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Comment 9 hours ago

So by that logic, Jim Tressel & Urban Meyer would not be part of his tree either. My point is that you are a product of your influence; you are what you learn. So, if you were taught by someone who was taught by Coach Hayes, some of you what you learn - even indirectly - is from Woody Hayes.

Some branches of a tree are thicker than others, and therefore produce better fruit. But a branch is a branch. 

Saying that Coach Hayes would have no influence on his assistants assistants is a kin to saying that your grandfather's love of the outdoors is passed down to his son (your father) but not to you. Could you have adopted the same love for the outdoors without your grandfather influencing your father? Probably, but the likeleyhood of your enjoyment for the outdoors increases dramatically because your grandfather passed his passion down to your father - who in turn, passed it on to you.

Comment 12 hours ago

OSUEXT mentioned Iowa, which is correct. The other two schools are the newest members of the B1G: Rutgers and Maryland. 

Comment 12 hours ago

Indiana - Kevin Wilson coached under Randy Walker at Northwestern, who coached under Dick Crum at UNC, who coached for Bill Mallory at Miami of Ohio, who was an OSU asst under Woody Hayes.

PSU - I am surprised this hasn't been mentioned before seeing that Paterno had been there since Jesus was a kid. But Bill O'Brien coached under George O'Leary, who coached for Bobby Ross, who coached for Lou Holtz. 

Comment 13 hours ago

Gary Anderson coached under Meyer, who coached under both Bruce & Holtz, who both coached for Woody Hayes

Comment 13 hours ago

That made me lol.

Comment 13 hours ago

What cracks me up is that U of M fans thought they "stole" Nussemeier from Alabama. They fell for Saban's plan hook, line, and sinker. Saban just wanted to make room for Kiffan. 

Comment 13 hours ago

Currently yes. But Nebraska had Pelini who coached under Les Miles, who coached under Bo Schembechler. Michigan is the same story - Hoke coached under Carr, who coached under Schembechler also. And Schembechler coached under WWH.

Comment 13 hours ago

I prefer the Oracle of Hayes. lol

I just saw all the posts about Jim Harbaugh becoming the next HC of Michigan and it got me thinking. Woody Hayes not only changed a lot of athletes lives, but affected the entire landscape of football. We are very fortunate to have had the coaches we have had - some programs would kill for our "bad" coaches. Not many programs can boast that kind of history.

Comment 16 hours ago

Pat Fitzgerald was an asst to Randy Walker. Randy Walker was an asst to Dick Crum. Dick Crum was an asst to Bill Mallory, who was an asst under Woody Hayes.

Comment 16 hours ago

I'm talking about direct ties. Otherwise everyone would tie back to whomever was the first head coach. Not talking about 'biblical ties' - like we are all brothers and sisters. 

For example Pete Carroll was an assistant under Earle Bruce, who was an asst to Woody Hayes.

Comment 20 hours ago

1291/37 & 1567 HS. 97% I thought I was doing well, until I read this thread...

Comment 24 Dec 2014

Just a follow up. I ordered two on Sunday - one for me, and one for my son. About 3:40 this afternoon, I received the following e-mail:

Order Status:In Process
Order Date:December 21, 2014

Due to circumstances both unforeseen and beyond our control, we were informed by Nike on 12/23/14 that the company has cancelled all orders for the Playoff Bound Mens HalfZip Top. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Please call 614/247/2203 for assistance selecting a comparable item. Thank you, and Go Bucks!

Best Regards,
Barnes & Noble - The Ohio State University Bookstore Team

So, I was wondering if anyone else has received this notification?

Comment 24 Dec 2014

Good article M Man. I found these two paragraphs to be very telling...

"I think you have to be careful when you say 'big-time college job,'" Wheatley said. "The reason why I say you have to be careful — the only reason why I say you have to be careful — is it's the administration and how they handle it. Coaches are now starting to understand, who am I working for? OK, the school has history and tradition, (and) it may be a big job, but is the job too big? Are the problems too big for the job? Are your expectations too big for the job? Are you going to give me what I need?

"I think when you say a 'major college,' a major college has to put in the major work to become a major institution. Right now, would I say my alma matter is in that quandary right now? Not for sure. I'm not for sure. Can they turn this thing around? I'm pretty sure. Because in the eyes of recruits, it's still a major institution. But as for a football coach, it's a little different story."

Shows that Wheatly has, at the very least, considered the source of the coaching carousel at U of M. He knows that the success of the football program - regardless of the head coach - starts at the top (President, & A.D.).

Comment 23 Dec 2014

Foo Fighters are great! Forgot to mention them in my list