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Comment 29 Nov 2015

Yes, the SEC is mediocre. But remember our argument over in the Tessel era when the rest of the B1G was down, we used the mantra of we play who is on the schedule and win. Bama could use the same argument this year. I think the committee will take a Power 5 conference champion every time, regardless of the rest of conference. Until they don't (we will know if UF beats Bama), then we will have to start allover trying to figure them out.

Comment 29 Nov 2015

They said that was a factor last year. And didn't the BIG XII announce they are going to have a championship game? Not sure when it starts. If they didn't have one coming then I could see the committee possibly making an example of Oklahome/BIG XII getting excluded again.

Comment 29 Nov 2015

But who has the "better loss", UNC or us? South Carolina or MSU? They say that doesn't matter, but if you are down to two teams with identical records, you have to look at this.

Comment 03 Nov 2015
Things can only get better. Braxton is up to #2 on the QB depth chart this week! Ummm...yeah, nevermind.
Comment 28 Oct 2015
Missed the original post/story (damn you work!). Does anyone know where it occurred to check local media?
Comment 21 Oct 2015
The rumor of him not wanting competition, week then he should look at a FCS school where he would be THE man. Ton of competition at any of the schools he is looking at. Now if any of them have stripper parties we could be in trouble. Has anyone Tweeted him to verify he is 100%? (On my phone, so couldn't use italics)
Comment 18 Oct 2015
I saw Lee out there, but his name wasn't called that often. Guessing when Pretty went out PSU went away from him as much as possible.
Comment 20 Sep 2015

Everyone we play, defending Champs or not, is going to come at us with their "A" game. Any team from a non-Power 5 conference especially. And the lower division schools even more so. (Ask TTUN and Auburn). We have to be ready every week no matter who we play. Take no one for granted. Not sure what the problem is exactly (and it sounds like no one else does either. Coaches or fans) As they say, no matter how the match-up looks on paper, that's why they play the games.