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Comment 01 Dec 2013

Unfortunately this is how 2006 played out. It was a shootout to the end because neither teams' defenses could stop anyone. Then the Bucks went and got smacked in the title game.

Hopefully they win against Sparty and the defense can sharpen up that passing defense. They're gonna need it no matter what bowl game they play.

Comment 01 Dec 2013

Some people say Buckeye fans have entitlement issues.

"It would be a disservice to the nation if we got left out."

Tell me about it.

Comment 30 Nov 2013

Every week this season this blog has been inundated with "I Hate Michigan" posts and other assorted sentiments. God forbid a player actually manifest that emotion. If all this talk about "playing angry" and "kicking the shit out of the Wolverines" doesn't actually result in somebody getting pushy, then it's just that. A bunch of impotent, snarky bitching. Hall stood up for a teammate in trouble the way real teammates should. As far as the flipping off goes, big deal. It's not like he mooned them for Christ's sake.

Michigan clearly tried to intimidate and/or start an altercation after the whistle blew. Screw them.


Comment 13 Dec 2012

So why should it be any different for athletes? The problem here is not that athletes were selling their own property, the problem is the NCAA has ridiculous stipulations designed to keep athletes poor.

The problem is at the top, where there are millions, not at the bottom, where there are hundreds.

Comment 13 Dec 2012

I'm pretty sure the coaches didn't bring that up in recruiting. Besides, accepting a football scholarship doesn't give the university license to spy on the players without cause. This is a power grab meant to deflect blame away from the university onto guys that HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ORIGINAL PROBLEM.

This isn't going to stop illicit benefits, but it will create a sickening precedent that I guarantee the university will one day extend to all the students.

Comment 12 Dec 2012

It's entirely possible he took the job because nobody else would. They still have a metric ton of problems in their administration, left over from the Leach debacle. If this guy can make it there, at sand aggy, then he is good enough to coach anywhere.

Comment 12 Dec 2012

Actually Rutgers has only been consistently good since the 2009 season, therefore they would be a perfect fit for the tradition and history of the Big Ten. /rollseyes

All the extra revenue for these 2 schools is already spent on projects their current administrations have lined up, and guess what? Fielding a watchable football team isn't one of them.

Those schools don't need excuses for squandering B1G contract money because they don't give a shit anyways! All they have to do is show up and they get paid!

Comment 12 Dec 2012

Sorry, not buying it. Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and Iowa have all been getting a yearly warchest that both Maryland and Rutgers will be getting and none of the former are anywhere near "competitive". The B1G is not going to make them competitive. The fans, the boosters, the coaches, and the school are what makes a football program competitive, not a TV contract.

Both of those schools athletic departments were in the red, or close to it. That is why they jumped to the B1G. The people that ran them into the ground are still there and they think the money from a TV contract is gonna fix everything. Not gonna happen. Short-term solution to a Long-term problem.

"When the next up-and-coming coach is job hunting and Maryland/Rutgers have an opening, they will now have the ability to outbid anyone."

Tennessee also has the money to outbid anyone, so why can't they land a big-name coach? Once again, money is not a cure-all. Arkansas was willing to pony up $5million/yr for Les Miles, they ended up w/ Bret Bielema. 

"One big advantage they have is that their athletic departments aren't as big as a lot of the schools in the B1G and therefore their expenses are lower."

 That's like saying Marion, Ohio is a better place to live than Beverly Hills because the property taxes are lower. There's a reason their facilities aren't as big, nobody there donates money, because nobody there cares. The TV is not going to fix that.

Comment 12 Dec 2012

Eh, big deal. Maryland and Rutgers don't belong here and the only reason they are is due to money. This isn't going to result in a better product but it will make good games fewer and father between. I don't care about their stupid TV contracts because I don't see a penny of it.

Also, the BTN is partnered w/ FOX and FOX is going after ESPN's college football coverage. ESPN's coverage is bad, but FOX is worse. At least ESPN doesn't insult my intelligence with an animated robot toy and talking heads that know jack about the subject.