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Comment 23 Oct 2010

Because all the of the previous players QB-Guru Jim Tressel groomed here got drafted and went on to light up the NFL. Yup. 


/commence the hatred

//just telling the truth

Comment 19 Oct 2010

Tressel's best squad was the team that went undefeated and beat UM in the 'game of the century'. I will always believe this. 

Unfortunately we got complacent (which I ultimately lay on the coach) during the break, came out unprepared (again, on the coach), entitled (ditto) and unlucky (ginn injury, troy's heisman bloat) and got our behinds handed to us on a silver platter. 

So while Tressel's players don't get in trouble with the law (his credit), when we come out completely vulnerable and inexcusably lazy like we did in that game I feel ashamed of the effort his teams put forth. And I put that on him. 

It is what it is.  


Comment 18 Oct 2010

I'd like to think those things as well since we all loved him in college, but in a world where NFL teams are trotting out every single live body out there as "QB" (b/c hey, how many drew brees and peyton mannings are there in the world?) there's no conceivable way that a guy who can play won't get a shot. no possible way. The NFL is a ruthless business and its most efficient at finding guys who can succeed at doing what they do. Flacco looks great now but his rookie year he was pretty "game manager scared of throwing more than 15 passes". And his playoff failings are the main reasons the ravens havent had more success (with their great D + ray rice). If smith had anything in him he would've gotten a real shot by now. The browns apparently thought Jake "Human INT" Delhomme was a better bet than Troy. Guys like Matt Moore, Jimmy Clausen, Colt McCoy, Max hall, trent edward, ryan fitzpatrick, bruce gradkowski have all been handed NFL starting gigs sometime in the last year. If Smith couldn't get one, what does that really say about his abilities?

Comment 18 Oct 2010

What happened to troy smith? Exposed as a fraud in the NCG by a real, fast defense loaded with NFL players, 6th round pick, career backup at best. Hasn't sniffed the starting job on some pretty QB challenged teams. 

If TP stays another year it'll just be more of the same. Granted, that's much better than if he leaves, because the team is cratering without him, but he's got a long way to go to make it as an NFL qb either way. 

Comment 18 Oct 2010

apologies for the typos. was typed on a mobile device during a bus ride.

Comment 18 Oct 2010


First of all, it's clear that recruiting success doesn't equal coaching success. See: zook, Ron and miles, les. That being said, Tressel has recruited well. But 1. What becomes of the recruits after they get here, especially the linemen, and
2. What if this success is going away now due to our recent flops on the big stage? 
I think that when five star recruits routinely come through your program and underachiever eventually you have to look at the one constant over the whole time and that's he coaching staff. It's on them that our o lines and defenses routinely underachieve. We always only look dominant against the toledos or eastern michigans of the world. 
Last years underwhelming recruiting haul was dismissed by many here as just an off year, no biggie we just reload the next. Fair enough, that's possible. But it's also possible that osu's big game failings are finally starting to catch up to us in recruiting. Most of these high school kids today barely remember 2002. They were still in elementary school. They do however remember the utter embarrassments of 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, etc.
Sooner or later i feel kids won't want to go to a school that routinely gets de pants on national tv and also, for the record, is seemingly horrendous at developing offensive skill players (seriously, take a moment and think about how many buckeyes from the JT era in the NFL play a skill position and are decent? Santonio ... And Santonio. Maybe beanie occasionally.)
And finally, I think it's frankly a miracle that pryor chose to come here. Yea, he wanted to develop as a prostyle qb instead of dominate from the spread at a place like Florida or Michigan. I get that. But what in tressels career has convinced us that he's capable of molding even one starting NFL qb, much less the most highly touted recruit in a generation? The who's who of tressel's qbs in the NFL isn't exactly a murderers row of competence. Smith, his golden boy, can't beat out a washes up product of the spread in Alex smith and another washout named David Carr. Boeckman was so very obviously overmatched even at the college level. Ditto for zwick. We all know how krenzel panned out. 
This years recruiting class may very well be ridiculous and my theory will get blown up if he continues to recruit well, but I think it's the start of a downward trend and good recruiting alone does not a good coach make. Or else we'd all be worshipping the zookster. 
Comment 18 Oct 2010

Ain't happening, dude. He's never going to change. Never going to hire a real OC. Never going to delegate his responsibilities out to COMPETENT assistants. Never going to let someone else take credit for our success. 

