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Comment 22 Nov 2015

Smith and Spencer were great athletes, but part of coaching is putting your players in a position to win. Routes can be designed to get separation - Michael Thomas's juke during the VA Tech game. So, while I don't disagree with your statement, I would say that Herman would have devised a way to get players open...Thomas, Miller, Marshall, and Samuels have all the speed a team needs

Comment 22 Nov 2015

You forgot to mention QB growth. Neither QB has gotten any better than they were last year (Think Martinez at Nebraska). And correct me if I'm wrong - which happens quite often - but that same guy is the one up in the box calling the plays while Meyer & Warrner manage the game from the sidelines.

Say what you want about him, but this team sorely misses Tom Herman - he's basically the only difference between this year and last.

Comment 17 Nov 2015

Guy Fieri's big gulp...

Yeah, not exactly what I thought I would see out of that pic.

Comment 13 Nov 2015

I think the Petroleum Engineering degree may be part of the equation, but I believe his brother, who attends WVU, is a bigger influence.

Comment 07 Nov 2015

Could you imagine the horror of living in a world where a booster could give $40 million to a school AND buy a player a steak dinner? 

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