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Comment 24 Apr 2017
Got to meet and talk with Clarett and Pete Johnson at the State Fair a few years ago. Spent about half an hour with Herbie at the Columbus Auto Show back in the early 90's when her was still on 1460. Most of that conversation revolved around the basketball team. Very little football. And was on Wall to Wall Sports with Coach Bruce. Talked a bit before the show and quite awhile after. Helped him carry some things to his car. Told us how Urban stayed with him after he took the job while Shelly and kids were still in Florida. Up and out before Coach was up and usually got in after Coach got to bed. Coach said he Urban put a lot of work getting things set up his way.
Comment 25 Feb 2017
He brought in AJ. And he is local. If they lose Whitworth, he would be a good replacement for the veteran leadership.
Comment 03 Feb 2017
I think he was the first RB from 18 that was brought up by Birm way back when. Hadn't heard him mentioned again until recently, but to similar to Gill like you said BigWill.
Comment 03 Feb 2017
Yes, I know it should say game instead of have. The problem of fat fingers on a phone keyboard.
Comment 19 Jan 2017

Not sure, but I'm gussing LJSr mentioned that he coached the current NFL Def. Rookie POY. You know, that kid that went in the first round to San Diego Los Angeles

Comment 07 Jan 2017
Evidently not everyone in the family was in on the decision. Doing this from my phone so I hope it works right. Blair Angulo on Twitter: "Nephew of five-star corner Darnay Holmes didn't look too happy with #UCLA choice." (via
Comment 14 Dec 2016
TTUN just picked up a verbal from a 4* WRFour-star WR Tarik Black commits to Michigan | (via
Comment 25 Nov 2016
If they are running two WR formation, send a safety blitz. The rest of the secondary is good enough to handle just have to make the LB's cover/tackle the TE's to limit any big plays there.
Comment 25 Nov 2016
Everyone, including Houston, knows he isn't going to be there long. At most, depending on the openings, he was going to be there three years.
Comment 24 Nov 2016
I wouldn't be surprised if he went to LSU. At Texas would have to deal with above average influence from boosters. Not sure what conference they will be in in 5 years. At LSU, ton of LA talent that like to stay close to home to play. And how much longer do you think Saban stays? Hell, if he runs the table this year with what everyone is saying is his best team ever, this could be it. Once he is gone Herman would be ruling the SEC. If not before.
Comment 23 Oct 2016
I think we all expected a loss, maybe two, with the amount of inexperience coming into this year. Most had Oklahoma, Wisconsin as the two best chances for losses. PSU was (and ended up being) a possibly loss. Nebraska was an unknown. We will definitely see what they are next week. I think the game play since the Oklahoma is actually more asking the lines of what should have be expected. JT's leadership can only do so much. It can block, run routes, make catches, or play special teams. Others have to step up and do their jobs.
Comment 18 Oct 2016
I think that would be good. Then I could get BTN available here in NC. I'm not sure any expansion would do anything for recruiting. Just revenue for B1G/BTN.