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Comment 19 hours ago

I never have a problem with a young man making a tough decision that doesn't end up at OSU ........ I'm also not bothered by players making a late decision to flip to another team from OSU ........ Where I get a little antsy is when players pull the old Kyle Kalis trick (making noise about how committed they are and then heading out the door the very next day).  When you've made the decision to change schools, just do it and don't spread a truck load of manure on your way out the door by saying how definite you are about staying.  It just shoots your credibility down and speaks volumes of the type of person you are (anyone think much of Kyle's personality when he left ??  Didn't think so .....).

Moral of the story, don't waste time lying about how committed you are - just go, if that's what you want to do .......... 

Comment 26 Jan 2015

Absolutely an amazing haul already for 2017, but it comes with the pressure of maintaining two important conditions:

  •  We need to continue of winning ways.  We have the coaches and players to do it, but we can't take any steps backward.
  •  We need to keep the staff together.  Important relationships have been forged and keeping those strong for the next two years will be crucial.

On the other hand, like Kevin Costner said, "If you build it, they will come" and Urban has done just that - so they'll keep coming !!

Comment 25 Jan 2015

Borat ??

Johnny the monkey ??

Geez, I'm lousy at these guessing games .......

Comment 25 Jan 2015

Makes me so sad that we missed on Chris Clark and will now have to wait a year to add Jake at the TE position .... Bwahahaha !!

On the positive side, Chris seems to have narrowed HIS choices to UCLA and the Puke & Blue .... sadly, there will be no opportunity to hoist a Championship trophy at either school.  Ah well, ya had your opportunity to get on the Meyer-Train, but it wasn't in the cards.

Comment 24 Jan 2015

The kid is free to attend any school he chooses and the comment about him being a project (hell, every HS recruit is a college project) is based on observations from college scouts.  The two issues with Isaiah center on his very average foot speed (which is bad news for a QB if Prince is groomed as a tackle) and his tendency to gain his leverage by bending at his waist and not by bending his knees (line coaches will tell you it's one of the toughest habits to break).

You're absolutely right when you say that kids select a college for many more reasons than the football program and winning.  It's plain to see that Isaiah decided to attend Bama for far more reasons than the football program (like I said, the area has great BBQ).  Warriner has shown he can develop talent for the NFL (three rookie starters in the NFL), while Bama seems to do less with more (consistently has the top recruiting classes).

I'm not bashing his decision to attend Bama, just suggesting that Buckeye Nation shouldn't lose too much sleep with that decision, as we'll develop the talent that decides to become Buckeyes, whether he's part of that class or not ............

Comment 23 Jan 2015

Like I said earlier, Prince is more of a project and the question is whether Alabama is able to develop him.  It seems that we did much better in developing our O-Line over the course of a season than Bama did developing their talent. 

I guess the allure of the SEC is still there, even after the conference got their asses handed to them in Bowl games this season.  Maybe good southern BBQ is more important to Isaiah than development in football.  Only he can answer that one .....

Comment 23 Jan 2015

Prince may not be all that and a bag of chips .... He's raw talent, but the big knock on him are his feet and the fact that he's a waist-bender, rather than a knee-bender.  No doubt he'll be a project and with the right coaching (Warriner), he may develop into a talented tackle.  Right now, however, scouts are rating him on his potential and not his current work ......... After what our O-Line did to the Bama hogs and what our D-Line did to the Bama slobs, his decision to go to Bama can't be based on an interest in getting good coaching or winning Championships .....

Comment 18 Jan 2015

Very well stated .... Maybe we forget that our final two regular season games against Indiana (42 - 27) and the Puke & Blue (42 - 28) were closer games than the NC game against Oregon.  I agree that we have the better talent, but our last venture into the Big House saw us a 2-pt convert away from losing that game.

As we also found out this season, even a home loss to an average team (VT) is possible, so I'd fully recommend that OSU fans stay humble and quietly confident about The Game this season.  It should be a good one .........

Comment 15 Jan 2015

Unlike waaay too many posters recommended, CJ made the right decision for himself, his family and ultimately his future by returning for his Junior season.  His reasons for returning are very sound and ones that I've already posted (primarily, 3 games is not enough to determine a college players NFL abilities and he has put the completion of his education at the front of his decision - very smart and very mature).

Now, all he has to do, to show that he is an NFL talent, is to beat out two Heisman candidates for the starting position next season.  I'm just glad I don't have to make that decision (good luck Coach Meyer and Coach Beck). 

Bottom line, short term pain (no NFL signing bonus), for long term gain .....

Comment 15 Jan 2015

All valid points, but consider this about Cardale's size and arm strength (which the media is hyping to no end) - QB's like Drew Brees, Tom Brady, etc ... weren't exactly "monsters" with "cannons" for arms.  But, they were well-schooled and handled their share of more than 3 college games.

Then there's your statement, "..... and not being assured of playing much next year ......".  If he is already an NFL-calibre QB, then how would he not be the leading candidate as the starter next season ??  Either he's better than the two other Heisman candidates that were slotted ahead of him this season, or he's not and if you're saying that he's more of a prototypical NFL QB than either of them, why would he be worried that he won't beat them out for the starting job ??  The answer - he's not NFL ready yet, but may one day be ready, just not yet ....

Again, whatever his decision, I hope he sees nothing but success .....

Comment 15 Jan 2015

Let me get this out of the way first - what CJ did these past three games is absolutely legendary and at some point, a movie will be made on his life.  He truly has a 12-gauge arm, decent mobility and the size to last in the NFL.  He has already claimed his hero status with every alumni and doors will always swing open for him (just make sure to finish that education).  He can be an incredible inspiration for the young people of today, telling the story of his rise from almost being tossed from the team to leading it to an improbable NC this season, through hard work and a change of heart.

