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Comment 20 hours ago

It's funny how programs don't realize their mistake and demote a coach to their previous position, where they excelled, instead of axing them from the HC role entirely. There might be bad blood but with the right kind of leader, that can be dealt with or let the HC make that decision.

Comment 07 Dec 2016

I agree. Why would he go from one program that won't play for a championship to another program that most likely will never be able to play for a championship? Ambitious people like him don't like those kinds of barriers. I bet he feels like he's done his time as a lower tier head coach

Comment 17 Nov 2016

I'm seeing about $40 profit per ticket right now and that's very conservative. Granted, the tickets are only worth what they sell for but that's the bottom price per ticket in the section that I bought

Comment 31 Oct 2016

Could we be reaching the point in the supply/demand curve where people say the product on the field and the atmosphere is not good enough to not go somewhere else like a bar or home? Ticket prices are getting up there so you're locking out a solid piece of fanbase. I might be generalizing but the well-heeled ticket buyers might be the quieter fans overall.

Comment 04 Sep 2016

The only comparison I would make is I think the offense is better this year based on four quarters of play. I don't think we saw such distribution all last year. Not to say someone won't draw up a great defensive plan and stifle our inexperienced group but I think the game helped to create some confidence, which they'll need if they face some adversity.

Comment 04 Aug 2016

With or without numbers and last names? I got a guy down the street in this warehouse if you want to follow me. I give you best price, best quality, friend.

Comment 04 Aug 2016

Brandon must be a subversive plant from the OSU trademark and licensing service. It's an interesting economic question. Nike obtains the exclusive rights and in exchange, OSU TLS goes after infringers (?), thus creating a monopoly. Nike is free to jack up the price AND decrease the service level (numbers are only for the year, etc.). Given these facts, does Nike actually make more money as people balk at prices and find less legal means to obtain jerseys or do they still capture the market. My advice, get your jersey however you can because it may not last.

Comment 04 Aug 2016

There's a Zeke jersey on there with a color option, green. Unfortunately, it doesn't show a picture of what green might look like but color me intrigued for $20 buckaroos.

Comment 27 Jul 2016

I remember being mesmerized by the archery competition last time. Easily one of the most underrated events, up there with curling.

Comment 06 Jul 2016

UM was sold out. Got two for Nebraska and wife got Tulsa