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Comment 21 May 2017

Uh, I'm from Canada and I'm not sure if more than 50% of that rant was in the English language .... I did glean one thing from it - "Michigan is a "special" place for "special" people" - I believe that's the politically correct way of expressing "nut house" for "nut jobs", headed by the top peanut himself, Jim Hairball ....

His nephew is probably not going to OSU and if that kid plays like his uncle talks, then he probably wouldn't qualify for an invite to a Pop Warner team ....  Talk is cheap - put up or shut up ... let's see this "evidence" that he says he has ..... The minute he went to "cheating refs", was the moment that the credibility of his rant went straight into fiction ..... Straight up Bum Juice !!!!!!!!!

Comment 11 May 2017

Don't know and don't care about the alleged drug use, but one thing is a lock - Peppers will not make it through the training camp .... a pure "poser" if I've ever seen one ..... gutless and brainless .... (I could say the same about the halfwits who drafted him ) ....

Comment 30 Apr 2017

I can't believe none of you are catching on to this great recruiting tool that Jim is all over ??  Look at the great 2018 recruiting class he's already put together, thanks to this trip to Rome ..... oh, right ...... Well, look at all the trophies his team has won since he became the head nut, er, man ...... oh, right, none of those either ...... Well, how about all the times he's hammered the Buckeyes ??  Hasn't done that either, eh ??

Well, I now fully understand why he's taking the trip to Italy and why he so badly wants to travel to South Africa or South America .... he's getting himself ready for his next career move as a travel guide.  Very shrewd dude ..... he's already planning his exit strategy (which is very wise on his part, since his team is going to get hammered in front of his entire alumni and fan base, in the Outhouse this season) .... Crazy Jimmy - hardly !!  The man is always one step ahead and in this case, that one step will be right out the front door of the Michigan club house with his pink slip tucked neatly into those khaki pants of his ....

Comment 28 Apr 2017

Sorry, FG 27, but Peppers should never set foot on the defensive side of the ball and that pertains to his time in college.  His ability to get involved in contact has always been a concern (definitely not a thumper) and his run support status was summed up on the final play of The Game, when Mike Weber ran Peppers into the cheap seats on a lead block.  When the game was on the line, Peppers disappeared off screen. 

As for his 13 TFL - credit his interior D-Line for a lot of those, since they fully occupied the offensive front, leaving Peppers to run free - TTUN runs a pressure defense and are constantly bringing people off the edge.  If OSU would have adopted that style of defense, Baker would have had 20 TFL ...

Sorry, the Browns made a terrible pick with Peppers, getting little more than a special teams player, with marginal speed in the first round - completely stupid selection, considering the true talent that was still on the board .....

Comment 27 Apr 2017

Hahahaha !!!!  The biggest poser in college football, so naturally, the sage scouting staff of the Browns has to jump on him ..... Let's see - slower than JT Barrett in the 40 (actually, JT ran away from Peppers for 41 yards), completely afraid of contact (would have been a great pick if it was touch football) and no skills in the secondary (1 INT that was tipped into his hands, because he was out of position in coverage).  Absolutely incredible that their scouts couldn't come up with a better selection amongst ALL of the remaining talent available.

I predict he won't see the field (run over in camp, or run out of camp - take your pick) ..... Management for the Browns should all pick up their cheques this week with their hands shaking .... incredible bone-head selection !!!!!!

Comment 27 Apr 2017

I agree that the initial "novelty" of Jim's antics has certainly brought TSUN into the sunshine and helped the recruiting aspect in Hairball's first couple of seasons.  However, I'm seeing things starting to trend in a different direction right now.  Being 0 - 2 against OSU, consecutive 3 place finishes in the BIG, even the media is laughing at the buffoonery that Jim uses as part of his recruiting "strategy" - Harbaugh is no longer the flavor of the month for recruits looking to move to the next level .... His act is getting old and tired - with the coming season (devoid of all that senior talent) setting up to be his worst at the helm. 

Divine intervention by bribing The Pope, with a cheesy helmet isn't going to get it done, JImbo !!!

Comment 27 Apr 2017

If I'm Conley, once the truth is brought to light and his reputation is cleared, I'm suing this woman for every cent she has and will have in her life.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned - time to turn the tables on her.  She wanted to ruin his life, so it's only fitting that she experiences what that might feel like .... Damn shame it's happened to a good kid, who is on the verge of realizing his dream ....

Comment 22 Apr 2017

While the offense did it's share in exposing the Bama defense, I'd like to extend my personal thanks to that half-wit, Lane Kiffin for trying to show everyone how many plays he had in the offensive playbook, rather than running the ball at us with Henry (7.0 YPC).  He tried to show off the total lack of passing skills by his QB (one of which ended up in the end zone by our DE). 

