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Comment 21 Jan 2017

So a thrice failed head coach, who has Nick Saban to thank for allowing him to at least get a sheen of respectability to drape over his turdish persona, and who was surely asked to GTFOutta here by Saban, feels the need to troll him and cackle about Meyer's (very temporary) misfortune in a CFB playoff game that most of college football would give their left nut just to be in (which he will never see as head coach of the FAU Owls). K - I got it. Nice tent.  

This clown is nowhere near Spurrier's league in the Troll Game.

Comment 20 Jan 2017

Best article I've seen explaining what changes Wilson might bring and what it means for JT and Burrow/Haskins.

Comment 16 Jan 2017

The last paragraph of the article sums up what I feel is a fair take:

"So before we settle into the 2017 offseason with a notion that Barrett has regressed as a passer, I challenge you to look at him as a steady performer that is only a breakout receiver away from Heisman consideration once again. Sure, he has his flaws, so does Deshaun Watson. Difference is, Watson had a more creative offense and “go-to” receivers that made him look better than he may actually be. With a new crop of future stars in tow, I cannot wait to see what Barrett does under a Kevin Wilson and Urban Meyer brain-child".

JT has more than earned the chance to be considered the starter, but will have to earn the right to keep it. If the offense starts going sideways in the first half of the schedule, even if they are winning, and the other pieces around JT seem to be working, then a change might be in order. 

The toughest game in the first half of the schedule, besides Nebraska near the middle, is the second game, Oklahoma, and they are losing a lot of their offensive talent in Mixon, Perrine, and Westbrook. The first half of the season is perfect to work in new offensive wrinkles and see how JT responds, and I sure hope that the back-up(s) get meaningful snaps. But that second half is going to be tough, although we do have a bye before PSU, and Illinios between MSU and The Game. 

Comment 16 Jan 2017

Feeling considerably positive, upbeat, and excited for the Local Team this year considering the score in the last game they played. That's not usually the case. When a great head coach gets just the right assistant coaches, particularly the DC and OC, you will get your fuzzy slippers knocked off.

Looking forward to seeing Gus and the Los Pollos Hermanos gang. Tasty chicken, that.

Comment 12 Jan 2017

Great insight. This is the point I think many miss in this whole thing. He may even get a "co-OC" title for the initial move as well. After a little time with Fleck, he may well either move to OC, or at least get credit enough to finally get that FCS HC job he's really looking for.

I'm old enough to know that all careers, even for top performers, don't always go on a straight upwards trajectory. For most people, there are peaks and valleys and E + R = O usually applies.

Comment 12 Jan 2017

Good point  - I thought there would be interest from Western Michigan or some other FCS school, but perhaps the timing was just not right ("life" depends heavily on "timing"). I also suspect that the article talking about Meyer's quest to have "the best social media presence in the country" may also tell you something about why Warinner was asked to move on from the OC role. Meyer wants everything he's involved with to be the best that it can be, period.