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Comment 19 May 2015

This story sounds horrible, but the comments include perhaps my favorite twitter post ever: "Lots of context missing in that story."  

Yeah, unlike every other 140 character news story you've ever read...

Comment 15 May 2015

A couple good ones:

"There was a contact between a football player and a cheerleader, male I might add. That male cheerleader clipped me from the side as I was running full speed or slower than full speed, but generally, in the upper quadrant of speed. And I hit the ground pretty good.”

"When I wake up in the morning and I turn that film on, it's like reading a book and it's exciting. I don't read books, but if I read books it would be like reading a book."

Comment 13 May 2015

Gold and silver are also useful metals, so once things settle down and society starts to build up, at least you'll have some materials that others might use in various building projects.  Personally though, I'm going with Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning packets.  Light, easy to transport & store, not so valuable that people will want to kill you for it, and folks will be going crazy for that sweet ranch flavor 5 years into the apocalypse.  

Comment 10 Apr 2015

If you read the full article, he never really says that.  I actually respected him more after seeing the interview:

Comment 03 Apr 2015

In America you're taught never to be content and that truly fulfilling the American Dream means moving up and on to better things.  In reality, the most important things in life are the social connections that you form with important family and friends (and hopefully co-workers if you get lucky).  When you die, you won't be thinking about how awesome it is to do so in Florida, you'll be thinking about how nice it is to get to see all your loved ones one last time.

Comment 27 Mar 2015

Hmmm... looks like I should maybe get back on the Phish wagon.  I quit in 2009 after some disappointing shows, but it's nice to see someone who was around in 96 saying that they're seeing some of their best shows these days. Had some great times with that band... unfortunately their annual Colorado run conflicts with the first day of college football every god damn year.  

Comment 26 Mar 2015

First:  Page & Plant "Unledded" tour (1995, Kemper Arena, KC) - I was a huge Zeppelin fan, but as a 16 yro wasn't connected enough to even find out about the concert until it was sold out. The day of the show I was listening to the radio while lifting in a friend's barn prepping for the football season and some radio winner was selling their front row tickets for $75 a piece.  Called up my dad and an hour later we were driving 2.5 hours to get to the show.  

Best:  Phish (NYE 2000 @ Big Cypress Indian Reservation, FL) - I'd never heard of the band, but my friends (one of them my workout partner from the barn above) heard about the show and bought me an extra ticket.  That weekend changed my life (30 shows after that).

Runners up:  1) Man Man (Summit Station 2009, Cbus, OH) - Hot as hell, oversold by well over 100 people, it probably increased 5 degrees every 10 feet closer you got to the stage, so the band was literally cooking (must have been over 100 degrees) in that terrible venue... and they simply brought it, amazing performance.  Again, didn't have tickets, tried to bribe a bouncer but they were so oversold they wouldn't even take $50, then a friend who was working just comped my ticket and let me in, one of my last weekends in Columbus too.  2) Deertick (Mojo's Lounge 2010, Columbia, MO) - Tiny venue, spectacular energy, one of the best days I spent with a girl I dated for the next 3 years.     

Comment 24 Feb 2015

Yeah, not so sure Kiffin (or the Bama commenter) was presciently "calling" the touchdown, so much as just watching a wide open receiver run through the endzone.  I also called that play a touchdown for Bama when I was watching it live.  Just a great play by Bell to cut in and steal the points.