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Comment 10 Feb 2016

I hear that Hairball uses the same sun block that Sea World uses on their Beluga whales .... essentially the same pigment, texture and smell that you'll find on a Beluga whale, although Beluga's are slightly higher up the evolutionary ladder than this tree climbing, sleep over hounding, nut bar ......  Still laughing about having Ric Flair on his circus of twits show ...... Maybe he's auditioning for the ring master job at Barnum & Bailey ???

Comment 09 Feb 2016

Good call, Handsofsweed - that was another true blue tactic that I forgot to mention ..... Anyone want to wager how long the Jersey coach lasts, now that they have Gary and a few of the other Jersey boys with signed LOI in hand ??  You just can't keep adding parents and HS coaches to the mix (The Puke & Blue are starting to sound like a Pop Warner team - wonder who has to bring the oranges for half time ??) ..... Am I the only one who sees Hairball as one very weird cat with deeeeeeep physiological issues ??  How does this fool hold a position of responsibility ??

Comment 09 Feb 2016

I'm confused ??  You mean none of the OSU staff had to take off their shirt, or climb a tree, or do a sleep over, or even drive Haskell to school and sit in as his reading buddy AND HE STILL COMMITTED ??

There's something that just doesn't ring right here ..... I thought Jim Hairball had revolutionized the art of recruiting and that anyone who wants a chance with a top recruit needs to follow the new blueprint ..... You mean Ric FLair (Wooo) wasn't even a factor in his commitment ??  Well that's just crazy talk .....

Comment 07 Feb 2016

Pound for pound, Sweetness, was the greatest running back of all time.  Played hard at only 190 lbs and was well known for his relentless attacking style of running.  Always tough to judge players from different eras, but Jim Brown would have been hard pressed to achieve the same success as modern day backs (going against much bigger defenders, who can run as fast as Brown could) ..... Walter Payton had the skills to play in the modern era ....

Not happy to see Zeke hanging with Brown - wasn't Brown the guy who recommended MoC try to take on the NFL rules about early enrollment ..... turned out to be some poor advice ....

Comment 05 Feb 2016

In order for me to get upset about what a Puke & Blue fan writes on this site, I'd actually have to care what he writes and that's just not the case.  I really don't care if they post on Eleven Warriors, or what they write about, since they are easily identified and ignored.

As for hauling in the # 1 recruit in the country, my only feelings on the subject are pity for the young man.  He did not sign on for the prospect of winning a Big Ten title (let alone a NC one), no sane person would sign up with a tree climbing, shirtless, Beluga whale-skinned, pajama-toting, nut case like Hairball and he certainly did not sign up for the prospects of winning a game against the Scarlet & Grey ..... No, he signed up because his HS coach and half his friends decided to blindly follow each other ...... They all should have taken 5 minutes to talk to Jake Long or Mike Hart about the same decision that those two made out of HS (and then put the stamp of stupidity on the whole thing by coming back for their senior years, just to get bitch-slapped again, as a graduation gift from OSU) ....

Nice haul by Hairbag on NLOID, but it's not WHO you got, but what you do to develop that talent and we'll see if Gary is worthy of that top ranking after spending time with the TSUN coaching staff .......  

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Wonderful - the Puke & Blue emptied the State of New Jersey ..... who cares ??  Let's see them translate that onto the field and into victories .... Hairball is a twisted piece of dog crap (sorry, it's the George Dickel talking) and having recruited kids like Gary won't mean a damn thing unless he develops him ..... so far, I haven't seen any REAL metamorphosis take place in AA ....

Bring in all the talent you want, but if you don't develop it, it's like having sex with a condom - it gets you no where ..... 

Comment 03 Feb 2016

The kids that do get drawn in with all the stupidities Hairbag brings to the table, are probably also a little left of center .... How long before Hairball makes the request to the university that all of the football helmets should be wrapped in tin foil, in order to get better reception with the "mother ship" ??

The guy is a freak, as his head coaching record shows (winning percentage at Stanford - .580 and at TSUN - .769, which averages a .619 winning percentage - VERY AVERAGE) .... The media loves him, because of his kindergarten antics.  At some point, the idiot should really be sent out for testing, because he is not normal ...... If I was a parent, I'd be very wary of having my kid play for this fool ..... 

Comment 02 Feb 2016

No real surprise here .... Kid wanted to stay home and be the big fish in the little pond ...... We'll take the recruits that want a little more in life and their college careers (can you say, "National Championships" ??  I knew you could ......) ..... Frankly, I don't wish the kid good or bad luck - he's not a Buckeye, so he is no longer of interest to me ........ I prefer to cheer on and wish good luck to the kids who wear the Scarlet & Grey ...

Comment 01 Feb 2016

Easy ....

Daniel Day Lewis

Robert De Niro

Steve McQueen

Gene Hackman

Paul Newman

Legends, every one of them .....

Comment 31 Jan 2016

I don't think anyone is "hating" on a Buckeye player, but much like you can have a favorite Buckeye (they can't all be your favorite), you can also have a least favorite Buckeye ........  While all come to play ball at OSU with the intentions of leaving a legendary impression, there are those that just fall short of expectations, hype or fan admiration.  That's just the way it goes .....