Whatever CJ decides today is fine by me, because it's his life and that of his family.  I hope that whatever he decides works out well him and he enjoys the fruit of his labor.

But, there is no way (something that he's already admitted) that he's ready to take on an NFL QB job after starting just 3 college games (agreed, they were extremely high pressure games).  CJ was not the only reason we won those games.  Zeke played lights out, the O-Line stepped up and the receivers took the ball away from defenders turning them from interceptions to touchdowns.  OSU's defense also managed to step up in the final three games, saving their best to the NC game.

Suggesting that CJ is NFL ready, is suggesting that neither a healthy Braxton or JT would have been able to take the team to the title (which is ridiculous).  CJ was third string for a reason and both Braxton and JT were the reason.  Does that mean that Braxton (Heisman candidate) or JT (Heisman candidate) should also declare for the NFL ??

Are three games enough to determine whether a player is ready for the pros ??  Especially at a position like QB ??  I don't think so, but whatever CJ decides today, I only wish him success and happiness.

Comment 15 Jan 2015

Sorry, the minute he put his right hand on Jones and pushed him forward (regardless of his left hand pushing the defender) he executed a buck block - not legal.  However, it is a rule that is rarely enforced.  I just liked the idea that Boren never quit on the play .....

Comment 15 Jan 2015

My favorite play in the NC game !!   Love the "Buck Block" by Boren at the end to ensure 12-Gauge gets the 1st down.  Totally illegal, but what the hell !!!

Comment 15 Jan 2015

If he's the best of the three QB's we have, then he should stay, earn the starting position this Spring by his work and not by attrition, finish his education and get his degree, so that should he leave for the NFL the following season and suffer (God forbid) a career ending injury, he'll have his OSU degree to fall back on.

I'm not a big fan of "one and done" (or in this case, three games and done), so my advice would be to stay the course, finish the education at OSU, win another NC and leave as a legend (who can knock on any OSU alumni's door for long-term employment).  Think long-term, 12-Gauge, think long-term.

Comment 14 Jan 2015

You seem to forget that Fickell took on the 2011 team with some major handicaps (at a time when no other college coach would touch the OSU mess with a ten-foot pole).  Sanctions, top player suspensions - the perfect storm in a no-win scenario.  It must have ate him alive inside when the team didn't perform to OSU standards.

Suggesting that Luke wasn't able to develop talent is a flat out joke.  He has already been voted as a top assistant coach by his peers a number of years back (he didn't forget how to develop talent) and has a list of 3-star talent that had outstanding college careers (Laurenitis comes to mind).

Maybe the cry should have come out for the head of Ash's predecessor instead of Luke's head ??  It seems that our major issue was always in the secondary and since he's left, we're among the top in pass defense and interceptions. 

So, I think the "Fire Fickell" threads all had the gun pointed at the wrong man and once he left, Luke and Ash worked much better as a cooperative staff and the results are obvious.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Most of those complaining have never strapped on pads or coached a down of football.  Laying down for a team is far more humiliating than running a simple dive play which ended up in the end zone.  Running a triple option pass play is rubbing it in and goes against the ethics of this game.  Ultimately, as Meyer would say when asked that question, is that OSU plays hard, full out football for 4 quarters.

If I was Oregon and a team took a knee with two minutes left, I'd feel humiliation that we were so bad, that my opponent had to lay down instead of continuing to give me their best effort on even the final play.  It's wasn't the responsibility of OSU to stop our offense - that was on the Ducks. 

Trick plays, short kick offs with a big lead, etc ... Those are the "cheap shots" when you're beating a team, but everyone in the stadium knew who was getting the ball and where it was going on the final few plays that ended up in the end zone.

OSU started hard and finished hard (how many times has Tressel-ball scared the crap out of fans when we had a big lead ??).  I love the way Meyer coaches - if you don't like being scored on, then try to stop us !!!

Comment 10 Jan 2015

Let's not get ahead of ourselves ..... we are looking for an OC first and foremost (even if Coach Warriner is promoted to Co-Coordinator) .....  I'd be more interested in hearing about the lengthy list of deserving candidates for the OC position, than worrying about the coaching unit we currently have on defense.  Just saying ......

Comment 09 Jan 2015

Absolutely a brilliant strategy by the Ducks ..... They see how successful OSU has been with all of the set backs the team has suffered, so they make sure a few of their starters are out for the NC game, hoping that THEY can be the underdogs and play with a chip on THEIR shoulder .... Nice try Ducks, but we've got your number .....

12-Gauge, Baby !!!!!!!!!!

Comment 07 Jan 2015

Zeke has been trucking backers all season - the complete running back !!!

Mind you, watching DePriest on the field, I thought someone had stuck an offensive guard on the field at MLB .... Not to say anything negative about an Ohio boy, but he looked fat and out of shape during the game.  He certainly struggled to keep up with the speed of OSU and you seldom heard his name mentioned during the broadcast.  Just have a look at our inside backers and you don't see the spare tire Trey was carrying when you look at Curtis Grant or Kwon.  It shows that our strength staff and program is far superior to Bama's group ....

Comment 02 Jan 2015

Loved the BamaReed post .... He just couldn't bring himself to give any props to the Buckeyes for handling Bama - one of the purist forms of denial I've ever seen .....

Bottom line to those Bama fans - when you win, say little and when you lose, say less ....

Comment 15 Dec 2014

How would he not be invested ???  This will be his last shot at a NC (at least until he leaves Houston) ..... I suspect he'll be exceptionally invested .....