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Comment 19 hours ago
Too late to go and have a pro-Brandon/Hoke rally?
Comment 28 Sep 2014

And I have been impressed with JT's running. He has eluded a lot of tackles for gains and first downs. And most of them have been in heavy traffic. Better than I expected coming into the season. Wasn't too worried about the arm. More so his receivers. So far, so good.

Comment 28 Sep 2014

He made the comment after Braxton got hurt and announce he was coming back next year that it wouldn't affect his decision. He said he would be willing to RS and learn from Braxton for a year.  By the pictures from the game, looks like that learning process might have started early.

Comment 28 Sep 2014

I was disappointed that I couldn't make it as well. The travel time from NC was a bit much. But I watched the game on TV like Kraemer. (Couldn't resist Birm)

Really wish he could have made it last night, but things happen. Still nervous about ND. But I think we still have the better recruiters so I'll keep thinking positive thoughts.

Comment 28 Sep 2014

Agree, I like Bell's chances in one-on-one. I thought he played that first TD pass well and was in position to beak the pass up but it was a good job by Moore staying with the ball and making the play. If Bell had turned his head a second or so sooner maybe he makes the INT, but in the situation he played it as well as you I would expect.  Honestly, if that was one of our receivers making that play we would be lauding how great a job the WR did in that tight coverage.

Comment 28 Sep 2014

If you run on a football field, expect to get tackled. As for LEO trained to deal with this type of individual,  they are. I'm a 17yr LEO and I would do the same thing to the guy except I would be wearing an additional 10+ pounds of gear. And I'm 6'1"/270lbs. Would that be excessive force?  You can't really ask someone like this nicely to leave the field or allow themselves to be arrested. Doesn't work. Guessing this guy knows/knew how alcohol affected him and he should know when to say when. Evidently he didn't know today.


Comment 18 Sep 2014
Maybe Hoke can build cat houses after he is done. Of course they would be gingerbread houses so he could eat them later...that day.
Comment 11 Sep 2014

Great job Birm. As usual. As for Gibson, the main reason he is "committed" to Ohio State is the fact they want him as a QB.  He doesn't like being called an "athlete" from all I've read. And is willing to redshirt next year to watch/learn from Braxton.  That being said, once he gets on campus and gets itching to get on the field sooner than later, maybe he will rethink only being a QB.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Leave the site to go take a shower and come back to find all is right with the world. Welcome back Mr. Mitchell. Can't wait until you and the rest of your class hit the hardwood as Buckeyes!

Comment 08 Sep 2014
I think he can throw the long ball... when he gets a chance. As is been said before, why not go to the TE/RB/WR about 5-10 yards out? Samuel got two touches and outside the TD pass were the two best plays IMHO.
Comment 05 Sep 2014
Think fir quite a while it's down to Buckeyes and Kentucky for Harris. I'd he still coming Saturday? May be thinking of one of the other players not making it. If not, and Urban gets him on campus one more time for a game day then he might be able to keep him. Agree on Scarlett. Ton of RB's heading to Miami and they have under performed. Plus with a name like that, where else would be go?