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Comment 10 hours ago

Much appreciated, Poet. Wish I could sit down with you sometime and chat. I bet our fields would have some neat parallels...and discovering them is an art in itself.

Comment 20 hours ago

But can you grow potatoes on Mars?

Sure. You can grow potatoes anywhere if the conditions are right. I think that I could grow potatoes there.

And that is another book/movie I have not seen. But I do like the fact that, in general, people now like botanists a little more because of it.

Comment 21 hours ago


Yes. My dissertation was on poppies and how the species within the California poppies are related. I've even named a couple new species from the genus.

Comment 21 hours ago

Do LED grow lights actually work?

Yes. True story: My first dissertation project was working with LEDs for crop production. They are a much more flexible source for lighting and you don't necessarily need the same type of greenhouse setup if you use them. But I got bored with the work (it seemed more agriculture engineering to me) and switched to phylogenetics/systematics/taxonomy work. But LEDs are great because you can only use the light that's necessary for plant growth. You would waste less energy from providing light that the plant cannot use, aside from the fact that LEDs are also more energy efficient.

But, so far, pot growers don't seem to be using LEDs. They are stuck growing plants how they always have (in closed areas) and they think they need the High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps to not only light the plants, but also provide heat. There's a lot of bad horticulture in pot production right now but they still make money. It's sickening. [My former lab-mate works as a production manager at a place in California...we've talked about this.]

Comment 22 hours ago

Sorry, couldn't tell if being serious as I thought everyone knew.

I am a botanist. I do research at a botanic garden/arboretum. But I also have my undergrad in horticulture (from THE best university) so I know plants and how to grow them.

Comment 23 hours ago

I think you can buy seeds for them online.

If you can, buy orchids as plants and not as seeds. The seeds are like dust. In cultivation, if they are grown from seed they are typically germinated on an agarose gel (that includes nutrients and growth hormones).

Comment 23 hours ago

Oh, so that explains why everyone talks crap about you when you're not around.

They do?

First I've heard of this.

Comment 07 Feb 2016

Basically, Ryan cut Carter and explained that it was because all Carter did was catch touchdowns.

Here's a brief tidbit from Profootball Talk. Minnesota helped to get Carter clean and off of cocaine and alcohol abuse.

Even before Berman started using the line, my brother and I used to throw the term around because we never understood. At the time, Ryan didn't divulge the real reason he cut Carter.

Comment 07 Feb 2016

There was a different staff post (I think by staff) that showed the rankings from each service the past 10 years or so. ESPN appeared to typically be ranked lower, but there were years when they were ranked higher than the other services. So it's not always the case.

Comment 07 Feb 2016

Then take the savings each month from collision and make a special savings account (real account or just earmarked) and make that $$ dedicated for the new vehicle.