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Comment 09 Aug 2013

yeah, i'm a crossfit / paleo guy for 5 years now...the fact is, fat doesn't make you fat...fat is the best energy source out there, and we don't eat ENOUGH of it--should be the largest component of our caloric intake.  and refined carbs are the devil, causing all sorts of diseases of excess / inflammation.  i stopped eating that crap and got jacked, asthma disappeared, skin improved, slept better, joint aches disappeared.  as a former college football player who had lived two decades of his life simply trying to gain weight / jam in calories, i've learned that nutrition is ABSOLUTELY 75% of it, with my workouts the other 25%.

Comment 22 Jul 2013

yeah on that, Defiance J....ummmm....elephant in room, anyone?!  the fact that the team has a 7am meeting today i'm pretty sure tells the story...

Comment 12 Oct 2012

lolz.  brainwash therapy...where can i sign up

Comment 12 Oct 2012

hate to say it Chris, but as per Buckeye basketball, we have to avenge TWO losses to the Jayhawks.  FKKKKKKK...the semifinal game will forever live in my craw.

as far as tomorrow's game, have a sneaking sense that due to indiana's propensity to throw screens at nearly 50% of their passing plays (thus pulling hair / cursing at open-field tackling), AS WELL AS Urban's intimations to media yesterday about this being a testing game (reduce carries for Braxton, load up for Carlos)...it could get frustrating at times.  people forget this game was tied late last year too.

Comment 24 Aug 2012

for real, i'm furious with myself now for not having scooped a BROHIO shirt.  need you guys back up stat!

Comment 23 Aug 2012

1 WTC directly in front of my offices at 3 WFC there...it's a beautiful thing to see built.

also by the way...Urban Meyer FTW on the brilliant PR move that is ESPN's "All Access."  Last night's 1 hour infomercial on ESPN's main channel in primetime did the program a huge service, and recruit twitter feeds were blowing up about it.  DOUGIE-contest was icing on cake.

Comment 20 Aug 2012

per said dipsht "journalist" on Hoke:

"I like what he does, I like the staff he has there. So start with the coaching. I think it's fantastic, and everywhere (Hoke's) gone, he's done this. He's been good, and now he actually has the bodies to help him win a national championship."

per my 30 seconds of "research":

brady hoke career record: 58-52, 4 winning seasons out of 10

Comment 20 Aug 2012

nothing to be surprised or disappointed by with Hayes...fans were extrapolating the fact that he had the headache issues into a reason why he left.  he left because the coaches gave an honest assessment about where he stood in the pecking order with the arrival of the freshmen, and thus granted him the release.  no harm, no foul.

Comment 10 Aug 2012

twitter blew up last night between two of the top linebackers in country who all could become buckeyes, and early: clifton garrett and raekwon mcmillan.  the discussion was saying their camp circuit buddy, dante booker (maybe the top player in ohio 2014) "said he's in," which started a back and forth from garrett saying "we good...decent 2014 lb corps....more like unstoppable" to raekwon miller, who replied "i'm in too."  garrett ultimately responded "let's do this!"

this is all proceeded by booker's interview with bill green, where he said ""I also hung out with (top 2014 linebacker prospects) Raekwon McMillan and Clifton Garrett, and we talked about being the "Big Three" at Ohio State."

gotta like our chances there!!!!!

Comment 08 Aug 2012

...out of 10.  still hurts, but fits in with the Urban military-inspired 'tear them down and build them back up' theme

"“We were a two on a scale of 1-to-10 coming out of the spring in terms of throwing in catching and we’re up to a four,” Herman said after Tuesday evening’s practice. “We still aren’t really good, but we are still a lot better than we were at the end of the spring, which is a testament to our guys and how much work they put into the off-season.”