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Comment 18 Nov 2012

I'm perplexed at two of the different types of comments that I've seen on this thread:


1.  Buckeye fans who think we have no shot at finishing #1 in the AP poll.  If Notre Dame loses we will this season as the ONLY undefeated team in the country and will move up to at least #3 in the ranking behind two teams that will play each other in the SEC championship the following week (Alabama & Georgia).  

This means that going into the National Championship game we will be at #2 in the country with a ND loss.  If the #1 team were to lose to the #3 in the title game, then we have a very legitmate case to finish as the #1 team in the country.  


2.  Buckeye fans who "don't care if we finish #1" and think that it would be fun to just beat Michigan and be undefeated.  Are we serious?  Ohio State has a very realistic shot at winning the AP championship and claiming their 8th official national championship and we don't care if we finish #1?  The obvious question here is if winning a national championship isn't something to care about - what is?