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Comment 27 Jul 2016

I think you're understanding of bonus money is off a bit, he's going to get it all but not all at once, if it's 50 million for example it'd be 10 mill per year.  I don't get why it's such a big deal and worth holding out for? South Florida is the capital of schemes and scams of the high end variety and i'd hate to see a 21 year old with soooo much money in his hands.

Comment 27 Jul 2016

To add onto it, he wants all his signing bonus money up front (team avoid this because guys will/can blow it all before the end of their contract and hold out for a new one before their existing one is done) also the language in his contract is that if he's released by year 3 he doesn't want the money he earned from the charges docked off his new contract with another team if this happened, he wants to receive all the "New money" should he be signed with another club.

I'm very skeptical about wanting all his money upfront, Bosa comes across as an everyman and his family seems to be doing just fine, now if he wants it all to buy a big boat to park in San diego and south beach then I get it..

Comment 27 Jul 2016

100-400 M dash and relay's 

Nothing beats the anticipation for the 100M though..there's a reason its on primetime on saturday nights! 

Comment 27 Jul 2016

Re-watched it a month ago, instantly makes me want to play poker again!

This movie was gospel to anyone who jumped into No limit during the boom, probably watched it 50 times and love it all!

Comment 26 Jul 2016

It's the fact that the series is uber predictable, Action first few minutes of an opening season then nothing till midway through when they end the 4/5 episode with a cliffhanger..Then it's more of the same till the season finale which AMC thinks splitting seasons is smart?

Breaking Bad, Walking Dead and Suits all do this to me and it's irritating 

Comment 26 Jul 2016

Yup, Had he been looking out for 180,000 in Church upgrades he would've been off the hook.

Comment 26 Jul 2016

If it wasn't for Josh Gordon coming back he would've had a chance to get some snaps this season with the Browns (Imagine saying those words 5 years ago)