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Comment 25 Jan 2015

Two topics that are wearing thin for me. The first, how long will Urban be here or some variation. Second is the seemingly daily update on Torrance Gibson and the visits he is taking.

Comment 25 Jan 2015

Plus Matta is only 47 years old, so he's in his prime. It would help if Ohio would/could produce more game changer basketball players.  Our chances of recruiting a player growing up watching Ohio State on television would be a lot better.

Comment 24 Jan 2015

Everyone says Tom Herman would be the perfect replacement for Urban, but remember what Lou Holtz said when asked about replacing the legend Woody Hayes. "I want to be the coach who replaces the coach who replaced Woody." This dynasty talk is getting out of hand, but if Urban does win a couple more, the next guy will have crushing expectations on him.

Comment 23 Jan 2015

In all fairness, we do report every move the kid makes. If he comes to Ohio State, great. If he goes somewhere else, God bless him and good luck. 

Comment 18 Jan 2015

How many of us when watching the beginning games of the season could envision Zeek becoming the back he is? I thought Curtis Samuel outplayed him in some games and I even thought he had better speed with more explosion. But the last three weeks have left me with my jaw on the floor. I used to look at some backs around the country ( hate to say it, but many in the SEC ) and wonder why we could never get one of those speedy, elusive, but powerful backs that those teams had, but Zeek looks like one of, if not the best back we have ever had. I know I'm stepping on a lot of toes with that statement, but this kid has tremendous speed, cut back ability and the power to bowl over a defender when he needs to. Couple that with a OL's mentality when it comes to blocking and he is absolutely the full package. I can't wait to see him next year.

PS A large part of his success goes to the transformation of our OL from WTF to a cohesive group that just dominated the best of the best on our way to the championship.

Comment 18 Jan 2015

I'm not convinced we have as big a quarterback quandary as people think. There is a reality to life and football and one of those is Braxton is coming off two major shoulder surgeries. The first of those was so unsuccessful, he re-tore the muscle by just throwing the football. As much as we all want happy endings, I wouldn't be shocked if Miller is done at the QB position. That leaves us two QB's with very sterling resume's. As far as Cardale goes, in my eyes, with what he has accomplished, he should be the starter next season. But there is still one hurdle to clear for that to happen. Remember him saying he only had two days to decide to declare for the draft and made the decision to return to school. The NFL still has one option left and that's the supplemental draft in which he has until July to declare. That's plenty of time to get the pro's and con's of staying or going so that drama isn't over with yet. If I were a betting man, when fall camp opens, we'll have at least two great options at the QB position, but the story isn't over with Braxton or Cardale.

Comment 16 Jan 2015

Penn State fans don't feel they need to be "healed." The JoeBots are obsessed about this. They want to restore the legacy of Paterno regardless of his coverup of a child rapist.

Comment 16 Jan 2015

It would be a moral disgrace if the NCAA even thought about lifting their sanctions against Penn State. Joe Paterno was explicitly involved in the cover-up of the crimes against those young boys. Paterno wasn't just some guy hanging around State College. He was the most powerful man in State far. Nothing went on with our his knowledge. To recap, here are just a few of the facts about Paterno's and Penn States actions which belie their position of "doing everything they could do."

*The evidence shows, Paterno did notify his superiors about the incident in the Lausch Facility, but when they agreed to go to the proper authorities, Curley emails Spanier and Schulz about changing his mind after talking it over with "Joe."

*Paterno, Curley, Schulz, nor Spanier ever confronted Sandusky about his involvement in any of the accusations.

* Paterno watched Sandusky attend official Penn State events, including bowl games with young boys and never asked any questions about what he was doing there.

*Finally, Sandusky was a invited guest in the official Penn State loge at Beaver Stadium to witness Paterno break the all time wins record. Nobody said a word.

Joe Paterno had a documented history of covering up crimes, large and small by his players. The unwritten rule was Paterno would handle these things internally and not to notify the police. The Sandusky affair was just another attempt to keep the fraudulent squeaky clean image alive for Penn State. It was just on a much larger... horrifically larger scale.

Comment 15 Jan 2015

I thought Corey Smith started to come on at the end of the year. I think he will be a good one here.

Comment 15 Jan 2015

Oregon has used a zillion different uniform combos and haven't won s*#t. Ohio State wears their classic uni's and wins the championship. Give me the classics every time in all of our big games.

PS If  we have to wear those halloween costumes, wear them for the Indiana or Kent State type games.

Comment 14 Jan 2015

I hate to sound like grumpy old man, but where are their parents in all of this? I would think or hope they're  telling them your word means something so when you go on a visit, it's just that, a visit. There is plenty of time to get all of the information you need so when the right time comes, then you make a commitment.

Comment 11 Jan 2015

I've never been there early enough to get a seat, but hundreds of Buckheads stand and watch the dozens or so screens and it is a great time. You'll meet plenty of new people, drink some beer, check out the smokin' Lady Bucks wandering around and celebrate a victory Buckeye style with five or six hundred of your closest friends. I'll be the tall guy next to the bank of TV's by the bowling alley so stop by and say hello.