spending money to send non revenue teams on a road trip to Austin, Norman, or Baton Rouge.

Also what happens to programs like Ohio State hockey, wrestling, lacrosse, and soccer? They won't have anyone to play. The SEC schools don't have those programs, Rutgers, Minnesota, and NW wouldn't make the cut for the big boy division. The Big 12 would be the Big 2, because Texas and Oklahoma are the only Big 12 schools consistently in the black.

I suppose you could assume that some schools could increase revenue because eliminating the MAC schools, AAC schools etc might increase the prestige of P5 sports even more, you could charge more for tickets and get more TV money. There would be a lot less scholarships for high school kids nationwide though.

Comment 22 Mar 2017

The thing is, if you do have a super division for football, it would destroy the current conferences and college sports as we know it. You probably have to limit it to 25-30 schools nationwide tops, and that would increase travel. The Rutgers, Marylands, Arizona States, Kentucky, Tennessee couldn't afford to play in a super division.

Facilities would also go down the tubes if you want to make a concerted effort to eliminate subsidies. One thing you have to remember is programs like Ohio State, Oregon, and Michigan have billionaires and millionaires who contribute quite a bit on the revenue side, which is fine, and it is what helps them be successful. Maryland would be in even more financial crisis if it wasn't for Under Armor money.

Also running a football program and making a profit isn't that hard assuming you aren't upgrading facilities, pretty much every P5 school and others do that. It the other 90% of athletic programs that bleed money and puts athletic departments in the red.

Comment 22 Mar 2017

One thing OSU will miss is Fickell's recruiting ability. I have heard numerous recruits and players talk about how important relationships are, and specifically how Coach Fickell was a huge factor in why those chose Ohio State. One major difference in college, and its something davis has already acknowledged in interviews, is doesn't have recruiting experience. In the NFL, the front office and head coach acquire the talent you coach, in college, it's private jets, official and unofficial visits, and constant texts and phone calls. I am excited for what Coach Davis brings to the table.

Comment 21 Mar 2017

We know how you feel about Dixon. I think what Buck is saying, and I agree, is that even your opinion seems different than Meyer's, and Meyer probably has a better read on things in regards to potential.

I don't understand the fascination some have with Mack, unless they have access to practice. All I have seen from Mack is 2 catches last season, and maybe a couple in the spring game. Personally I haven't seen anything from him that would give me any indication he is better than Dixon, Campbell, or McClaurin. I trust the staff, they get it right most of the time.

Comment 21 Mar 2017

I don't think its that big of a problem. Baseball players take days off. Football players don't because they pnly play 16. These guys are trying to win championships.

I also really care about ex-players opinion on everything. Just because Jordan, Bird or Magic didn't take games off doesn't mean that they wouldn't have benefitted from an occasional day off.

The biggest issue I see is I feel bad for are fans who who want to maybe see a star from another conference that makes one visit a year, and some father buys tickets to see a star come to town, and he sits out. It is a bit annoying, but you cant control everything.

Some our saying it's a symptom of today's athletes being pampered, you could say the same thing about the people complaining being a sign of a change in society. Nowhere on any ticket I ever bought has a guarantee that star players are going to play. In some ways I look at it as fans feeling entitled.

Comment 18 Mar 2017
Are you sure it was shoulder? Because Malik said it was hip.
Comment 17 Mar 2017

Michael Hill is the most indispensable IMO. Denzel Ward second. Ward had excellent coverage stats last year and will probably cover the opponents best receiver. Behind him the only corner with significant game experience at this level of football is Arnette. Ward goes down, your corners are Arnette and some combo of Burns, Norwood, true freshmen or a juco transfer. Potential or not that would worry me as a fan.

Comment 16 Mar 2017
My point was really that it happened. The post I responded to I didn't think was accurate. Wasn't trying to get that deep into it. Jerry Lucas was SI athlete of the year as a college student. OSU was one of two teams in NCAA history to enter the title game undefeated and not run the table as an undefeated champion (other was Indiana State in '79) I am 40 years old, I didn't see any of this stuff but I appreciate history as an OSU sports fan. Also, it's not like they don't hang banners at arenas and honor history. St John has tons of pictures of past athletes. Every Buckeye fan should know about those Buckeye basketball teams with Lucas and Havlicek. How many basketball ball recruiting classes had 2 NBA Hall of Famers in it? Not sure even Duke or Kentucky can claim that.