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Comment 14 hours ago

Don't burn your bridges, paint them. Life is too short.

Unless of course you have been severely wronged, and I mean severely (it's up to you to decide what the level of severity is). In that case, pour on some gas and light that match.

Also, I understand some are tired of the Harbaugh over-exposure, but for me the man is a gift that will keep on giving until he quits and leaves TTUN with a big "L" strapped to his ball cap relative to his head to head record with Urban.

Brady Hoke was a nice, pleasingly plump man whose main sin was saying "Ohio" all the time. I could never get too worked up about him. But Slippin' Jimmy? They don't make villains like that much these days, so enjoy it.

Comment 02 May 2016

There are these kind of apartment buildings going up in droves all over Columbus. I recently read were Columbus was the number one city right now for real estate development, with multi-family apartment buildings being the bulk.

Apparently Millennials are having trouble buying houses due to the Great Recession, so builders are throwing up apartments like crazy. Plus you have retiring boomers wanting to leave suburbia and get a taste of the city life, so there's lots of development for condo's and apartments in areas like the Short North, and along North Fourth avenue, as well as over in Grandview.

Comment 28 Apr 2016

From the DJ Durkin article on Harbaugh:

"he loves chaos. That's just how he operates. He loves confrontation, chaos, conflict. He doesn't want it to be everyone comfortable, this is the schedule. He just loves throwing a wrench in the works."

Maybe there are some people who might like to work in this kind of environment, but who wakes up thinking "man I sure want some chaos, confrontation, and conflict today!" (other than this dude):