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Comment 10 hours ago

New fine structure imposed on Bud Foster by Frank Beamer:

$6,000 per OSU Touchdown

$3,000 per OSU Field Goal

$2,000 per OSU Safety

$1,000 per OSU Extra Point

$10,000 per OSU Pick Six (just because)

Comment 10 hours ago

Thanks for continuing the dialogue - this is interesting stuff to me. I looked back over this post and I realize I may have come off as moralizing - not my intent. I love to have some good bourbon as much as anyone and let off some steam. I'm sure the Sark is under a lot of pressure and might have been doing the same. I don't own a pitchfork, but I might get one to aerate my dying front lawn.

I was mainly struck by the Gif of a Power Five football coach doing something that coaches typically have players do when they have done something wrong. So, what was the "wrong" thing he did? Well, he didn't commit a crime or assault anyone, but he did get blitzed in front of his boss, boosters, and USC students (the band was there). The video might have speeded up the story on this as it did provide proof that yes, he was blotto. However, this would have broken as a story eventually anyway, so Haden had to address it.

Sark must have known that when he took the job as head coach of a highly scrutinized institution of higher learning, that he was now expected to conduct himself at a higher standard. It's part of the job description, fair or otherwise. I suspect that in the Coaching 101 manual, the first chapter says "do not get drunk in public in front of the guy that hired you and 200 of his friends who make your salary possible, and the students who are also there".

So, If you or I are at that party, we can let loose and Uber it home and I agree with your reasoning - but not for guys like Sark, Meyer, Saban, or any other leader of a public and visible organization like they are. So, while I begrudge no one having a good time (did I mention I like to drink and cuss too?), I do feel in this case some "punishment" other than the pathetically performed moves in the Gif was warranted. To not do so is hypocritical on the part of the school (towards their students), the AD (to ensure the boosters the program is not out of control), and Sark himself (because he is the role model for his players).  

Comment 18 hours ago

I'm not in the punishment bidness, I'm in the judgement bidness, and brother, bidness is boomin'. Sorry, it's been a while since I worked in a Tarantino movie reference. 

Let me ask you this, what do you think would happen to a player on Meyer's team if they were drunk at a team event with Alumni present, where they were expected to interact with them? I suspect it would be at least a few game's suspension. Seems reasonable that Haden would have done the same for his coach. Remember, the Sark wasn't just out on the town with Will Farrell having a few beers.

Comment 18 hours ago

This is fair game, as long as Bud doesn't put out any "bounties" on Brax, such as calling it even on any outstanding fines one of his DB's might have......

Comment 20 hours ago

Agree with you about things in the social media age getting blown out of proportion. However, in that forum (top USC donors and alumni present), where he would be expected to be the center of things, to get that wasted showed incredibly bad judgement. He wasn't out with his buds celebrating a win over San Jose State. 

It's the context of that event, and with his position as a leader and "molder" of young men, this will undercut his credibility with his team and future recruits, so I think it was a big deal. Maybe it was just a one time thing and the Sark just can't hold his liquor, or Jim Mora sent a double-agent to roofie him, but I doubt it.

Comment 20 hours ago

He's not the waterboy, he's the head coach of a major power football program, who, at best, showed some incredibly stupid poor judgement. At worst, he has a bigger problem and needs some help. Either way, this kind of makes it look likes, hey, no big deal here coach, do a few burpees, and we're good.

Plus his form sucks. 

Comment 25 Aug 2015

Proof that Meyer is on another level with his coaching. He's working on creating assistant coaches and players that are self-directed into the right behaviour versus being lectured on what to do (as Jimbo Fisher is currently doing) and hoping they do it. His focus is on leadership and culture when most every other coach is mainly trying to implement the right scheme. Nice find TMac.

Comment 25 Aug 2015

From Evan Spencer's new infomercial: "This one crack-back blocking tip saved my life".

Comment 25 Aug 2015

Well, the death star is fully operational. That was well done and the Imperial March remix was a nice touch.

Comment 25 Aug 2015

Excellent observation and call-back to Kyle's analysis on a similar type play. 

Comment 25 Aug 2015

Dammit Hov, the Jive Talkin' neuron buried deep in my brain was just activated.

Comment 25 Aug 2015

Finebaum is the SEC version of Jerry Springer. Surprised he hasn't found a way to work in a "Who is the father" segment yet.

Comment 25 Aug 2015

If alcohol was allowed in the OSU locker room, no more curse. Maybe Sark was on to something......