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Comment 15 Dec 2014

How would he not be invested ???  This will be his last shot at a NC (at least until he leaves Houston) ..... I suspect he'll be exceptionally invested .....

Comment 15 Dec 2014

Maybe I should reside in Missouri, because I'll believe that Herman is headed for Houston once he announces it and not one second before.  If it is the case, I think he may be jumping ship, perhaps, one year too soon, since next years team should be ridiculous .... Unless we win it all this year, Herman may never have a shot at a NC again (certainly not with Houston) ....

Comment 10 Dec 2014

As much as it's suggested that coaches play "the game" during the recruiting process, the kids (especially the top tier talent) are not above playing their own waiting game.  Weber did the smart thing - the sure thing.  He knew there were only a few scholarships left and he knew that Meyer would be visiting Harris this week.  So, he pulled the trigger, leaving Harris out of the running.  Harris simply waited too long and played the game too long - OSU was in an enviable position and couldn't loose with either of these RB's.  Harris is not going to Alabama - he's staying home and playing at Kentucky where he'll be the BMOC ........  Good luck to him.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

We're now entering that magical time where the number of scholarships is limited, while there are still a good number of prospects that we're hoping to get on board the 2015 class.  Some players are tempting the fates and holding off, perhaps too long and the door is about to close on this class.  In other words, Damien, you snooze, you loose ............ Whether it was you or Weber, OSU wins either way and Mike was IMHO smart enough to jump on the bus before all the seats were taken.  Good luck at Bama or Kentucky ......

Comment 09 Dec 2014

Why would you take such a cheap shot at human beings ???  Even mentioning the words "human being" and "Mark May" in the same sentence does a huge dis-service to the human race.  He's a hater, coached up by ESPN or not and the best way to shut his turtle-faced mug is to have OSU put a 12-gauge beating on Bama ....

God, he's one ugly, balloon-headed spud .............

Comment 07 Dec 2014

Not even close - our offensive line is the most improved over the season.  But, more importantly, I see a huge improvement in both execution and contribution from the offensive side of the ball.  In the past, I always felt like our offensive team would lean on Braxton Miller if the offense was bogging down.  The mentality was that if things weren't working offensively, everyone would look to either Miller or Hyde to bail the team out. 

Now, with J.T. and Jones at the controls this season, everyone WANTS to contribute and they're not looking at one offensive position to bail out the squad.  This is a completely different mind-set to last year and you have to credit the coaching staff for instilling this in the team.  I haven't seen a Buckeye team that appears to be so focused and on the same page as this team.  Bama is about to find out what the word "team" is all about ............ GO BUCKS !!!

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Comment 04 Dec 2014

If true, you would really have to question the timing of this kind of decision - just 3 days before the BIG 10 Championship game ??  Frankly speaking that would be a pure bullshit move by Warriner, regardless of whether he eventually decides to move on - the timing is absolutely ridiculous.  Based on that, I'm not convinced that he's accepted any job at this time - I just don't see him pulling that kind of B.S. 

If true, then we can think about some possible defections from our O-Line for the 2015 class.

Comment 03 Dec 2014

That's easy - The YouTube posting of "Brady Hoke - Philosopher King" ....... An absolute classic !!!  My 12 year old daughter walked by when I first played it and fell to the floor in hysterics (well, his tenure with the Puke & Blue was a joke) ....

I'll miss his entertainment value and chicken wing eaten' ways .........

Comment 29 Nov 2014

Read a tweet over on that JT has a broken ankle, is scheduled for surgery and is out for the season.

Okay, no problem - next man up !! 

Wilson went down, Marshall stepped up ..... Noah Spence suspended, Miller's picked up the slack ..... JT is out, so time to step up to the plate, Mr. Jones !!

The committee is required to pick the top four TEAMS, not players, so everyone on the roster has to reach down a little further and bring something extra next week (and then for the following two games as well !!) ..... GO BUCKS (and heal up soon, JT and Wilson !!).

Comment 29 Nov 2014

I'm good with the staff as is .......

Please take some heat off of the coaching staff and put some of it on the shoulders of the players.  Bosa gambles a ton and often gets himself out of position by being sealed inside (with big defensive plays also comes big defensive mistakes).  Perry couldn't shed a block if his life depended on it (leaving him on the field is where I'd be chewing out the coaches). 

Too often our defense ignores gap responsibilities in an effort to get up field and it lets backs get to the second level where our tackling, though improved, is still only average (watch the Stanford defense for an example of sure tacklers).  Doran Grant sort of crapped the bed in his assignment to blanket Funchess. 

