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Comment 23 Mar 2014

The news on LJ Scott seems massively huge to me. Letting that kid escape up north wouldn't be great, no matter how hard Urbz is recruiting Harris and the others. Can't let talent like that come back to the shoe in green

Comment 23 Mar 2014

What the eff do you think this kid owes OSU? He put in his time, then he left to play professionally when he felt ready. Just like countless players (and buckeyes) before him. The idea that he's somehow a quitter or selfish just because he's leaving after a bad loss is beyond ridiculous. 

Comment 22 Mar 2014

You're exactly right. Now they have to succeed. But as someone who lives with 2 computer science grads/app developers and helps write up their proposals I can tell you that finding actual real life financial support is far from easy. This isn't mommy and daddy spotting them 50k for their pet project. Legitimate venture capitalists gave a group of kids 2.7 million dollars. Maybe they're on to something. 

P.S. If 2.7 million qualifies as "some" financing to you then id love if you'd review my CV

Comment 22 Mar 2014

Any insider info to backup that 95% sure he'll be a buck claim? Or is that just more useless conjecture?

edit: "Class of '16"....mystery solved

Comment 22 Mar 2014

Ehhhh, we'll see if you still see think that once he's done with his trip. HAVE to get him on campus

Comment 22 Mar 2014

But this begs the question, who has the better insider info...The scouts or the Internet mock draft kings? I'm inclined to listen to the guys doing the drafting, and take the mock drafts as what they are, smoke screens/guesses/farts in the dark

Comment 07 Mar 2014

How many of you bashing this kid have secured 2.7 million in financing for ANYTHING in your lives? Let alone a concept that you created and incubated. Is the move to ban OSU catty and senile? Sure. But no worse than anything written about him in this forum, and he's got the money. What an idiot!!!!!

Comment 31 Dec 2013

That was a dig at ExTemporary, not you 5000. The only question left about Gardner's broken foot is which play during The Game he broke it. I hate it when people quote some unnamed report which happens to be either bullshit or complete lies

Comment 25 Dec 2013

I still hate him, obviously, but for being classless not because I have a big green nose. Thanks for playing.

Comment 25 Dec 2013

Edit: You're actually a perfect role model for us all, thank you. You're like the guys on the street I point out for my children as an example of how not to be a decent human being.

Comment 25 Dec 2013

How many people on this board have done it while representing their University when the whole country is watching? It's just different.