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    2014 Playoff Semi-Final Sugar Bowl Championship
    2002 BCS Championship
    1990 World Series
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Every young man that proudly wears a Buckeye uniform and represents the university with honor.
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Comment 21 Jul 2015

Great call, I've been in the registry since 2013.  We actually brought BTM in for a drive when I was in undergrad, fortunately got a lot of new people signed up.  

Comment 21 Jul 2015

Thanks for posting the story for Zach, DJ.  I knew the 11W community would send a ton of positivity and love his way..  Zach is from my hometown, and it's gut wrenching to see he and his family going through this nightmare.

Comment 20 Jul 2015

City View Tavern in Mt Adams is a great place to get a burger and a Bloody Mary/beer.  Awesome view, and extremely tasty food.

Comment 15 Jul 2015

And allegedly pistol-whipped a man to death in an alley...  

Edit:  I don't care about getting hit with a DV, but it did make me wonder if I needed to clarify.  I was referring to Ty Cobb; there was a long running rumor that he killed a man (he even claimed that he did so), which is what I was referencing.  

Comment 13 Jul 2015

To the Mark May/Schlagel pic: It's a metaphor; but that actually happened, though.

Comment 27 Jun 2015

Perhaps I've passed judgment on the entire group due to some poor experiences with a few members.  No reason for us to keep going back and forth, can we squash this?  I'm sorry for being combative.

Comment 26 Jun 2015

My rooting interests are not, and will never be, of enough impact to make me "miserable".  And eastern Ohio would fall under the umbrella of having a genuine tie to the city.  My experience, which apparently you felt comfortable in assuming, is in south western/central Ohio.  Thanks for the snarky, defensive, and, quite frankly, "Ohio Steeler Fan" reaction, though.

Comment 26 Jun 2015

 Steeler fans in Ohio are the worst subset of sports fans this side of Michigan's fan base, so it pains me that another Ohio State boss got sentenced to years of hard labor there

I don't think I've ever agreed more with something said in a Skully.  In my experience, they usually have zero affiliation with the state of PA, (they aren't from there, their daddy isn't from there, they don't have family there, they didn't go to school there, etc.) but still say that they don't root for the Steelers because of all of the (relatively) recent Super Bowl wins..  Right.  Of course, they're Buckeye fans too, which isn't surprising.  

Comment 21 Jun 2015

Your son has a great birth date.  First day of summer, longest day of the year, and the perfect distance from Christmas to break the year up.  This is a special one for me, though, because it's the first time Father's Day and my birthday have occurred at the same time since becoming a dad myself.

Happy birthday to little Hove, and happy Father's Day to you and all the rest of the 11W papas.  Find time for a steak today, whatever it takes!

Comment 20 Jun 2015

Easy, killer.  People don't have to "get out" around here for having an opinion, unless that opinion violates the site policy.  The folks in charge at 11W have always been open to the opinions of the commentariat in the past, and I think that's one of the factors that helps to continually improve the site; a connection between those creating content, and those enjoying content.  And to be frank, I don't think any of the authors need you to ride in on your steed of self righteousness to save them.  History has shown that when someone pisses off a staff member badly enough, that staff member has no problem stepping in and laying down the whoopass himself.

Comment 20 Jun 2015

The new "You May Like" click-bait advertisements remind me of this:

"Well fans, Roger Dorn has done a little redecorating around the ballpark. The outfield walls now look like the yellow pages. And any of you folks having trouble finding a good proctologist, might want to come down here and check out the area around the 375 foot sign"

Full disclosure, I did feel kind of feel violated and disappointed when I clicked that link in the WMDs, but it's your site, I'm just hanging out here.  

Comment 12 Jun 2015

1. I was that annoying young guy at Ohio State games screaming O-H as I walked towards the stadium.  I never meant to be obnoxious, though I'm certain that I was, I think it was more a matter of being overzealous and not understanding how to properly express myself.  

2. I got drunk and passed out at halftime of the Oregon/OSU 2010 Rose Bowl.  I also threw up on a wall.  

3. I thought OSU would lose at least 3 more games after the VA Tech debacle.  I figured the season was only going to be salvaged by a Michigan win and maybe a decent bowl win.

4. Sometimes, Hail to the Victors gets stuck in my head, and I can't make it go away.