I'm resigned and beat. Jim Tressel IS our coach. Whether we like it or not. The rabid hordes of defenders he has in the fanbase (such as around these here parts) plus the ADs office assures that he's staying on as coach, and coaching IN THIS MANNER, as long as he damn well pleases. 

Coaching in this manner is also a guarantee that we never win another NCG with him at the helm. You can quote me on this and until he proves me wrong all evidence points towards this conclusion. 

And don't give me that bunk about how we won it all back in 02. We did. But we won with killer DEFENSE and some luck. That type of Defense is gone forever because we also had Dantonio back then and the man, as we've all seen this year, has some massive balls and toughness and actual coaching SKILL that heacock lacks, since he's just a Tressel yes-man. 

But if everyone's CONTENT with just challenging for a Big10 title every year and beating up on DickRod while never becoming a truly elite national power, then Tressel is the coach we DESERVE. When you have low expectations, you deserve the low results that come from it. 

I will keep rooting for the buckeyes no matter what, but basically since the USC game last year (by far the most winnable "national stage" game we've had recently) I've given up hope that Tressel will ever change and that we will ever be nationally relevant again. 

The game has passed him by.


/goes off to drink @ lunch

Comment 17 Oct 2010

Hey, the truth's tough to hear! some people don't want to consider these pesky "facts". It makes them feel uncomfortable. You know what is comfortable? Competing for a big ten berth year in and year out. Nat'l Titles? Yeah, if they happen, great. If not, "at least we win the big ten!!!"

See attitude of poster below me. 


If everyone's happy with the status quo, then well we all deserve to have Tressel as our coach. Because if all we expect are big ten titles, and not national titles, then we're only gonna get big ten titles and get blown out of the water every time we're on the national stage. But after all the evidence pointing to this, some people are still hunky dory with it. So, what more is there to be said? 

Tressel's not gonna change, he's not gonna fire his people, he's not gonna let someone else come in and take credit for any positive change, and the fans aren't gonna care that we'll NEVER win another nat'l title in the Tressel era. Hey, at least we beat up on Rich Rod!!! 

Comment 17 Oct 2010


"There are too many people who can too easily identify with defeat."


But what do I know? 

Oh, that quote? Some old Big Ten coach. Name rhymes with Hoody.

Comment 17 Oct 2010



yeah, this attitude. 

Whatever, if the people want mediocrity, by god give it to 'em. 

Comment 17 Oct 2010

Yes, the "do you want to be MICHIGAN?!" defense. 


Well of course not. It's just baffling that all the chicken littles around here think that the moment we look outside of Tressel, the ONLY POSSIBLE LOGICAL RESULT is some sort of Rich Rod-ian Meltdown Central. Please. Plenty of teams have fired and hired a coach with great results. It's not a lock either way, but we should at least allow ourselves that opportunity.

Hell, Tressel himself is such an example. But the time comes for any coach to go, if he seems to have lost his touch for the game. But we keep on clinging to some misbegotten sense of security that he gives us. 

Whatever suits you. 

Comment 17 Oct 2010

I do. Nebraska and Florida State were dominant powers. 

Where did they go this decade? TO MEDIOCRITYVILLE. 

Have fun over there, complacent fans scared of shaking things up even just a bit (Could we just hire a real OC? PLZ? Tress can keep his million dollar salary and all the cronines he wants... just pleaseee hire an OC for the love of christ)


Comment 16 Oct 2010

B/c thats the ONLY outcome that EVER happens when you fire a coach and hire a new one. No other possible alternatives, ever. 0% chance of improvement



Comment 16 Oct 2010

it was just a hypothetical.


but if you wanna go down this route, b/c college football is a what have you done for me lately business. thats just the nature of it. if you dont appreciate this fact you get left behind and become a FSU or Nebraska or other once mighty program. 

Comment 16 Oct 2010

what it has to do with tonight is that we always seem to somehow just fall short of expectations year in and year out. and then its "next year". or wait till so and so develops. it would just be nice to know we'll win the entire damn thing every once in a while. 

but maybe my expectations are too high. judging by the comments around here. it's "unrealistic" to expect perfection every year. maybe so. but tell me that its not unrealistic to at least expect perfection each coming year, and for at least some of those years, to have the expectations be met. 

