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Comment 20 Apr 2014
There is no proof, bag men and benefactors usually pay cash. As in paying for recruits in Ohio, there is no proof but I wouldn't doubt it. We do know Troy Smith went to a booster in Springfield for $500, we do know Maurice Clarett had bills paid for him, we do know that the Cleveland booster Bobby D was giving out cash envelopes and had been associated with OSU athletics for 20+ years, so there is proof people in Ohio take care of athletes SEC style. I would assume, with OSU football as big as it is, that other things happen and have never been discovered. OSU did have an organization called The Committeemen under Woody that basically found recruits, gave them jobs and took care of OSU athletes until the practice was banned by the NCAA, but those types of people I am sure did not just disappear. Also ex Buckeye football players will tell you there are people who take care of them. This is an opinion, but reflecting on Terrelle Pryor's recruitment, the length of it and the schools OSU beat out, and the way he had his hands out at OSU, I find it hard to believe he choose OSU with no inducements. Doesn't mean OSU was behind it. Also, Jim Bollman and the Buckeye Club got in trouble with the recruitment of Derek Morris, they offered his father a job, airlines tickets and helped with a loan, so yes there is proof things happen at OSU with coaches involvement.
Comment 19 Apr 2014
Yeah, the kids could definitely get grants and scholarships. Also, it isn't like a player would have oto pay the 45,000 each year out of pocket, the athlete could get a loan and pay back the loan later. Also, if you are paying the players, the player should be able to make side money with endorsements and autograph signings to increase income. Also, just like other university employees in certain field, I don't see why they would get reduced or free tuition, and insurance and paid vacations. I would imagine there are university employees who have these benefits and make, I don't see why the players could not get paid and still get tuition benefits, like some hospital employees and administrators do. You could also split the difference, pay them 50,000 and cover tuition.
Comment 15 Apr 2014
I have always figured the market value of a college football player was 6 figures easy. Especially at the big time programs. Look how much time coaches spend on recruiting. Combine that with how much "bag men" spend on recruits, it is very easy to see a 5 star recruit being worth mid 6 figures , and a 4 star recruit commanding 6 figures also. You would have to figure that market value is higher at places like Columbus, Tuscaloosa or Austin. I have changed my stance a bit. The more I think about it, the better solution to me wouldn't be the schools paying the football players, with Title X issues and the fact all athletes work hard. I think athletes should be able to make side money using their likeness. That way OSU could still afford to field 36 sports. I also think that would eliminate a lot of the complainers that say the players already get enough, or the ones jealous because they are paying back student loans. I think people would have less of a problem if Nationwide Insurance paid Braxton Miller $100,000 to do commercials than Ohio State paying Miller, and the golfer or swimmer couldn't complain because they could get the same deal in theory. My biggest issue has always been the athlete getting a fair piece of the pie, and I have felt for awhile that piece is a 6 figure slice for a football player at Ohio State.
Comment 14 Apr 2014
She was in town a few years ago, trying to get more info on OSU. Truth be told, they were pretty close to finding more violations, but no one would speak on record. If you sent investigative reporters to any college town with a major program, you could find violations if you do enough digging. I wonder what she is up to now.
Comment 11 Apr 2014
Some people with poor circulation, or previous exposure to frostbite, are susceptible to issues in cold weather. None of us , or most of us are not close enough to the situation to know if he needs to be wearing gloves or not.
Comment 10 Apr 2014
I would think this happens in Columbus, and in Ohio. Columbus is as large a college town as there is. I would imagine stuff like this happens in Michigan and Texas also, along with the SEC. The story even says these bagmen barely know the coaches, it made that clear. It's not like Saban, Miles, Meyer, Hoke, Strong or whomever meet with these guys. The stakes are probably higher in the SEC, no doubt, but other schools win recruiting battles also. I am sure that not every kid has there hand out. Also, remember the guy from Cleveland who paid the players for the charity events, the guy who paid Clarett's cell phone bill from Youngstown, the guy who gave Troy Smith $500 from Springfield. TP had the mentor from PA, TP's whole recruiting saga had always made me wonder......yeah it happens to OSU players also. Again, it isn't about would John Cooper, Jim Tressel or Urban Meyer would be behind it, I ask myself does OSU have a large and passionate enough fan base that fans would be tempted to do this. As much ridicule as guys like Saban and Miles get, I don't think these coaches at power programs don't have to get their hands that dirty, they sit back in their offices and it takes care of itself. To me, I would look at schools that seem to secure kids official visits. Obviously certain programs kids are going to want to visit more than also figure kids get approached on unofficial visits also, even in their hometowns.
Comment 05 Apr 2014
Personally I consider PSU a rival to OSU, second only to Michigan. It may be because PSU was tough when I was a student, freshman year at OSU was the 14-63 debacle.
Comment 05 Apr 2014
I disagree. A team can have more than one rival. I can think of multiple examples.
