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Comment 20 hours ago
I never hated Meyer. Before the championship game, I read an SI article about how he was from NE Ohio and was a Buckeye fan growing up, which I didn't know until I read it in late 2006. Admired him ever since. Actually had this weird idea he could be OSU coach one day, kind of like the way people think Herman could end up at OSU.
Comment 18 Oct 2016
Boycotting a football game because of a band uniform? You can't be serious? I wouldn't even boycott a game because of a football uniform change, and I don't go to a game to watch a band, couldn't care less what they wear.
Comment 13 Oct 2016
It's not the same article. I read both. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. I don't believe it was necessary to shoot Smith 7 times in the back, but I wouldn't be surprised if Smith was aggressive towards the shooter. There were witnesses that night that said both men arguing stated they had a gun, with the implication that both men were threatening to use it. And we do know Smith's BAC was .235, which means his decision making processes probably weren't the best. There are inconsistencies on both sides.
Comment 13 Oct 2016
The story had to play out in the courts. We don't even know if Smith was unarmed yet. There have been accusations that Smith fired a gun first. There have also been theories that Smith's wife was shot by Smith. The only people who know what truly happened is the people that were there that night.
Comment 12 Oct 2016

I think it and has had more to do with quarterback play than wide receiver play to be honest. I think these receivers create separation more than we think. Last week JT missed Clark when he had separation, Campbell had to play DB on a ball that he had separation, and I think he missed Samuel to on a route he was separated.

Comment 12 Oct 2016

It seems it's the night games that are down the most. Maybe there are just more entertainment options nowadays, although I do think a 15% drop or so for night games is kind of alarming. The typical Sunday game is only down 3%. I wonder if there is some reason for the gap.

To each his own, there is no type of protest that is going to stop me from watching a game I want to watch. I don't really watch the NFL, but my understanding is that the protests are during the anthem. What affect does that have on the actual game?

Comment 12 Oct 2016

I think Peppers is probably physically stronger than Ward or Lattimore. He is an impressive athlete who I think has an excellent chance of going in the first round of the NFL Draft, maybe the second. I don't think he is '04 Bush. 05' Young, '97 Woodson or '88 Sanders good, but he is an top tier college football player.

Comment 11 Oct 2016
I agree his statement wholeheartedly. I might be in the minority, but I am not a big fan of 97.1 either. That being said, I understand that most of us on 11w are pretty intense Buckeye fans, so I think it is understandable that 97.1 doesn't satisfy some of us. There are no Kyle Jones or Andrew Lind's on 97.1. Probably why I read this website everyday, but don't listen to The Fan everyday.
Comment 05 Oct 2016
I don't think the ACC is all that mediocre. They have excellent academics, good football, basketball and baseball programs. Pretty good media markets, although some schools are in pro sports markets.
Comment 05 Oct 2016

I see your point BGSU. If you are a big enough fan of a sport, you will watch regardless and tune out the white noise.

I am not an NFL fan, but I am very aware of the protesting stuff. I don't find it all that hard to tune out though. It was interesting for 2-3 days, but at this point I don't really care what these players do pregame.