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Comment 2 hours ago
No. There have been rumors that Johnny Manziel uses cocaine. There have been reports of Gordon hanging out with Manziel, including a flight to Cabo where a girl instagrammed a picture of cocaine, and supposedly Gordon was there. Also in the house that Manziel and Gordon wrecked supposedly there was evidence of cocaine and mushrooms. I haven't heard any confirmation at this juncture that Gordon entered rehab for marijuana, so I asked if you were assuming. Not sure what part about my question seems trollish, but whatever. EDIT- It also should be noted that it was reported Gordon's failed 2013 drug test was for codeine not marijuana. Another reason why I asked if you were assuming he entered rehab for marijuana, or are certain.
Comment 30 Sep 2016
I would assume most teams know about it already. Chip Kelly has been doing stuff like this at Oregon and the NFL for a few years.
Comment 28 Sep 2016

A grayshirt has several options. They can delay enrollment, take classes part time at the school they plan to attend, or go to a local juco.

A grayshirt can not be a full time student or their eligibility clock starts.

Comment 26 Sep 2016
This deserves an upvote and downvote LOL.
Comment 26 Sep 2016
Bama seems to accept Saban fairly well, and he isn't from the South.
Comment 26 Sep 2016
Agents can handle it behind the scenes.