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I'm a Bama fan looking to expand my knowledge and experience beyond the South. I mostly read the articles but will occasionally spout off to defend SEC country or question the perveived evils of oversigning.


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Comment 29 Aug 2016

Finebaum himself is actually really good.  You may not always like what he says (you won't) but it is usually the best analysis and honest opinion you will hear - and no one else comes close when it comes to interviews.  His callers though, are a bunch of idiots - and that is the avenue Pawl uses to fan flames and rile up people more than anything.  In that instance, the Puppet-master is a good description.

Comment 04 Aug 2016
"If he wasn't going to get playing time on your team, " There is the big difference between this scenario and the Chris Black transfer. Black was talented but buried behind other players. Smith is the starting nickel coming into the season. My bet is that Saban thinks the best move for Smith is to stay with Bama: if he plays well there his chances of getting drafted may be better or maybe his chances of playing well are better here than at a new school. Don't get me wrong - I think he should sign the waiver and let him go wherever he wants and cleaning his locker out like that is indefensible. Just offering a reason why.
Comment 02 Aug 2016

As a Bama fan, I'm happy to be where we are.  Despite the recent love toward the SEC from the media, they have not historically favored southern teams - as evidenced by Bama having the most AP championships but by far the least amount of weeks ranked #1 among the top 5.

What is extremely impressive to me is OSU's worst decade.  During their worst period, the Buckeyes were still ranked over 55% of the time.  That is a hell of a stat.

Comment 29 Jul 2016

When you sign 30 kids a year, you're always going to be on top

Let's see ... Last 4 years, Bama has signed 100 kids - OSU has signed 99.  

Last 5 years:  Bama - 126, OSU - 124

Add in the 3 scholarships OSU was without for a few of those years, and this may not be the angle you want to pursue.

Comment 14 Jul 2016

I have said before that I would probably suspend them for a game or two - but let's remember that we don't have all the information.  Please note that my previous response was correcting someone who lamented that they didn't receive any punishment at all - not whether it was sufficient or what I would have done.  While I probably would suspend them from a game or two if it was my call (and have said such before) I recognize that we don't have all the facts in the case and trust that someone who does can make a better call.

Now allow me a little hypothetical for a moment.  Let's pretend that there were 4 people in that car, not just the 2 we know about.  Let's say that only the 2 Bama players were arrested, while the other 2 guys - guys that just happened to play for the home State team - were let go and told and keep it down home.  Now who's (stolen) gun was the one found under the seat?  Afterall, that's really the worse charge here, right?  Could it have been the rear passenger, the guy who went uncharged?  What if the pot was theirs too (less likely, but this is my hypothetical - shut up) Now, how do you handle this if you don't want to bring a whole crap-storm down on the local community/police force?  If you are the DA, you drop the charges and cite an illegal search or some such technicallity on the condition that no one involved talks about it publicly.  If you're the coach of these guys, do you drop the hammer on them now?  I don't know.  I would probably need to know the kids.  If they hadn't been problem guys in the past, I would be more inclined to be satisfied with extra summer work outs and the community service we have seen from these guys. 

Comment 13 Jul 2016

He has received punishment.  You and many around here fail (or refuse in this case) to recognize that there is other types of punishment than missing ball games.  If you listen to Saban, he has explained that they have been doing several things that has helped them earn their way back into good graces.  Community service, ride-alongs with police, and drug counseling are all things I've seen/heard them doing.  If they do these things and stay out of trouble with the right attitude from here on, I don't have a problem with it.

Comment 12 Jul 2016

No.  We are a society of laws.  If something is illegal it is wrong.  That's kind of the reason for laws - when everyone gets to define their own boundaries, you have anarchy.

Whether or not it should be legal/illegal is a matter for debate and can change as the government allows, but you don't get to choose which laws you want to abide by without being subject to the consequences.  

Comment 05 Jul 2016

Yes, that's the incident that inspired this ad.

It was a player's father who tripped on the carpet that held the trophy stand.  

Comment 05 Jul 2016

a trophy was temporarily placed in an area where prospects taking an official visit would be

I swear, guys - that one was just a paper weight.

(a few years old, but one of my favorites ;) )

Comment 27 Jun 2016

Well, maybe if B10 teams played OOC games in November that would happen.  As it is ... well you gotta get what you can.

FWIW, Bama used to play PSU all the time in October and November.  Bama won most of them if I remember correctly.  Of course that was before they joined the B10.

Comment 21 Jun 2016

Did you even read my post - I specifically said that I wished they had proceeded with the possession charge for the MJ - or did you just assume I am supporting what happened just 'cause I like Bama?  You aren't really saying anything I didn't - except the gun thing.  If Cam bought the gun without the knowledge of it being stolen, I don't think it should be a big deal and that has nothing to do with being a Bama fan.

Comment 21 Jun 2016

I agree, but the DA is obviously reaching in looking for an out.  If he wanted to prosecute, he probably could - and a good lawyer could probably muddy the waters enough to strike a deal/reduce the charges to very little outcome.  I wish they had dropped the weapons charge (assuming what I've heard is correct:  that Robinson purchased the gun without knowing it was stolen) or downgraded it to possession of stolen property (I don't think that is a felony) and proceed with the drug possession as normal - probably resulting in the aforementioned plea deal.  I don't really like the idea that they get off without a scratch, but the hysteria that they aren't getting kicked off the team, out of school and sent to jail is a little preposterous.

Comment 20 Jun 2016
Not unreasonable at all, and if I were making the call they would probably miss a couple games. I don't think Saban disciplines that way though. They are suspended from the team, and will remain so until they complete some steps (like rehab, counselling, community service, etc). If/when they do, they are reinstated to the team. Just happens that the off- season provides ample time to achieve this. Though it may be different than how you or I would do it, it isn't unreasonable, either. Were this happening nearer or during the season, I'm sure they would miss a couple games if not more.
Comment 20 Jun 2016
This is the first trouble from either of these guys, they are both in drug counseling, they are both going on 20+ hours of ride-alongs with police as well as other community service duties. Saban has not commented on any loss of game- time. If they stay clean and complete these (and any other) requirements, they probably won't miss any time but that doesn't mean they haven't been disciplined. What, exactly do you demand from a couple first- time offenders?