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Comment 03 Feb 2016

Not sure it was said but the two walk-ons who received scholarships, Fada and X, were only good until the fall. Don't know how that's being counted in the math.

Comment 21 Dec 2015

Make a campfire and roast some s'mores. Drink beer while sitting by fire. Did it twice this weekend. Nice way to relax

Comment 21 Dec 2015

I almost spit my afternoon coffee when they guy says the punter picked it up and tried to kick it again and Hitler asks "Why the hell would he do that?"

Comment 16 Dec 2015

Mike Vrabel at a Toledo Chipotle coming back from Ann Arbor in 2013. Ken Johnson was in our dorm visiting a girl. Dude looked funny driving his car with the seat laid all the way back. I think it was an Eagle or AMC.

Met Keith Byars at a golf invitational. He was just standing around talking to fans.

Comment 08 Dec 2015

1. Big Ten speed, especially at receiver

2. Hawk was a BEAST

3. You forget just how good Troy Smith was

Comment 03 Dec 2015

Correction of a typo. Netgear AC1750 R6300, in case someone searched and didn't find what I was talking about.

Comment 03 Dec 2015

Using fork and knife until it cools is acceptable in my book as long as you commit to switch halfway through. I don't sanction burnt roofs of mouths.

Comment 03 Dec 2015

I just ordered a couple of refurbished Netgear AC1700's for $59 each. I've loved my Netgear WNDR3300 so I decided not to chance it with another interface. I've never been able to get Linksys to work when I've tried them.

Comment 02 Dec 2015

If you like playing GTA 5 online for free, you might want to keep the PS3. You'll have to pay for an online subscription to go online for GTA as well as all games. I missed the memo on that change for PS4 months ago and was unpleasantly surprised when I picked GTA 5 back up after a hiatus.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

How competitive are the bowls really if they're not some of the bigger ones where you feel there's something at stake or a team is new to a bowl game?

Maybe pit some rivals against one another that don't happen anymore because of conferences or have upstart teams like The Fighting Hermans square off against established teams. Teams with something to prove or a chip on their shoulder will make for interesting viewing.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

I would gift these to various lucky family members each year for a few years. Then I tried one. I'm not giving these to anyone any longer. Very disappointing, like a Subway sandwich. Individually, a lot of great tastes but put them together and you get the opposite of synergy.