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I'm a Bama fan looking to expand my knowledge and experience beyond the South. I mostly read the articles but will occasionally spout off to defend SEC country or question the perveived evils of oversigning.


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Comment 02 May 2016

Basically, he had impermissable contact with a recruit and lied about it.  Bama fired/he resigned when it was found out - it is being compared to what happened with Joker Phillips and the Bama compliance is reportedly upbeat about the situation.  It is being referred to as an "infraction" by the NCAA instead of a don't expect anything big to come of this.

Comment 12 Apr 2016

Fair enough, I guess, but if they were in the least bit upset with Ingram's production, they would have traded him or let him go to free agency.  Instead, they have traded off many of their other platoon guys and kept Ingram around (though to be honest, I've always felt that they have never used him to his potential as I think they want that platoon system).  He's on contract for about $4 mil a year through 2019.  That doesn't exactly sound like the Saints are disappointed in him.

Here's a comparison, and you can make your call:  Below are the runningbacks taken in the 1st round since 2010:

Richardson (3rd - 2012) - and we all agree he has disappointed

Spiller (9th - 2010) - Bouncing around the league, but had 1 - 1,000 yd year

Gurley (10th - 2015) - a great start with a 1,000 yd rookie season

Matthews (12th - 2010) - Pretty good career with SD, 2 - 1,000 yd seasons

Gorden (15th - 2015) - 641 yds in rookie season

Ingram (28th - 2011) - Best season is only 964 yds, but played 5 dependable yrs (so far) with Saints

Best (30th - 2010) - Played 2 years and didn't total 1,000 yds

Martin (31st - 2012) - Good career with TB with 2 - 1,000 yd seasons

Wilson (32nd - 2012) - Played 2 years totaling 504 yds

Given the comparison, I'd say Ingram was average for a 1st rounder (and a later pick at that) and that Lacy and Yeldon have given a fine value as later round picks.

Comment 12 Apr 2016

There were only 7 - 1.000 yd RBs in the league last year as the feature back in the NFL is a fading position.  Ingram, Lacy, and Yeldon were all top-25 in rushing yards by RBs.  They may not be the league best, but that's solid production from a guy in a platoon system, a guy battling injuries, and a rookie.

I admitted that Richardson was a bust - though I'm really hoping he gets it together with the Ravens (he has admitted he came in lazy).  He was the one I would have drafted first among Bama backs, I'll admit - and he was the highest drafted among them all (Ingram being the only other 1st rounder at 28th overall) so maybe that has something to do with this bias but one guy does not define the whole era.

Comment 12 Apr 2016

Glenn Coffee, Mark Ingram, Eddie Lacy, and TJ Yeldon (not to mention Jawlston Fowler, who was a RB/FB mix) have/are all enjoying successful careers as major contributors if not the feature back role.  Trent is the only one who has truly busted (and is looking at one last chance with the Ravens it seems), yet you guys keep claiming that all these Bama backs are busts.  Where are you actually getting this?

Comment 12 Apr 2016
How popular would Jones be today had he gone to Toledo instead of OSU? How many Ohians know the name of last year's QB for the Rockets? When you buy player's jerseys, why don't you buy Michigan or Alabama player's? The answer is that it is the OSU brand you are after. It is OSU products you want. The players only mean something to you because they attend Ohio State. The ones who attend other schools - especially the smaller ones - regardless of how good they are - are worthless to you (in these terms). Therefore, this image you all want the players to profit from, is only what it is thanks to the pre-existing behemoth that is the OSU brand that they are using to not only get an education, but exposure for future employment.
Comment 28 Mar 2016
Yes, Andrews serves on the Auburn medical staff - as well as Alabama's ... and the Washington Redskins ... and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. He graduated from LSU and has degrees from seemingly half the schools in the country and has treated players from literally all parts of this country. He is by far the most respected and well known sports surgeon in the country as he has kind of written the book on the subject - so to say he is biased or would tilt his findings so that Auburn could get a player is beyond ridiculous.
Comment 19 Feb 2016
Battle Beyond the Stars. Came out a bit after the original Star Wars and tried to capture that audience. It had neither the writing nor the effects. Horrible directing and acting thrown in and you have probably the worst movie ever made. After 30 minutes it became a challenge to see if I could actually finish the dang thing as it was obvious it wasn't getting better.
Comment 17 Feb 2016

Would anyone have put Auburn in their top 25 after week one last year?

