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Comment 07 Nov 2013

Not impressed with either team.  Little harder to move the ball for Baylor when they aren't playing cupcakes.  No all day in the pocket and the receivers are not five yards open.

Oklahoma's line is getting no push and Bell is no threat to throw.

Comment 20 Jun 2013

As a current resident in Oakland with America's cup and the Buckeye game going on if you are planning to come out for the game get your hotel reservations NOW!

Parking near Memorial Stadium is a nightmare, plus the roads are small and jam up.  If you have the option stay in the city, sorry San Francisco, and BART over to the game do it.  It will be packed but it is easy.

My suggestion for game day is to go down to the Ferry building in SF in the morning.  They have an amazing farmer's market every Saturday morning, with a fair amount of great restaurants preparing breakfast at their booths.  Blue Bottle Coffee has a booth, it is expensive but worth it.  For food their 4505 Meats makes an amazing maple bacon breakfast sandwich and right next to their booth a Mexican places serves stupidly good chilaquiles, my favorite.  The setting could not be better, it is directly on the water.  Inside the Ferry building is a collection of amazing independent food vendors, butchers, cheese vendors, fish vendors.  From there it is a mile walk up the embarcaderro, on the water, to where the America's cup stage and that madness is going on, if you want to check out that scene.  The Bart station is about a block from the Ferry building so it is a great launching point to Memorial Stadium.

I've been to most places in the Bay Area over the years and if you are out here for longer and are looking for ideas for day trips in the area I have a ton of great suggestions.  Or if you've got something planned and need to bounce an idea off me let me know, i'll try to steer you away from tourist traps. 

I'm so freaking pumped to have the Bucks in my backyard!

Comment 30 Aug 2010

Anyone else see the news on Miami's football program.  Their big booster who ran the 900M ponzi scheme is going to drop a tell all on Miami football over the last decade.  OUCH. What a high moral individual around the program.  Not only is this guy willing to steal your money but he's also ready to turn on you on the drop of a hat for a buck.