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Comment 20 Jul 2016

Did you steal this news from the Premium Lounge? You couldn't have found this on Twitter.

Comment 20 Jul 2016

Yeah, going to a school that has a good program for your field is important, and it is even better if it is not so expensive. If you wanted to make real money, though, you should have worked at CSU...especially in management ;) When I was in Chicago, I was at that little botanic garden up north that had the stinky flowers. I was the research scientist that they would put on the news last fall (if you saw any of that coverage).

I'm in just west of Sacramento. I work at the university. I have never been to the game watches in LA area but I hear that they dwarf what we have in Sacramento...and we averaged about 50 people per game watch when I was involved a few years ago (before the move to Chicago).

Comment 19 Jul 2016

I was on the very north side of Cook County for about 5 years (Highland Park area). But we moved back to California last fall and early this year.

We only drove by Chicago State when heading downstate to visit family. It seems like a remote campus.

Comment 19 Jul 2016

This link is to the OSU Alumni page where you can search for clubs. While I know you are heading south, if you are ever in the Sacramento area, then look up the Sacramento Valley OSU Alumni Club. As with most of the clubs in California, the club gets together every week of the football season and watches the game. It was awesome for our family wh en we moved to have a sense of home, community and Buckeye pride on the West Coast.

And welcome to the West coast for another member coming from Chicago area. It's been less than a year for myself.

Comment 19 Jul 2016

No, you got it all wrong. I think KBonay is not in yoga but deals with pilots...but he seems to spell it wrong. But he must be in the Air Force or Navy or something.

Comment 19 Jul 2016

But I bet they would look wonderful on the MODs...

You know, the (mostly) fake-name-using, faceless MODs, could really add to your brand if we all had 11W polos. That sounds like a winning strategy!

Comment 16 Jul 2016

What football players think doesn't raise the value of anything in my book.

Comment 16 Jul 2016

Yep. And without it "malfucntioning" and forgetting all the stats, that game was epic. I had too many times where a great team was deleted due to a screwed up erase.

Comment 16 Jul 2016

Scotts will likely make tons of money with the pot business (and, no, not the containers that hold the plants). The fertilizer that they sell in hydroponics stores is about 80% higher priced than what it should be and everyone claims to have magic powers. It's complete horse...fertilizer (if you will) and many marijuana growers don't know what they are doing but still make money because the product is so valuable. But good growers are coming and it won't even have to be big corporate farmers.

Comment 14 Jul 2016

Can't help that we are good at reproducing.

I hate to break it to you now, but you can help that you are good at reproducing. There are several avenues to avoiding having babies in the 21st century.

Comment 11 Jul 2016

Nichols Arboretum is a good university arboretum. It is not a huge place but has a good people running it.

Of course, the attached Matthaei Botanic Garden is much like the football team from the school. They can claim they are leaders with one of their plant collections. But that collection of plants (peonies) fell out of popularity over 50 years ago. While still relevant, and seem good, they aren't nearly as popular as they were in the past.

Comment 10 Jul 2016

Well, at least they now have a 3 foot rule in California. It is difficult to enforce, but at least takes care of the issues where people accidentally hit people because they purposely get too close. I've had several friends get clipped by cars that "didn't realize they were so close". Yet, somehow, most people have no issues getting around cyclists without threatening to hit them. And then there are the people that throw shit at cyclists or the passenger in a car would slap a women on the ass while they drive past. It's all a big game. But, that's what you get for being on the road. If you don't want to be harassed, you shouldn't make yourself available to others by being on the road. You are kind of inviting harassment by cycling on the road.

Was that snark thick enough? I know that this is a small number of people driving cars that do the dumb shit, but it's the same in the cycling world. A few people make everyone look bad...because you have assholes everywhere. Don't let the actions of a few characterize everyone else. 

Comment 09 Jul 2016

I did down vote you the other day because it seemed like (Wilford Brimley voice) the right thing to do. I think there was a comment that stated that your DV stalker wasn't around and I just let one fly.

Now you know...and knowing is half the battle.

Comment 09 Jul 2016

Middle aged men playing basketball together like they are going to the NBA finals or something.

Middle aged men golfing together like they are going to the Master's or something.

Middle aged men playing hockey together like they are going to the Stanley Cup or something.

Middle aged men bowling together like they are going to the bowling championships or something.

Middle aged men playing softball together like they are going to the Softball championships for men or something.

Middle aged men playing football together like they are going to the Super Bowl or something.

Anybody doing anything in a group that is not competing at the highest level of a sport, even though it is fun and great exercise...because other people don't get it and especially if those people are on my goddamned roads where only cars belong.

Comment 09 Jul 2016

People that stand right next to the baggage claim carousel when waiting for the luggage to come out. To top it off, they get pissed when you ask to go around them to get your bag which has come out earlier than theirs. And these shitheads probably cut in front of me as I was politely standing 4 feet back from the carousel so that others could see around me and see all the bags coming out. The designers even usually make a different tile or flooring to indicate a proper distance to stand back from the carousel but you are an asshole and too important to pay attention and follow the cue of the polite people around you that are standing a few feet back from the carousel.

Seriously, the luggage return area at an airport shows the worst of humanity.