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Comment 17 hours ago

Is there really any point to having a Jim Harbaugh post-game media session after that egotistical maniac loses ??  The only question I would have posed to him would have been, "Could you expand on your theory about hen's teeth being tough ?" .........  If I was a journalist, after the first stupid comment from Hairball, I would have stood up and walked out, so that I would have been able to doing something more constructive with my time.

Man, his face was so sour during that session, it looked like he had just bit into a shit sandwich .......

Comment 29 Nov 2015

Sure you have .... Elvira hair-do, chest of a 10-year old boy and just a hint of an Adam's Apple ...... Oh, I almost forgot - the 10-year old boy has forgotten more about college football than him, uh, her, uh, Dinich .............

Comment 28 Nov 2015

The closest Harbaugh came to beating the Buckeyes was when he whacked that Buckeye with his little yellow hammer .... News flash, Crazy Jim, Buckeye nuts don't hit back, but Buckeye football players do !!!  The Puke & Blue had only given up 5 rushing TD's all season - until today, when we put 5 in the end zone during one game ..... I believe the term is, "OWNED" !!!!

Comment 23 Nov 2015

The apology was warranted - not for what he said (because he was bang on), but where he unloaded his frustration.  There is a "code" in team sports that keeps the trust within the locker room.  Zeke stepped out of that trust when he went public with his sentiments.  It has nothing to do with political correctness or participation trophies - it's about trust within the team.  This is nothing new, but has been a staple of team sports throughout history.

Zeke made a mistake in where he made his statements (outside the locker room), but owned up to that fact and it appears Urban, the team and Zeke have all moved on ..... so should we all ....

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Easy to see why Decker was beaten on the inside run ... When he went to block the DE outside, he ducked his head and lost sight of the target and leaned forward before getting his hands on the defender, letting Calhoun a straight shot in the backfield.  Pop Warner stuff that needs to be done every down, not just once in a while. 

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Glad the young man stepped up and acknowledged he said the right things, but to the wrong crowd.  As Urban indicated, he would have preferred Zeke to speak with him afterwards, but there will be no punishment for the indiscretion.  I think both Urban and Zeke have handled this matter extremely well and as a fan, am really glad to hear that Zeke is focused on ripping the Puke & Blue a new one ....


Comment 23 Nov 2015

No one is calling Zeke an "inmate", or Urban a "warden" - just an analogy .... Zeke wasn't being asked to "shut his mouth" either - just open it in front of the appropriate audience (coaches and teammates) in the proper location (locker room).

As for the moving pocket - that was part of the problem.  For some reason we tried to get JT to throw on the run and his accuracy was off.  Our most successful offensive thrust was after the sack/fumble and we ran power right at the Spartan front seven and scored.  Anyone who has coached football knows that you run AT speed, not AWAY from it.  Evidently, the OSU coaches skipped that chapter of the book.

I agree that we'll have a bounce back week and will throttle the Wolverweenies.  The pressure of losing is now over (you could feel this team was walking on egg shells every game wondering if this would be the one ending the streak).  Time to start a new streak and putting a beating of Biblical proportions on the Puke & Blue is a good start ...............

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Want to end this ISIS stupidity in less than a week ??  Send Coach Coombs over with a case of Red Bull and a pocket knife (and tell them ISIS cheers for *ichigan football) ..... That ought to do it .........

Comment 23 Nov 2015

So you're good with players running down the coaching staff in front of the media ??  I assume you're also good with inmates running prisons ??  Zeke was pissed, understandably (get in line), but airing his grievances to the media was flat out wrong.  How much coaches are paid and players not paid has nothing to do with it ............  As to the OVI comparison - coaches leave a definite mark on every one of these young men they coach.  Mothers and fathers put their faith in these coaches to look out for them while they're in school.  For many, their coach becomes a father-figure and is counted on to set the proper course for them.  Cardale is a prime example of a kid growing up in a program and becoming a better person because of his coach's influence.  A trust is developed between coach and player and yesterday, Zeke broke that trust by unloading his frustrations to the media.  Wrong ....... sorry you don't see that ..... 

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Michibuck12 - I have no problems with Zeke's comments either, as they were right on point, but he was flat out wrong with his venue to voice them.  Anyone who has been involved with team sports knows that airing laundry is done behind the closed doors of the locker room.  Anything else is a breach of trust.  As for a benching - that's a coaching decision and will only happen after Zeke sits with Urban (which I'm absolutely sure he will).  I'm sure Urban will remind Zeke that he is still part of the team, despite his public proclamation of declaring for the NFL and as such, dumping on any person or group on this team is not something that should be done with the media.

