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Comment 12 Oct 2014

How about Funcheese's injury drama in the fourth quarter?  He acted as if he was mortally wounded.  From the replay, if looked like someone stepped on his foot.  He was back in the game a series later, full speed.  You should have walked it off, #1...your delusional fans probably thought you very courageous for returning to the game but the NFL don't appreciate those who don't shake off injuries and play with pain.

Comment 19 Sep 2014

Anybody got a clip of Shazier's goal line hit against Wisky?  The one that caused the fumble?  Epic!

Comment 07 Jul 2014

Having been coached by Elliott Uzelac in the past, I can fully understand and believe what Robert said about his dealings with the man.  The many jobs he's held in his career shows that he wore out his welcome soon after he took any new position.  With his success at the HS level, maybe he's learned how to deal with people better, over time.  Great interview with Robert, who's always represented the Cleveland area and OSU very well.

Comment 18 Feb 2014

I will always remember the beat down MSU put on SCum this past season.  The "totally beaten" look on Gardner's face in the second half of that game was awesome.  They had a helluva D, but this is a new year.  An OSU victory over MSU this season in East Lansing and over SCum in Columbus will set the tone for a Buckeye November in 2014.