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Comment 28 Aug 2015

He was pressuring kids to postpone or cancel medical treatment and continue to play hurt. Also, he was trying to deter injury reporting and influence medical decisions regarding the athletes health. 

Comment 17 Aug 2015

This is a good song. You could use 0:20-0:27 for third down. 

Comment 17 Aug 2015

This may be the funniest response I have ever seen...because I felt the exact same way.

Comment 17 Aug 2015

Yeah, I would like that too. That would be pretty intimidating to hear on 3rd down.

Comment 13 Aug 2015

I want to sign up, but I do not remember my password. I've requested a change three times, but have received no e-mails...HELP!

Comment 28 Jul 2015

Off in the Shower.

That way when somebody asks my opponent how they did, my opponent will reply "I beat Off in the Shower."

Comment 27 Jul 2015

Try it with cream cheese, cocktail sauce, and crab meat  - not as cheap, but very tasty. 

Comment 23 Jul 2015

There are probably more in mental institutions.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

Pretty interesting. Thanks for posting!