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Comment 28 Jan 2017

This sentence confirms that you are a great person who raised an outstanding son.

Thank you, Matt. That means a great deal to me. I will pass along your greetings.

Have a terrific afternoon!

Comment 28 Jan 2017

I'm sure you know that Josh W. is now the head coach at the school he teaches.

I actually coached with him the past two years at the port. I think he'll be very successful at WM - although the school south and east of me with red and white colors would like to have their say in the matter. 

We are actually very close with Nick B's parents and his brother E is my son's best friend.

Small world...and very interesting.

Comment 28 Jan 2017

Matt - I'm sure we have met. I have coached football (volunteer) at the HS for a number of years, and if you graduated from the 'port, I am sure that we have crossed paths. I believe I've been to your parent's house twice - once for a progressive dinner with the local church and another time for a birthday party for a mutual friend.

If I had to guess, I'd say you graduated in the early 2000's with the likes of Josh W., Nick B., Craig B., Ian G., Teddy K...

The interesting thing about that school is that it has produced a lot of productive members of society. Doctors, teachers, architects, football coaches, has really done an outstanding job. 

Comment 28 Jan 2017

I worked for a limo company that had the pleasure of working with a lot of artists when they'd come into town. Traffic was such a mess for the Grateful Dead concert that they actually took a helicopter to the music center. I followed behind in a 15 passenger van with their WAGs for their ride home. Behind the stage was one of the most organized places I had ever experienced. Their catering was A1! After the show, their catering company lined up bags of food for all of them. On the way to get in the van, they picked up their bag and ate their meal on the way back to Columbus. If I remember correctly, Bruce Hornsby was with them at the time. All of them were treated me like I was a lifelong friend. It was one of the best experiences I had had with entertainers. 

Comment 28 Jan 2017

The real shame is what is has done to the economy (estimated $30MM loss - which means a lot to this area). Business owners would make their entire year's budget in 4 or 5 months because of the summer traffic. Now those businesses are holding on by the skin of their teeth. I have a friend who owned two bars - he's sold one and has been able to hold onto the other, so far. 

Like Matt mentioned, the earthen dam has been an issue for a long time. Better planning by all parties involved could have minimized the economic fallout. 

It will be nice again. In the meantime, I hope businesses can hold on.

Comment 28 Jan 2017

Going by your name, I think I may know your parents. We moved to Millersport in '94, kids graduated from HS here, and people still look at me like I don't belong.

Comment 28 Jan 2017

Matt - Something awoke me at 7:03 AM...not 100% sure I can blame it on explosives, but it seems to be coincidental, no? Millersport is a nice little town. Close knit group, because everyone is related, but people are starting to warm up to me...after 20 years. lol

Comment 28 Jan 2017

The only exception I would take to Matt's post is that the spoken word is probably not as proper as he portrays it to be.

Comment 23 Jan 2017

Impressive article Kyle! It's easy to see how/why a coach can spend 8-10 hours a day game planning, and why Ohio State - with all of its talent - will be the team that gives other coaches nightmares.

Kyle - I'm not sure if you have any help with these articles, but the time and energy put into every article is very evident.

P.S. - that first OT touchdown in The Game made Jabrill Peppers look like a fool...not that he needed any help