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Comment 24 Feb 2017

Give him credit. Finebaum has figured out how to troll and get exposure for his show by picking a fight with H-Baugh. He likely thinks Buckeye Nation will at least silently cheer him on as we go about our business of competing for, and winning National Championships. Keep it up Pawl, and may you find your "Phyllis from Flint" soon.

"I'm too busy to respond to what I started"

Comment 22 Feb 2017

Thanks BP - it got me consulting with Prof. Google - found this interesting link (with a nice graphic even!) on plural "you" usage differences in the US:

I do think Y'all is perfect - I suspect we Buckeye fans just may not like the close association with all things SEC.

Comment 21 Feb 2017

I like it better than the soporific "you guys", or the New Jersey version "youse guys", although both of those work fine if there are no women being addressed. I like the Oklahoma version "you 'un's" also, but "y'all" is the clear winner to me. I suppose it could be Northernized into "you all" when addressing a group of men and women.

Comment 18 Feb 2017

So Belichick wasn't that much different, personality wise, in his Cleveland coaching days, from where he is now, with 5 SB rings. He clearly does not buy into the notion of prima-donna players running the show, it's all about what's best for the team, so I can see how he views players as "cogs in the machine". Still, a little humility and grace, and post-game concern for your players would go a long way (interestingly I have read a few articles that say privately he actually is this way).

Of course he has learned a lot since 1991 when he wore those sans-a-belt slacks he is pictured with, as he is a student of the game (like our favorite son Urban). I do recall hating the guy back in the day for his seeming dismissiveness of Beloved Bernie, but Belichick was right about "diminished skills" to some extent, and Kosar "not following the script"? Well, that usually gets you fired no matter what job you hold.

So thanks to that Communist Modell leaving town and Belichick moving on........oh what could have been for Cleveland.

Comment 17 Feb 2017

Great share and quite a mystery as to why his Dad just took off and drove to TX, MN, and finally back to VA with just a 9MM. Maybe related to a former cop case, and out to "right" a wrong?

I'll be rooting for Billy whenever he tees it up.

Comment 16 Feb 2017

Well said and agree that Franklin got lucky bringing in the new OC - he's worked out VERY well for them this last year. Hackysack wishes that dude woulda been around when he was there. I also agree that Franklin is not as adept at attracting and picking great assistant coaches to make up for his overall lesser-ability to scheme, coach-up, and make the right in-game coaching decisions, or correct game/clock management. Franklin appears to be strongest as a recruiter/seller of the PSU brand - whatever that is these days.