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Comment 7 hours ago

As long as your cargo's don't have mission creep and start going down into male Capri-land, all is well. We are not Euro's.

Comment 17 hours ago

Recently saw an article in the WSJ that annual performance reviews are going away in favor of a more continuous approach. The idea is to provide more real-time feedback (i.e. monthly discussions) so that employees understand their goals and ensure they are on track. Makes sense - why wait a year to fix a problem, but if done the wrong way, could just make things more cumbersome.

Comment 22 Aug 2016

I don't know, it seems like there is not really the potential for one or two really dominant teams in any of the P5 conferences this year, so it could be pretty messy at the end of the year. Both the Pac-12 and SEC could have two loss champs, and except for Sammy W,our own JTB, and precious few others, there aren't a lot of experienced field generals out there.

A somewhat close early season loss by either team in the OU/OSU game should not be an eliminator for the playoffs in my opinion.

Comment 22 Aug 2016

Not disagreeing with your assessment, but the VT loss had exactly the same effect on the young 2014 team that a win in Norman will hopefully have on this team. It was just painful at the time, for that team, and us as fans to see it happen, but it did bring them closer together.

I'd much rather see a win in Norman as well, and less need for external happenings and drama at the end of the B1G season. 

Comment 21 Aug 2016

Before Urban was our head coach, and with an extreme amount of many unproven players, OSU would have been ranked around 20th. To be ranked 6th is amazing.

Oh how the perception of OSU by the sports illuminati has changed.