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Comment 9 hours ago

Well I'd tell yea about facts and education on baseball but since you were probably in middle school at the time, Morales only played in 51 games in 2010 and 0 in 2011 recovering from an ankle injury, but hey that's me spending 5 seconds and knowing that ahead of time.

Secondly, we're only losing Edwin after back to back ALCS's and replaced him with a player whose done about 80% of his production the last 2 years going into a much friendlier lineup and hitters park so I like the move.  

Maybe you should tone it down a lil before having such hot takes as it's a forum with differing views and opinions.

Comment 20 hours ago

Although he came in young, He's been in Zack Smith's room since early 2014 and has had 4 Future NFL players to learn from and still hasn't put it together, he has talent with the ball in his hands.  His film reminds me of Knowshon Moreno 

Comment 24 Feb 2017

Have you tried other rums? 

Reason I ask is that real rum has sugarcane in it instead of Molasses 

Comment 24 Feb 2017

So every starter from Bama suddenly can afford brand new cars and chains suddenly, look I'm not naive but we also know that the south has had bagman for decades and it's been busted multiple times, They're paying kids preachers $180K and we get busted for what? $500 handshake to Troy smith! 

If we were paying our players anywhere near SEC they wouldn't be trading their best memorabilia for tattoo's 

Comment 24 Feb 2017

Saban will go down in flames,  Can't wait, it'll take just 1 to blow up his dynasty.  To think night he's the best college coach ever with the entire south giving him their best player..No over coach had the top players from 7 southern states, double the coaches and still considered the best HC

Comment 23 Feb 2017

None taken, The vibe I get is now everyone is used to each other and they'll play like the hunter instead of the hunted like that have since mid-2015.  Either way the East will be super tough and i'm excited for some good baseball! 

Comment 23 Feb 2017

But what have the Yankees done to be head over heels better than the Jays last year? Also, I think the Red Sox played above their level last year to expect that to continue will be asking alot.  Everyone thinks they'll win over 100 because of Sale.

Comment 23 Feb 2017

Just saying, y'all are sleeping on the Jays in your predictions, We lost 1 player and got a more mature/better starting pitching staff and more depth in the bullpen, EE to Morales won't effect the WAR too much and we didn't go back to back ALCS's...Be ready..

Comment 22 Feb 2017

It's clear as day as to why some games are longer than others, every Yankees Red Sox game would take 4 hours and it'd be like 4-3, players need to not be allowed to leave the box after every pitch and have it enforced, watch a college game over an MLB game and it's night and day..