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Comment 12 Nov 2013

Good god. With this much bitching and complaining you'd think we were losing to sienna or something.

Apparently a win isn't a win, unless it's a big win... and someone said this team will "only get to the sweet 16." ONLY? God. This fanbase has become overly spoiled by Matta and Meyer.

Comment 04 Jun 2013

1) helmet stickers totally are proof of how awesome you are... NOT.

2) you got downvoted to hell cuz your thoughts were beyond off base. had you written your previous works of insanity in similar style to what's above, it would have been a bit more mild in reception.

Comment 01 Jun 2013

You might want go back and learn the definition of irony.

Didn't and couldn't are two entirely different contractions... but apparently you thrive on making false comparisons that hold no merit. Nice try though.

Comment 31 May 2013

Way too long, didn't read.


Going by the headline you are either sarcastic, or a total and utter moron.


Gee: Raised BILLIONS for the university.
Paterno: Didn't.

Gee: Tounge and cheek humor that harms no one.
Paterno: Could barely make a coherent statement.

Gee: Old man.
Paterno: Old man who covered for pedophiles.


As long as he keeps bringing in the bacon, raising academic standards, spending more time glad handing with the students than anyone ever, and BRINGING IN THE BACON, his job will be secure until he decides to leave.

Comment 21 Feb 2013

Off the ledge? well how about the past Michigan game.


pretty sure that's all the talk off the ledge you need. that was year 1 of the offense that mattison knew 'intimately.' year 2 is going to be even faster, stronger, and harder.

Comment 21 Feb 2013

Matta is the current ceiling in coaches we can attract? And how many other b10 coaches have as much success as Matta?


Ignorant statement is ignorant.

Comment 20 Feb 2013

Going to miles better than Clinton when I graduated. Only guy I've ever seen speak publicly that got a standing ovation at the start and a slow clap with crickets at the end. It was painful.

He used the word there (or their) 5x within a once sentence, and rambled like an old drunk. Whomever he got to do his post-presidency speeches may have phoned that one in.

Then Archie came back to talk again and all was right in the world.

Comment 01 Jan 2013

Desmond Howard shouldn't be allowed in the Heisman House... his bits are always boarderline creepy.

Comment 13 Dec 2012

Ross is Boss, and I'm lovin' it.


Alot of people knocked Matta for keeping him on the bench, but now when the kid has had time behind the scenes to develop, he is throwing down. Maybe he could have come out a hair earlier, but that's always hindsight and based on information only seen during games and never practice.

Matta made the right call, and boy can that man develop talent.

Comment 29 Nov 2012

A good, not great, coach? Man either your shit doesn't stick or you're just plain ignornant.

All time at Ohio State 222-65. 78% win rate. That's just 'good'?

Coach K - who is fairly unanimously a great coach, has a 79% win rate.

So that 1% is the difference between good and great?

NCAA tourny 6 out of his 8 years.
NCAA Runner Up (1x)
NCAA Final 4 (1x)
Sweet 16 (2x)

Yeah. That's just a 'good' coach.

Comment 26 Nov 2012

who's the jackass in the bottom right of the headline picture?


Everyone else seem's amped, but he's busy taking the day off...

Comment 19 Nov 2012

How is Ryan Damn Shaziers amazing touchdown block NOT on the top five.



Comment 17 Nov 2012

Dated two of the girls in that picture.


Glad to know it still makes the runs around the internet.

Comment 28 Oct 2012

They won the game, AND won the best glee club of the night trophy.


suck it penn state.