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I'm a Bama fan looking to expand my knowledge and experience beyond the South. I mostly read the articles but will occasionally spout off to defend SEC country or question the perveived evils of oversigning.


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Comment 07 Dec 2016
I see 3 teams on that list that I would concede are in the SEC footprint: Houston, AR State, and UCF (though for 2 of those games, the distance was over 800 miles). That's a far cry from half. And like you said, the discussion is OOC road games - November cupcakes is a different discussion that some of yall will inject into anything. Yes, they suck. No, it really doesn't matter - get over it.
Comment 07 Dec 2016
Bama played at Duke (2010); LSU played at Syracuse (2015) and at West Virginia (2011); Auburn played at K State (2014); Arkansas played at TCU (2016), at TX Tech (2014), and at Rutgers (2013); Tennessee played at Oklahoma (2014), and at Oregon (2013); Georgia played at Colorado (2010); Mizzou played at West Virginia (2016), at Arkansas State (2015), and at UCF (2012); South Carolina played at North Carolina (2015); Vandy played at Houston (2015), at UMASS (2013), at Northwestern (2012), at Wake Forest (2012 & 2011), and at UCONN (2010). This doesn't count the yearly rivalries (Ga-GA Tech, SCar - Clemson, Fl-FL State, Ky-Louisville), a couple other games at Clemson and other teams in the same state, - and is not comprehensive. You may need to watch more SEC games.
Comment 06 Dec 2016

SEC teams have also recently played at Indiana, Duke, West Virginia and Syracuse as well as several road games to B12 and P12 territory so while road games to B10 stadiums is rare, road games in general are not as bad as you like to portray.

Comment 06 Dec 2016

The problem with your argument is that B10 teams play OOC games in November as often as SEC teams travel north.  Ya'll play all your OOC games the first 3 or 4 weeks of the season and keep the colder weeks for conference games, so even if Bama were to schedule another game with a B10 team it would again be in September.

Just for the record as it is quite old - Bama used to play Penn State pretty much every year before they joined the B10.  Sometimes late in the year and their record doing so was quite respectable.

Comment 04 Dec 2016
That's a different conversion really - and one I won't really disagree with. The SEC schedules both the easiest opponents and the toughest. This leads to the question of which is harder: playing two mediocre to bad teams, or playing one tough team and one really bad team? I say the latter, which is the same reasoning I use to say the B10 is the best conference this year.
Comment 04 Dec 2016
True, but I didn't list UNC, BYU, UCLA, GA Tech (x 2), VA Tech, or W Virginia. What would you consider your best wins? Oklahoma and LSU? Who else impresses you this year? SEC teams beat USC and Louisville. After that I would say Va Tech is still impressive. The B10 is clearly better this year, but the SEC had a better OOC schedule
Comment 04 Dec 2016
Look, the B10 had been the better conference this year - but don't make this argument. Sure, the record is better, but against who? OSU'S win over OK is very good, and the winds over LSU and Colorado are decent but after that, what wins are good? Where else were teams even challenged (well, except for Pitt I guess who now can claim the B10 championship? ) SEC teams played USC, Wisconsin, Clemson (twice), FSU (twice), Utah, Louisville, and TCU among others. Sure the b10 record is better but the schedules were not comparable.
Comment 08 Nov 2016

With respect, I don't think you've watched much of Bama this year.  They are effective at both stopping the run and pressuring the QB with just their front 4, which leaves the LBs free to pursue the ball carrier if he goes outside.  Also, the LBs are built drastically different from 2014 as they are a little lighter but much faster.  

Bama does give up the long pass.  They play a LOT of 1 on 1 coverage so if you have an offensive line that can block that DL for enough time for a fast WR to get a step on one of the very good corners - and a QB who can stand in the pocket and deliver a perfect pass with a lineman about to crash into his chest, you have a shot.  See the Ole Miss game and the 2nd half of Arkansas.  There are long shots to be had - but a price to be paid to take them (your QB will take a beating).

Comment 02 Nov 2016

Don't we all wish we were in the SEC, where you can generally avoid competing with other conferences...

UCLA, USC, TCU, Clemson (x2), North Carolina, Wisconsin, FSU (x2), BYU, West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech.

Is that what you consider avoiding competing with other conferences?  That is an EXCELLENT OOC line-up.  Certainly better than the B10's notable games this year (especially when you consider that many of these marquee opponents are not as good as they were hoped to be, though Washington helps - the fact it was Rutgers does not):

Colorado, Notre Dame, LSU, BYU, Oklahoma, Washington, North Carolina, Oregon, 

Comment 29 Aug 2016

Finebaum himself is actually really good.  You may not always like what he says (you won't) but it is usually the best analysis and honest opinion you will hear - and no one else comes close when it comes to interviews.  His callers though, are a bunch of idiots - and that is the avenue Pawl uses to fan flames and rile up people more than anything.  In that instance, the Puppet-master is a good description.

Comment 04 Aug 2016
"If he wasn't going to get playing time on your team, " There is the big difference between this scenario and the Chris Black transfer. Black was talented but buried behind other players. Smith is the starting nickel coming into the season. My bet is that Saban thinks the best move for Smith is to stay with Bama: if he plays well there his chances of getting drafted may be better or maybe his chances of playing well are better here than at a new school. Don't get me wrong - I think he should sign the waiver and let him go wherever he wants and cleaning his locker out like that is indefensible. Just offering a reason why.
Comment 02 Aug 2016

As a Bama fan, I'm happy to be where we are.  Despite the recent love toward the SEC from the media, they have not historically favored southern teams - as evidenced by Bama having the most AP championships but by far the least amount of weeks ranked #1 among the top 5.

What is extremely impressive to me is OSU's worst decade.  During their worst period, the Buckeyes were still ranked over 55% of the time.  That is a hell of a stat.

Comment 29 Jul 2016

When you sign 30 kids a year, you're always going to be on top

Let's see ... Last 4 years, Bama has signed 100 kids - OSU has signed 99.  

Last 5 years:  Bama - 126, OSU - 124

Add in the 3 scholarships OSU was without for a few of those years, and this may not be the angle you want to pursue.