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    2014 Playoff Semi-Final Sugar Bowl Championship
    2002 BCS Championship
    1990 World Series
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Every young man that proudly wears a Buckeye uniform and represents the university with honor.
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Comment 28 Nov 2015

Whew, this one has me anxious.  Not necessarily nervous, but definitely ready to see how things shake out.  Actually pretty thankful it's a nooner, I don't know that I could wait around all day without losing my mind/getting really drunk.  Go Bucks!

Comment 24 Nov 2015

At the end of the day, even if we remove the FIRST UNDISPUTED PLAYOFF CHAMPIONSHIP in 2014, we've still won a title more recently than those dipshits.  

Mr. Byrnes, let me ask the real burning question; now that the "get dumped then" streak has ended, will we be getting a fresh line to start the next period of game day Skully's?

Comment 19 Nov 2015

Looks like a Goldeneye007 reference to me; the klobb was an automatic pistol on that game that you could duel wield.  Didn't have close to the power of the RCP90, but it was far more common, and seemingly always there when you ran out of ammo with whatever preferred gun you were using.  

Comment 16 Nov 2015

Oddly enough, I had the same thought.  Then remembered that 9 people died in the crash, so, I doubt we ever see that commercial.

Comment 12 Nov 2015

it's not like we're drinking liquor on every Monday in celebration.

shit, I think i may have missed a memo somewhere down the line..

Comment 24 Oct 2015

First words out of Bert's mouth after the win:  "glad we got some conditioning in."

How he kept a straight face, the world may never know.

Comment 24 Oct 2015

Practice bar exam today from 9:30-12:30, followed by my own "bar" exam for the rest of the day...  I should be a special sight by the end of the Buckeyes game.  BEAT RUTGERS!

Comment 22 Oct 2015

Man, that's an incredible tattoo.  Beagle, right?  I have a jack Russell/beagle mix who means the world to me, truly sorry for your loss!  It is good to know, though, that I can assume your pup had a great life due to how much you obviously cared about him.  Much love!

Comment 21 Oct 2015

I'm not Chandler Catanzaro.  Preemptively, I'm also not American Ninja Warrior Kaci Catanzaro.  I just had this idea, and thought it might be a cool way to make fun of Michigan while giving back to this site for all the years of high quality writing and entertainment.

Comment 19 Oct 2015

I creeped blackshoediaries for a bit yesterday, and, yep.

Comment 18 Oct 2015

I think "OH MY GAWWWWD" works.

I'll just leave this here.