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Comment 11 Feb 2016

I get the feeling many fans are allotting Urban and the 2016 boys maybe one loss next year, and that's being generous because undefeated is better of course.

I'm allowing for a possibility of two, and I think that is reasonable with all the experienced talent that just left. JT is undoubtedly the most important cog in the machine, but he can't do it all by himself.

Comment 11 Feb 2016

DJ's link to the Oniony-like Spurrier article where he speaks his mind on other countries as if he were an ambassador is a hoot. Here are just a few gems:

Just be warned: if Bret Bielema offers to show you the splendors of the Fertile Crescent, he ain't talking about Lebanon.

Jim Harbaugh's the Japanese: he fishes wherever he wants, pisses everyone off, and was mistreated on the West Coast for reasons that don't make any sense.

Cuba is like Ole Miss. No one's supposed to go there, but it seems like everyone does anyway.

I'd call FSU the Netherlands of football because most of their players stay below C-level.

Comment 10 Feb 2016

Thanks for putting this together. I'd forgotten how frustrating it was to always be 9-3 even though I really liked Earle. After Earle took over for Woody and damn near beat USC in the Rose Bowl for the National Title in his first year, it was seemingly a slow drip of 9-3. The magic of that first post-Woody season under Earle looked more and more like an outlier. Earle wasn't bad, he just couldn't meet the standards expected, and I suspect he knew that more than anyone. Still, it hurt him, and us, when it happened so ungracefully because we knew he was a passionate adherent to Woody and OSU football. Such is the life and the risk for any OSU football coach.

As to the Cooper years, I'd forgotten just how bad his start was, but unlike Earle, it seemed he had more leeway to make it work and would turn the corner with all the recruits he brought in nationally. He did have some strong teams in late 90's. I personally didn't care for his aloof style of managing the team. He was the coach as CEO who delegated everything, and it showed. He lost control of the discipline required, and between off-field issues, some poor assistant coach hires, and failure to beat TTUN, he was one head coach I was happy to see go.

We have been living in a true Golden Era since (except that that 2011 season of course.)

Comment 10 Feb 2016

Here's the Rusky motorcycle version of the Rusky Truck. I looked into it and it's still "in development" and not likely to be made, although it was going to sell for around $1000. It's kinda lika a low rent Rokon (which is made in the US but around $6K), only goes about 30mph tops, but is like a mountain goat and can go up 60 degree inclines. You can take it apart and stow it in the back of a small car and It also floats. Can't even imagine getting spare parts from Russia.....

Comment 08 Feb 2016

Kinda felt like I was watching a vintage Tressel team (Broncos) playing a Meyer team (Panthers) in the SB last night. NOT in how each performed exactly, but the philosophy that was used in building the teams. The stout defense, special teams, and steady run-first O helmed by an intelligent QB that Tress loved, versus the (usually) attacking spread option led by a mobile QB and excellent D. Two different approaches on display for sure.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Excellent. Every HS player entertaining thoughts of playing in college should read this. Could be a new business for you Vico in providing unbiased and impartial "business" counseling for these kids and their families (for a small fee of course).

Ted Ginn Sr. is smart and understands the process and the importance of not committing too early. Players need to have some type of a back-up plan as they don't have the same knowledge and leverage that college coaches who do this all the time have. Shame on Dantonio for not allowing guys like Gavin Cupp to at least explore that possibility, because, hey, anything can happen and MSU would pull the plug if it suited them (as they did), no matter what their intentions might be to not do so at a point in time. 

I love the loyalty and commitment of players who know they want to play for their dream school at an early age, but I'd hold off on making that too known and I wouldn't be getting any tats of school logos too soon in this day and age of quick coaching changes. Keep your options at least a little open.