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Comment 22 Sep 2016

And as an SC hater, I approve of that message. The Bucks are 0-7 against them in the last seven starts and we owe them some serious payback.

I don't think their problems are going away, even if they fire Helton. They just installed Lynn Swann as their AD after the disaster that was Pat Haden. I don't know Lynn Swann, and he seems like a good guy, but maybe they need to get someone with proven experience at the AD position from outside their little cluster of geniuses, instead of anointing former players.

Comment 22 Sep 2016

You nailed this in my opinion. He just does all of the things you mention at the 100% effort level, not some to the 100% level and the rest to the 75% level like most programs (for evidence, see the foot analyzer video above).

I think the only way he goes to the pros is if he feels bored with winning nattys (which is good for us, right?) and needs a new challenge. Motivating some of the complacent and self absorbed millionaires that play at the pro level is definitely a challenge.

Comment 22 Sep 2016

Sounds like Zeke needs a Life Coach, someone other than a parent, agent, coach or mentor who can help him navigate his celebrity 7/24. Someone who is unflinchingly objective with him (I nominate Earle).

Not picking on him, hell any 21 year old with $24M in the bank (less taxes) would need a Life Coach they trust. I could use one. Someone to help provide that missing structure that a daily job, mortgage, car payments, marriage, and kids provides for most people not fortunate to be playing a game for a living.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

Same here. Looking back, I think maybe the Bucks were playing with house money somewhat in 2014 in that B1G game and playoff run because of the "third string" effect. If we would have lost any of those games, it would have been understandable after losing Brax and JT, and seeing how Cardale had so little experience. Those guys rallied around each other, were a true team, and very loose and it showed. I'll admit to being pretty satisfied after 59-0 and thinking that while they could definitely beat Bama, I'd understand if they didn't. The confidence grew after the Bama win, but again, the feeling was that if they couldn't seal the deal against Mariotta, maybe 2015 would be their year. 

Last year, however, was my butterfly year, for many games, at least in the early going, and unfortunately the required adjustments and intensity were short by one rain-soaked Saturday in November. 

In some ways, this team is like the 2014 team. They played with house money against OU, as a loss wouldn't have been as devastating for the Bucks as it was for OU. And of course, all the inexperience they have keep thems hungry and humble, and they appear close as a team. If they keep up this attitude, they will run the table again.

The one constant in all this is the way Meyer assembles, prepares, and motivates not anly his players, but his assistant coaches. Truly amazing when firing on all cylinders, which is damn near all the time.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

Well said. Most of us aren't the same person we were even a few years ago, hopefully we are better from what we've learned. However, some people just seem to learn better and faster than others and really grow from their failures. Saban and Meyer are two such people. I hate to bring it up, but remember how bad Belichick looked at Cleveland, and how does he look now? I know, different organizations, but still.

Could Dantonio get there if given more resources like Saban has - I'm not sure but what he has done at MSU with so-called "lesser" talent is damn impressive. If he wanted to move to the NFL, I'm all for it.