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Comment 19 Jul 2016

Slight exaggeration wouldn't you say. Both Duke and UNC are the only national brands ( OK, other than slick Louisville) and both of them have 100 year old coaches sitting on death's doorstep. The highpoint of the ACC was back in the 70's and maybe the 80's when almost every team could win the championship. Now you have two or three  schools that have a chance, the rest have become schedule fillers.

Comment 19 Jul 2016

You have to wonder about distribution and carriage fees for this network. The PAC 12 network has LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, Portland, SLC, Denver and San Diego as their foundation cities and are still struggling. The ACC at best is the second option in markets like Atlanta, DC, Boston and the Florida market. This has Longhorn Network written all over it.

Comment 14 Jul 2016

I think Missouri as a team and as a university are close to being in a shambles as well. Herman is one of those guys whose name will be mentioned with every opening so I hope he uses that big brain of his and chooses wisely.

Comment 13 Jul 2016

I was just about to post this as well with a link from the Tampa Bay Tribune. It makes no sense to have the two most important games of the year  on New Years Eve and the ratings showed it.

Comment 13 Jul 2016

My daughter went to Duke. She's already hard enough to deal with during basketball season, I don't need a whole year of listening to her.

Comment 13 Jul 2016

The B1G will kick out Ohio State and Michigan before they kick out the top academic school in the conference.

Comment 13 Jul 2016

This will be a put up or shut up year for JT. He had the remarkable season two years ago, but by anyone's standard, he was very much average throwing the ball last year. Some of that was related to injuries to our top receivers, but some of it was also because he had trouble connecting with receivers who were open or just misread the coverages.

Comment 03 Jul 2016

The CIC no longer exists. They recently changed their name to BIG Academic Alliance to give a better understanding of what they do plus they announced the University of Chicago will no longer be a member but will still be allied so some sort of fashion.

Ohio State ranks 4th in the B1G and 19th in the country as far as research dollars go with an astounding $815 million in 2014. I remember a few years ago, researchers at Ohio State discovered a way to eliminate 100% of the emissions from coal and save an entire industry from elimination. Whether we use coal to produce energy in our country is no longer a scientific problem, but now a political one, thanks to Ohio State.

Comment 30 Jun 2016

Dispatch is reporting Phillips was forced to resign as assistant coach at Florida due to a Level 2 recruiting violation. He reportedly arraigned for a bump and greet with a prospect during a dead period of the year.