Just another "spoiled" fan who always EXPECTS greatness, I guess. Wonder what Woody would have to say about the program's current state. 

Comment 16 Oct 2010

"but he also wins some. like the big10 games last year. like the oregon game. but how many of the big games in the past 3 years before last have we won versus lost?"



Comment 16 Oct 2010

My sentiments exactly. 


You get to the point where you just kind of expect one of these losses sometime each year. Sure it's only 1 loss and a 1 loss team is a team worth having hopes for. But at the same time, ... always being the bridesmaid does really, really suck. 


Would I trade the past few years of consistency and just-falling-short for say USC's glorious (and eventually sanctioned, lol) run of dominance and sudden implosion this decade? 

That's the million dollar question. 

Comment 16 Oct 2010

he does have an atrocious record. he lost 2 nat'l title games in a row for starters. he lost to USC twice, during the weakest era of USC this decade. Lost to texas in the fiesta, lost to an insane coach who doesn't properly understand the idea of "timeouts".

but he also wins some. like the big10 games last year. like the oregon game. but how many of the big games in the past 3 years before last have we won versus lost?


All I'm saying is have to damn perspective. 

Comment 16 Oct 2010

If only winning Big Ten games is enough for you, then yea, he's won a lot. I ACKNOWLEDGED AS MUCH above. "inferior" teams? Wisky, PSU, nowadays UM, etc are all "inferior teams". Clearly we recruit enough talent to be a NCG contender year in and year out. AS I SAID BEFORE, thats a CREDIT to TRESSEL. But with that level of talent and "being" ohio state, and not some middling 2nd tier school like Sparty, comes the HIGHER LEVEL OF EXPECTATIONS. 

If we lose a CLOSELY CONTESTED game against a team thats just as good as us, then why would anyone bitch? The problem with the losses is that, if it's against an out of conference team, we usually just get spanked (you can lose to florida but you cant lose by that much, you can lose to an sec team but not to the freaking mad hatter, you can lose to usc, just not during the weakest year of carrol's reign, etc etc), and if its a big ten team, we're clearly BETTER than they are and shouldn't lose. ANd yes, to his CREDIT we rarely lose them. BUT when we do, like tonight, it sucks and you people shouldn't be AFRAID to hold him accountable for it. FYI thats DIFFERENT than saying "off with his head!!!"

But hey, what do I know, clearly i am not drinking enough of this Jimmy Tee Kool aid. 

Comment 16 Oct 2010

I never said he NEVER wins big games, clearly he wins some of them, just like any other big time D-1 coach. It's just that he's also lost more than his share. 


damn, gain some perspective. you can support your team without being COMPLETELY DEVOTED to a coach and blind to his faults. Every coach has his faults and strengths. Not recognizing them is like stuffing your head in the sand. I outlined JT's strengths clearly above as well, and expressed my thanks that we'll never go the way of That Team up north, but at the same time, you people need to be able to think more objectively about Tressel. 

Comment 16 Oct 2010

What did I say to make you unhappy? The uncomfortable truth? 

Look, there's nothing wrong in an of itself with being the most consistent BCS program of this decade. Look at what happened to UM after they offed Carr. With Tress we know we'll never sink to those lows. 

But on the flip side, JT's record against highly ranked opponents (looking @ end of season rankings, not the rankings of teams @ the time), in big time games, speaks for itself. All I'm doing is not being in denial. It's a cost-benefit analysis tradeoff; we'll more likely than not lose the closely matched games against other elite programs, but we'll also always remain an elite program. 

If people are okay with this, then you just gotta accept nights like tonight.

Or are you just gonna flame me so more and say I'm not a "true fan"?

Comment 16 Oct 2010

Well, what do you all expect? It's Jim Tressel. You take his positives with his negatives if you want him to be your coach. That's just the way things roll. Yearly 10+ win seasons, consistent domination over inferior foes, never an App. State-style upset. All well and good. But also an atrocious record against top ranked teams in big time games. It is what it is. If people are happy with this (and judging by the amount of defensive comments in his support, lots of you are) then you just have to selectively forget nights like tonight. Or the 41-14 game. Or the 35-3 game. Or losing to a 5 loss USC team last year. Etc, Etc.