I felt badly for Zeke and the team for the way the coaching staff botched the game, but how players handle adversity and disappointment is also part of the preparation for the next level.  Zeke took a step backwards when he stepped up to the microphones yesterday .....

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Players' mistakes are kept in-house because that's what you do in a team sport.  It applies to coaches, players and support staff.  It's how you foster trust within the team.  Zeke broke that trust yesterday in front of the media.

Please tell me, TNT, that you're not one of those "these kids are only naïve teens and are not responsible for their actions" type of people.  Are you telling me that JT's decision to drive after he was drinking was as a result of a coaching staff gaff ??  The players are bombarded with rules and regulations on how to conduct themselves as high profile student-athletes.  At some point they have to be accountable for their mistakes, but settling these issues behind closed doors allows the player to pay the penalty set out by the team, without having the issue revealed to the general public.

So, you're saying that Zeke's decision to unload on the coaches to the media was a reflection of what he's been taught by the coaching staff ??  I'm very comfortable in saying that you are 100% wrong on that one ...

Comment 22 Nov 2015

I'll venture that the people who are granting Zeke a free pass on what he said to the media about the coaches calling a poor game, or not putting players in a position to be successful, is perfectly understandable.  He was bang on about the coaches dropping the ball on the game plan and on not putting the team in a position to win.  He was, however, totally out of line for using the media as his soap box to air his grievances.  Those are remarks that should never see the light of day beyond the locker room door and anyone who has either played or coached a team sport would know that this is not acceptable.

Screw ups by players and there are far more than we know about, stay within the clubhouse and coaches don't step up to the podium and tell the reporters about the bonehead moves some of the players make.  They are dealt with internally and this was another example of something which should have been discussed between Zeke and Meyer behind closed doors.  Zeke decided to air the laundry to the media.  Zeke, regardless of it being a crime of passion, or disappointment, was wrong .... period.

As the article suggests, NFL people will now be digging much deeper into Zeke's ability to deal with adversity (as if NFL owners and coaches don't make their share of bone-head moves).   

To recap - The OSU coaching staff blew the game, without question (although stupid penalties by the DE's in key moments and giving up crucial 3rd down plays were totally on the defense).  Zeke picked the wrong place to air his legitimate frustration.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Without question, I have also never seen such lack of awareness from an offensive coaching staff as to what was working (i.e. the short drive to the end zone by running Zeke after the sack/fumble).  Zeke was completely on point when he mentioned that OSU's offense, this season, had a tendency to get away from plays that worked, just so they could try something different.  Coaches at every level occasionally forget that winning is the ultimate goal and showcasing a playbook doesn't impress anyone.

However, I have a major problem with Zeke using a public forum to air his grievances.  Those type of statements should be kept in the locker room and never made known to the public, especially through the media.  If I was Meyer, I'm sitting Zeke's ass on the bench during the first quarter of the TSUN game, so that he can think about where and when to open his mouth while he wears an OSU uniform.  I can assure you that NFL people will be writing this little nugget down when evaluating, not only Zeke's athletic ability, but his personality and how he deals with adversity.

Sorry that Zeke wasn't used properly, but not impressed with his post-game outburst ..... 

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Urban has bragged all season about this being the finest group of young men he's had the opportunity to coach.  Now we'll find out about their true character, following this extremely tough loss.  Does the team throw in the towel and get pumped by TSUN, or do they dig down and start a new winning streak ??

Comment 22 Nov 2015

So you're good with allowing players to publically run their mouths to the media about internal football issues ??  If so, I'll repeat my original statement - you have never been involved with a team sport as either a player or coach, because there is a very clear code of ethics regarding what you do and don't say publically .... Zeke was 100% right in his assessment of the coaching and 100% wrong in using the media to voice his opinion.  There is no grey area here ...........

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Nothing idiotic about it - no one is questioning the stupidity of the offensive play calling, because it was ridiculous.  However, the comments that Zeke made are kept in the locker room or in the film room, not made public through the media.  You've obviously never played a team sport to know enough that airing dirty laundry outside the team is a major no-no.  If I'm Urban, Zeke sits the first quarter of the next game and is certainly not named the starting back.  No player (right or wrong) is above the team - again, something you'd know if you ever played or coached a team sport .....

