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Comment 18 hours ago

We have Baugh for at least 2 more years Alexander is a true freshman plus 2 incoming freshman.  Berry is a plug and play at either DE or TE..

Comment 22 hours ago

They lost their top 2 offensive options to the Draft..There's not much left on the board vs that offense.and we all know TCU will score and score alot.

Comment 23 hours ago

You're 60 and have your recruiting base/team molded to your liking with facilities and AD support.  He's not leaving for any of the top list, yes their higher in regard but to uproot and go somewhere completely different/recruiting different territory isn't going to happen.  Out of all those jobs I see only LSU as being a fit for him as he'd be the only big dog in Louisiana and fits their culture.  

Comment 24 hours ago

The Hilton downtown is perfect! Plus when they have the Christmas lights up in the park beside it is pretty sweet! 

Comment 28 Aug 2015

Lets just start doing that with his right (non-throwing) shoulder instead of the left.  That's what made me cringe a little is him flopping it out that throwing arm.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

The punter should've tackled the guy he closed the angle but was too lazy/scared to even try, I'd know i'd tackle that kid to stop the touchdown to at least save some face.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

He had moves on moves, I'm still shocked he's sucked as a pro as much as he did.  He probably only get hit 5 times his whole HS/college career.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

Once it hits mainland it's going to breakup and travel fast, I wouldn't be surprised if what's left of the storm is over Virginia by Next Friday.  The only concern would be if it tails back easy into the warm waters as it could then batter some of the NE (NY/BOS)/East coast of Canada..