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Comment 29 Oct 2014
I was the Silver dome back in 05 for a Ford event in the parking lot. The stadium looked sad and the city looked worse. They are doing some things in Downtown Detroit, but the area affected would be like fixing up Obetz while rest of metro Columbus is a dump.
Comment 29 Oct 2014

Being a Southern Ohio boy (Chillicothe),  and my wife being from Minford, seen a lot of football in Southetn Ohio.  I've known for a long time there are plenty of players that were capable of playing major college football,  but the exposure wasn't anything like it is today.  Glad to see these guys, along with Burrow, getting the recognition and chances to prove themselves on the big stage. And it looks they are already helping others behind them get noticed. Well done.

Comment 29 Oct 2014

You think we were loud watching the game Saturday?  You should hear an 8yr old watching that trailer. Several (lost count) times.

Comment 27 Oct 2014
Tom Orr had another good stat... "Michigan's last two coaches (Rodriguez & Hoke) have each had three seasons with 5+ losses. No OSU coach has ever had three 5+ loss seasons."
Comment 22 Oct 2014
Fowler's comments come from the fact that the largest concentration of the pulsation live in BIG country. Not to mention the number of BIG alumni that are spread out throughout the country. I don't have the numbers, but I'd guess the BIG has the most alumni of any of the Big 5. Goes to his comment that a good BIG conference is good for business (more TV's on Saturdays).
Comment 19 Oct 2014
I'd vote for Brady for the fine job he had done at TTUN this year. He had taken them to places they could have never imagined of going without him. And Brandon for AD of the year for the same reason. Seriously, if they continue to play well, it will come down to Kill, for doing it in Minnesota. Or Bo, for not being the usual Bo.
Comment 19 Oct 2014
If they haven't played by now, with the exception of the OL, they have been offered/told they are going to be red shirt-ed this year.
Comment 19 Oct 2014
Read that the Florida AD has made the comment in the past that if your going to make a change later, might as well make it now. That being said, the same article said with Florida having a bye week there could be a change today (Sunday). Have to see if he knows what he is going to do with Muschamp and go ahead and do it now.
Comment 14 Oct 2014
Glad Roy is still paying it forward. He is always doing something to help others and the community. The Buckeyes have several former players that can speak from a point of experience about what can happen if you stay as well as show that you can come back to be a productive player and/or member of society. Top two would be Chris Cater and Clarett.
Comment 14 Oct 2014

I want to see someone morph Dancing Kevin into Kirk. Would be like squeezing the bottom of the toothpaste from the top to bottom.

Also, isn't Dancing Kevin the same guy who did the commercials for 105.7 The Brew? Can't be two ballerinas running around Columbus. Maybe he is Chris Farley reincarnated?

Comment 13 Oct 2014

With their struggles North of the border, that's almost two classes worth of talent that could be gone. They better have someone behind the scenes getting their next coach lined up so they can get him in there ASAP to try to salvage as many of these guys as possible.

Comment 13 Oct 2014

I may have missed something, but I thought Harris' comments in his interview on ESPN he sounded more Buckeye lean wanting a school with a football history and such. When I hear Kentucky football it doesn't bring back memories of National Championships or Heisman winners.

Comment 10 Oct 2014

Figure this is the least of FSU's concern's right now with the stuff coming out about the rape investigation. Not to mention coming up with a title/pay for his escort to the Publix when he goes shopping.

Comment 10 Oct 2014

Just thinking he is a taller, less hair version of Hoke.