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Comment 25 May 2016

There was another link higher above that Navy posted concerning 198 non athletes tested. That was the study I was referring to. I didn't downvote you FWIW.

Comment 25 May 2016
I don't think the players thought of it that way in my opinion. Also the nature of the sports are different. This is more education now. Back then doctors would give you smelling salts and send you back out. My point is if you took a poll of a high school or cfb team in 1966 and 2016 and asked them about concussion risks you would get different feedback.
Comment 23 May 2016
Personally I don't think it is that shocking that players 25-50 years ago didn't realize that shots to the head, more specifically sub concussive hits could lead to brain damage. Definitely wasn't "common sense". From boxing, maybe. I do not think many NFL players in the old days thought suffering 5-7 concussions over the course of a career would lead them to suffer later in life.
Comment 23 May 2016
I just read this. I can't believe that there are still people out there who believe there is no link between CTE and football. If the NFL people didn't think so, why have they stood in the way of research for so long?
Comment 22 May 2016
I was trying to find more info on Brad Kaaya, I had heard good things about him, but hadn't watched him play much. Fun fact I just learned is his mom is actually the actress who played "Felicia" in Friday. Wonder how many times he has heard "Bye Felicia" in his life LOL.
Comment 15 May 2016
My explanation had some facts in it, but I was wrong in the sense you don't have to back count if you don't want to, it is a way to get around the 25 initial counter rule, but OSU won't come close to that in 2017. The earlier explanation seems to be the issue, OSU can't go above 85 next winter, so that is the more relevant limit. Right now they have 84 kids on scholarship. They are gaining Chrisman and losing 5-6 seniors (confused about Burrows status). The amount of EE will be small due to the small senior class. Sorry for the confusion.
Comment 14 May 2016
Sorry for the multiple posts. From my understanding, the formula works like this.....OSU had a 25 man class on paper this year originally. 7 players from the class early enrolled (Mack, Jordan, etc) so they get back counted to the 2015 class in regards to the 25 max. 25-7 means now you have an 18 man class for 2016 in the eyes of the NCAA. Leaving 7 spots for 2017 kids who want to early enroll. The loss of Felder now leaves 8 spots for 2017 class kids to EE because the max got can have in a class is 25. Hopefully Birm or Andrew can confirm my explanation.
Comment 14 May 2016

Also Halladay is comparable to David Cone. Cone was 194-126 for a .606 winning percentage and a 3.46 ERA. He won a Cy Young, pitched a perfect game and led the league in strikeouts twice. 121 ERA+ and led in IP once.