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  • SPORTS MOMENT: OSU beating the Miami Hurricanes for the 03 National title and also Boise State's last 1:00 and OT of the 07 Fiesta Bowl!
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Comment 25 May 2017

He's not a marketing genius, Although I respect your opinion, he's simply trying to bring attention to himself for doing shit all, he's just as bad as Shantrel Hendersons dad who forced him to USC because he wanted to be a rapper himself and felt it would be in his best interest for his kid to go there.  He's living through his kids fame and he believes all the BS he's spitting out, he's a new version of Skip Bayless only difference is he's nowhere the writer skip is and has kids who are really good at Bball.

He's only on TV because he generates ratings for now, Magic has it right, He is the Kris Jenner of the Kardashians..If Lavar or Kris disappeared tomorrow nobody would care.

Comment 25 May 2017

Give me both, I want a complete well-rounded player, he's only going to get better and if he's forcing RB's to bounce to the outside, it frees out OLB's & DB's to clean it up for a smaller gain which in turn creates 3rd & Long's giving him a better chance to tee off on his pass rush rather than 3rd and short/mediums that open up the playbook for the offense.

Comment 25 May 2017

Can't wait for Red Dead, also hopefully it's not till 2020 for the next GTA, can't believe it's been almost 4 years..such a good game.  

Comment 24 May 2017

I can give you a clearer picture as I'm from there, The rink would be like having it in Gahanna for you Cbus ppl..No way someone could make it home to Dublin and across town for a 7pm puck drop then be home by 11 to put the kids to bed.  You need to have your major stadiums in city center's or they'll fail when it comes to MLB/NBA/NHL

Comment 23 May 2017

You can thank Gary for that, Insanely stupid it's not on the main network, there's no SNL and it'd help increase exposure of the game! If you're within 30-50 miles of any border i'd see if you can pick up CBC somehow.

Comment 23 May 2017

Carlyle is such a baby, before each series he has a laundry list of complaints when his team is the one full of goons..GTFO

Comment 18 May 2017

That's his fault for committing to another school that didn't even have a DLine coach in place when he committed, The comments made by the coach were made in March, sometimes the big boys are so used to dominating at the lower levels when they have to work hard for greatness they don't feel/want to.

Comment 17 May 2017

I always confuse the 2 but the one that plays with Wade is going to be an interesting battle and think we actually hold the lead.  Look at our depth right now, We need as many DB's as possible, that room is already super thin.  Only Ward and Arnette are corners with ANY experience..Even with Shiffield around our 4th/5th DB will be TF.  And Safety..If the staff ever trusts Erick Smith we'll have him next year with Fuller and Pryor and that's it for any experience.  We are sooooo screwed this year if we have any injuries in that unit..

Comment 17 May 2017

It's an interesting turn for a tv series where we know how most of the cast meets their end but more are popping up and it's getting more and more interesting.  If you told anyone it would be this good 3 seasons in and wouldn't even require White/Pinkman they wouldn't believe you, yet here we are..