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Comment 25 Apr 2015

Thus why he is a TCU fan.

And I don't remember their schedule being rough. Outside that Big12 Conference Championship game.

Comment 23 Apr 2015

Born and raised in Chillicothe. Live there over 43 years until family moved to North Carolina last year. There are A TON of Buckeyes down here. Work at Camp Lejuene and seems like every other person I meet is from Ohio. Miss Ohio, but being less than a mile form the beach is nice.

Comment 19 Apr 2015

Was it open to the public? Or even the students? Looked more like a friends and family event. And played at their practice field? Guess they weren't expecting a crowd so it attendance made it look better I guess.

Comment 05 Mar 2015
They first tried to get rid of it before the first war in Iraq. Then the stories/videos of it in action made even the least knowledgeable person on the planet ask why they would get rid of a plane that can cause that much damage and take that much damage and keep on going. It is a thing of beauty.
Comment 05 Mar 2015
Isn't that the same cheer they were using at the football game this year? Musty have been hoping for similar results. And they got it.
Comment 18 Feb 2015

I think I actually liked all of those.  They usually butcher things like that up a few times, but those look good.  Just don't put Brutus on the helmets.  Can't mess with perfection.

Comment 10 Feb 2015
Impressive. Wasn't expecting that guess so early.
Comment 08 Feb 2015

I think she will fit right in with the other moms on the team. Not afraid to voice her opinion. I like her already.

Comment 08 Feb 2015

Maybe Birm will be able to shine some light on what is going on with Weber. I wish all of the talk about him at this point would just stop until he figures out what he wants to do. The ball is in his court.

Comment 07 Feb 2015
Eating crow will cause you to do that! Ha!
Comment 06 Feb 2015
Don't remember the Tech coach being a douche like this with Webb, but the Hairball connection makes sense for his behavior lately. Sounds like he is trying to ride his players to a gig on the collegiate level.
Comment 06 Feb 2015
Came across this list. Some names mentioned. Gives a little detail on each to get you up to speed with them add their names are brought u
Comment 06 Feb 2015

I think it's an issue, for Weber. How it became an issue I don't know (what he was told/promised?). Looking at the results Drayton has had with the RB's I can understand Weber's desire to have him as his position coach. If he thinks about, the position coach is important but if the offense doesn't utilize your position properly does it matter? I think Urban has started to rely on the running game more since he came to OSU, which is what Weber should look at.  And the fact that his starting RB's since he has been here (should) have been a Heisman finalist and one could win the Heisman next year.  We always hear that the players should pick a school for the school/overall program, not a specific coach just for these type of situations.  Surprised to see Keyshawn Johnson was posting on Weber's Twitter account last night about the school is important and to stick it out and get to the next level. I took his comments as trying to convience him to stay at OSU. Only guessing Keyshawn's nephew on the team would be his posting to Weber's Twitter. We shall see what Weber decides to do, after a lengthy visit with Urban I am sure, is totally up to him. He is a kid, we need to remember that.

Comment 04 Feb 2015
Every time I hear a tank or howitzer go BOOM today at work I know another recruit signed with the Good Guys.
Comment 03 Feb 2015
I think Coach Johnson recruits more than FL along the East Coast. Can't just go by position coach/recruits. Each coach has an area to covert recruit. Look at Coach Combs. He had Cass Tech/TSUN and most he had gotten agent in his group in the team.
Comment 03 Feb 2015
Don't forget Beckner. Could be a signing day surprise from The Closer.
Comment 03 Feb 2015

Can't really believe his tweet. Unless his source is Abraham Lincoln. Because we all know everything that ol Honest Abe puts on the Internet is true.

Comment 03 Feb 2015

Stevie is going to come looking for the doubters that he is blind. Better keep an eye out for him. Better yet, watch your back.