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Comment 18 May 2016

relatively? dude's got arms for days. with his hand position, that is basically a narrow gripped bench press for most normal sized people. triceps for dayyyssss.

Comment 28 Apr 2016

Nick's sister Holly can only out eat your ass. She might be stronger than you, but is also 3-4x your body weight, and is generally a joke in the olympic lifting community. Her weight class is 75kilo +, and she may weight over 150k at this point.

More fun fact, Nick Mangold hates Sydney Crosby: 

Comment 11 Apr 2016

Yet his uncle did not have a spotlight in which to launch his career to further heights. He MAY have had some industry publication, but he equally may have had to keep it completely hush-hush due to propietary agreements. Regardless, he didn't have the oppertunity to parade in front of scouts or audition for better jobs. He didn't have a weekly saturday special for 3 hrs to show off his talents. 

His uncle was unlikely to get fair market value out of his ideas (patents), but he did get a support network that enabled his ideas to get patented. He was granted access to a patent attourney, prototyping facilities, supply lines, money, infastructure, and beyond all because he was part of a company. 

Cardale recieved an education that may, and may not, have taken full advantage of. He also recieved training tables, post training meals, suppliments, etc. He recieved world class training. He recieved world class strength and conditioning. He recieved world class networking for help in advancing his skills during the off cycles, which may have been paid for him (or donated or who cares). Every time an athlete complains like this, they look very small and tiny when compared to all that they recieved. If he never had the oppertunity in the natty, then he wouldn't even be looked at by the NFL. So his "market value" would have been jack shit. He still would have gotten a lot of perks, but never delivered publicly on the investment that Ohio State put in him. 

Comment 16 Mar 2016

Baseball is the most boring sport out there. Even Golf has more action. Nobody cares what an old time pitcher thinks, especially in an increasingly irrelevant sport. 

It's a sport that has an unending season. I laugh every season when the playoffs come and the announcers go "Every game matters." Nope, only if the series is tied 3-3, then it matters, until then you can take 3 nights off and still come back to win. How is this exciting?! How is it exciting when NOTHING happens for 90% of the game. MABYE there is a hit, and MAYBE someone steals a base, but until then it is absolutely boring as sin. 

You know you're the wrong sport when people talk about games being fun because "its great people watching" or "its the experience, not really the game..." It's past the time for america's pasttime to make major changes. 

Comment 25 Feb 2016

Very preppy. Little to no ethnic diversity. Girls swarm in packs of sweatpants, ugg boots, and north face jackets. guys have a wardrobe of salmon pants/shorts and sperry's. 

You think its a joke until you go to a recruiting even on campus and EVERY. SINGLE. GUY. is wearing salmon pants or crab shorts. 

And generally they tend to be very sheltered and very out of touch with the wider world. And the premium price doesn't provide a premium education - they sell the brand and lifestyle as opposed to actual quality. 

Comment 24 Feb 2016

No. Your pedigree absolutely matters. If you go Harvard vs Yale there is a big difference in who will recruit you. 

If you do an MBA at UC vs an MBA at Wharton, there is a big difference. 

The quality of the education matters. Everyone is different, but the name on your diploma is a general heuristic during interviews. It won't predict success, it won't predict how smart they are, but it will give you some initial idea of who/what they are, especially when it's schools with reputations for ridiculous things (e.g. OU, Miami of Oxford, etc.)

Comment 17 Feb 2016

Hang over easy buries Taste of Belgium. Hell, even keystone does better chicken and waffles. 

Eli's is no better than city BBQ, and the typical wait times make it much less attractive.

Go to the Eagle. Though it can be tough to get a bunch of people in, the food is absolutely fantastic. 

Comment 17 Feb 2016

Lots of good info here. 

I will say the newriff tour is crazy short - it's a very small brewery. you do get samplers after (yay?) but it is kind of anti-climactic.

Instead I would suggest going to OTR. It's a fairly urbanized and 'hip" neighborhood with a LOT of food places and bars. There is even an arcade (16bit) and some other things. Easy way to do a bar crawl of sorts, or even just wander around. 

Yardhouse is amazing (100 some drafts, and tons of food options. never had a bad meal there). 

Comment 17 Feb 2016

Do you have Amazon Prime? They're all on Prime (for free). 

You could jump in to season 4, but so much awesome and so much backstory are in the first few seasons.

Comment 16 Feb 2016

for those who didnt click the link - this is a camp for current high school football players (may go younger) NOT current OSU players. There is a big difference between what Harbaugh is going for versus what Meyer has been doing here. 

Comment 12 Feb 2016

Step one is determining the location of the impingement. Is it stemming from the elbow, or from the shoulder. The shoulder is more likely if you're setting at a desk, in a car, and on the couch with poor posture for most of your day. Elbow tends to be from extreme repetitive motion or grinding on the elbow. 

If elbow, you MAY need surgery to relieve the pain. I would give an extreme look at two or three physical therapists first to see if exercise and balance can help ease or remedy the situation. 

If shoulder, then learning new motor patterns is definitely the priority and surgery is highly unlikely. Proper posture, a stronger back/relaxed pecks, and probably regrowing your lats (odds are they've attrophied) will go a long way. There are a myriad of exercises that can be done, but it will take time. 

Surgery should be a last resort. It will mean down time, more pain, rehab, and the possibility that it will not get fixed. Start with rehab from the start, and at minimum you will know more about your body before electing to have surgery.