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Comment 9 hours ago

You can't really compare the two. NBA teams have 5 starters, NFL 22. A free agent signing means more to an NBA team and can elevate a teams prospects more quickly, teams know this and players know this. A 50 win NBA playoff team can be helped more by signing a 17 and 7 guy than a 10 win NFL team can by signing an excellent corner, offensive tackle or defensive end.

A lot of people, especially athletes with disposable income, hate the cold and love cities like LA, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, etc. NFL is a fall sport and most players are done by the first week of January. Then they can hang out in Vegas or the Carribean or South Beach all winter, even if you play in NY, Green Bay, Buffalo, etc. NBA athletes have to spend the coldest months in whatever city they play for, or at least half the time, and their season is longer. I think that gives NBA players more of an incentive to seek out a city in which they like than an NFL player.

Comment 13 hours ago

Sometimes you hear people say race is the most divisive subject matter in America. In some ways, I think it is hyperbole, but after reading the comments and firestorm over his shirt, I understand that belief more.

Analogies don't always work, and I mentioned a shirt about cancer before, but if Smith wore a shirt about addressing human trafficking, Blue lives matter, domestic violence against women, rape on college campuses, child abuse, world hunger, opioid addiction or a bible verse on his shirt, I honestly do not think the responses would have risen to almost 700 related comments in 2 days. That's how polarizing the subject of race can be.

Not to beat a dead horse, but my opinion of the shirt is the same it would be as if it said "Blue lives matter" or if a female basketball recruit came to a camp with a shirt that was anti female sexual assault or violence, for one reason, obviously football is more popular, but also because of the message.

I also don't think the issue or shirt is that much more political than the other subjects I mentioned. It isn't any more political than finding a cure for cancer, pain pill addiction, world hunger, or domestic violence. It only gets political if you get deeper into the subject matter, such as discussing government spending, how to prosecute criminals, prevention, etc.

Another analogy I could make is if a player came to a camp wearing a Conferderate flag or Nazi emblem on his shirt. 11W would probably do a story on that too if it generated enough buzz to do so, along with other news outlets such as SI or USAToday since OSU is so high profile. Despite the fact that a story like that would have the potential to get political comments also. News is news, and they shouldn't avoid OSU news.

I think 11W handled it the best way possible, it became hot button enough that it was probably time to post an articled about it, and it didn't seem to me they took sides.

Comment 20 Jun 2017

I think you nailed it. Warriors are a bad matchup for the Cavs, and I guess everyone LOL. It seems to me that the Cavs have been trying to beat the Warriors at their own game, which won't work.

​The problem is that their second best player is a shooting guard in a point guards body with no court vision who cant defend anyone but can score at will. Their best player and playmaker is about to start his 15th season. Love is a better matchup, and your point about old Love being better for the Cavs has some merit the more I think about it.

Comment 20 Jun 2017

The Cavs play below average defense as a team. Irving is bad, James is average, they didn't rebound well and can't keep up with the Warriors.

Comment 19 Jun 2017

I think he gets to about 235-240 lbs and plays tight end eventually. He can try and stay lean, but genetics play a big part in how an athlete develops. At that height, sometimes trying to stay relatively lean is more trouble than it is worth. Depends on the individual.

The key also will be how much speed does he have. OSU also has a tall receiver in Jaylen Harris coming in.

Comment 17 Jun 2017

You are wrong on multiple fronts with your post. I don't think you are aware of the NCAA rules now, or before to be honest.

If you notice last year, Michigan signed 30 recruits last year. Bama 29. Last time I checked, Michigan was not in the B1G. What conference are you referring to allowed teams to sign as many recruits as they wanted?

You do realize OSU had 26 commits in 2015, right? They weren't in the SEC in 2015?

Secondly, there was a limit last year on how many recruits a school could take. All conferences had the same rule. The maximum was 28 recruits Dec 1 -May 31.

Thirdly, you are still going to see teams get 25+ recruits per class. The NCAA did not eliminate back counting recruits, so Michigan xan still sign 30 recruits and Bama 29 and OSU 26 as they did a few years ago. Nothing has really changed, they are just trying to cut down on forced grayshirting, and gray shirts must be accounted for in the 25. There is nothing stopping a school of still signing 29 recruits and back counting 4+.

Comment 16 Jun 2017

I wish Cardale the best. Unfortunately, players who struggle with accuracy in college generally don't get better in the pros. He has good arm strength, but there it takes a lot more than that to be a successful NFL quarterback.

Comment 15 Jun 2017

PED's were around when Pete played. I wouldn't put PED use past him at all. He worked out and was very close with a Cincinnati gym owner that peddled steroids, lived with him even. Actually was the guy who testified against him.

Comment 15 Jun 2017

Williams was in the military '43-45 (WW2), '52, and most of '53 (Korea). He played 17 seasons.

Rose wasn't in Williams' or Aaron's class as a hitter.

Aaron batted .305, had 3,771 hit with 755 of them being home runs.

Comment 14 Jun 2017
It is scary the defensive end talent that will be on this roster in 2017. I was reading one of those CFB preview magazines, Athlon's I believe. They ranked 3 Buckeye DEs in the top 10 nationally (Lewis #1, Hubbard #6 and Bosa #9). Adding a talent like Chase Young seems ridiculous. Clemson has scary DL talent also. Maybe not the depth of OSU, but their starters are ridiculous. Christian Wilkins and Dexter Lawrence are both top 5 interior linemen. Lawrence tips the scale at 340 SMH. They also ranked a DE Clelin Farell as a top 10 DE. They did leave Dremont Jones off the list of top 10 DT, I think by the end of this season he will be more nationally known. It's crazy how much recognition the Buckeye program got from them, from 2018 draft protections, to 2017 recruiting. I also saw a lot of Buckeye commits and targets on their high school All American teams. And obviously Buckeyes on their CFB All-American and All B1G rankings. Great time to be a Buckeye as they say.
Comment 13 Jun 2017

Yeah baseball I think is too tough to play two ways. Not so much it cant be done from a pure physical ability standpoint, its the practice reps that it takes, and the wear and tear mentally and physically.

Madison Bumgarner I believe could hit 25 bombs and bat .250, but he would have to swing a bat hundreds of times a day from January on and take BP everyday. Spring training at bats, etc.

​The ONLY way I could see someone pulling it off is being a closer, and that still wouldn't work because you need bullpen sessions to stay sharp, and would have to be available to close multiple times a week.

Comment 13 Jun 2017

I kind lean your way, you aren't defeated the Warriors playing their style. The key is defense. The Cavs are not a great defensive team. It seems to be the teams that give them trouble (relatively speaking) either play really good defense and or distribute the ball well.

Kyrie for all his shot making ability does not have the best court vision. He is more of a 2 in a 1's body. I think having another playmaker would help.