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Comment 10 hours ago

Give us Auburn, Ole Miss (Bosa vs Tunsil OMG) vs a 1 dimensional LSU, a banged up Ark/Miss St and a clueless A&M... Def BIG East was tougher than that..It's why they paint the narrative tho! 

Comment 12 hours ago

At the risk of missing a hole or cutback, I just don't see that happening but thank you for the explainantion! 

Comment 12 hours ago

Well said, Tressel had alot of misses the last 3 classes he was there and the development was lacking (ex. Video game coordinator as QB coach vs Tom Herman) The thing that puts the Alabama and Ohio State's at an unfair advantage is ontop of bringing in top recruits, the player development to keep them top players and the schemes to succeed are provided to them! I think that's the one thing that's missed when kids choose to go to other programs, OSU will make you a more well rounded player and showcase you in a scheme that showcases our best players! We could possibly have a 1st rounder at every level of the Defense including multiple at different spots (DE/DT/ & S/CB) Oh and just to throw it out there possibly (OT/RB/WR) like wow come to OSU and go to the NFL..

Comment 13 hours ago

This whole trolling fan bases is a scorched earth mentality that will find you with nothing else to write about as you would've pissed off everyone important in the biz.  Heck if I was an OSU media relations person I'd give a middle school paper access to the press box than this guy or a Clay Travis.

Comment 14 hours ago

Your example is pretty hard, to have the space to slide feet down? also don't forget it's the start of the slide that's where they place the ball not where he lands, there's no benefit if runningbacks try the example you laid out.

Comment 14 hours ago

I think the big takeaway is it's going to reduce guys hitting the ball carrier 2 seconds after they give themselves up.  If a player can't stop his momentum or already on his way down i'd hope they give the defender the benefit of the doubt.

Comment 14 hours ago

If a referee doesn't have the proper angle to call targeting but it's clear as day from the press box/replays I believe they should be able to call in and have it reviewed..makes sense to me especially now with hurry up offenses leaving no time for discussion and increasing rushed decisions from everyone.