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I'm a Bama fan looking to expand my knowledge and experience beyond the South. I mostly read the articles but will occasionally spout off to defend SEC country or question the perveived evils of oversigning.


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Comment 05 Feb 2016
Vico is not entirely correct there. Greyshirts must delay full-time enrollment until after that 1st season - which means if they want to begin school on time, they must do so part time for that 1st semester and pay for it themselves. One part-time semester would be considerably less than what Vico quoted. At least with Alabama's past greyshirts (including the one from last year) they are on scholarship by the winter semester (January) and can even practice with the team during bowl practice. While I wish they had run this scenario with Cole much earlier (and it is possible that they did), I'm not gonna get too worked up until they spring it on them at the end of summer or plain don't honor the greyshirt.
Comment 31 Jan 2016
We did that last April. Heaven Hill products aren't my favorites, but that was a darn fine tasting. We hit the Makers facility also. Their grounds are spectacular and give a very informative tour.
Comment 29 Jan 2016

OK and tOSU each had one loss, the difference being that OK lost to TEXAS early 

No, the bigger difference (along with OK's Conference Championship) was the wins over 4 ranked teams (TCU, Baylor, Okie St, and Tennessee) compared to OSU's one (Michigan). 

all they had to do was squeak out W's against very injured TCU and Baylor teams.

Which they did.  All OSU had to do was squeak out a win against a very injured MSU team - which they didn't.

 I just don't see how you leave a 1 loss defending champ out of the playoffs.

Because they only had one win over a team within the top-50 F/+ rankings.  

Yes, you are a good team - yes, it is loaded with talent - but the schedule did not give you the opportunity to prove it.  Especially when you consider that you lost one of the only two games anyone outside of your fanbase was watching.  The committee will consider a non-conference champion, but they will have to have a great resume - OSU 2015 was far from that (good news! 2016 looks to be much better in that department) 

Comment 29 Jan 2016

Yes the conference championship helped a lot, but OSU's weak schedule was the main culprit there.  It wasn't the timing of the loss that hurt as much as the fact that it was to one of the only two notable teams you played all year.  Had you played (and beaten) more difficult teams, that one loss record would have been more likely to rank you above Stanford.  As it stands, the Committee got it right.

Comment 28 Jan 2016
Thanks. I really enjoy interacting on this site - and guys like you are the main reason. Hanging out here has certainly broadened my knowledge of the game - and good conversation with differing opinions will sharpen or change your own.
Comment 27 Jan 2016

Driver:  Taylormade Superfast Burner

3 Wood:  Taylormade V Steel

Irons:  Old Cleveland VAS+ (probably time to upgrade, but they are very forgiving clubs)

Wedges:  Cleveland (60 &52 deg, don't know model)

Putter:  Odyssey 2-ball

Ball:  TaylorMade TP Black

Bag:  Sun Mountain carry bag - I bought this bag (about $175-$200 bag) at a thrift store for $7.  One of the hinges for the stand was broken - only thing wrong with it.  I fixed it with a coat hanger and electrical tape and it hasn't faltered in 2 years.  I walk almost every time I play - about 1-2 times a week in the summer, 1-2 times a month in the winter.  

Comment 27 Jan 2016

Was scanning to see if anyone else had mentioned GolfPad.  GREAT APP.   I purchased the full version which tracks more stats, but the free version is great for distances and keeping score.  I've never played a course that wasn't in it's database and the distances it gives are usually within a yard or 2 of that given on a sprinklerhead - as long as you aren't a scratch golfer that's plenty close.  Doesn't use as much battery life as I expected, but you better have around 60-75% life or you will run out.  I'm thinking about getting a smart watch - so I can use it for my info instead of having to constantly bring out the phone.

Comment 26 Jan 2016

Glad you agree with me.  Sorry you didn't get my point - which is the "what if" scenario is a useless game to play because anyone can bring up their own, useless scenario.  In recent years, Bama has 4 championships, OSU has 1 - all were earned.  Any complaints to the contrary are just sour grapes.

Comment 25 Jan 2016

Only 2 SEC schools did not appear in the top 30

That's because most of the SEC spends their petty cash on bagmen, whereas those 8 B10 teams use theirs to pay off the cops.

You gotta have priorities.

Comment 25 Jan 2016

FWIW, Black was a very good talent who seemed to get derailed more by injury than a misuse of the slot.  He was rumored to be the break-out player in 2012 before an injury knocked him out before it began - then Amari Cooper showed up instead.  He showed flashes of that talent, but didn't get the time I guess he thought he needed to excel.  He has graduated, so he should be eligible to play right away - and may be eligible for a 6th year due to his freshman injury.  He would be a good addition to any team IMO.

Comment 25 Jan 2016

Only if you are focusing on MSU.  LSU was mediocre at best before he arrived and Bama had been mired in stupidity / poor management at the position since Stallings left and was decimated by sanctions/loss of scholarships prior to Saban's arrival.  Florida and OSU were both pretty strong programs when Meyer took over (though Florida was down a bit, it wasn't far removed from and still had the name and interest that Spurrier built).  Consider this:  every recruiting class Saban has signed at both LSU and Bama has won at least one national championship.  That's pretty impressive.

Comment 25 Jan 2016

Saban didn't do too hot at Sparty.

He took a team that hadn't had a winning record in over 4 years and went 5 years without a losing one - ending with a  9-2 year and a #7 ranking.  (and that 9-2 season at Toledo isn't bad either)  He didn't have the wins that Urban has had at all his stops, but he built the foundation that Dantonio has maintained/built upon to what they are today - that's not as bad as ya'll would make it.

Comment 22 Jan 2016

If you're new to bourbon, allow be to give a few tips:

1.  DON'T swirl it.  It is not wine and doesn't need agitating to release the aromas.  If you want to inspect it, tilt the glass and rotate slowly.  Observe the fingers it creates draining down the side of the glass.  Smell it with your mouth open.

2.  Take a small sip.  Don't shoot the pour.  Let that first bit run over your tongue and swirl it around in your mouth before swallowing.  This will burn - let it.  After a few seconds take another (slightly bigger) sip.  This one will reveal a lot of flavor and taste you didn't notice the first time.  A good bourbon will have lots of different tastes you can identify. 

3.  If, after at least 2 sips it is too harsh for you to taste anything or for you to handle it, then add a few drops of water or a single ice cube and try it again.  I find that anything over 110 proof can use a little dilution, but others like it more without.

4.  Share.  Bring friends into this and share your bottles.  Makes it easier to go through and find what you like.  Between myself and 3 or 4 friends, I bet I've tried 50 bourbons over the last year (I think I did 25-30 over my bourbon trail weekend last April).

Comment 22 Jan 2016

I'm so glad you said that about Bookers.  Some friends and I hit 6 distilleries in Kentucky last April for my birthday (I was the bourbon guy) and I brought home a bottle of Bookers - among others.  While the other guys liked it well enough, I really didn't - until I dropped a single ice cube and let it breathe a minute or two.  Boy, that opened it up a lot to me - glad I'm not just wussing out on that 126 proof.