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  • SPORTS MOMENT: First game at the 'Shoe. Bob Atha kicked 5 FG (Tressel wasn't the only coach that liked field goals). Sat in C deck in the North end zone on the rail.
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Comment 13 May 2011

I third that!!

Also Tom Scholz, who founded Boston.....


I guess I am old!!

Comment 22 Mar 2011

I guess our victory Florida doesn't count. I wonder where their loss to Florida fits in?

Comment 14 Jan 2011

I would take Terrelle's first half in the Sugar Bowl over Cam's game performance in the NCG. When Pryor is allowed to play without worrying about running the clock and not turning the ball over (aka Tresselball), he is a very effective QB.

But, that is the program at OSU.

Comment 13 Oct 2010

He was right about one thing --  tOSU is no longer the #2 team in the country!!!



Comment 20 Sep 2010

I graded them at B- so far.

Defense has been lights out. O-line needs to push around teams the caliber of Ohio. We should have 200+ yards rushing the football. Running game is not productive as it was the last 5 games of '09.

TP much better except for the 2 ugly picks on Saturday.

Special teams - add a blocked punt to the laundry list of poor execution. Our returners (Hall and Berry) have been very good. Coaches need to figure out a way to account for all rushers on punts and field goals. (BTW, I HATE the spread punt formation.)

And I disagree that special teams aren't one third of the team, especially when they are giving up more than 50% of the points scored. These mistakes could come back to haunt us later on this season.