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Comment 16 hours ago

We have the ability to delete any thread not made by staff. It's a fine line between nuking threads and letting people vent.

Word of warning: If you make any thread that has a title that is not specific, or the body of the post is only one or two sentences, it will be nuked. There has been enough warning about threads.

Comment 19 hours ago

No, you should be able to edit your original post. Look for the edit button above the post. It is likely above even the "Ohio State Football Forum" banner.

Comment 19 hours ago

Unfortunately it's quite a hike from here (60-75 minutes) and may not be the best environment for a 5 year old.

We used to take our 1 year old. But then again, my wife and I were leading the group so we kinda felt obligated.

The new location (to me) is even further. And no, I wouldn't drive from where you are, either. I may try to go but only for a big game. And I've still got a few friends in Davis that will watch the game with me there.

Comment 21 hours ago

"My number one priority is making people happy, but nobody is going to be happy if the servers keep crashing. Therefore, we can't have a game chat that is open to everyone because the servers won't allow it."

OK. I thought that's what I was saying. So I agree.

Comment 22 hours ago

Change in plans...I am not arriving until end of this month. So, I'm out for anything before then. But when I arrive, I'll let you know...but it may be too close to new kid in the world.

The Sacramento Valley Alumni Club meets at one of the card place/casinos in Rancho Cordova. That might be good for the big games. But for smaller games, I might even just stay someone in or around Davis. I actually loathe driving an hour on Saturday mornings...even to watch with other fans. I have watched quite a few games at The Graduate in Davis. Watched Holy Buckeye in that place. Good memories.

Comment 06 Oct 2015

Can you smell it?  Some people can't smell it, you know.

Is that why the Rock always asked if you could smell what he was cooking...because he ate asparagus?

Comment 06 Oct 2015

Not complaining. Sometimes I feel like I'm everywhere at once...sort of like Agent Smith in the Matrix.

Comment 06 Oct 2015

It was agonizing.

Especially if you attend the game. Then it is horrible.

People wonder how teams can get out of rhythm...

Comment 06 Oct 2015

but that's not how Jason framed the issue.

PD, the entire forum topic was to talk about the game chat, so I thought it was implied that this was discussing the game chats. That is why I attempted to explain it.

Comment 06 Oct 2015

He isn't the only one, but he didn't get that nickname for nothing.

Explain why I was given that nickname. I just wonder what people think.

Comment 06 Oct 2015

This might be a bit backwards. If you don't make people happy, you won't have to worry about the servers. 

I get your point in general, but are the live game chats the main reason people are at the site? During the game chats, people are refreshing constantly which puts a big burden on the servers, and can again make the experience worse. This was the reason for the new game chat format. The drawback for that new format was that it was through another site and, ultimately, unregulated. Then all the nasties came out to play (and even some banned 11Wers spreading filth).

Personally, I value the site content much more than the game chat. And, even without game day chat, we would still have all week to "discuss" the team. I personally do like to occasionally interact with people on the game chat, just because it's fun for the camaraderie, but I'm not on it that much. Obviously, it's all a balancing act.