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Comment 30 Nov 2016

Why on earth would you want to get rid of Fickell. You people have lost your marbles.

Comment 26 Nov 2016

It's the heisman pepper, the B1G will forget about it.

Way to push a 60 year old. Classy to the last.

Comment 29 Oct 2016
Which is absolutely rampant in college athletics, especially the basketball and football teams. Further, how do you define academic criteria ? I regularly tutored athletes who could didn't care about school so they tool joke classes. They already get paid by getting more scholarships than tuition and room/board. Every athlete flashes the cash. Those that complain about barely eating are because they're too lazy to make it training tables, and spend their money on new $300 shoes for their baby momma and new kid. It's an absolute scam.
Comment 14 Oct 2016

Never had someone thank me for a comment. Crazy! Cheers, mate!

Burfict has shown he's a loose cannon, so he should ride the pine til he can be a man. That's a decision the HC should make. He should demand better.

Marvin rides a mediocre staff to success. If it was a great staff they would have Super Bowl rings. Just because he gets good talent, that then goes on to HC or DC positions doesn't mean it's a good staff. It might be one or two diamonds and a bunch of dimes, and if the HC isn't setting the tone, it will fall apart and people will abandon ship at the first chance (as we've seen in Cincy). Great staffs work together, even if they aren't all all-stars, to perform well and succeed. The sum of the parts not the sum despite the parts.

Marvin has proven he is good at managing the post game news conference, and that's about it. He has a decade in Cincy with no significant success. The arguments are not based around how amazing he is, but instead center with "hey he's better than the browns!" which is like being the best in remedial class. We should expect better of a team that pays millions for its coaches.

Comment 14 Oct 2016

How the hell is this a question? OF COURSE.

Has he ever won a playoff game? Ever? No. He is 0-7 in the playoffs with the bengals.

He's okay at getting a mediocre staff together that can ride to the playoffs, and falls on its face. They should have won a playoff game last year, but incredibly poor discipline and coaching decisions led to the loss. That is the story of Marvin Lewis.

Comment 15 Sep 2016

Local sideshow, the University of Cinncinnati has some of the longest games immaginable. One game last season took over 4 hours. Absolutely unbearable.

NFL games are too damn long, but baseball is far worse. You could go get a meal, eat it, and think about a nap between batters!

Comment 12 Sep 2016

I'll be there.

Got season tickets to hang out with Friends and watch some pathetic football. Fun to enjoy the routine complaining about how much Ohio State sucks, and watch UC fans melt down with how awful Tommy Tee Time really is.

Comment 09 Sep 2016

I'll be there in the bowl, and lets be honest, the Bearcats will be taking it much harder than your wife.

Comment 01 Aug 2016

Boxers and fighters typically wear headgear and occasionally heavier gloves (16oz), but that just makes them believe they can go even harder in sparring. Concussions are rampant in boxing and MMA, most go undiagnosed because they dont have the facilities, or the time to take off training. They do spar most days, because that is the only way to realistically prepare them for a fight. No drill can prepare you for having your head taken off.

Also, that "MVP" that dartmouth uses looks ridiculous and is about as fast as Brady Hoke at the 40.

Comment 18 May 2016

relatively? dude's got arms for days. with his hand position, that is basically a narrow gripped bench press for most normal sized people. triceps for dayyyssss.

Comment 28 Apr 2016

Nick's sister Holly can only out eat your ass. She might be stronger than you, but is also 3-4x your body weight, and is generally a joke in the olympic lifting community. Her weight class is 75kilo +, and she may weight over 150k at this point.

More fun fact, Nick Mangold hates Sydney Crosby: 

Comment 11 Apr 2016

Yet his uncle did not have a spotlight in which to launch his career to further heights. He MAY have had some industry publication, but he equally may have had to keep it completely hush-hush due to propietary agreements. Regardless, he didn't have the oppertunity to parade in front of scouts or audition for better jobs. He didn't have a weekly saturday special for 3 hrs to show off his talents. 

His uncle was unlikely to get fair market value out of his ideas (patents), but he did get a support network that enabled his ideas to get patented. He was granted access to a patent attourney, prototyping facilities, supply lines, money, infastructure, and beyond all because he was part of a company. 

Cardale recieved an education that may, and may not, have taken full advantage of. He also recieved training tables, post training meals, suppliments, etc. He recieved world class training. He recieved world class strength and conditioning. He recieved world class networking for help in advancing his skills during the off cycles, which may have been paid for him (or donated or who cares). Every time an athlete complains like this, they look very small and tiny when compared to all that they recieved. If he never had the oppertunity in the natty, then he wouldn't even be looked at by the NFL. So his "market value" would have been jack shit. He still would have gotten a lot of perks, but never delivered publicly on the investment that Ohio State put in him.