Comment 22 Nov 2015

This might be the most appropriate time to bring out a line that Zeke should have considered, as well as most of the fans - "When you win, say little - when you lose, say less" .....

It was a piss-poor game plan, Zeke should have been handed the ball more, we should have continued to drop the ball over the rushing LB's and in front of the safeties (we tried a couple and they were there) and defensively, we needed to get off the field on 3rd downs instead of jumping off side at the worst possible times .............. But, we didn't do any of that, so we lost to a Spartan team that played with a chip on their shoulder, while we just looked like we were waiting for God to drop the "W" into the win column on our behalf.

Time to remember how butt-hurt we feel and go to the Outhouse and lay a beating on the Puke & Blue ... OR ... the team (seniors and juniors who are heading to the NFL) can do what they did yesterday and go through the motions and start a new streak (of losses).  This loss may have been the best thing for this team going forward, because we weren't ready to take on the top teams in a playoff game.  One thing really stands out for me about this team - how much Devin Smith meant to the offense ...........

Comment 21 Nov 2015

Well that's certainly going to give our recruiting program the shot in the arm it needs ...... It'll be interesting to see if Zeke even sees the field next week after going all mutiny on the coaching staff .....

Comment 21 Nov 2015

While the offensive play calling was poor, at best, it just felt like the Buckeyes expected to just show up and win.  The seniors and juniors who are planning to leave this year, seemed to be going through the motions.  Most of the O-Linemen made initial contact with their targets and then just let up, allowing them clear shots at Barrett and Zeke.

Without the fumble on the sack and the muffed punt, OSU would not have crossed mid-field the entire game.  Michigan's defense is good, but not that good.  They needed help and they got it from a very disinterested bunch of OSU players and coaches.  Very disappointing effort (or lack of effort) from both the offensive line and the defense on key 3rd down plays.

Today, we weren't beaten by a better team, but a more motivated team, who took a page out of our playbook from last season and brought in their back up QB and rallied around him to win a big game away from home.  Sound familiar .............. Well, we better screw on the heads for next week, because losing the chance at another playoff shot will be twice as bad if we lose to Jim Harbaugh and the Puke & Blue ..........

Comment 16 Nov 2015

"new meat" .... I like that !!  You're right - it's about effort and execution on every play.  All of the Slobs have the technique, but consistency on every snap is what separates good linemen from great linemen - we need our Slobs to be great, because that's what's going to be needed for OSU to repeat as Champions ....

Comment 16 Nov 2015

I'm glad to hear that Chase had a solid game with his run blocking.  However, run blocking is something that offensive linemen love, because it allows them to go after a defender and deliver the blow, rather than absorb it (as they do on pass pro).  Pass blocking is the much tougher skill of the two and is a combination of footwork and hands.  However, the minute the feet stop moving, you're done.

When I coached pass protection technique, I used a very simple analogy - When pass blocking, the offensive lineman is essentially a whore - you make your money by keeping your man between your legs .... If the defender crosses your face, you end up chasing and you're beat.  If you want to see the reason for O-Linemen being beaten on a pass rush, watch his feet.  If they stop moving, he's done.  All of our Slobs have been guilty of that at one time or another, including Taylor Decker.  It's all about effort on every play.

Run blocking is the dessert for O-Linemen, but your steak dinner is pass protection .....

Comment 15 Nov 2015

I have to chuckle every time I hear about "strength of schedule" from all these so called "analysts", like Pat Fart ..... If history has taught us anything (as in the decided underdog winning big games), it illustrates that just showing up for games is no longer enough.  There is a great deal of parity in college ball these days and to continue to run the table, as OSU has done, is no small feat.  We were underdogs in our last three games of the 2014 season and we pummeled all of our opponents (it really wasn't close).  When we played Miami in the NC game back in 2002, we were two touchdown underdogs and really put a physical beating on the Hurricanes.  We were also on the other end of the spectrum when we were blown out of the NC game by Florida, despite being heavy favorites.

Pat Fart is a poor man's Mark May, who figures the only way he can get attention is to rile up the largest fan base in college football.  He should abide by the old adage - "It is better to leave one's mouth closed and be thought of as a fool, than to open it and leave no doubt" ..... He should also give serious consideration into changing that 1950's grease-ball hair style ..... Yikes !!