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I'm a Bama fan looking to expand my knowledge and experience beyond the South. I mostly read the articles but will occasionally spout off to defend SEC country or question the perveived evils of oversigning.


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Comment 16 hours ago

Iowa has beaten more ranked teams than them


Using last week's Committee list, Iowa has beaten 16 Northwestern;  Bama has beaten 21 Miss St.

Using the current AP (better), Iowa has 13 NW and 25 Wisconsin; Bama has 23 LSU and 25 Wisky. 

That's the same number of ranked teams however you count it.  Now, NW is ranked higher than any of Bama's wins (though Wisky got totally screwed in that loss so they should probably be swapped) and that's a (semi) valid point, but wins against ranked opponents are even.

Comment 17 hours ago

See my response to that post above.  It really nearly as different from OSU's opponent's schedules as you like to think - Buffalo, Army, FIU, NORFOLK STATE, RICHMOND, WESTERN ILLINOIS, Hawaii, and an assortment of MAC teams litter B10 schedules.  I'm not a fan of playing FCS teams - don't get me wrong, but don't act like B10 schools don't have 2 or 3 easy wins built into their schedules as well.

Comment 18 hours ago

Oooh, that's a fun game.

Michigan State's best OOC:  Win against 9-3 Oregon

Michigan's best OOC:  A loss to Utah or a win against (unranked, 9-3) BYU - Note:  This is why I said this was a better win than Bama's 9-3 opponents

Penn State's best OOC:  a loss to (now unranked) Temple

Illinois' best OOC:  a loss at UNC

Indiana's best OOC:  a win at 3-9 Wake Forest

Rutgers' best OOC:  a loss to WSU, or a win against 0-12 Kansas?

Maryland's best OOC:  a loss to West Virginia

Minnesota's best OOC:  a loss to TCU

Unless I missed one in there somewhere, that's 4 wins over P5 teams (counting BYU, which I think is a good win even if you don't think they qualify as P5 - though counting Kansas sucks)

I'll respect MSU beating Oregon and Minnesota losing by 6 to TCU over any game played on Bama's opponent's schedule.

You didn't notice Tennessee taking Oklahoma to overtime?   The win over Oregon I get (though O is not what it has been, it is still a high quality win) but Oklahoma did beat TCU so taking them to 2OT seems better than losing to TCU by 6 in regulation.

Comment 18 hours ago

No, that is a little self-deprecating humor as Bama fans are usually criticized for claiming too many contended championships - we don't historically have a hard time feeling like champions, so I question why someone would think we would if we were to win the playoff.

Comment 18 hours ago

I will grant you that OSU's loss is a bit better than Bama's, but Bama's wins are far and away better than OSU's:

OSU's best win is 9-3 Michigan.  After that, their best 3 P5 wins are PSU (7-5), Va Tech (6-6) and Indiana (6-6).

Bama's best wins are Wisconsin (9-3), Georgia (9-3), LSU (8-3), and Miss. State (8-4).  Then there is Tennessee (8-4), Tamu (8-4), and Arkansas (7-5), who I would argue are still better wins than your 2nd-4th best.  

It's not the time of the year of your loss (not discounting it completely, mind you) that hurts as much as you only had 2 games with which to impress the committee, and you lost the first one after 10 weeks of warm-up games.

Comment 19 hours ago

I disagree - I think if you come in as a 1-2 round pick, they are looking for a #1 runningback, and 4 of the 5 were/are just that.  They play the most snaps, take the most carries and get the most yards - however many that system may call for.  They may not lead the league in rushing or make the pro-bowl (though Lacy did) but they are still doing what they were drafted to do.  BTW, all 3 active backs average 4 yds/carry or better (and Yeldon is running behind Jacksonville's line!).  

Comment 20 hours ago

The best win they have is Miss st. 

 Wisconsin, Georgia, and LSU all have better records - but State may be the better team (though Georgia was a different team with Chubb, and LSU was a better team before the Bama loss if you watched them).  True, Bama lacks a real top-10 win this year but there are probably as many as 7 teams that are as good as many teams in the 15-25 range on their schedule.  Michigan is a good win, no doubt (I would probably rank them above any of Bama's wins), but there isn't much else in OSU's schedule that you can hang your hat on.

Comment 21 hours ago

He's not wrong (about rankings), but what is he arguing?  That OSU should be there instead?

