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Comment 26 Jul 2016
AllinOSU, The counter date is for fall camp August 1st to have 85 so kids don't get cut. I agree I am not sure what 3 you are referring to. In regards to EE, Ohio State had 7. Austin Mack, Jonathan Cooper, Tuf Borland, Malik Barrow, Tyler Gerald, Antonio Williams and Michael Jordan. If OSU had 82 kids on the roster last fall which we both agree, by your rationale they would have had 89 on Dec 1st. Again, I do not know what rule you are Dec 1 rule you are referring to. Grant in aid starts with semesters winter quarter. Again, what you saying is that a team that doesn't make a bowl game and plays there last game Nov 28 has an advantage over a team like Ohio State who may play in a BTCG early December and plays in the CFP. What you are also saying is Ohio State would have to tell recruits "Maybe you can early enroll, but we may not have the room if we win the conference and make the playoff. I am saying December is irrelevant, all that matters is you have the space winter semester, and the coaches generally know if they have the space. Maybe 1 or 2 spots they aren't sure about.
Comment 25 Jul 2016

My impression was that the reason we don't have room for Lamont Wade as an EE is because he isn't committed yet, and OSU already has verbals from committed kids who want to EE.

Conley and McMillan have to decide by January 15th. That is the deadline. The players have conversations with the coaches. There were plenty of connected sources like Birm who hinted at the fact that Marshall, Bell, and even Apple were likely going pro before the January 15th deadline.

So again, let's say OSU has 84 kids on scholarship right now (I lost count, and am not sure if Chrisman is now on the roster with the new official update). Five seniors leave. That puts Ohio State at 79 kids winter 2017. That leaves 6 spots for early enrollees. Let's assume the staff is 95% sure McMillan and Conley leave. That means now you can take 8 EE. They may not be sure about medicals, JT Barrett, other 4th year juniors etc. The issue if there are already about 8 kids currently committed who want in early. They can not tell Lamont Wade that he can enroll early, because they are not sure on the numbers, and the kids already committed have priority with the staff in regards to early enrollment.

Does this make any sense? I don't know how else to break it down for you.

Also, your theory still makes no sense at all. Even if OSU was at 82, there were 7 early enrollees this year, and the bowl game was January 1st. 82+7=89.

Comment 24 Jul 2016

I don't know anything about Dec 1st, but by your theory, Alabama or OSU could never have any early enrollees. How did Austin Mack, Michael Jordan, Cooper and  other kids early enroll at Ohio State this year? That would have put OSU over the limit against ND by your theory.

It is true an early enrollee can count against the previous class, or his high school class, depending on what is more beneficial for the school, but that is not Ohio State's issue. OSU isn't trying to get more than 25 initial counters.

My name is not Birm, but I have researched this issue, and I used to think it was more complicated than it was, but it is very simple. You can not have more than 85 on scholarship at any time. Ohio State has a very small senior class. Ohio State or any school can replace kids who exhaust eligibility winter semester. The reason OSU is in a numbers crunch for EE is because the senior class is small.

If Conley and McMillan go pro, they wouldn't be on scholarship winter quarter. They would sign with an agent, which is an NCAA violation if they were on scholarship. So yes, it frees up a winter scholarship.

Comment 24 Jul 2016

I think alumni do donate to other departments in SEC schools, but SEC schools don't have near the endowments and alumni base many Big 10 schools do. Smaller schools in states with smaller populations, and included in those smaller populations is a higher percentage of minorities who weren't even allowed to attend some of the state schools until the 1960s.

Comment 23 Jul 2016
Early enrollee count is based on how many players we have on scholarship in January. So if OSU has 77 players on scholarship in January, they can take 8 early enrollees. You also have to add the greyshirt to the total. I think sometimes we make it more complicated than it is. OSU already can early enroll kids to replace the seniors. If other players such as McMillan and Conley were to leave early, it opens up another spot that an early enrollee can take.