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Comment 05 May 2017

OSU has the Best Damn Band, but halftime at an Ohio University game, in the beautiful Hocking Hills in the Fall, is a real fun experience with the "Marching 100" (or Marching 110 or 120, whatever the number is now).

Comment 29 Apr 2017

Agreed.  He seemed to have his best games against the Buckeyes.   I'm sure that the $500K helps to ease the pain of this drop.  I hope his injury history is behind him as he moves to the next level.  

Another Wolverinee from Ohio going to the pros!

Comment 29 Apr 2017

The Bears took Trubisky to the Bulls/Celtics playoff game last night.  When he was introduced to the crowd, the kid got booed.  That's fucked up.......

Obviously, Bears fans are not happy but the guy they should be booing is the GM, who btw, was not at the Bulls game.  Hopefully, Trubisky will prove it on the field.

Comment 28 Apr 2017

Outside of Lewis, some of the scUM players are getting their names called.  Although they probably believed they should go much earlier than round 3, both Wormley and Charlton (both Ohioans) could be solid pros.  

Lewis was a product of the scUM hype machine.  The NFL is the final judge on who is a player or not.

Comment 20 Apr 2017

My Daughter lives in Key West, so we visit 2-3 times each year.  

If you are renting a car and driving down; It is a beautiful drive but prepare for a possible long trip. DO NOT pass on the Overseas Highway!  When you're on Keys time, take it slow.  Once you get there, KW is not a car friendly town at all....parking is hard to find, streets are narrow and meter maids are prevalent.  Walk or better yet, Rent bikes...the cost is reasonable and you'll be able to get everywhere easily.  Park your rental car.

All of the suggestions by the 11W group are good.  I'd really recommend Latitudes for dinner.  It is $$$ but there are few places like it in America.   If it is not too hot, ask for an outside table where you can see the sunset.   A classy place to celebrate your honeymoon!  Make a reservation ASAP, don't wait until you get down there.  Another very cool restaurant on the water is Louie's Back Yard.

I believe that KW has the best bars!  All are open air and most have live music all the time!  You're staying close to the Green Parrot and Smokin' Tuna so by all means check 'em out.  The Porch at Caroline and Duval is close also and is very unique.  Heck, you'll have a good time anywhere.

KW is a great party town but spend a half a day bike riding the streets in Old Town and check out the neighborhood.  Houses are very unique. All of the one way streets have bike lanes and are safe.  Stop for lunch at the Schooner Wharf, Garbo's, BO's or get a Cuban sandwich at Sandy's or Five Brothers.

I would recommend the day trip to the Tortugas, especially if you like to snorkel.  To me, the real beauty of the Keys is out on the water. You can also do half day, local snorkel trips on the Fury or Sebago (with the cruise ship passengers).  If you want to fish, deal with a charter captain at Garrison Bight or Hurricane Hole marinas.   Sounds like you are staying at Shipyard Commons or Truman Annex.   All of the pools there are nice.  The beaches in the Keys, including Bahia Honda are not nearly as nice as you might think.  ]

Go down to Mallory Pier for Sunset.  Grab a table at Sunset Pier at the north end of Duval for drinks, then walk around and check out the people and the weird entertainment.  This is one of the few activities in KW that won't cost you anything.

We like Blue Heaven (although very popular, be prepared to wait) and Harpoon Harry's for breakfast.

I could go on and on...bottom line is.....you picked a great place to honeymoon and you'll have a great time.  Let us know what you did and how you and your new wife liked it!

Comment 17 Apr 2017

The Buckeyes have a high class problem at the QB spot.  I wonder how much both Burrow and Haskins were expecting JT to not come back in 2017?

No matter how this shakes out, IMO we will be in good shape at QB for this year and beyond.

Comment 05 Apr 2017

Upvote on "The Grifters", Deacon!

I caught these underrated flicks over the past two weeks.....

A Simple Plan

The Infiltrator


Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead

Comment 04 Apr 2017

By all means, use some starter fertilizer along with the new seed.  It'll definitely help if you sprinkle it lightly all over the seeded area, under whatever cover you choose.  

I don't advocate hay as a cover.  It blows away and what doesn't blow away is difficult to remove after the seed sprouts.  Hay also introduces new weed seeds into the area. The coco coir stuff works.

Also, wait until later in April to sow the seed.  The soil has to be warm enough or germination won't occur.

Comment 30 Mar 2017

More observations:

Shumpert is an offensive liability with more cold streaks than hot.  

TT seems to be wearing down....turnovers and poor shot selection (outside of dunks). Is the number of consecutive games this guy has played affecting his play?

They miss Korver's 3 pt shooting.  He made up for his poor defense with his ability to score.  Frye and JR don't seem to be as consistent.

Teams seem to be clamping down on Kyrie and not letting him free anyplace on the court.

LBJ's poor free throw shooting hurts.  Granted, he doesn't get to the line as much as he should because the ref's allow him to be abused under the basket.  However, we might have an advantage in some of these close games if the guy could shoot at least 75% from the line.

Our aggressiveness has decreased since D. Williams has seen his PT cut by Lue.  I don't understand why he's not on the floor for more minutes.

Good point on Delly, 740....we miss his D badly.  He also seemed to be a huge team guy when he was on the floor.  

Love was a beast on the boards in the first half against the Bulls.  His foul trouble really hurt them tonight.

Comment 10 Mar 2017

No matter how creditable Schefter might seem, the bottom line on him (And in Rich Eisen) is he's a scUM honk!  F this cocky prick!