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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2009 USC vs tOSU. We lost the game, but it is the only time I have been able to make it to Columbus and witness a game in the shoe.
  • NFL TEAM: Brownies
  • NHL TEAM: Toronto Maple Leafs
  • NBA TEAM: Cavaliers
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Comment 23 Oct 2015

I just ordered mine on Amazon as well.  If you follow the link above there is a google form to fill out for the extras, you should still be able to get in on the deal though, just need your Amazon order number bud!  Hope it works!

Comment 15 Oct 2015

As a guy from Toronto, I thought the bat flip was completely warranted.  Our fans throwing trash on the other hand, that is an embarrassment.  I thought that allowing that run after calling the ball dead was terrible(slight bias probably), but to act the way our fans did was terrible.  Glad we made up for it, got the win and glad our fans were loud and made it a great environment for the players other than the whole throwing things on the field fiasco.  What a series though!

Comment 18 Aug 2015

This day last year was the first day I wore my new Ohio State shirt, it is the one with OHIO spelled out with Marcus Hall giving the double bird salute as the H.  I thought the shirt was cursed and didn't wear it again until the day of the VA Tech game...  Then I REALLY thought it was cursed.

As the season went on I became convinced that the shirt was the only thing that could stop us from winning, I stashed it away and vowed not to wear it again.  Then I wore it during the National Title game, because I really liked the shirt and no damn curse was going to stop us from smacking Oregon around.  I now wear that shirt pretty commonly on weekends, I feel the curse has been killed.

Comment 28 Jul 2015

There is no doubt this team is going to be GOOD, but the expectations being set are going to leave a few people disappointed almost for certain.  I hope I can keep myself in check and just enjoy the ride.  Before you know it the season will be over!

Comment 03 May 2015
I wanted Pac Man to win big time but Mayweather was just too quick. He landed more punches even though they were mostly counters. Kind of disappointed though, I wish boxers would fight for knockouts.
Comment 06 Dec 2014
On mobile but I really want to post a gif so I am going to give this a whirl, be gentle I am new to this Happy birthday! Edit: Oh dear, I have no idea how to embed that via mobile sorry fellas!
Comment 05 Dec 2014
I know Peterborough well! My family used to vacation on Rice Lake and we took trips through the Trent lock system by boat all the way into Peterborough a few times. Small world. I have only been in Dallas since February, have just been watching games at the apartment, I need to find a good Buckeye bar round here!
Comment 05 Dec 2014
It is a great city, glad it gave you a good impression! I always love to hear people that have been left with a good taste in their mouth from visits to Toronto. It is almost always either love or hate with most people I speak to with about Toronto, I know quite a few that have unfortunately left with a bad idea about it.
Comment 04 Dec 2014
I don't disagree that their resume isn't impressive, but their play has looked impressive at times. They are not to be taken lightly and we are experiencing adversity as well right now with breaking in a new quarterback. You make a good point and I hope you are right bud. Let's get out their and earn this win and then it's up to the committee what happens next. One game at a time boys, go get it!