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Comment 18 hours ago

I don't think the size of the RB is going to be the key. I think their running backs can hurt us if we have to worry about the pass. I think Bama is going to attack us similar to how we attack them. We will try to spread the field and give our guys one-on-one match up. They will do the same. They are more effective at running because teams have to worry about Cooper (and, to some extent, the other receivers). We will have to maintain our gap integrity and prevent being outmanned (actually having more blockers than tacklers).

That's my idea on the situation.

Comment 20 hours ago

Calgary, I didn't see the post or I might have suggested that it be posted to Anything Else in the future. I've tried to address this when I catch it. Sometimes people just don't pay attention and other times people are just trying o be cute. But this is something that I have been trying to help.

So, I agree that it is annoying and should be posted to the correct forum. 

Comment 23 hours ago

This gif is hilarious. Is it part of an ad for a combination popcorn bowl/drink holder/remote? Because I know that I am so inept that I would not be able to set down my drink to move the popcorn to use the remote...especially if I had put the popcorn bowl in the hand with the remote before I picked up my cup. It would be too difficult to do in reverse. Someone must have placed all these items in his hands.

Comment 19 Dec 2014

I agree with the sentiment for your post but I don't think preferential treatment is an issue for a walk-on. I think that walk-ons usually have preferential treatment because you can bring them in for no scholarship cost. Walk-ons are either brought on to help with a scout team or are good enough to play and willing to so that without a scholarship. I think there are always players that are friends of the program and grab a spot because, as I understand the rules, there is no limit to the number of walk-ons.

Comment 18 Dec 2014

My kids have only heard me yell four times or less...the last couple of days. So we have a lot in common.

Comment 18 Dec 2014


Comment 18 Dec 2014

BBU, you need to provide some players to compare. There are lots of former Buckeye b-ballers that I love and Craft is one of them. They all get criticized, including Craft. So, if you want an answer to your question, tell me who fans are ignoring/not showing love for. As it stands, you are posting a straw man that "Craft is getting all the love" but fail to offer anyone for comparison and just repeat the same question everytime someone asks you a question. What answer are you trying to get from people. You obviously have some preconceived notion and will not accept an answer until some poster hits on the answer. So just tell us what you think is the answer.

Comment 18 Dec 2014

I interpreted the comment to mean that the person appears In the video, not that the person created the video itself.

Comment 17 Dec 2014

After reading the Janzen Jackson story, I'm shocked that Kiffin or Dooley were never ostracized for allowing that kid to become an alleged murderer. I mean, Dooley gave the guy a second chance.


Comment 17 Dec 2014

AU's downfall in that game was maintaining the necessary balance of run/pass/deep pass, and too many red zone field goals.

...and giving up 55 points.

Comment 17 Dec 2014

Yep. He's in MENSA. Craig Krenzel, who majored in Molecular Genetics, reported this as true.

Comment 15 Dec 2014

No apologies necessary on your part. I think people just like you so they were worried for you.

Really happy you are up on your feet again, so to say.

Comment 15 Dec 2014

Nevada has some corn, but I'm guessing very little. Their main cash crop is alfalfa hay. I have driven through much of the state, on highways and 4WD backroads, at both low and high elevations and have yet to see a corn field. My guess is that any cornfield is up near Ely. I think the only place that could have a corn field within an hour of Vegas is on the California border in Sandy Valley (west outside Jean) or in Parumph.

I've gotten around the deserts a lot looking for poppies.