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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 NC against Miami
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: "Pistol" Pete Maravich
  • NFL TEAM: The Browns..I've been with them for over 40 years.
  • NHL TEAM: CBJ...My home team
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Comment 4 hours ago

At first glance, it's hard to decipher what Hackett is talking about. This cryptic messaging may be the B1G is concerned about the long term ramifications of cord cutting which a large part of their economic platform is based upon. They may have heard through the grapevine that the cable networks are concerned about it as well and in their new contract negotiations, the amount may reflect that concern.

Comment 07 Feb 2016

After Roger Waters fired Rick Wright from the band, I read somewhere Wright said he was grateful to be hired on as a paid musician to "see things through." That must of been at best an awkward conversation to say the least. "Hey Rick, I'm firing you from the band, but will you stay on and play with us for the upcoming tour as a paid musician?"

Comment 06 Feb 2016

I have an iPhone 6 and so far I haven't noticed any opportunity to use the service. I live in Charlotte and all of the stores I frequent don't use the service so I'm stuck with your old fashioned swipe the card machines. 

Comment 04 Feb 2016

Whatever energy source we have 100 years from now, you can bet the energy industry will be alive and well. Nuclear fusion, while it may be potentially plentiful and clean, won't be cheap.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

$1000 seems high, it will probably be in the $200 to $500 range depending on the plan you buy

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Trey Johnson was the one that stunned everyone last year. A four or five star from the South comes up to Columbus with all of the fanfare you could want and just disappears. Some thought there were personality issues with the coaches or there was this or that, but in the end he had a career ending injury that forced him to give up football.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Why don't you wait a couple of months until the iPhone 7 comes out.

Comment 02 Feb 2016

With our need at DT, whatever happened to the USC decommitt Keyshawn Camp after Ohio State offered him?

Comment 02 Feb 2016

I remember we all bitched about the pathetic coverage last year on the BTN. One of the most important days of the year for college football and the BTN only had a recap show after everything was settled. Glad to see them heed the advice from the experts here at 11W and expand their coverage to make it more relevant to the day.

Comment 31 Jan 2016

I was thinking of trying that first as well. One of my biggest concerns about it being the motor is I'm really the only person that rides in that car and all of the windows but the drivers have had hardly any usage over the 5 years I've owned the car. That's why I'm not ready to give up on it being the main switch on drivers armrest.

Comment 31 Jan 2016

I didn't completely answer your first question. The four switches on the door sometimes raise the windows while the individual door switches work more often, but not 100%.