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Comment 23 Dec 2010

Kirk Herbstreit can say whatever he wants, that's his God given right as an American.  But, let's look at the big picture here, in chronological order:

1. Cam Newton's father asks for up to $200,000 for his son's commitment, allegedly without Cam's knowledge.

2. Alabama may, or may not (?) be paying for upgrades to a Florida high school's field and locker room for "player safety." A high school which will soon be the alma mater for a 5-star recruit who may or may not be going to 'Bama.

3.  Ohio State players, who are still unnamed, may or may not have been compensated for tattoos with autographed photos/memorabilia/shoes/cars/grills/banners/posters/sportscenter highlights.

So, considering Cam Newton can play in the NCG, Alabama is not being investigated at all, and Ohio State is being INTERNALLY investigated, there is no precedent, and therefore no reason, why Ohio State should suspend players for the Sugar Bowl.