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Comment 10 hours ago

It's hard for Michigan fans to understand that, I get what you've been saying the past few weeks/month Birm! thanks again for all your hardwork.

Comment 11 hours ago

You really think he was able to make that much of a difference in 10 days? Not knocking coach Mick but how much weight can one finally tuned athlete lose in already peak condition (please save comparisions as none of us in our top physical form could drop 10 pounds in 10 days outside of water weight or starving ourselves)

Comment 11 hours ago

Just curious but if Harbaugh fails what's really left for Michigan? Herman? I can't see why a major coach would want to risk going there.  You have a dwindling recruiting pool/fan support/economy, Recruits were 7 at the time of your last rose bowl and lil brother keeps finding gems that you don't offer on the trail.

Comment 13 hours ago

This interview was great, very insightful and washed away the whole "brand" from his previous interview.  His Harbaugh story was epic! having a recruit calling him weird was awesome!

Comment 14 hours ago

Thanks for re-sharing your post from 19 days ago! It was oh so popular then it deserved you making another thread

Comment 14 hours ago

Think, What would Woody do!

Comment 15 hours ago

He's probably on the same Diet Trey Depriest started back in his Sophomore year! 

Comment 15 hours ago

I don't see this as the end for him, If he can shed 10-15 of that Bama weight off he'd make a great 3-4 inside backer on the cheap.

Comment 26 May 2015

This is the first graduate transfer I can remember, most were kicked off Georgia's roster for behaviour.

Comment 25 May 2015

I'd upvote twice if I could

Comment 25 May 2015

This is what the thread Creator Gofor2 said 17 DAYS AGO, I don't count this as trolling and chalk it up to being a lameass 

Again this was 17 days ago on a thread covering this very topic 

After thinking about this a bit there simply is no way that if this kid has a legit medical issue the UA would clear him to play. I know many of you might want to paint a picture that the " dirty sec" would do something like this. Well that is a fantasy. If the Docs and Coaches  put a legitimately hurt kid on the field knowing he was unfit and at risk they would be putting the university, there medical and coaching careers at a huge risk. Especially after the public release at OSU. There is just no way UA would allow that to happen period. It could cost them Millions, not to mention the amount of bad media would be relentless. 

This is just some unproven HS 3 star recruit, not Braxton Miller

So with that said there is only one other explanation as to why what happened here at OSU with Dean happened. It's as simple as this kid was cut. That may taste to bad for some of you to swallow but there is no other practical explanation.

Now let me be clear that this is a " if he is cleared to play " condition.  Maybe he actually isn't. But if he is, only a few weeks after being released by OSU, then he was straight cut to make space. 

Yea I said it.

Comment 25 May 2015

There's been 3 threads posted since April on this very topic.