On the other hand, our defense is at the top of the league in take away categories (interceptions and fumbles caused).  Some young elements to the defense who are still learning to trust each other and not do other player's jobs.

Again, I'm okay with the defensive staff - an improvement over last years defensive performance.

Comment 25 Nov 2014

I'm with Urban on this one, all the way .... football players throwing punches simply shows that they can't take the physical or mental part of the sport.  Anyone can throw a punch back, but the tougher player just smiles, turns and heads back to the huddle to get ready for the next snap.  How would you feel if you threw your best (or cheapest) shot at an opponent and he just laughed it off - THAT'S intimidation.

The tougher player walks away, but the one who swings back has lost his focus, ignored his team and decided it was all about HIM.  Sorry, no room on a TEAM for someone who wants to be that selfish and puts his own issues before the team's goals.

As for Hall throwing the crowd "the bird" - sad to say it was just another example of a player thinking about himself.  He let the crowd get to him.  I didn't see Wilson throw any fingers at the crowd.  I appreciate that Hall was frustrated, but suck it up and just get off the field.  Throwing the middle fingers was not inspiring, didn't change the outcome of the game and looked classless.  Well, Hall will always be remembered for it .... nice legacy.

Comment 25 Nov 2014

Sorry, but maybe I'm old school ..... I always equated fighting in football as a sign of weakness (you can't take the physical nature of the game, then play table tennis).  When someone swings at you, just point to the scoreboard and walk away.  Even though I'm Canadian, I still cringe every time a player drops his gloves in a hockey game.  It usually happens when someone throws a clean, hard check and the crowd roars, so the "victim" feels the need to even the score and either swings back or drops the gloves.  Again, I say, if you can't take the physical nature of contact sports, try touch football.

While I played some hockey, I preferred football and have either played or coached the sport for almost 50 years.  I've watched some of the ethics of the sport erode over the years and still shake my head when I see players unable to walk back to a huddle without the trash talking or shoving.  Nothing demoralizes an opponent more than taking his best (or cheapest) shot, smiling and walking back to a huddle as if you just swatted a mosquito.  Now THAT'S intimidating .......... IMHO

Comment 25 Nov 2014

Sorry, fool me once, shame on you ... fool me twice, shame on me .... I'm afraid we're looking at the two strike rule and unfortunately, Noah has used up his strikes.  I hope he gets his s*it wired straight soon and can get on with the next phase of his life.  Loved the guy and what he brought to the team, but a line needs to be drawn at some point.

Comment 25 Nov 2014

I fully agree with J.MO - Cameron is looooong overdue for a fake punt run.  The young man is an Aussie-rules football player and is tough (and can motor with the best of them).  At some point, especially against Michigan, I'd love to see Urban unleash the Thunder from Down Under !!

Comment 22 Nov 2014

What I'm looking forward to is watching Kyle Kalis imitation of a turnstile while Washington and Bennett run over, through and around him all game (until he's just a little red spot on the field).  "There will be blood on the field" .... his prophesy is about to come true (although I don't think he was referring to his blood) .....   Anyway, I think today's game was a wake up for the team and expect to see them firing on all cylinders next week .... What should we expect to see next Saturday ???  I think Clubber Lang said it best, "PAIN" ..... 

Comment 22 Nov 2014

I'm not so sure we hurt ourselves as much as some people think .... Look at the fact that we still put up over 40 points after all of the possible miscues that we had.  Defensively, take away 3 big plays (QB scramble and two long TD runs by their back) and we more or less shut them down (especially after Marshall's punt return). 

More important were the results, today, of the last two teams we played.  Minnesota beat a higher ranked team in Nebraska (away from home) and Michigan State wiped out Rutgers.  The fact that we beat those two teams on their home fields gives us two huge bonus points which the committee has to consider.  It may not be enough to move us up past an idle TCU team, but I don't see us losing ground to any of the teams behind us. 

We still have our home game against the Puke & Blue (ah, how sweet it will be to send them home for the Holidays with no Bowl game in their Xmas stocking) and the BIG title game.  Win them both  and I firmly believe that we'll land in the mix with one of the top 4 spots.

Comment 22 Nov 2014

Simple - our secondary couldn't cover a wall with a coat of paint ...... Of course, even when we don't blitz, the same matrix applies ....

Comment 15 Nov 2014

Let's put things in perspective - JT was thrust into the starting role just 19 days before the opening game and although he was a little overwhelmed during the first two games of the season, he's been lighting it up like no other OSU QB - Troy Smith included.  He's done it with a new backfield and more importantly, with a new O-Line.  His 86 yard run on a braced knee should dispel any ideas that he hasn't got wheels.

