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Comment 15 hours ago
I find it hard to believe this is the first time Meyer has been upset about ball security. He says they preach it. He never stated he was not upset about it after game 1 or 2. As he said, his biggest issue is lack of effort. Tressel didn't have the potentially explosive athletes Meyer does, also, Meyer does have 3 rings at the highest level, he is doing something right.
Comment 07 Oct 2015
I disagree, and I am a former outfielders. There is a reason NFL scouts said Devin Smith was the best deep ball receiver they had seen last year. He was better at it than most college wide receivers. Not sure if it was God given or learned, but Smith won more battles than most wide receivers would. Smith was better than 95% of guys at his position with the deep ball tracking IMHO. It isn't second nature for everyone. I can relate to what you said, I was a natural outfielder and an average infielder. But outfield play and tracking deep balls isn't as easy as it looks for some.
Comment 07 Oct 2015
John Cooper didn't hire Pagac. Woody Hayes did. He was a former player who worked at OSU from 1978-2000. I don't think he and Tressel saw eye to eye. I also remember Dave Kennedy didn't stay terriblyn long after Tress came back to OSU.
Comment 06 Oct 2015
I don't see the complacency either. The turnovers are tangible evidence. Especially in the red zone. I can't see complacency from a TV screen, and I don't know anyone associated with the team on a personal level.
Comment 03 Oct 2015
I love the OSU team, and enjoy watching them, but I am not on the team or coaching staff. Caring and concern is a relative term. When the Buckeyes lose, it bums me out, but some of the feelings you speak of, anger and seeing them live up to their abilities, for me personally, I play and coach sports, and I feel that way about my teams. At some point I have to realize I have 0% control over the play of the Buckeyes, and I can only get so emotionally invested in the result of a game. I learned this after I got older, specifically after Jan 8, 2007 or so .
Comment 02 Oct 2015
TCU uses a 4-2-5 and Patterson is probably the godfather of this defense recently. Rich Rod used a 3-3-5 at WVU and was one of the only programs to use it. The cover 4 defense that OSU and MSU use currently that Narduzzi said OSU stole actually has its roots from Nick Saban more than anyone. There are coaches who do come up with fairly original concepts every several years to deal with offensive changes, then the rest of coaching is copy cat and tweaking.
Comment 29 Sep 2015
I started school at OSU in 1994, I know what you mean. One thing I have to keep in mind is the game has evolved, and it alters stats. In the mid 90's Steve Spurrier was a pioneer with the spread offense (along with others), now look how many teams spread you out. The defense of 2012 was pretty bad, but I think the 2015 defense can be almost as good as the 2002 or 1996 defense, even if they may give up a few more points. I am a little young to remember Chris Spielman vividly at OSU, and it blows my mind when I see stats of guys like him and Cousineau or whomever having 20+ tackle games, and I believe Spielman had 29 tackles in a Michigan game if memory serves. But the thing is, the game has changed so much, it is just impossible for a linebacker to achieve that many tackles.
Comment 28 Sep 2015
I agree, Devin Smith made 50/50 balls 80/20 balls if you really rewatch those games. There were some frozen ropes on intermediate balls, and Jones has the raw arm strength, but he isn't the best deep ball thrower in regards to timing and ball placement. I remember reading an NFL draft articles saying how rare Smith's ability was to track a deep ball was, basically not only was he the best in the draft, it was something you may see a few times a decade, maybe like Ted Ginn's gift to return kicks, or Antoine Winfield's ability to tackle as a cb to use OSU references.
Comment 27 Sep 2015
I respect your guys opinion, and I definitely could see Bell being a first rounder. I haven't been able to watch as much college football this year than I have the last several years. Yesterday I probably watched more than I have all year.
Comment 27 Sep 2015
To each their own. Yesterday, as I watched college football, I made a concious effort to check out LJ Scott, Jeremy Cash, and Christian Kirk, guys I learned about from following this website. I can 100% understand other fans may not care I think my thing is, if there is a topic that doesn't interest me, personally I don't post on it and say "not interested" LOL. Can you imagine if everyone did that? It's disrespectful, and clogs up the board. I mean, probably 75% of the forum topics don't interest me.