Comment 27 Mar 2014
You sound jealous to be honest. What does you having to pay for school have to do with football players? How many times did you play in front of 100,000 plus? How many ligaments did you sprain or tear, any concussions or joint issues? How many hospital visits did you make visiting sick kids. How much work did you put in in the summer, how many times did you meet with the media? What was your height, weight, vertical and 40 time. I could go on. Point being, comparing yourself to a student athlete is apple to oranges. I attended OSU and didn't get a free ride. It being a choice isn't that relevant to me in the sense that if the law/gov't feel like the choice doesn't provide compensation that is deemed legal or fair, it needs to be improved. I can't pay someone $1 an hour for mowing lawns, and defend it by saying the person I hired made a choice. There are standards that have to be met in this country.
Comment 26 Mar 2014
Germaine was drafted by MLB out of high school. He was a tremendous athlete.
Comment 19 Mar 2014
I lean towards DJ on this one. I am hell bent on the LAW. America has antitrust laws for a reason. Pro sports violated them for a while, but the baseball reserve clause was deemed a violation of the law. Yes players made a lot of money, but they were entitled to free agency by the law of the land. I think the establishment of free agency in sports is similar to what college sports is going through now. I don't understand why so many assume that a scholarship is enough, or that only the Braxton Millers are getting screwed. I personally think most major college football players are getting screwed. The question isn't if the deal is good, as you state. Yeah it's good. The question in my mind is if the deal is as good as it can be under the laws of the United States. That's why I use the free agency analogy. Baseball players got a good deal making 6 figures in the 1970's. That does not mean the reserve clause was legal. Now they make 6-8 figures. I honestly believe a lot of it is jealousy. People are jealous that players get free school, books, room and board, etc, and it makes them angry/jealous that these players may get more. I try not be jealous. This is America, let these kids get as much as they can. I paid back student loans, but it isn't that hard for me to admit I was not Braxton Miller or Dontre Wilson, or when I went to school I was not Katzenmoyer or George. They are more important to OSU than most of us, so they should get an awesome deal. If I was 6'3 220 and ran a 4.5 40, maybe I would have got a better lot in life, but I didn't... life isn't fair. The other argument that bothers me is the "college sports will never be the same" one. It is what it is. Pro sports survived free agency, college sports will be fine. Besides, there is no law saying schools have to play BCS football. Maybe schools like Akron and Kent drop to D3...maybe this will force programs to be more sound financially. In short, to me it is very simple. NCAA should be in compliance with the laws of America, and if a federal judge says what the status quo is is in violation, then fix it.
Comment 23 Jan 2014
Greyshirting is a kid delaying enrollment or paying his own way his first semester. That way you can count him as an intial counter for the following year. It is usually agree upon before hand. Todd Boeckman was an example if that helps.
Comment 23 Jan 2014
I keep it simple. I agree with your premise that many people throw out the term too loosely. It is hard to really know who is oversigning as a casual fan. For example, I hear a lot of Tennessee and their 34 verbals, but no one really knows if they have done anything wrong. Numbers don't mean a whole lot to me. Oversigning to me is having to force a kid out, or having to tell a verbal commit that you do not have room for him. Grayshirting if there is an agreement doesn't bother me. Basically, if you aren't forcing kids to leave, or telling a verbal late in the process to look somewhere else, and are honest with the is OK IMO.
Comment 23 Jan 2014
Well, Dantonio is from the Saban coaching tree ...All coaches do this stuff. NCAA is a joke. The rule seems kind of foolish anyways. I do know Saban has been calling to more spring recruiting I believe.
Comment 21 Jan 2014
I do see your point, but that would be complicated. That would make McMillan a 6 star I suppose lol. Also, a guy like Eli Apple came in early, and still redshirted, so it doesnt guarantee anything. I know Tennessee has 13 or 14 EE. I been following them, trying to figure out how they are fitting in 30+ verbals. I think every major conference has EE's.
Comment 20 Jan 2014
Harbaugh is loud mouth arrogant jerk also. Didnt he guarantee a victory over OSU while at UM? I am rooting for the Seahawks because I like defense, dont like the way the NFL has gone with the passing numbers. I like Manning and Sherman, both are excellent players.
Comment 20 Jan 2014
I honestly think it has a lot to do with luck when you get to a certain point, at least more so than a bottom third of a roster. Also having experience at certain positions at the right time and being injury free helps win championships. The bottom third will be strong if you just recruit well for several years in a row, like FSU and Bama. OSU has had depth issues because the 2009 and 2010 classes did not pan out IMO. It may take another year or two to establish that level of depth.
Comment 20 Jan 2014
I think the key is building depth, and with the redshirting that occurred with this class, I think OSU will see improvement in the near future. The link you posted about over signing is from 2011, I think the SEC and NCAA rules have changed since then. FSU has 26 verbals, 17 seniors and 4 guys leaving early. I think they expected more underclassmen to go pro early. Tennessee can sign 30 because they counted 20 last spring. It is hard to tell who is oversigning until closer to signing day to be honest. Tennessee's had like 13 early enrollees, also kids are still flipping commitments. Oversigning is not the issue it was 5 years ago.