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Comment 06 May 2014

To be honest.....the people saying "take a chill Urban" are almost as annoying as the people saying "PANIC". The truth (as I see it):

Ohio State has hit a dry spell on the recruiting trail. Anyone who says this isn't just a little bit concerning is flat-out lying. That being said, I think the recent string of rejections are more symptomatic of Urban offering many more recruits than Tress....this leads to more rejections. Urbs has also taught me never to judge a recruiting class until after NSD so I will withhold judgment until then. But I think even Urbs would admit that he's not happy with the way the class has turned out at this point.


Comment 30 Aug 2012

Thanks guys, good insights! Although I don't see this game being all. I could see maybe a 10 pt game at halftime but there's no way they hang with tOSU for 4 quarters.