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Comment 21 Nov 2015
I learned of Dr. John on the hbo series foo fighters sonic highways, great show, Im a fan.
Comment 19 Nov 2015
I finally got an email yesterday saying they have shipped. Maybe they are going in alphabetical being a "z". ...and i think im going to hang onto them :)
Comment 03 Oct 2015
Whatever they are trying to do on offense, it's not working. Im trying hard to not be negative but there is too much talent to be this bad on offense. They talked about getting playmakers the ball in space, well thats definitely not happening. When you are afraid to pass the ball in the fourth quarter theres a problem. I dont think its all on cardale, but JT seems to be more of a distributor, or field general, making the right reads and finding the open guy. Didn't he set the record for most TD's in the big last year? Also the play calling is hot garbage.
Comment 21 Aug 2015

Interesting.....I will be driving to to Wisconsin for vacation tomorrow, passing right thru Chicago.   Unfortunately we now have a 5 month old so all we have time for is a quick stop for pizza.  I'm into gardening/plants, would have loved to check this out in person. 

Comment 14 Aug 2015

I have listened to hundreds of Joe Rogan podcasts over the years, MJ is a frequent topic.  I grew up in the D.A.R.E years and can't help but feel anything but lied too.  I thought MJ was bad and kills brain cells, ect. but it turns out that there is actually no scientific evidence to support those claims. I have never smoked it but I fee very strongly about legalizing it.  You also have to consider the crazy impact that would also come from the industrial hemp side of things. It is literally the most useful plants on the planet and is illegal to grow because of propaganda.  I'm still unsure about the actual proposed law in Ohio though.

Check out the documentary The Culture High, and The Union for some great info.  

Comment 20 Jul 2015

I'm gonna have to try Gordo's, Thanks guys.  

I completely forgot about Eli's, very good! 

Comment 20 Jul 2015
You can't go wrong with the restaurants in Over the Rhine. Bakersfield, the Senate, the eagle, taste of Belgium. There's always the best burgers in town, Terry's Turf Club. And one of my favorites, Melt in north side. The vegan 3 way is won't believe it doesn't have meat...seriously.
Comment 26 Jun 2015
Im listening to an older one Kirk Herbstreit right now. Pretty good, especially to kill time in the off season.