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Comment 2 hours ago

They have maybe 3 HS that could keep up with the Cincy schools, Also Bama taps the Georgia well and gets their best kids plus pretty much every other southern state, We have to pull from Florida/TX just to keep up.

Comment 5 hours ago

Dude you're wrong again, Wint wasn't an early enrollee he only arrived in the summer.  He's had 6 months max of playing any DB, You can't just teach DB to a guy whose never had to played before, Wint could prove to be a great player, the thing you failed to notice in any of my comments was #1 responsibility of a DB and that's to COVER, I'd much rather the #1 S/CB in the entire country over a HS LB who are pretty much on par with each other this summer once both will had gone through a spring.  If you're so sure i'll be glad to put $$$ on it.

Comment 6 hours ago

Only thing I feel bad for is him staying here till his 4th year with the chance to play and could get beat by Haskins and not play a down.  When it comes down to it I think he's a great QB and was really hoping JT would go pro so that either him or Haskins would open it up and throw more 50/50 balls and take chances.  JT is the opposite of Mcsorley.

Comment 7 hours ago

Piff, And Jones couldn't beat out Ferris, Let's see how spring practice goes.

Comment 10 hours ago

Wint played Special teams and has NEVER covered WR's.  He was a LINEBACKER in HS, Okuduh was ranked as the top Safety/Corner in the country consistently shutting down Receivers that are now in D1 or already on D1 rosters.  This would be like ranking Booker as the better Safety over a Freshman DB just cause he's been on campus longer..Do you see my point?

Comment 17 Jan 2017

Bird and others wrote about him alot Pryor to the season, he's been known about for quite awhile and many projected with a solid season he could get an offer, Fickell watched a few of his games in October.

Comment 17 Jan 2017

It's a great thing, Look at USC/Florida/Bama they don't play favorites and look at the dynasties they had, always had supremely talented FR/SO play early and often no putting 5 year guys ahead of Future pro's, This is the start of something big

Comment 17 Jan 2017

Call BS on that, He was in his Second year, he didn't go from unproductive to 1st rounder just this spring this was in the works for while..Just like Pitt brown to Von Bell..Hooker should've played Nickle or something at least...Unlike Lattimore he was healthy the whole time smh