That win was a perfect combination of out-muscling, out-hustling and out-coaching the swamp rats from Bama ...... As has been mentioned, it might have been as thorough a horse-whipping as what happened to the Ducks, if we hadn't turned over the ball as much (in both games) ..... 

Saban should buy into the concept of, "When you win, say little - when you lose, say LESS" ......

Comment 18 Apr 2017

Absolutely agree, AG .... Which is why I tried to keep an eye on Isaiah as much as possible.  He was really moving his feet, kept his man between his legs, didn't let him cross his face and used his hands extremely well.  He also picked up the crosses and twists very well .... Not sure how hard the D-Line was coming during the game, but he did the type of job that he's always been capable of doing.  He just needs to work on it during each rep throughout the season.  I was really pleased with his effort ..... 2016 is in the books - time to turn the page to a clean one and write a whole new success story for Isaiah Prince in 2017 ....

Comment 18 Apr 2017

Touch football ??  Someone forgot to post the note on the inside linebacker's bulletin board ..... Hilliard came hard on the jet sweep and Chris Worley lit Mike Weber up on the one-yard line during the first drive. 

Granted, it wasn't the knock down, drag 'em out, slobber-knocker of a game, but I don't think anyone was expecting that during the Spring game.  Still, the offense looked good, ALL of the QBs did some great things and most important for me, was watching Isaiah Prince work hard on every play (and looked good doing it) !!

Comment 13 Apr 2017

My absolute favorite part of this clip is the absence of Peppers ...... he was too busy being bum-rushed to the side lines by Mike Weber and should have just kept going to the team bus, rather than sticking around and elbowing an OSU student ( probably the most physical he got, while on The Horseshoe field that day) ...... What a poser .......

Comment 12 Apr 2017

While Peppers is certainly an athletic talent (although watching JT run away from him for 41 yards during The Game was very telling), he does not handle contact well at all.  He seldom will step up, like Hooker and stick his head in (I'd be really interested in seeing some stats on his solo tackles past the line of scrimmage).

His talents make him more useful, in college, on the offensive side of the game.  However, to suggest he has either linebacker or safety toughness, is pure media myth.  Over-hyped poser, who will compel some moronic GM to waste a first round pick .... There are far more tangible options for 1st rounders than Peppers ....

Comment 11 Apr 2017

Clemson is the flavor of the month and maybe the kid just doesn't want to play with any (or can't take the) pressure by playing for the home state. 

The one area which I'm hoping that he considers - Ohio State boasts the largest alumni in the nation (hence, Buckeye Nation) and a young man, with a successful career at OSU, has a HUGE pool of job options to work with, once he leaves the game.  Not sure he'll be as well received in the job market wearing a Clemson jacket ??

I hope he decides to become part of the 2018 class with the Buckeyes, but if not, then I don't much care where he decides to go, since he's the one who needs to live with his decision (sorry, if that sounds callous, but I'm only interested in the players who wear Scarlet & Gray - just as simple as that  ......

Comment 09 Apr 2017

That young man should grab a copy of the race, seek out the manufacturer of his jeans and start the discussion about using it in a commercial to advertise the world's most comfortable jeans - So comfortable, you can do everything in them ....

Buckeye Nation - any thoughts on a slogan for those jeans ??

Comment 05 Apr 2017

I stand corrected, penchant, is the correct word in this case.... on the other hand, I've coached offensive line for over 25 years, so my views are from a decidedly closer vantage point than the couch you sit on BBB ..... I know that the kid has quick enough feet and hand movement that if he kept the movement going, without his usual fade after a couple of steps, JT wouldn't be running for his life most times (JT hanging onto the ball didn't do the Slobs any good either).  He has the perfect frame for a tackle, with long arms and when he remembers, a good "sit" against the rush.

Call it fatigue as the game wears on, call it brain farts, call it what you want - I see a young man who currently is underachieving, despite his athletic tools.  Consistency is the one thing that Isaiah needs to bring to the table every game, every series and every rep .... it didn't happen in 2016, so hopefully, Studs can impress upon him to be more consistent in 2017 ......  "Jackass" .... nice touch ......

Comment 03 Apr 2017

Interpol should be on full alert for the fiend who stole the "L" from the protective case at the Hungarian museum, which houses the famous signed Buckeye helmet of Eddie George.  The missing "L" was snatched from the word, "Oilers" and is possibly being held for ransom, although no note or phone call has, as yet, been received from the thieves.

On a side note, it is important to note that the "L" in the Hungarian translation of "Oliers", which for some reason comes out as "Olivers", has been left intact .... More on this dastardly crime, as details become available ....

Enjoy your week, Buckeye faithful ....