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Comment 8 hours ago

Do you consider any PhD to be a real doctor? Or are they further down (or off) the totem of doctors?

In other words, do you pick on PhDs because dentists get picked on?

Comment 11 hours ago

The thread-jacking is getting a little out of control.  Down vote me all you want, but often the Mods are in the middle of it with all of the back and forth banter that has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

Yes, the MODs have often been in the middle of it, including myself. As the site has grown, we all grow as well. What used to be acceptable is no longer so for a variety of reasons. That's fine and we are all learning. There is a fine line between allowing a little freedom and pulling an entire thread off course. The PNW stuff above doesn't seem to really pull the thread off course but many thread jacks in the past were dozens to hundreds of comments. I haven't seen that happen like it used to, which is good.

You don't deserve DVs for your comment as it's not offensive or against policy. Please realize we (the MODs) are feeling our way along as well and trying to help the site get along without stifling all discussion.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

I don't agree that the team looked like sore losers. I know the media is spinning that, but I haven't heard anything that I though was sore loser. I thought Elliot's comments looked bad, but when I heard the interview, it just sounded like frustration, and was not nearly as bad (IMO) than what it was made out to be.

As for players having the pros on their minds, all they said is that they were sad it was their last game in the Shoe. That's the truth and winning the game wasn't going to change that specific comment. They are reflecting on the end of their time at OSU. I heard someone on Fox Sports Radio laying into Cardale for already announcing he was going pro. The argument was that he waited forever last year to announce and this year he announced right away. This was all selective memory on the radio guy's part because Jones only had 3 days to make a decision so there is no way he could have dragged it out.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

Your second line has 8 syllables and you forgot your third line.

How about this:

I'll check in next week

I don't have the heart right now

Buckeyes made me sad

Comment 21 Nov 2015

The Buckeyes have lost

Time for reckoning is now

Beat the skunk weasels!

Edit: I previously had made a non-hate week haiku (below). It didn't fit here with the hate week theme.

People blamed Cardale

The play calling sucks this year

This isn't on Jones

Comment 19 Nov 2015

1) Why was the thread allowed to continue for seemingly forever before it was nuked?

I didn't see it. If I did, I might have axed it...just because that's my imaginary M.O.

2) Did Norcal get a warning?

No. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

3) What goes on behind the scenes with mods/staff to execute a nuke?

It's complicated. First, we have to get quorum. So we send out the MOD Signal, and then get as many people onto the video conference call line. But we don't actually show our faces...we put a paper or cardboard avatar over the camera to show our true nature. And we all mute the microphones and just type in text messages to each other in a completely different app. We do this so that the spies from MGoBlog don't catch wind of what we are saying...there are bugs everywhere, man.

Then, once we have typed our greetings, we get down to business. First, we bring up the offense, which in this case had to do with Bert...which is probably jailable by itself. We chat about the offensive thread and sometimes send questions up to the Tribunal, much like you ask questions as a jury. Keep in mind that we are not the Tribunal, but members of the Modsquad could be part of the Tribunal. I cannot neither confirm or deny that fact.

Sometimes the questions are unanswerable at this time. If this is the case, the questions may go to the Pre-Cogs. I'd tell you more but I've already said too much about them. Let's just say...they know what you will do before you know what you will do.

Once we get all the information about the possible violation, we then have discussions on the subject. We always have to have a public defender to weigh in for the person being charged. That is typically Andy Vance because he's the fairest of them all. Hove is more like the judge. I'm typically on the prosecution team (because I love to watch the world burn...and I like churros...the prosecution team always has churros for some reason). Once we get all the facts, we try to come to consensus. If we get two thirds agreement that the thread is not for the site, then we can make a decision to delete the thread, including all helmet stickers. However, if we only have a simple majority (just >50%), then we have to consult a higher power. We must then go to the Tribunal and ask for forgiveness because we couldn't take care of our own damn problems. The Tribunal doesn't like us to bother them when they are playing cards...which they always seem to be doing. But once we ask for forgiveness, we can ask for a ruling for them. However, we must grovel. For that reason, we brought on 3M. Usually, you don't know what it's like, 'til it's gone...but 3M does know what it's like when it's gone so we don't have to. 3M makes the case and the Tribunal, which has been interrupted from their card game, makes a decision [they usually yell heads or tails...but I don't know what that has to do with the decision]. 

Once the decision has been made, by either super-majority or by the Tribunal, we can then act. If the decision is to leave the thread in existence, then we exchange pleasantries and go about our day. However, if we need to axe the thread, we have to contact someone special. There is one person on this earth that likes to axe threads even more than myself. That person is the Dread Pirate Roberts. 

I've never laid eyes upon the DPR myself, but I've heard he/she has fingers 6 inches long and can delete a thread from across the room. However, those long fingers aren't even necessary as he/she can delete a thread with his/her mind. Put it this way, you don't want your thread running across the DPR in a dark alley.

Once the message comes down to axe the thread, the DPR goes to work. This character is so cruel, that I've heard they actually let threads go longer to let more helmet stickers accumulate before the axe falls. That way people see a loss of stickers later in the day. That is a cold, cold executioner. But one that is just and necessary in our times. In these unlawful times, this isn't necessarily the axe man we want, but it's the axe man we need.

And that's how babies are born.