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Comment 25 Nov 2016
If they are running two WR formation, send a safety blitz. The rest of the secondary is good enough to handle just have to make the LB's cover/tackle the TE's to limit any big plays there.
Comment 25 Nov 2016
Everyone, including Houston, knows he isn't going to be there long. At most, depending on the openings, he was going to be there three years.
Comment 24 Nov 2016
I wouldn't be surprised if he went to LSU. At Texas would have to deal with above average influence from boosters. Not sure what conference they will be in in 5 years. At LSU, ton of LA talent that like to stay close to home to play. And how much longer do you think Saban stays? Hell, if he runs the table this year with what everyone is saying is his best team ever, this could be it. Once he is gone Herman would be ruling the SEC. If not before.
Comment 23 Oct 2016
I think we all expected a loss, maybe two, with the amount of inexperience coming into this year. Most had Oklahoma, Wisconsin as the two best chances for losses. PSU was (and ended up being) a possibly loss. Nebraska was an unknown. We will definitely see what they are next week. I think the game play since the Oklahoma is actually more asking the lines of what should have be expected. JT's leadership can only do so much. It can block, run routes, make catches, or play special teams. Others have to step up and do their jobs.
Comment 18 Oct 2016
I think that would be good. Then I could get BTN available here in NC. I'm not sure any expansion would do anything for recruiting. Just revenue for B1G/BTN.
Comment 09 Jul 2016
Not a question of helping the Cavs. Not going to the finals anytime soon. Sac should do the trade as soon as they can. Knowing Cousins OD's in the final year of house contract plus his reputation, they aren't going to get anything better than Love. Look at what teams get back in MLB trades for players in the final year of their contacts. Maybe a good double A player and some single A players.
Comment 22 Jun 2016
Guess what just showed up over at Landof10.
Comment 21 Jun 2016
Since it's been talked about already, does history repeat itself? If he wants to play with certain players (Wade again) will it be easier to get them to come to Cleveland now he has won a championship there and has more pieces in place than before?
Comment 21 Jun 2016
If the smell of the marijuana was the reason for the legal warrantless search of the vehicle, then anything going during the search is fair game and admissable in court. This isn't Louisiana law, the US Supreme Court has upheld this warrantless search in several cases. They have also started that the car be searched without a warrant if the officers believe contraband is present in the vehicle. Smell of marijuana definitely covered. Used this myself and never had an issue with the searches. Only question, and I'd have to do some research to verify, is if the visible gun would be considered contraband. Officer safety, I'm getting the occupants out of the car if a gun if visible. A cautionary sweep of the interior of the vehicle, covering areas within reach of the occupants, would be acceptable. If the second gun is found concealed under the seat, and no concealed carry permit, then that person whose seat or was under is getting arrested. If the occupants were arrested then an inventory of the vehicle would be conducted and anything going during the inventory would be admissable. The DA here really needs to go back and study car law with regards to the Fourth Amendment. Tipping this on my phone so I apologize for any typos. Fat fingers are not conducive for typing on a phone.
Comment 05 May 2016
That could explain Lindsey's tweet about the news he's been waiting on so the duo can continue. Of course they could be going to Oregon/Cal/USC or any other program. But they don't have The Closer. I like our chances.
Comment 19 Apr 2016
When my wife said she was doing away with cable the sports were my biggest fear of losing. We have HULU, Netflix, Amazon Prime and have the TV stuff covered. ROKU has a channel that you can watch streaming newscasts from just about any station that has them. And then we picked up Sling for $20/mo and get ESPN/ESPN2. Everything else sports I want to watch live I can usually find on Front row