I was in the stands watching Mo C play his first game against Texas Tech and was so excited to see him run around, through and over Red Raiders all game.  From that point on, however, things just never went forward for him and although his rushing totals were good, they weren't great, then came his injury and things began to spiral in the wrong direction.  He was given a lot of slack by the staff, but in the end, some bad advice (from people who should have known better), caused him to close the door on his college career without him even playing a full schedule.  Both sad and disappointing for what could have been .... That's what makes Mo C, my least favorite Buckeye ...

Comment 31 Jan 2016

I'll take the heat for this one, but Mo C was my least favorite Buckeye.  He was the perfect example of believing everything that was written about him and letting it get to his head.  From ripping on coaches on the side lines, alienating himself from teammates and deciding to buck the rules and declare for the NFL early (based on some bad advice), Mo C was never the consummate team player.

He had wonderful skills and played hard, but I'm fed up listening to people give him credit for winning the NC game.  He made one play - one great play, in stripping the ball on an interception during the NC game, but otherwise was a non-factor as Craig Krenzel out-rushed him.  Make no mistake about it, the 2002 season was all about the Silver Bullets and their suffocating defense (we don't go to the NC game if Gamble doesn't score on a pick 6 against Penn State).

No one will ever know how great Mo C could have been, if he hadn't pulled a "one and done" move.  What I am happy to see, is that he's made the effort to try and get his life in order and is doing all the right things now.  But, during his playing days at OSU, I'll always remember a spoiled brat, with a shit-load of talent, just heading down wrong path after wrong path ..... a damn shame .....

Comment 31 Jan 2016

Couple of things - best whisky this Canadian has ever tasted is the George Dickel Barrel Select (strictly Tennessee sipping whisky - never with mix or ice - just neat) .... The best nectar ever produced by 25 crazed Tennesseans !!!

As for Bourbon, well, I have a weakness for Manhattans and the best I've had is from a restaurant right here in Ottawa.  They call the drink, Big Smoke and it uses Makers Mark.  It's served on a wooden board, covered by a glass dome, with smouldering wooden chips surrounding the glass.  The smoke trapped inside the dome gives the drink a hickory-smoked flavor and man, is it smooth.

The best Bourbon for a plain Manhattan is Bullit Bourbon - just makes for the perfect combination of flavors ....

Okay, I know it's only 7:00 am on a Sunday, but now I need a drink ......

Comment 30 Jan 2016

Love Tyvis to death, but he is no way ready for prime time ..... Of all the Buckeye underclassmen that decided to jump this year, he was the one that should have come back for another college season .... I only hope his dream will continue (but his real money will be made on the business end of a microphone as either a play-by-play or color analyst) .....

Comment 30 Jan 2016

Truth be told, Lamplighter, I think Rio Bravo had a cast with the best chemistry I've ever seen in a movie .... Dean Martin, John Wayne, Walter Brennan, Ricky Nelson and a very young, Angie Dickinson, was the perfect blend ....  Walter Brennan, was the best cackling sidekick I've ever seen in a movie (Dean Martin could barely keep a straight face during filming) .... If anyone hasn't seen the movie, get it, grab a bag of chips and sit back and enjoy ..... a pure classic !!

Comment 29 Jan 2016

At the risk of dating myself, my top five movies include:

Cool Hand Luke

Rio Bravo

The Godfather

The Adventures of Robin Hood (Errol Flynn version)

The Great Escape

They just don't make 'em like that any more ...... I could watch any of those five movies over and over again ......

Comment 28 Jan 2016

No doubt about it, Tyvis Powell is just flat out comfortable in front of a camera ..... While I think he may have jumped the gun declaring for the NFL and another year of prepping in college would have certainly elevated his draft status, I firmly believe that his future will be made working as a color man for any sports network he wants ....... TP just has a natural charisma and confidence about him, that will serve him well, long after his days on the field are behind him.  Regardless of how things play out for him, he'll always be one of the most personable Buckeyes to ever strap on the Scarlet & Grey, so I'm really hoping he'll be a success, regardless of where he goes or what he does .....

Comment 27 Jan 2016

........ or, TSN is cleaning house to make room for a shit load of New Jersey and New York State boys ....... something is going to explode in Ann Arbor (and it may be Harbaugh's drawers !!) ,,,,,

Comment 27 Jan 2016

I predict that OSU will have a good class (sorry, felt it was better to play it safe, than go out on a limb) .... Otherwise, I would predict that the entire Puke & Blue recruiting class decomits on NSD and Jim Hardbuns is later found, shirtless and up in a tree with a sleeping bag .... But, that would be silly, right ???

Comment 25 Jan 2016

Nothing wrong with a kid sticking close to home ..... I'm sure performing on Saturdays in front of hundreds of fans is pretty exciting (it might be a step down from the High School crowds that he's used to) .......... Anyway, I'm certain that dozens of Miami U fans will be wearing his jersey number and everything ....  Some kids just aren't ready for the lime light ......... Just curious, does the group of Miami U fans in their stadium qualify as a "crowd", or just a "gathering"  ??  Can someone please clarify ??

Comment 24 Jan 2016

The numbers game with available spots is certainly puzzling .... Just wonder if perhaps Hairball pulled off a major move with the captive recruits from Jersey, who were all sleeping in AA ??  Is it possible that Fuller was pulled into the group by his Jersey boys ??

Bruce is electric, so I'm hopeful that we can find the room to fit him into the class (bank the damn scholarship for that DT and pick up some D-Line studs for the 2017 class .....