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Comment 19 minutes ago

Brandon never gave Hoke the go ahead to pull him, and Brady didn't have the authority to make those decisions on his own.

As I am an important person, I was in the stands that day sitting next to everybody important from the Michigan universe. We were all like 23 rows away from the field and could clearly see the entire college football universe from that spot. Brandon texted me to get the reaction from all the famous and influential people I was sitting around, in my 20.15" wide seat (I measured them to compare to Ohio State). I texted back that Shane Morris' parents were OK with him staying in the game because the 12W Precogs said he wouldn't have a, a doctor near me, and 60 yards away from the player, told me he diagnosed him with hurt feelings and not a concussion. Sure, he's a podiatrist, but those doctors have brains, too. So Brandon then emailed me a pizza and some sodas to go with the fireworks. Then, on a whim, I told him to hire Harbaugh. So he got that in motion knowing that he wouldn't be around to hire him for reals (the 12W Precogs came through again). I'm not name dropping, just trying to clarify the situation.

Comment 26 minutes ago

Unfortunately, I don't barely have time for one sleep.

So, it is unfortunate because you easily have the time for one sleep? Because you don't barely have time for one,  you must have the time for two or three.

Comment 2 hours ago

While the plot is interesting, the Australian tomato can story is almost unreadable. First, it's like someone restarted telling the story about 5 times. The author kept using a variation on the same hook at different parts of the story. And it is full of specific facts that just get in the way.

Comment 11 hours ago

What happens when they don't agree?

That would never happen...because that would mean that one of the three, a minority, report a different premonition. Don't worry, the system is fail safe.

Comment 15 hours ago

It's possible that you've been pre-moderated. 

12W is actually 3 Precogs that sit in a bathtub telling the MODs who is going to post a naughty gif.

And shame on you, WezBuck!

Comment 24 hours ago

As far as Jussi is concerned, he took a bad fall on the last segment he was in and was pretty messed up.

I'd say so. If you are only* 5 miles from the finish and have to drop...then there has to be a major problem.

*only is not meant to mean trivial...just that the race was 95% run. 5 miles is nothing to sneeze at when you've already run 95.

Comment 03 Aug 2015

I'm too lazy to post a photo, but you should have chosen a certain armored vehicle from WWII. That way it would have been a Sherman tank top.

Double the pun...double the fun.

Comment 02 Aug 2015

Hey LA, glad you gave it a hearty effort and I'm sad that it was so rough. Applause for giving it a go after the past rough years.

Get better. Your outdoor work is not going to be as fun if you can't walk around or write your notes.

Comment 01 Aug 2015

Yep. You gotta keep your nutts outa your buts, or you'll get it in the end...with Twitter.

Comment 01 Aug 2015

Or was it "nut in butt raining"?   Weird

Exactly! But to each his own, right? I'm not here to judge SL.

Comment 01 Aug 2015

Read it closely brother there are 2 T's there

Thank God. I thought you had switched over to #nuttinbutt

I was going to have to MOD your...but.