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Comment 11 Apr 2017

While I understand both sides of the argument, I have to admit, it's frustrating seeing this article every week...even every two weeks. I imagine that anybody who wants to contribute to the statue already has - unless 11W is getting 100s of new posters every week. 

It's not the fundraising that bothers me, it's the frequency with which this is re-posted.

I guess what amazes me the most is that anybody took the time to respond to OffConstantly's post in the first place.

FWIW, I don't expect 11W to lessen the frequency of this article anytime soon - this is just my $0.02. 

Comment 10 Apr 2017

Was going to go to CostCo, but our insurance plan would not cover them. Went to the audiologist, got a pair of Resound hearing aids for just under $500. Bluetooth for music and phone, settings for indoors and out. Work great!

I do agree, they are expensive!

Comment 04 Mar 2017

The only local restaurant I can find is a place called Raven's Glen Winery Maybe you can reach out to them and have a silent auction and dinner. They keep the proceed from the dinner, and you keep the proceeds from the silent auction. I am sure there are quite a few former OSU players and coaches who would gladly donate items for the cause.

You could even do that in Columbus - probably draw a bigger crowd and make more money.  

Comment 04 Mar 2017

Chris - just a question: Do you have the spot picked out for the statue? I ask because I imagine that it would be on public property. If that's the case, you need to reach out to the village council and get a spot picked out with them on board. If not, this could all be a moot point. If you raise all this money and don't have a spot for the statue, you could be royally screwed. 

Not telling you how to conduct your business, just trying to think of a logical order. Plus, if you have a spot picked out with the council, they are, for all intents and purposes, on board with the program and would be more willing to work with 11W to access donors. As I mentioned above, the council knows who to go to for projects such as this. 

Comment 04 Mar 2017

Maybe this has been covered before. If so, please disregard:

How do the village officials feel about this statue? I would imagine that if they are behind the effort, they could point in the right direction, locally. You could go to the Board of Elections website in Tuscarawas County and get a list of emails and phone numbers, but the at the very least get an address for the village office. Maybe, someone from 11W could ask for time on the agenda at the next village council meeting and a) ask for their blessing, and b) ask for financial advice. Living in a small village myself, I can tell you that there are always a handful of contributors to help drive projects like these.

FWIW - I can't believe there isn't a memorial already...if I were on council, it would have been my first order of business once WWH passed. 

Comment 01 Mar 2017

Because of the show Vikings, I've become interested in Ragnar Lothbrook. Some think he is a legend, others believe he is real. Interestingly, there is no discussion regarding the validity of his brother Rollo - who became the Duke of Normandy, and his sons - especially Bjorn Ironsides and Ivar Rubber Legs. 

Comment 28 Jan 2017

This sentence confirms that you are a great person who raised an outstanding son.

Thank you, Matt. That means a great deal to me. I will pass along your greetings.

Have a terrific afternoon!

Comment 28 Jan 2017

I'm sure you know that Josh W. is now the head coach at the school he teaches.

I actually coached with him the past two years at the port. I think he'll be very successful at WM - although the school south and east of me with red and white colors would like to have their say in the matter. 

We are actually very close with Nick B's parents and his brother E is my son's best friend.

Small world...and very interesting.