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Comment 02 May 2016

I'll more than likely pursue a graduate degree in a couple years. The sad part is it is highly unlikely to come from Ohio State due to future job placement.

I didn't know you could get a graduate degree in General Studies.

But seriously, congratulations on getting through.

Comment 02 May 2016

Congrats on the new addition, Gumar. I don't think I would have had the patience for a couple more.

Comment 02 May 2016

I think I was reading this with the wrong intentions.

Comment 29 Apr 2016

Why would I?

Because I haven't been deleting all of AZNChipmunk's comments.

Comment 21 Apr 2016

The plaques may look bad but the trees are generally in worse shape.


Comment 20 Apr 2016

As said above, I met Linga and OH-1O before the Hawaii game last year.

Met NorCal at a farmers market out west.

Met Nappy for beers at an undisclosed an establishment that may brew beer.

Met Remy for the 2015 Spring Game.

Met Andy Vance for lunch a couple of times in Columbus area.

Met Gray Box at some bars around Columbus.

Met some staff at the 2014 Gold Pants Social. Afterwards, Ramzy chose a Situational bourbon for me at a bar.

Met Oyster, Jeremy2Face, IslandBum, BuckeyeBoy, Niblick, Abe Froman and others at the golf outing last year.

Know a couple of other 11Wers thorough life. I am sure that I am forgetting some people, but that's my immediate recollection.

Comment 20 Apr 2016

WMD link on California poppies: Any plant is illegal to collect, without a permit, on state or federal lands (at least in California).

And all I can say is that I am disappointed that they didn't interview me for the story.

Thanks for the link, DJ. I am always surprised (in a good way) the stuff you find for the WMDs. The link trail you followed to find this specific article is intriguing to me.

Comment 17 Apr 2016

You're fine, Ernst. I just didn't realize that my comment might look like a slight towards you. No harm here.

Comment 17 Apr 2016

I wish I could take credit for wit, but actually Ernst changed his comment after I made mine. His first comment said that he didn't know how to change the text of his post. I was too lazy to change my comment. I was just going to delete the comment thread but then his comment was changed.