Week 1 beat unranked Va Tech

Week 2 beat unranked Hawaii

Week 3 beat unranked N Ill

Week 4 beat unranked W Mich

Week 5 beat unranked Indiana

Week 6 beat unranked Maryland

Week 7 beat unranked Penn State

Week 8 beat unranked Rutgers

Week 9 beat unranked Minny

Week 10 beat unranked Illinois

Week 11 lost to #5 MSU

Week 12 beat #10 Michigan (ranking before loss)

Bama has beaten 3 teams (Wisky, Georgia, and LSU) with the same record as your best win (Michigan) along with 9 wins over teams with winning records compared with OSU's 4.  If you have a problem with Bama being in the top-4, why is OSU in the top 10?

Comment 21 hours ago

1. Ole Miss isn't as terrible as you claim

2.  They've beaten 9 teams with a winning record and a 10th that is bowl-eligible (OSU has beaten 4)

3. They are going to the conference championship.

Comment 22 hours ago

Saban/Bama's recent track record of "meh" RBs certainly doesn't help.

Saban has had 5 starting RBs drafted:  Coffee, Ingram, Richardson, Lacy, and Yeldon.  Coffee left the 49ers (as the starter) on his own terms (answering what he felt was a higher call), three of the others are the leading rushers on their team - and one was a bust :( .  That's a track record I'd be fine being on.

Comment 22 hours ago

They're famous for using up their running backs

Yes, cause Eddie Lacy, Mark Ingram, and TJ Yeldon just can't do anything in the NFL.  

I actually agree that 46 is too much (at least on a long-term basis), but it isn't the norm.  He is usually in the 20-25 range.  The only way Bama could lose that game this week was if they gave it away via turnovers.  Auburn couldn't stop him regardless of how many they put in the box so they ran him.  Had Kenyon Drake not broken his arm a couple weeks earlier, he would have shared in those carries, but the truth of the matter is that Bama is thin at RB.  After Henry and Drake, they are effectively left with two freshmen (albeit two 5-stars with all the potential you would expect from Bama's RBs).  Talented as they are, they are lacking in experience and when turnovers are your main concern, you don't give it to inexperienced freshmen in that situation as long as Henry is feeling well (he obviously was).

Comment 22 hours ago

That's ironic since Mississippi State was ranked as of Friday.  If that was his criteria, why did he have OSU ranked?  They were the team that hadn't beaten a ranked opponent at that time.  Maybe he got them confused.

Comment 22 hours ago
Last time I payed attention to Cowherd he was saying Bama was done and that Malzahn owned Saban. When Phyllis from Mulga is right more than you, it is best to move on.
Comment 29 Nov 2015
But they do have the same number of losses (as does Wisconsin) as OSU's best win. And I bet a couple of those ends up ranked this week.
Comment 29 Nov 2015
Bama has 9 wins over teams with winning records. OSU has 4. Your schedule was not strong enough to overcome a loss, especially a late one. Bama lost early to a good team and had several games against good teams to make it back up - and making it to the SECCG certainly helps.
Comment 29 Nov 2015
Oklahoma, Alabama, and Florida are all currently ranked teams. Has nothing to do with preseason rankings.
Comment 29 Nov 2015
"they're tops in a bad conf with a loss to a 3-9 SC squad" Yeah, they definitely don't take teams like that. /looks again at last year's resume.
Comment 29 Nov 2015
Re: Bama's schedule: they've played one team with a losing record. Regarding the SEC: no, not as many top-end teams but it is loaded with mid-range. Would you really want to play Arkansas right now? I think they are 7-5 but I wouldn't pick against them against anyone. Tennessee is another - they've lost 4 games (3 to ranked teams and Arky) by a total of 10 points (at the end of regulation). Sure Auburn sucks this year and LSU laid an egg on the big stage but the SECW is a rough division. There is really just Auburn in the"bad" department - and I'm fine with that - the rest have mostly beaten up on each other.
Comment 29 Nov 2015
Whisky - 9-3 (should be 10-2) MTSU - 7-5 UL-Monroe 1-11 GA 9-3 Ark 7-5 Tamu 8-4 TN 8-4 LSU 8-3 Miss St 8-4 CSU 9-2 (FCS) AU 6-6 That's 9 wins over teams with winning records and 9 that are bowl eligible. That's a tough schedule even if you don't think some of those aren't worthy of ranking - I bet a couple will be when it comes out. For comparison, OSU has wins over 4 opponents with winning records and I think a couple more that are bowl-eligible.