Without question, he's shown he can win big games, including a true road win against MSU (which is something that OSU couldn't do last year with all those veteran players on a neutral site).  It's no longer a question of whether JT can take the starting position from Braxton (and I really love Miller), it's whether Braxton can win the starting position back from JT for the 2015 season.

He's just that good ..........

Comment 14 Nov 2014

Give the Gopher coach his due.  They have set up an offense which is a throw-back to the old Mid-West style of grind it out football.  Developing a fast-paced, throw the ball all over the place type of offense just doesn't work well in sub-zero temps, so the focus is set on a pounding running game.  The Gopher defense has been set up to stop the run and Zeek is pretty banged up from last week, so expect to see liberal substitutions in the backfield.

We're going to be seeing a similar type of hard-nosed defense like we saw at PSU (and we all know how that shook out), so calling this a definite trap game is justified.  Turnovers will be a huge factor in the game and with cold hands, trying to catch or carry frozen balls (okay, stop the snickering), expect the two defenses will be key to this game.  Should be a low scoring one ........

Comment 10 Nov 2014

SONOFSAREK - The problem is, you can't select a starting QB based on "highlight" films, any more than you can take game film that shows the QB making poor decisions or bad throws - the door swings both ways.  Frankly, I think JT is the better QB, when comparing his body of work this season, to Braxton's work last year (keeping in mind that Kenny G handled a good portion of playing time).  As a rookie, JT played a stinker of a game against VT, but Braxton was in the same boat with Purdue (nice save by Kenny G) last season.

So, forget the highlight films for either QB, since both could put together a pretty decent reel ...  Anyone know how many BIG player of the week awards Braxton had last season, compared to JT's this year ??

Comment 10 Nov 2014

Very simple solution - totally revolutionary - let the better QB start !!  Just like any other position, regardless of whether the player is a true freshman or a 5th year senior, the best player starts (not only the best skill set, but also attitude, work ethic, defense recognition, teammate confidence, etc ....) ....

Braxton is a great leader and was usually able to keep a play alive with his legs.  An explosive player, who's athletic ability was able to get him out of trouble.  While he has a strong arm, he also has a less than average sense of "touch" on the ball.  He throws a 5 yard curl like he was throwing a fastball.  While he has good ball handling skills in running the read option, he tends to guess, rather than have the patience to read the play.  I'm still not sold on his defensive recognition skills, but love his effort on the field and off.

JT is a more complete package, right now, as a QB for this offense.  He spreads the ball out to all his receivers, which makes him a very popular guy in the huddle and dressing room.  His arm strength has improved and he throws with great accuracy and touch.  He is light years ahead of Braxton on running the read option offense.  I noticed more than once, that the television camera ends up following the wrong player when JT is running the read option.  While he may not have the jitterbug moves of Braxton, he runs smart and has terrific speed (ask MSU's safety) along with great vision.

Keep in mind that Braxton played behind an offensive line, last season, that sent three of the four seniors to the NFL as starters.  He also had El Guapo in the backfield and Philly Brown.  JT has been doing his thing behind a new O-Line and with a new backfield.  I believe that he has been a major reason why our receivers are showing better this season, because he distributes the ball to everyone, making them want to get open (he uses his 1st, 2nd, 3rd and even 4th reads, where Braxton was making one or two reads and then bailing).  With JT, everyone has to run their patterns hard, because even the 4th read might be the go-to guy for JT.

Having two talented QB's is great for next season, but Braxton has to come to camp healthy and compete for the job, just like JT.  The better QB will be the starter and right now, injury to Braxton or not, JT is the better QB.  IMHO.

Comment 09 Nov 2014

While Zeek's running was impressive, don't underscore the importance of his blocking ..... he is one of the most devastating blockers on the offense, especially on blitz pick ups and leading up the hole for JT.  As Urban said, he is one of the most physical players he's ever coached at any position.

A little disappointed with the poor tackling and poor angles last night.  People were in position to make tackles, but were making them 7 yards after initial contact (always tackling the player forward instead of driving them back - tells me they're chasing instead of attacking).  Keep in mind, though, that Sparty had two weeks to scheme against our defense and their offense was averaging 45.5 points per game coming in to the game.  A few more holding calls which should have been flagged and some garbage points by MSU when the game was out of reach, leaves behind a pretty decent effort by the defense against a very solid offensive team.