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Comment 37 minutes ago

We'll see what happens when Penn State and Michigan State come calling.  No way you go to a non bowl team over programs who go to high level ones and have double the passion and fan base!

Comment 46 minutes ago

I don't get the fascination with the bathrooms, Do you guys spend all your time in VIP lounges in Vegas wondering what the bathroom is going to look like? As long as the free pints, popcorn machine and bean bag chairs are still there i'm gtg!

Comment 2 hours ago

Henry's a cancer! There were rumours about his behaviour/maturity even in Cali before he transferred to IMG.  I don't see him ending up at a reputable program, Nauta on the other hand has been class throughout his journey from what I gather, will be interested to see where he ends up as he's not a native Floridian! I'd expect Georgia or Bama here.

Comment 7 hours ago

It's more of a loss to all the Texas/Big 12 schools, like how do you let a prospect leave your backyard and go to a mid-tier SEC school..I get a kid going to Bama or LSU or even Florida when they were hot but c'mon Texas schools, man up!

Comment 16 hours ago

Best lineup in baseball got better! Honestly Reyes was declining and not the impact player he once was!

Now if we can get some pitching!

Comment 17 hours ago

You come to Ohio State or lose to Ohio State! Kid will make a fine punter for the Spartans!