Yes - after beating a team most were expecting to be competing for the ACC (Louisville), why wouldn't you?

(the Jax State fiasco occurred in week 2) 

Also, while Arkansas was ranked preseason, by week 2 they were out (after the Toledo loss) and never returned, despite the SEC bias.

Comment 17 Feb 2016

They lost to the eventual National Champions, the team that also beat the eventual National Champions, and a pretty good Arkansas team - then blew out a (meh) Texas Tech in the bowl game.  Not the greatest season, sure but not exactly "exposed".  They have talent everywhere else, they just need a servicable QB.

Comment 05 Feb 2016
Vico is not entirely correct there. Greyshirts must delay full-time enrollment until after that 1st season - which means if they want to begin school on time, they must do so part time for that 1st semester and pay for it themselves. One part-time semester would be considerably less than what Vico quoted. At least with Alabama's past greyshirts (including the one from last year) they are on scholarship by the winter semester (January) and can even practice with the team during bowl practice. While I wish they had run this scenario with Cole much earlier (and it is possible that they did), I'm not gonna get too worked up until they spring it on them at the end of summer or plain don't honor the greyshirt.
Comment 31 Jan 2016
We did that last April. Heaven Hill products aren't my favorites, but that was a darn fine tasting. We hit the Makers facility also. Their grounds are spectacular and give a very informative tour.
Comment 29 Jan 2016

OK and tOSU each had one loss, the difference being that OK lost to TEXAS early 

No, the bigger difference (along with OK's Conference Championship) was the wins over 4 ranked teams (TCU, Baylor, Okie St, and Tennessee) compared to OSU's one (Michigan). 

all they had to do was squeak out W's against very injured TCU and Baylor teams.

Which they did.  All OSU had to do was squeak out a win against a very injured MSU team - which they didn't.

 I just don't see how you leave a 1 loss defending champ out of the playoffs.

Because they only had one win over a team within the top-50 F/+ rankings.  

Yes, you are a good team - yes, it is loaded with talent - but the schedule did not give you the opportunity to prove it.  Especially when you consider that you lost one of the only two games anyone outside of your fanbase was watching.  The committee will consider a non-conference champion, but they will have to have a great resume - OSU 2015 was far from that (good news! 2016 looks to be much better in that department) 

Comment 29 Jan 2016

Yes the conference championship helped a lot, but OSU's weak schedule was the main culprit there.  It wasn't the timing of the loss that hurt as much as the fact that it was to one of the only two notable teams you played all year.  Had you played (and beaten) more difficult teams, that one loss record would have been more likely to rank you above Stanford.  As it stands, the Committee got it right.

Comment 28 Jan 2016
Thanks. I really enjoy interacting on this site - and guys like you are the main reason. Hanging out here has certainly broadened my knowledge of the game - and good conversation with differing opinions will sharpen or change your own.
Comment 27 Jan 2016

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Comment 27 Jan 2016

Was scanning to see if anyone else had mentioned GolfPad.  GREAT APP.   I purchased the full version which tracks more stats, but the free version is great for distances and keeping score.  I've never played a course that wasn't in it's database and the distances it gives are usually within a yard or 2 of that given on a sprinklerhead - as long as you aren't a scratch golfer that's plenty close.  Doesn't use as much battery life as I expected, but you better have around 60-75% life or you will run out.  I'm thinking about getting a smart watch - so I can use it for my info instead of having to constantly bring out the phone.