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  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Current - The King; All Time - Troy Smith
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Comment 20 Sep 2015

Everyone we play, defending Champs or not, is going to come at us with their "A" game. Any team from a non-Power 5 conference especially. And the lower division schools even more so. (Ask TTUN and Auburn). We have to be ready every week no matter who we play. Take no one for granted. Not sure what the problem is exactly (and it sounds like no one else does either. Coaches or fans) As they say, no matter how the match-up looks on paper, that's why they play the games.

Comment 05 Sep 2015

They keep mentioning how many Stanford lost on their D, but I would be more worried with their O. NW getting good penetration and held them in check other than the first drive/FG.

Comment 29 Aug 2015

I think their initial list looks something like this...

Urban Meyer

Ed Warinner

Chris Ash

Luke Fickell

Larry Johnson

Tony Alford

Zach Smith

Kerry Combs

Tom Herman

Earle Bruce

Woody Hayes

After these, it's anyone's guess.

Comment 27 Aug 2015
I met him once back in early 99. Basketball team was on a roll and I started taking football but he quickly asked what I thought of how the basketball team was doing. He was rattling off stats and taking about how they matched up with the remaining schedule. He was almost giddy talking about them that night. It was like how we as fans would talk about our favorite teams. And I was thinking he could do basketball commentary if he wanted. But the one thing I took away was how much pride he had/had for Ohio State. And before anyone asks, he was not drinking. I talked with him as he was finishing up an appearance at the auto show. Talked for a good 15 minutes. Been a fan ever since.
Comment 27 Aug 2015

Yes, but look at what Cardale did against stacked boxes with Slobs holding their own. Not too worried about the young WR's. They have been catching balls from a QB for some time and must be pretty good to have been recruited ans still playing the position for tOSU.  And they have been going against our D, which is no slouch.

Comment 25 Aug 2015
I don't think he was actually on the field if I remember correctly. Thought it said he was on a stationary bike. Which is still encouraging. Working so don't have time to find the article.
Comment 23 Aug 2015

We went with ROKU and have Amazon Prime, Netflix, HULU, and just added Sling (like 5 minutes ago) and with Internet through Comcast (which cable sucks MORE than TW) and we are saving over $80/mo versus what were paying for cable Internet through Comcast. Basically added Sling for ESPN college football and AMC Walking Dead. There are some channels for the wife unit. Only thing missing would be NFL, but if you search there are sites on the Internet where you can watch games live.

Comment 23 Aug 2015
With cable going down the toilet and streaming services taking off, I an waiting for ESPN/B1G to offer their channels on ROKU, etc... On ESPN you can watch on ROKU if the game is on ABC.