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Comment 21 Apr 2015

In 2006 we had Clinton. 

Hands down the worst public speech I have ever heard a President (former or otherwise) give. Close to all time worst speech I've ever heard. When he came in, most people stood up to applaud. When he walked out, around 10 people clapped. It was THAT bad. 

Name doesn't mean shit. It only means you have a five second story to tell your kids about how you graduated with so-and-so speaking. 

In 2006 Clinton sucked. But when Archie took the podium immediately after, the crowd roared back to life, and he gave one hell of a speech. Be happy with what you have, and the fact that you are graduating with 10k other people. 

I do feel sorry for the fact you'll have to listen to President Drake though. The man looks like he barely has a pulse. Long live Gordon Gee!

Comment 08 Apr 2015

Why are they honored? Because they win. 

What does UC win in football? Nothing. 
What do the Bengals win? They haven't won a single playoff game under Marvin Lewis. 

And no, Ohio State moved the game to Columbus to fit more fans and make more money, which they paid to UC. 
The game was moved at the behest of UC because the stadium was going to be UNDER CONSTRUCTION. 


Comment 03 Feb 2015

Big name commits are great, but I'm more hyped about the 3* that have been made into tremendous performers. Coaching is way more important than "closing" a big name. 

Comment 15 Jan 2015

No idea how you consider the Bengals a "good" organization. 

The tree is rotten from the top (Mike Brown), and the head coach is beyond worthless. 11 years under Lewis and ZERO playoff wins.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

So wait, Billy Price did the RIGHT thing? Someone on the offensive line did their job? But I thought Warriner was an idiot, a horrible coach, and the offensive line was awful?!

So you're saying the sky isn't falling?!

Comment 29 Jul 2014

If this is the kind of garbage that I'm going to be reading here, 11W isn't quite the blog that I thought it was: 

"Listen, I did sex for a couple glorious minutes in college, and I consumed enough mind-altering substances to incapacitate a baby rhinoceros"

You were better before your head got too big and you thought people cared about your how many words you could use to make mildly humorous opinions.

Comment 15 Jul 2014

Keep in mind the "research" written to back up claims by the Training Mask company comes from this guy (copied and pasted directly from their website)... he used to be listed as a PhD in sociology, but now its Math/Physics.... so that's weird. Also that it's "accepted" in canada and the UK. What the hell does that mean?

Dr. Artour Rakhimov - Moscow University PhD (Math/Physics), accepted in Canada and the UK

* Winner of regional competitions in mathematics, chess, and sport orienteering (during teenage and University years)
* Joined Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in 2001
* Former captain of the ski-O varsity team and member of the cross-country skiing varsity team of the Moscow State University, best student teams of the USSR
* Former individual coach of world-elite athletes from Soviet (Russian) and Finnish national teams who took gold and silver medals during World Championships
* Total distance covered by running, cross country skiing, and swimming: over 100,000 km or over 2.5 loops around the Earth
* Author of the publication which won Russian National 1998 Contest of scientific and methodological sport papers
* Author of the most comprehensive book in English (“Normal breathing: the key to vital health”) about the Buteyko breathing method and one of the largest world’s website devoted to breathing training (
* Buteyko breathing teacher (since 2002 up to now) and trainer
* Health writer and health educator 

(PAT.8.590.533 B2)