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Comment 04 Jun 2013

I would argue that rooting for your conference as a whole is more beneficial to each individual school.  It's short-sighted to wish all your conference mates to lose games. Perception is reality and losing bowl games, close or not, makes the entire conference look bad.  In the end, even if OSU was eligible last year, they wouldn't have made the title game because the perception is that they beat up on a weak conference. 

Look at it like this: You don't want to be the fastest in a race, because everyone else is (perceived as) slow.   


Comment 02 May 2013

Lol seriously?  Have you seen that schedule?  10 wins is likely 

Comment 16 Apr 2013

As an M fan, I want Ohio to lose every game...but I do understand the strength of the league and all of that.  Regardless of the random Sparty or Wisconsin winning seasons, there are only a couple schools that affect the perception of the league.  I'm not a big fan of the same divisions, but I would love to have an 11-0 vs 11-0 game every year.  2006 was probably the most nationally hyped game ever between the two schools, and it does a world of good for the league.  If both schools are winning, then the winner of The Game is even more respected.

Comment 10 Mar 2011

It did seem rather coincidental that your article is focused on the negativity ignored by everyone surrounding the Fab this time.  I guess you couldn't have put it off too much longer being that the special airs on Sunday.  It looks awful bad though.  However, you made some valid points and they shouldn't just be remembered for the cultural revolution that they inspired.  All of your rivals should be remembered for the questionable behavior that surrounded their actions.  And because of that, I expect you to lovingly embrace the tarnishing of Tressell's image (what is his new book about?) and career because of his convenient stupidity.  But no one can deny the fashion trends started by both huh?  Baggy shorts and black socks?  Sweater vests? I'm willing to bet that they will both be around for years to come.