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Comment 21 hours ago

They aren't getting rich, but they are getting paid.  OSU yearly cost of attendance:  ​​​$​25,820 for Ohio residents and ​$44,784 for out of state students.  Plus personal tutors, trainers, and some of the best NFL training in the country.  It is popular to ignore this money because it pales in comparison to NFL salaries, but the vast majority of NCAA players get 4-5 years of free living and a free college education and have zero chance to go pro.  

Comment 06 Dec 2016

I think that this is a function of how Meyer runs his program.  Tressel largely had a different approach and I think we experienced quite a bit less turnover during his tenure.  I believe we've increased our national ranking in average assistance salary since Tressel left, so I don't really feel pay is an issue as much as the type of person Meyer hires.

Comment 06 Oct 2016

I could imagine people wanting to go be with their families for the storm.  Might be slightly distracting wondering whether your (and/or parents') home is about to be flooded out.  It's weird they're not making up the game.

Comment 03 Sep 2016

Tim Shoemaker.  Not sure what's up with the "most since" stats.  "The 77 points scored are the most by an Ohio State team since a 76-0 win over Florida A&M Sept. 21, 2013." "The Buckeyes’ 417 passing yards rank fourth-most in a single game in school history. The total is the most since throwing for 387 at Indiana in 2003."  Why not list the last time there were actually more??  Thanks for the quick recap.

This did not look like the youngest team in FBS today.  Great performance.

Comment 19 May 2016

The fact that people still carry around some ill-informed "fire Gene Smith" sentiment is evidence for just how ignorant and stubborn some of this fan base is.  I remember some article from a few months back where people got themselves all worked up about the topic.  It's pure idiocy.

Comment 29 Apr 2016

I've seen plenty of coaches straight up state that you never stay when you're a 1st round pick.  Someone at OSU accurately told him that was likely and he made the correct decision to take the money while it was available.  Way better than coming back, blowing out a knee, and missing out on all the extra bank that comes with the first round pick.

Also, F Ole Miss and F whomever tried to ruin a 19 y/o's life. What a horrible situation that poor kid is in. He should be having the best day of his life and instead is embroiled in all this shit.